Why It’s Wrong To Denounce Antifa

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I would like to state that I am not now, nor have I even been a member of one of the many Antifa Chapters throughout the world.  It isn’t for me.  I am fine responding to violence (or imminent threats of violence with possible preemptive violence), but usually think violence just to make a point is not how I personally would like to do things.

I am also not an anarchist nor a communist.  My perfect system would be a sort of Democratic Socialism Plus.  Socialism where taxes cover everybody’s basics.  Food, clean water, shelter, clothing, and healthcare.  Plus, where anything else you want needs to be worked and paid for.  I believe with all the data and technology available to us, this would be easy to implement, making sure people’s needs (and only their needs) are met by society.

However, just because we have different views, does not mean I consider them to be wrong or somehow bad for the world.  Antifa doesn’t call for genocide.  Antifa doesn’t hurt people based on skin color or sexuality.  Antifa doesn’t wish death to all conservatives like the white supremacists wish death to liberals.

Antifa and similar groups are the only ones out there preventing a Nazi takeover of wherever the Nazi scum like to show up.  

We saw it in the lack of police response to the Unite The Nazis…er…Right planned riot in Charlottesville.  The authorities are in league with these groups.  Whereas water hoses and tear gas are used against peaceful water protectors in Standing Rock, or any Black Lives Matter protest in a city where a cop shot an unarmed black person and is about to get away with it, police protect the rights of armed Nazi armies to infiltrate and intimidate a liberal town (Charlottesville went 86% for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election) and incite violence.

On Friday night, during the Tiki Putsch, the Nazi mob encircled a small group of Black Lives Matter activists and prevented them from leaving.  (That is called false imprisonment where I come from.)  They chanted, “Blood and soil!” and “Jews will not replace us!”  None were arrested for this violent intimidation, and one is still working and attending a public university in my home town.  False imprisonment is a crime, and this was clearly fueled by hate.

The next day, these Nazi thugs went back on a plan made with police to keep them separate from the activists who had showed up at Emancipation Park in downtown Charlottesville to ensure the Nazis did not have free rein, and that the white supremacist message wasn’t delivered without response.  At about 11 am, a group of Nazis charged the activists swinging clubs.  The activists (made up of Antifa and other groups) fought back.  Police DID NOT MOVE to break up the violence.  They claimed it was because their officers were in regular uniforms and would be in danger without their riot gear.

At 11:22, the police finally declared the rally an unlawful assembly and gave a dispersal order.  The Nazis then marched to McIntire Park a mile from downtown.  On the way, they shouted things like, “Dylan Roof is a hero!”  One lit a flare and threw it at a Washington Post videographer.

When the Nazis arrived, they were met with the news that a state of emergency had been declared, there would be no rally, and they began to get picked up by their rides or dive off.  The majority of anti-fascist activists, having successfully driven the Nazis from downtown Charlottesville, did not pursue the Nazis to McIntire Park.  Not far from Emancipation Park, was a group of antifascist activists, including Heather Heyer.  A little after 1 pm, a car, driven by a Nazi slammed into the back of the crowd, killing her, and injuring 19 others.

In every instance, witnesses say that the Nazis struck first, and the police stood down.  The only groups keeping the rampage of the Nazis from being much worse were the anti-fascists including groups like Antifa (which literally means anti-fascist).  Everyone should be anti-fascit, whether you are in Antifa or not.

Quoting Cornel West, who was with a group of Clergy in Charlottesville, “Absolutely. You had a number of the courageous students, of all colors, at the University of Virginia who were protesting against the neofascists themselves. The neofascists had their own ammunition. And this is very important to keep in mind, because the police, for the most part, pulled back. The next day, for example, those 20 of us who were standing, many of them clergy, we would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the anti-fascists who approached, over 300, 350 anti-fascists. We just had 20.

He went on to say, “The anti-fascists, and then, crucial, the anarchists, because they saved our lives, actually. We would have been completely crushed, and I’ll never forget that. Meaning what? Meaning that you had the police holding back, on the one hand, so we couldn’t even get arrested. We were there to get arrested. We couldn’t get arrested, because the police had pulled back, and just allowing fellow citizens to go at each other, you see, and with all of the consequences that would follow therefrom.”

