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Many on the left are stating that people who respond to Nazi violence with violence are just as bad as the Nazis.  And that really pisses me off.

You see, the alt-right (Nazis) have declared war on anyone who disagrees with their hateful ideology.  Buoyed by a fascist in the white house and forces that protect their rights to protest, (but will shoot unarmed black people for talking back), they are invading towns and cities with full-scale armies.  They come armed, and ready to fight.

Yesterday’s horrible events in Charlottesville, VA were not (as the media reported) a protest turned violent, but a planned and premeditated riot perpetuated by Nazis onto a community that does not wish to honor those who fought for slavery and against the United States.  The murder of a white woman, who was peacefully counter-protesting these terrorist armies should be a wake-up call to anyone opposed to the rise of fascism that peaceful protest is simply not enough.  The failure of the fascist occupying the white house to condemn the Nazis should send a clear signal that the government will not protect you.  The policeman caught smiling on camera after the murder of this woman should tell everyone that some of those who work forces are the same who burn crosses.  The differences in police response to protests in Ferguson, MO and Standing Rock, SD verses that of the murderous riots in Charlottesville should make it crystal clear that a war is being fought against anyone who resists the fascists already.

If a war is being fought against you, maybe it is time to fight back.  I am all for peace, but when a group of Nazis surrounds you in a parking garage and beats you with objects, or when a Nazi runs you down from behind with his car, being for peace gets you absolutely nothing.

In yesterday’s post, I said, “See a Nazi, shoot a Nazi.”  I was not advocating for unprovoked violence.  I am simply reiterating America’s position in Europe during WWII.  But make no mistake, when violence is waged against you, you have every right to respond with violence.  The left should arm, and train, and repel any Nazi invasion force that should arrive.

A Nazi army killed an American woman on American soil.  This was not the work of one man.  She was not being hateful on some fictitious side of the “many sides”.  The Nazis attacked and killed her, and attacked others, and were not even condemned by the occupier of the white house.  One person was arrested, out of a conspiracy of hundreds allowed to return to their homes.  He hasn’t even been charged with terrorism.  Could you imagine if he was Muslim?

Nazi groups are already trying to trash the reputation of the young woman killed.  They are referring to it as a road-rage incident.

I understand, you are anti-gun.  That doesn’t do much when a bullet is heading in your direction.  Get a gun, learn how to use it.  When the NRA advocates for violence against you, know that you can respond with the very same weapon they are so scared you might take away.

You don’t need to become a communist and march to destroy shop windows.  In fact, you really shouldn’t.  But when these fuckers invade your city, you and your army can show up to show them the gates out.  Then do what is necessary to defend yourself and your fellow people.

Tolerance doesn’t work against Nazis.  They are advocating to kill people.  Imagine a group marching down your street in support of pedophilia.  Would you be so quick to defend their right to free speech from violence?  Sure, the government may not be able to infringe upon their right to say it, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take it.  If a group of tiki torch carrying monsters came down your street at night shouting, “I want to rape your children!” wouldn’t you do something about it?  These Nazis don’t shout about raping your children, but they do shout in code about genocide.  They are essentially swinging their fist in your face and telegraphing their intent to hit your nose.  They aren’t just shouting either, as seen by the unprovoked violence that occurred yesterday.

To all of you who think that nonviolence is the best solution, I would like to remind you that when the US defeated the Nazis in WWII, it was not through nonviolent action.  I would like to remind you that many of the things you think nonviolent movements have accomplished, have not actually been accomplished.  With the Voting Rights Act rolled back, with the legalized slavery in our private prisons, with Nazi armies invading cities to beat and murder the innocent with no real condemnation from the government, with black people getting murdered by police who walk free over and over again; the only thing that has been accomplished by nonviolent action is to push blatant issues underground, allowing too many white people to claim the issues are solved and not understand why we can’t all just get along.  Nonviolence made people bury their heads in the sand.