You don’t have to want to be a part of them.  You don’t have to join them.  You may not have the same ideas as them for how the world should be.

But they are out there, in the streets, protecting the innocent from the fascists our government clearly supports.  They saved people in Charlottesville, and they show Nazis that a price must be paid if they wish to intimidate and be violent against anyone they deem to not be their idea of what people should be.

They are trying to make Nazis afraid again.  What are you doing?

Sources:  The Washington Post, And Democracy Now!

Logo by Inmanitas, Creative Commons license.


Why You Suck At Resisting, Part 2

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This is a continuation of yesterday’s post.  Click here to read that one.

Yesterday I left off with a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. that is seldom trotted out by my fellow white people who think that he was more for peace and order than a just peace.  It is the perfect lead-in to this next point.

  • You condemn direct action and the necessary use of force by those fighting for justice  I don’t know how many times I have heard my fellow white people talk about the roads being blocked by protesters.  I don’t know how many times I have heard them complain about marches that were not permitted.  I don’t know how many times I have heard them about the disruptive practices that groups such as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA engage in to help make their messages heard.  They usually trot out some Martin Luther King, Jr. quote about peace and nonviolence to attempt to bolster their point without knowing the full body of his work and opinions.  But, the “peaceful, nonviolent marches” of the 60’s civil rights era blocked some roads.  They marched without being permitted to.  They broke other laws.  And (whether the law and order white crowd likes to acknowledge it or not), they were listened to more by those in power because they were a more palatable alternative to the riots and violence that was happening at the same time.  You may not want to take part in civil disobedience or violence, but do not condemn those who do.
  • You believe criticism of our nation is beyond reproach  You still cling to jingoistic clichés like “Support The Troops!” and “Back The Badge!” despite our military and law enforcement’s cozy relationship with white supremacist groups.  You are more angry about someone sitting down during the National Anthem than you are about police brutality and a military full of white supremacists fighting for the interests of multi-national corporations that are already subsidized by your tax dollars and pay little back to the country.  Do not care about a piece of cloth more than the values that cloth was supposed to have (but never really has) represented.  Do not care more about a song (that includes a verse about celebrating the killing of slaves) than your fellow people.  Do not care more about people not liking the President than all of the horrible and reprehensible things he does in your name.
  • You fight as if we don’t have bigger fish to fry This will piss a lot of people off.  But hey, that’s what I do best.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term “SJW” or “Social Justice Warrior”.  There is noting wrong with fighting for social justice.  There is nothing wrong with being a social justice warrior.  Except those who are often called social justice warriors, are anything but.  These are the people who take more issue with what colors are in the Pride Flag than they do with the fact that LGBTQ violence is at an all-time high.  They are the ones who probably took issue with the fact that I didn’t include an “I” and “A” after LGBTQ and whatever other letter they want added, while doing it all from the comfort of their Tumblr.  They believe their opinion of how things should be is fact, and do not attempt to persuade people why, just attack them for not saying the right thing.  In short, they turn potential allies away from movements.  When confronted with this, these are the type of people who will say that if they don’t say things the way they want said, or express their opinions in the manner they deem appropriate, they aren’t wanted or needed as allies anyway.  That is horseshit.  When blocking an intersection to make a point, I guarantee it is much more important to have 200 people than it is to have 20 people there.  With 20, a car can speed through the crowd (like what happened on Columbus Day in my hometown of Reno, NV) and injure people, and the person is likely going to get off with no jail time.  (Which is what happened.)  When 200 people are there, unless the guy wants a murder charge, he’s going to go around.  I’m not saying the Columbus Day protest turnout was low for this reason, but many protests are smaller than they could be because people are more concerned with the small stuff that can be worked out when people aren’t dying.  If a guy standing next to me at a Black Lives Matter protest is holding a sign with language I don’t agree with, but we are both there fighting for holding law enforcement to be held to the same standards as the rest of us, I am not about to take issue with his use of the words because he is there, fighting for the same thing I am.  If a woman at a Pride march is holding a sign that wants protection from discrimination against the LGBT community, and leaves off the Q, I, or A, or +, or whatever, I am still going to be glad she showed up.  If a person who believes that using the term Nazi for anyone with white supremacist ideologies (as Nazis are white supremacists, and white supremacists shouldn’t get to choose what they are called) without specifically calling them white supremacists is being called a bad ally by someone from their Facebook account, the person calling that person a bad ally needs to get the fuck over it and be glad someone is helping to fight their enemy.  For the record, I, personally, think white supremacy is evil, vile, and disgusting.  I know not all white supremacists identify as Nazis, and quite frankly, I don’t give a fuck how they want to identify.  Nazi does not mean National Socialist (it didn’t even back then, despite what Hitler wanted you to believe).  To me a Nazi is anyone with white supremacist beliefs, be they KKK, or Neo-Nazi skinheads, or whoever the fuck else group of inbred Nazi trash they claim to be.  So while you argue over the proper language, I will be out trying to make sure they are met with resistance when they try to intimidate and harm you and others.  This one is easy to fix.  Learn what an ally really is.  Understand that allies usually do not have the same tactics.  In fact, allies rarely even have the same ideology.  The allied countries in WWII did not share exactly the same views.  They did not share the same tactics.  In fact, they were very critical of each other’s tactics.  What made them allies was a common interest in defeating a common enemy.  Remember that, the next time you dare to say someone isn’t a good ally.

So what if I do think you suck at resisting, and specifically address the reasons why and what you can do about it?  If you disagree with me in whole or in part, you are still welcome as an ally, provided you are doing SOMETHING to resist this fascist system of oppression and injustice.  



Hello dear reader(s)!

Many on the left are stating that people who respond to Nazi violence with violence are just as bad as the Nazis.  And that really pisses me off.

You see, the alt-right (Nazis) have declared war on anyone who disagrees with their hateful ideology.  Buoyed by a fascist in the white house and forces that protect their rights to protest, (but will shoot unarmed black people for talking back), they are invading towns and cities with full-scale armies.  They come armed, and ready to fight.

Yesterday’s horrible events in Charlottesville, VA were not (as the media reported) a protest turned violent, but a planned and premeditated riot perpetuated by Nazis onto a community that does not wish to honor those who fought for slavery and against the United States.  The murder of a white woman, who was peacefully counter-protesting these terrorist armies should be a wake-up call to anyone opposed to the rise of fascism that peaceful protest is simply not enough.  The failure of the fascist occupying the white house to condemn the Nazis should send a clear signal that the government will not protect you.  The policeman caught smiling on camera after the murder of this woman should tell everyone that some of those who work forces are the same who burn crosses.  The differences in police response to protests in Ferguson, MO and Standing Rock, SD verses that of the murderous riots in Charlottesville should make it crystal clear that a war is being fought against anyone who resists the fascists already.

If a war is being fought against you, maybe it is time to fight back.  I am all for peace, but when a group of Nazis surrounds you in a parking garage and beats you with objects, or when a Nazi runs you down from behind with his car, being for peace gets you absolutely nothing.

In yesterday’s post, I said, “See a Nazi, shoot a Nazi.”  I was not advocating for unprovoked violence.  I am simply reiterating America’s position in Europe during WWII.  But make no mistake, when violence is waged against you, you have every right to respond with violence.  The left should arm, and train, and repel any Nazi invasion force that should arrive.

A Nazi army killed an American woman on American soil.  This was not the work of one man.  She was not being hateful on some fictitious side of the “many sides”.  The Nazis attacked and killed her, and attacked others, and were not even condemned by the occupier of the white house.  One person was arrested, out of a conspiracy of hundreds allowed to return to their homes.  He hasn’t even been charged with terrorism.  Could you imagine if he was Muslim?

Nazi groups are already trying to trash the reputation of the young woman killed.  They are referring to it as a road-rage incident.