Too many white people:  “Well we even GAVE Martin Luther King Jr. a holiday.  Surely they can be happy now.  We don’t get a history month.  Etc, Etc.”

And I get it, I am a white guy.  I benefit a lot from being white, and I know it.  But y’all motherfuckers aren’t my team just because you have the same color skin as me, and all that skin color affords.

People argue over whether it is okay to punch a Nazi.   I can only say that punches should be the least worry of an invading violent force with genocidal ideologies.


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You Keep Using That Word

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Hello dear reader(s)!

Today’s word is not “inconceivable”, like in the awesome movie The Princess Bride, from which I took the title and first line of this post.

Today’s word is “ally”.

And for this post, “ally” is specifically referring to those who claim to be for equal rights for LGBTQAEIOU and sometimes Y people.  (Yes, I do not indulge in petty arguments over letters.  Feel free to add or subtract your own.)

You see, last month was Pride month.  And last month, a lot of people had their rainbow flags (some of whom argued over colors), and all kinds of posts about how they were an ally.  How they think that who people love should not matter.  And that’s great.

Except I know how some of these people voted.  These people are not allies.

You can not be an ally if you voted for a Trump/Pence ticket.  I could possibly forgive you for falling for Don the Con’s lip-service to the gay community, but his choice for Vice President was made before you voted.  And Mikey “Mother Lover” Pence is not exactly a friend to the gay community.  He is an enemy.  If you voted to advance his career, you are, in fact, the exact opposite of an ally.  Jeffyboy Sessions (KKK trash) was pretty well-known to be unfriendly to anyone who was not a rich, straight, white male.  Trump himself was pushed heavily by outspoken evangelical enemies of the gay community and it does not take a rocket scientist to know that he would be supporting their hateful, freedom to discriminate agenda.  You can’t be an ally if you are in league with the enemy.  And I don’t care if you are gay, or bi, or trans, or pansexual, genderfluid, queer, intersex, alien, mermaid…if you voted for these clowns, you need to have your head examined for your self-loathing selling-out of your rights.

Allies, provide mutual defense.  Allies come to the aid of those attacked.  Allies sure as hell do not prioritize another issue over the safety and freedom of those who they ally with.  Allies don’t justify the loss of rights of their allies from some empty promises and other rhetoric on other issues important to them.

Being an ally doesn’t just mean posting a rainbow flag on Facebook.  You can’t be an ally and still vote for people looking to take away the rights of your allies.  Greg Abbott voters are not allies.  You can’t justify people’s discrimination as religious freedom and call yourself an ally.

You can’t knowingly support certain discriminatory businesses and call yourself an ally.  Allies don’t get give material support and aid to the enemies of their allies.

When I say I am an ally, here is what I mean:

  • I will never set foot in a Chik-fil-A or any business that I KNOW contributes to the denial of rights or fights to discriminate against others using “religious freedom” as an excuse  This shit was supposed to be settled when racists argued their religion allowed them to discriminate against black people.  I am certain I unwittingly consume from hateful-ass companies, but I try.
  • I will call out anyone and everyone as hateful when they support hateful legislation  Like when I blasted the Mormons for opposing Prop 8 and lost friends as a result.
  • I will defend my allies from attack as vigorously as I would defend myself  And if you fuck with one of the allies who are close to me, even more so.
  • I will vote for the candidate least likely to deny people’s rights in any election ever  Nothing is more important.
  • I will do my best to make my voice heard whether it is June, or July, or any time.  That means showing up to marches when I can, or spreading the word when I can’t.  It means posting about it here.  It mean calling my representatives anytime I am aware of legislation that could potentially impact my allies.
  • I will not associate with any group that discriminates  I think it is hilarious that Christians often call-out Muslims for not stopping those who hate in their religion’s name, and those who commit acts of violence, but are unusually silent when a much higher percentage of people in their own religion hate and commit violence against gay people.  I am surprised when I see people attend churches that are opposed to gay rights while claiming to be an ally.