I understand, you are anti-gun.  That doesn’t do much when a bullet is heading in your direction.  Get a gun, learn how to use it.  When the NRA advocates for violence against you, know that you can respond with the very same weapon they are so scared you might take away.

You don’t need to become a communist and march to destroy shop windows.  In fact, you really shouldn’t.  But when these fuckers invade your city, you and your army can show up to show them the gates out.  Then do what is necessary to defend yourself and your fellow people.

Tolerance doesn’t work against Nazis.  They are advocating to kill people.  Imagine a group marching down your street in support of pedophilia.  Would you be so quick to defend their right to free speech from violence?  Sure, the government may not be able to infringe upon their right to say it, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take it.  If a group of tiki torch carrying monsters came down your street at night shouting, “I want to rape your children!” wouldn’t you do something about it?  These Nazis don’t shout about raping your children, but they do shout in code about genocide.  They are essentially swinging their fist in your face and telegraphing their intent to hit your nose.  They aren’t just shouting either, as seen by the unprovoked violence that occurred yesterday.

To all of you who think that nonviolence is the best solution, I would like to remind you that when the US defeated the Nazis in WWII, it was not through nonviolent action.  I would like to remind you that many of the things you think nonviolent movements have accomplished, have not actually been accomplished.  With the Voting Rights Act rolled back, with the legalized slavery in our private prisons, with Nazi armies invading cities to beat and murder the innocent with no real condemnation from the government, with black people getting murdered by police who walk free over and over again; the only thing that has been accomplished by nonviolent action is to push blatant issues underground, allowing too many white people to claim the issues are solved and not understand why we can’t all just get along.  Nonviolence made people bury their heads in the sand.

Too many white people:  “Well we even GAVE Martin Luther King Jr. a holiday.  Surely they can be happy now.  We don’t get a history month.  Etc, Etc.”

And I get it, I am a white guy.  I benefit a lot from being white, and I know it.  But y’all motherfuckers aren’t my team just because you have the same color skin as me, and all that skin color affords.

People argue over whether it is okay to punch a Nazi.   I can only say that punches should be the least worry of an invading violent force with genocidal ideologies.


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Not Feeling It

Hello dear reader(s)!

I’m not finishing my story today.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’m just not feeling it today.  I’m just not in a creative mood.  Which sucks, because my roommates and I are planning on carving our pumpkins later.

I’m not feeling creative mostly because I’m tired and either I have really bad allergies, or a really mild cold.  It could also be because I had to make two trips to the DMV today.  Two, because this state requires an insane amount of  documentation for transferring a driver’s license from another state.  I did get my temporary license though, so at least there is that.

I slept like crap last night, and woke up too early this morning.  I’m really low energy and hope I’m not getting sick, sick.  I’m also in kind of a bad mood.  I think it is because I’m am adult.

I’m not a violent person, but before I was 18, if certain people behaved a certain way torward me, or especially those I love (friends or whatever), I’d eventually probably at least threaten to kick some ass if they didn’t knock it off.  At 18 or above, you can’t really do that.  I’m not anywhere near the person I want to beat down anyway, but sometimes I think people just need a good ass kicking to learn not to behave a certain way any longer.  As an adult, you’re supposed to rely on the justice system.  It is too bad the justice system sucks at dealing with most of the scumbag sociopaths in the world.

Anyway, babble, babble, babble just to let you know that it’ll be a day or so before I finish that story.



Cascade Mall Shooting

Hello dear reader(s)!

I wasn’t going to post something new today, but last night there was a shooting at a mall in Burlington, about an hour North.

And right now, I am listening to a self-congratulatory press conference from the police who basically know nothing and let the suspected shooter slip away.  They will not say it is a terrorist act, but they won’t discount it either.  They did not set up a perimeter, but worked solely on clearing the mall.  They have not yet identified the victims.  Either they are keeping everything quiet for their investigation, or they know nothing.  In the meantime, they are puffing up their chests and talking about all the wonderful agencies involved and the excellent response that has yielded exactly zero.

Now, I understand that investigations can take time.  I understand that the police might not actually know anything yet.  I understand all of that.  But do you know what I think should happen if they don’t?  Press releases saying so.  Not a press conference talking about how great they are as a suspected slipped away either due to a slower response or bad police work.  I don’t want to hear about all the hard work clearing the mall when the shooter is still out there somewhere.  I don’t care about who is taking the lead on the investigation.

Furthermore, this is the reason we have police.  It isn’t to stop a vehicle of black kids and harass them searching for drugs.  It isn’t to shoot people with car trouble.  It isn’t to go on television and claim there is a war against you because some people think that there are poorly trained and even racist officers among them that need to be weeded out.  It is to catch people like this when they hurt the public, in order to try to protect them from similar acts in the future.  I don’t know if the resources they had committed to the enforcement of unjust laws like the war on drugs would have made a difference in the speed of this investigation, but I’m not going to discount that either, like they won’t discount that this is terrorism.

Then there is the mall.  The footage is awful.  The stores in that mall sell GoPro cameras, but use what seem like 80’s era surveillance.  I have gotten better pictures with a child’s toy camera.  Makes me wonder how they hold onto any of their merchandise, with such terrible technology.  Gotta save a buck, I guess.

I also want to know where the good guys with guns were.   Skagit county isn’t Seattle.  It goes red.  Washington has fairly easy to obtain concealed carry permits.  Where were these saviors of the public with their right to bear arms?  Were they running the other way in their Mossy Oak gear?  What happened to them?  It seems they are almost never around.  As if the one or two times a private gun owner has actually stopped someone in the commission of a crime might not actually come near balancing out all of the harm that even law-abiding gun owners and their guns have caused by accident or failure to secure their weapons.  But no, that couldn’t be, right?  Then the NRA would be lying, and we just know that can’t be true.

Finally, I am sick to death about hearing how strong the community is.  The news, devoid of facts to report on, but feeling it is necessary to only talk about what they have no information on, are reminding everyone how great the community is and how they come together in times of tragedy.   What a community.  The people here are good and caring people, never mind the guy who shot 5 people in a mall.   As if people around the world think that the actions of this one piece of shit are representative of everyone who lives in the area.  We get it, news.  We get it.

But this kind of shit is becoming increasingly representative of humanity.  Once we scrapped mental health funding in this country, and cut every program we could in favor of a bloated military and endless war, we have shown our priorities.  We don’t give a shit about you.  You’re on your own.  You are just a piece of shit to us.  And then we wonder why people decide that everyone else is a piece of shit too.  We solve our problems with violence, as if all of human evolution from the days of warring tribes have been for nothing.  People are under increasing pressure from companies who pay less and expect more.  We are being watched everywhere, except for when it counts, and then are fed grainy surveillance images so the companies can save a buck.  Nobody is reaching out to solve differences, only drawing battle lines.

In 2013, Burlington had a population of about 8.500.  It is probably much higher now, along with the rest of Western Washington (fuck you, Amazon), but even if it three times the size, it’s still a relatively small place.  It is the kind of place people fed up with this kind of bullshit move to.

So this shooting should show there is no getting away from it.  There is no running away from the problems that occur when people are forced to live in a powder keg because we won’t confront the very real issues that cause things like this.  Ridiculous gun violence isn’t just a problem in Chicago or Mosul, it can and will happen everywhere.

If we have a society that works to take care of its people, maybe we could have people who work to take care of their society.

I believe in the right to bear arms, but I believe in reasonable limits.  I believe in a functional mental health system even though there is rarely any evidence to suggest that the criminals who engage in these acts were mentally ill, because I believe that everyone could benefit from mental health check-ups, just as you would for a physical.  I believe in health care for all, and I believe that we have the capability in this society to take care of all of our basic needs.

But as long as we continue to treat people as though their lives do not matter because we got ours, someone is going to treat of all of ours as if they don’t matter in response.

You can spend all day arguing the morality of that, but you can’t argue the facts.




9/12, Can’t We Forget?

Hello dear reader(s)!