I am an ally.  Some of the people close to me are in constant danger or losing their rights or being harmed.  I am their ally though, and if you want to attack them, be prepared for a war.



For The Last Time, People Don’t Suck!

Hello dear reader(s)!

Have you ever dealt with one of those people who just hates everyone?  Who thinks humanity is just a plague that needs to be cleansed from the planet?  Has dealing with them ever made you wonder why they just don’t start with themselves even though you hate the thought of someone actually committing suicide (with the exception of the Trump administration and his Congressional pets)?

I will admit, people can suck.  We have done horrible things to each other, to animals, and to the environment we rely on to sustain us.  People can be selfish, hateful, unfeeling, awful people.  They can be.

And those awful people. those that drop chemical weapons, those that manufacture those weapons, those that covertly supply those weapons, those that then put on a multi-million dollar fireworks show in what they claim is a response to the use of those weapons but is really just an attempt to distract from the investigation of collusion between those awful people and those responsible for backing the use of those weapons… those awful people get a lot of attention.

However, there are many, many more of us.  There are those who donate their own blood and organs to save strangers.  There are those that work tirelessly to ensure that people have a place to sleep and food to eat.  There are those who rescue unwanted and abused animals saved from the kinds of awful people that are currently getting all the attention.

The word “awful” has to be put in front of people when I write of the awful people because to call them simply people is to assign a humanity to them which they are clearly lacking.  I don’t have to put the word “good” in front of people to say that most people do not suck.

People have power.  People are being misled by awful people into thinking they do not.  People are being turned into awful people by the awful people in order to keep them from retaking the power that rightfully belongs to them.

Prior to the United States Civil War, then Presidential nominee Abraham Lincoln famously said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  The awful people know this and are using it to break the will of the people.

They feed us stories of tragedy and terror.  Fear and suffering.  Hatred and evil.  A constant twenty-four hour barrage of information analyzed and justified by paid pundits to do one thing and one thing only… keep the people from seeing that most of us, just want to live in peace and take care of themselves and their loved ones.  That most people do not suck.  That if we could all understand who is keeping us from a better life in peace, things would change very rapidly.

At the end of a news segment, you have one short story about something good.  A puff piece designed to cover their agenda.   A way to pretend they have balance in their coverage.

Most news stories aren’t even useful news.  Rarely does a news entity cover who is backing a candidate’s run for office, what they received in donations, how those donations corresponded to their votes, what bills are being presented at state and local levels that receive bi-partisan support, or anything else that will help to keep an informed citizenry.

Instead, the news is filled with stories designed to scare you.  Shootings.  Bombings.  A conveniently placed next story about refugees or immigration and then you have people fearing those who they need not fear.  You do not hear about how sociopathic someone must be to fire hundreds of millions of dollars in cruise missiles to boost their poll numbers while cutting programs to help people eat.  You do not hear about how absolutely evil someone must be to drop bombs on a country because their government massacres them while leaving our doors closed to those who flee.   You are fed stories designed to make you fear the man on your block or the poor person in another country, instead of the people who can and will order the deaths of hundreds of people because they are where your buddies want to build an oil pipeline.

People do not suck.  People are awesome.  People are powerful.  Awful people suck.  Right now, the awful people are winning because they are successfully convincing some people that the threat is the people just trying to get by like themselves, and not the ones who are pulling all the strings.

The problems aren’t created by the poor people.  They aren’t created by the middle class or the upper-middle class; they aren’t even created by the rich.  But the ultra-rich in this world, I can guarantee you, have done some very horrible things to amass that amount of wealth.  No matter how they try to make up for it on the back-end with their foundations (even if most are just for publicity), they never would have gotten there without destroying lives.  By holding onto so much of it, they destroy even more.

People don’t suck.  People are being forced to compete for the scraps left behind by the awful people.  They are forced to undercut each other to sell their labor for nothing more than a chance at survival.  People become desperate, and may do some things that suck.  But people, in general, do not suck.

Awful people suck, and one day, I sincerely hope that people raid their palaces and suck away all of their ill-gotten gains.

And then I’ll be okay with those people who think people suck.


Sandalwood remained in the air for days after she was last in his arms, only serving to make it even harder for him to think about anything else.  He was doing his best to distract himself from his thoughts of her, but was failing miserably.  Despite his miserable failure at self-distraction, he was far from miserable.

He was ecstatic to be missing someone so greatly.  He knew she would return to him.  The emptiness he felt in his arms was just a side effect of the anticipation and excitement he felt for the next time they were together.  And the time after.  And the time after that.  He started to look at the things he knew were upcoming, and to imagine her there by his side.

Their chemistry was incredible, but there was so much more than that.  She was a friend.  She understood him, and he understood her.  They matched each other or complimented each other in every matter of importance they had so far come across.  They had their own unique take on things that didn’t conflict with the perspectives they individually held so dear.

So yeah, I can’t wait to see her again.

Anyway, my appointment yesterday sucked.  I basically paid $40 for another referral.  Good thing I got referred to him, and not the people he referred me to.  So ridiculous.  My records were already there.  He already knew he wanted to refer me to other doctors (a good idea), but why not call me and cancel the appointment first, and set up the referral?  So he could bill my insurance, and get my co-pay, that’s why.

I have a terrible stomach ache.  It is better than yesterday and the night before, but it still hurts.  I’m sure whoever I end up talking to about it will refer me to another specialist who might refer me to a different specialist who will do nothing.  I’m so motherfucking sick of the healthcare system in this country, and Trump hasn’t even gotten his grubby, tiny hands on it yet.

On a related note, I wanted to say goodbye to all of you, since the likelihood of all life on Earth ending increases exponentially starting tomorrow.  I will likely say goodbye on all my posts, just in case.

I’m about to reschedule my therapy appointment.  I had to cancel due to the last time the roads were too icy, and delayed reschedule until after the ice storm that never came.  The extended forecast looks good, so I think I will try again.  I could really stand to get some things off my chest, like this shirt, because it is party time!

I got laundry done today, so that was nice.  I wasn’t supposed to be in town today, but something happened that required postponement of the plans I had made.  It is a good thing, not what happened, but that my plans were postponed, since I am feeling kinda cruddy and needed the rest.

Then I penned this letter to my family…

Dear family,

We have just returned from a trip into a few blocks away in Missouri where we got big amounts of everything to eat and everything we eat is so good to me as I had been starved out so long on protein powder, all that we got while we were here besieging Independence.  Over there we got sweet potato fries, chickens, molasses, and Peach Nehi.  How I do wish I could be at home now, for it is getting late in the afternoon and the General says that we shall attack at Dawn.  This makes me sad, as Dawn always seemed rather nice, and is a good dish soap.  The enemy still holds their positions in Independence, and we have now returned from our trip and taken the high ground above them near a car lot.  You must excuse this letter as I have written in great haste.  The General wants me to wear my assless chaps to her tent again, and be there in 5 minutes.  My love to you and all, except for Amy, because she’s a bitch.  Write when you can, and make it a long letter, because I’m anxious to hear from you.  Oh, and send money.  

Ellis Albert Swearengen (Just kidding, C-NT!)  

Anyway, yeah, today is a nice rest day.  I hope you are all well.  I miss you.  Say hi to Margaret and the kids.  Tell them that their father asked me to look after them because he didn’t make it back from Independence, but I declined, because they are rotten bastards!




Time To Rise

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is time to stop crawling.  It is time to stop bowing to the hate that has invaded our lives.  It is time to rise against the forces that threaten us.  It is time to fight back.

A desire for peace has for too long been interpreted as weakness or an unwillingness to fight.   Appealing to reason has been seen as appeasement.  We have attempted to work with those who oppose us despite their unwillingness to do the same.

We’ve played within the rules of a game that is rigged against us.

As we have seen, it is a game that we can not win.

This isn’t about voting, or the electoral college, or the popular vote, or anything else related to this particular election.  This is about those who have forced us to choose between two of the most hated candidates to ever run for office.  This is about those who have forced us to watch as our government is sold to the highest bidder.  This is about those who have a responsibility to report the news and the truth yet sit by and let people lie to us for their ratings.

So how do we fight them?

We can start by identifying our opponents.

It isn’t Trump, or Trump supporters.  I don’t like them, I hate Trump, but he isn’t the problem here.

As irresponsible as their votes for a racist misogynist are, I am sure most of them actually aren’t racist misogynists.  They were simply desperate, and misled.  Say what you will about them, but voting for Trump seemed the most likely way to vote outside the system.  Of course, they are finding out their candidate is anything but outside the system as he starts to fill positions with the insiders he promised to clean out.  We knew this would happen, but in their desperation I am certain they didn’t want to see it.  I would love to hate them, but if they are truly so desperate, I can’t.  I can only be mad at their unwillingness to stand up for the rights of all people instead of simply believing a conman who played on their fear and desperation.

So, who are the people who truly deserve our wrath?

  • “News” outlets  Specifically television news.
  • Lobbyists  These people have to register, it is easy to find out who they are.
  • “Defense” contractors  The real welfare recipients
  • Incumbent Congressmen  
  • The two major parties  
  • Political Action Committees
  • The greediest of corporate America  The other real welfare recipients

I think you don’t have to be to the left, or to the right to know that these groups have taken our country and turned it to serve them, instead of serving our country.

So, now that you have identified them, how do you fight back?

Well, I prefer nonviolent action.  I believe that violence should only be used as a last resort, in any situation.  The consequences are far too severe for me personally.

You could boycott these companies.  You could write to Congress and actually track their votes, letting them know that if they continue to work for those they are not Constitutionally supposed to represent, that they will not hold office for long, and then work to actually make good on that promise.  You can vote for third parties from the ground up, so the parties can actually be built into genuine forces.  You can come up with your own ideas, on how to fight these people in a peaceful way.

Protesting in the streets isn’t dong any good.  Complaining about the system isn’t doing any good.  Calling out people on social media isn’t doing any good.  Our voices have been heard for too long.  They are heard, and ignored because the money keeps coming.  The time for raising our voices is over.  It is time to rise in action.

Let’s rise up and fight a peaceful revolution, before things get so bad that someone sparks a violent one.

What ideas do you have for peaceful revolution?  Please leave them in the comment, or write your own post and paste the link.  Let’s make this a guide.


Hello dear reader(s)!

I am so happy to be in my new home.  Yesterday was a rough one, because many unexpected things went wrong, but I am still very happy to be here.  A lot of those things have either been worked out or will be shortly.  My cats are beginning to adapt to their new surroundings and are only occasionally growling and hissing at their new framily.  The house is nice, despite the lack of three-prong electricity and proper working cable outlets where any sane person would put a cable outlet.  But it being nice isn’t what I love most about it.

What I love most about the house is the neighborhood in which it is located.

In Seattle, I was constantly bombarded with the noise from the neighbors slamming their doors, or running laundry, or stomping around upstairs, or the trucks who would bang over the bump in the street out front at four in the morning, or the sirens, or the car alarms.

In my neighborhood, there are no people walking down the street, drunkenly shouting at each other every weekend night.  There are no traffic accidents out front.  There is no SWAT standoffs with the angry person two buildings over who threatened to blow up a mosque because apparently he believes that would somehow make a positive difference in the world.  I do not trip over the homeless who can not afford to live there, or come from elsewhere in the nation because Seattle is fine with building tent cities for homeless from all over but not affordable housing for people who have lived there for years but are being pushed out by foreign real estate investors and Amazon employees.

I woke up to the light flooding in the windows this morning, not to the loud noises of inconsiderate people.  I do not hear construction outside my window despite the fact that the neighbors are building onto their home, and the neighbors across the street are leveling their backyard.  None of them do it at 5:30 in the morning in the name of progress.

I am still wiped out from moving.  My stomach hurts from the stress of it all, and I need time to recover a bit.  But here, I can already feel that the typical recovery from events that still tax my body will be much less because I can do so in relative peace.  I look out of the windows with my coffee, and look at the squirrels and the trees.  I get to smile listening to next to nothing.  It makes me very happy.  I can hear the conversations with the voices in my head.

Seattle made me realize how important peace can be, because there were so many times it seemed like I couldn’t find any.  A full night’s rest there was rare for me.  I have slept all the way through every night here, with only occasional interruptions for my bladder.  All this peace has me thinking…

Imagine living in a war zone.  A place where bombs are dropping at night in your town off and on for years.  A place where powerful nations are using your home as a pawn in a deadly game for power and influence.  Where the resources under the ground you walk on are proven time and time again to be more valuable than the lives of you and your children.  Where arguments over settlements and territory are heard while arguments over how to stop the bloodshed and bring peace are never allowed to be spoken, or fall on deaf ears.  Imagine growing up in that situation for decades.

Then tell me why you would be anything but hateful toward those nations involved.

We wonder why people hate us, and the answer is that we do not even acknowledge them.  We allow our government to do things in our name and in the name of our interests that take peace from people.  Those people then feel they are justified to take the peace from us.

While we do so, we take away much needed resources that could go to improving the quality of life for all the people in our country, allowing a more peaceful existence.  We have bases spread throughout the world to do nothing more than provide for the companies that do business under our flag but no longer give anything back.

The military-industrial complex is a scam on all people.  Our illusion of a democratic republic is just that, an illusion.  We are under the rule of a corporate/military duumvirate, and no elected officials dare to challenge that system.  Until our military is not the defensive force it should be, we will face those who will try to take peace from us.

I had it good in Seattle.  Despite the way it felt like my state of mind was affected by a lack of peace, the truth is, it was very peaceful compared to many places around the world.

As long as we allow our government, our military, and especially our corporations to take peace away from people in other parts of the world, there are going to be people trying very hard to take peace away from us here.

If you want peace, you can’t win it by increasing the size of the largest military in the world by many times over.  You can’t win it by taking peace from others.  You can’t win it by building a wall to keep out those you do not like.   People determined to take peace will find a way.

You may never achieve total peace, but you can make things more peaceful by attempting to create peace.  When you create chaos, distress, conflict, and war, those things are what you get.

Let’s all work to make our neighborhoods, our cities, our states, and our countries more peaceful places to live.  Trust me, it’s really nice.


9/12, Can’t We Forget?

Hello dear reader(s)!

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know that yesterday was the 15th anniversary of 9/11 (or 11/9 in just about every other country in the world).  And so yesterday I wrote about something other than that, knowing that just about every other post in my Reader and on my Facebook would have something to do with it.  And I was right, it was like Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross hosted an orgy all over social media.

9/11.  Never Forget.  9/11.  Never Forget.  9/11, fine…never forget, but how about we just fucking get over it already.  (Not the people who lost someone, I’m not that harsh.)

9/11 is the day the terrorists won.  They kicked our fucking ass, and we are so blinded by a sense of vengeance that we can’t even see it.  After 9/11, despite all the speeches, despite all the flag waving, despite the members of Congress deciding to ignore that whole separation of church and state thing by singing GOD Bless America on the capitol steps as a show of impotent Congressmen (and a couple of women) pretending to be strong in the face of awful attacks before playing right into the hands of those who were the masterminds…we ceded any notion of our nation being one of freedom and inclusion.

Law enforcement took advantage.  Things they have been trying to get passed into law for years but were rejected due to that pesky Constitution were suddenly re-branded with the word “patriot” (the most misunderstood word in modern history) and lumped into one giant bill that your Congress person probably didn’t read before voting it through out of fear as being seen as unpatriotic.  Fourth amendment?   Who needs a fourth amendment?  We have terror!

We went into Afghanistan, but instead of hunting the masterminds and any official accused of harboring them, we decided they needed our freedom.  We decided to create and attempt to prop up a weak and corrupt government.  We could have gone in, wiped out the people responsible, and left.  Instead we sent in troops with an unclear mission, no exit strategy, and their hands tied behind their back.   And we are still there.

And knowing that Americans were now afraid of every middle eastern brown person.  Our beloved President Dubya decided to get revenge on the man who once gave a headache to his daddy by falsifying evidence, and going into a war without the support of our allies, destabilizing the region, and starting Daesh (what you incorrectly call ISIS).

The military industrial complex (dangerous regardless of President) then decided to use America’s new fear of middle eastern brown people and chose to overthrow a dictator (awful, but stable) in Libya, and of course, to push for “regime change” in Syria (strengthening Daesh).

Daesh, the group we fear the most, is a direct result of the fear created by 9/11.  Fear breeds fear.

2.977 people were killed in the attacks on 9/11.  Tragic, awful attacks.  I feel for everyone who lost someone so needlessly.

But over 12,000 people in the US were killed by guns in 2015, only 71 of which could be considered any kind of terrorism.  Only 24 by jihadists.

We condemn a whole religion.  We talk about carpet bombing nations of poor people caught among power-hungry mad-men.  We bankrupt our treasury and incur massive amounts of debt because we fear something that in the grand scheme of things is not something to fear.

We subject ourselves to ridiculous and ineffective security theater just to get on a plane.  You can’t keep your shoes and belt on, can’t bring a bottle of water, have to stand in a machine that lets people see you naked (and have been recorded), all so they can catch only 5% of the threats their own agency sneaks through.  5%.  And never mind that now those ridiculous lines that increase your travel day by 3 hours are now the easiest target for terrorists.

Our communications are monitored.  Our dissenters who engage in civil disobedience can be charged as domestic terrorists.  Our nation is racking up more and more debt that your children and your grandchildren will suffer for, for what?  Because some absolutely horrible individuals managed to commit a terrible crime 15 years ago that killed a lot of people at once, but not many people at all in the larger picture.  Our response to 9/11 has weakened our nation a great deal.

They knew that we would overreact, attempt to frame this as a war between east and west, Christianity and Islam, spend way too much money on a half-assed attempt to beat shadowy figures, thus inspiring more people to come after us, and take from our people the very freedoms we claim to fight for; all in the name of security we simply don’t have.

Do you think the victims of the San Bernardino shooting would feel as though we are winning the war on terror?

Stopping terrorism isn’t about spending fortunes on drones to hit one guy on top of a pyramid that will soon be replaced by the guy below him.  It isn’t about sending troops into regions with their hands tied and no clear mission.  It isn’t about regime change, or domestic surveillance against a net of people so wide, that you allow those you actually are supposed to be watching to slip through.  In fact, in a free society, you aren’t going to be able to stop terrorism.  But good police work. a public who feels they can trust those police enough to report suspicious activity, and trying to figure out what we are doing that makes people want to destroy us, may help to prevent some of the worst attacks.  Not ignoring the foreign intelligence reports of imminent threats might be a good idea too.

Don’t forget the people who died that day.  Don’t forget the first responders and ordinary people who tried to help others.

But please, let’s all forget the fear we felt that day.  Let’s forget the anger and need for justice that will never come.  Let’s forget the us versus them mentality and try to be the country they attempted to (and partially did) destroy.