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know that yesterday was the 15th anniversary of 9/11 (or 11/9 in just about every other country in the world).  And so yesterday I wrote about something other than that, knowing that just about every other post in my Reader and on my Facebook would have something to do with it.  And I was right, it was like Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross hosted an orgy all over social media.

9/11.  Never Forget.  9/11.  Never Forget.  9/11, fine…never forget, but how about we just fucking get over it already.  (Not the people who lost someone, I’m not that harsh.)

9/11 is the day the terrorists won.  They kicked our fucking ass, and we are so blinded by a sense of vengeance that we can’t even see it.  After 9/11, despite all the speeches, despite all the flag waving, despite the members of Congress deciding to ignore that whole separation of church and state thing by singing GOD Bless America on the capitol steps as a show of impotent Congressmen (and a couple of women) pretending to be strong in the face of awful attacks before playing right into the hands of those who were the masterminds…we ceded any notion of our nation being one of freedom and inclusion.

Law enforcement took advantage.  Things they have been trying to get passed into law for years but were rejected due to that pesky Constitution were suddenly re-branded with the word “patriot” (the most misunderstood word in modern history) and lumped into one giant bill that your Congress person probably didn’t read before voting it through out of fear as being seen as unpatriotic.  Fourth amendment?   Who needs a fourth amendment?  We have terror!

We went into Afghanistan, but instead of hunting the masterminds and any official accused of harboring them, we decided they needed our freedom.  We decided to create and attempt to prop up a weak and corrupt government.  We could have gone in, wiped out the people responsible, and left.  Instead we sent in troops with an unclear mission, no exit strategy, and their hands tied behind their back.   And we are still there.

And knowing that Americans were now afraid of every middle eastern brown person.  Our beloved President Dubya decided to get revenge on the man who once gave a headache to his daddy by falsifying evidence, and going into a war without the support of our allies, destabilizing the region, and starting Daesh (what you incorrectly call ISIS).

The military industrial complex (dangerous regardless of President) then decided to use America’s new fear of middle eastern brown people and chose to overthrow a dictator (awful, but stable) in Libya, and of course, to push for “regime change” in Syria (strengthening Daesh).

Daesh, the group we fear the most, is a direct result of the fear created by 9/11.  Fear breeds fear.

2.977 people were killed in the attacks on 9/11.  Tragic, awful attacks.  I feel for everyone who lost someone so needlessly.

But over 12,000 people in the US were killed by guns in 2015, only 71 of which could be considered any kind of terrorism.  Only 24 by jihadists.

We condemn a whole religion.  We talk about carpet bombing nations of poor people caught among power-hungry mad-men.  We bankrupt our treasury and incur massive amounts of debt because we fear something that in the grand scheme of things is not something to fear.

We subject ourselves to ridiculous and ineffective security theater just to get on a plane.  You can’t keep your shoes and belt on, can’t bring a bottle of water, have to stand in a machine that lets people see you naked (and have been recorded), all so they can catch only 5% of the threats their own agency sneaks through.  5%.  And never mind that now those ridiculous lines that increase your travel day by 3 hours are now the easiest target for terrorists.

Our communications are monitored.  Our dissenters who engage in civil disobedience can be charged as domestic terrorists.  Our nation is racking up more and more debt that your children and your grandchildren will suffer for, for what?  Because some absolutely horrible individuals managed to commit a terrible crime 15 years ago that killed a lot of people at once, but not many people at all in the larger picture.  Our response to 9/11 has weakened our nation a great deal.

They knew that we would overreact, attempt to frame this as a war between east and west, Christianity and Islam, spend way too much money on a half-assed attempt to beat shadowy figures, thus inspiring more people to come after us, and take from our people the very freedoms we claim to fight for; all in the name of security we simply don’t have.

Do you think the victims of the San Bernardino shooting would feel as though we are winning the war on terror?

Stopping terrorism isn’t about spending fortunes on drones to hit one guy on top of a pyramid that will soon be replaced by the guy below him.  It isn’t about sending troops into regions with their hands tied and no clear mission.  It isn’t about regime change, or domestic surveillance against a net of people so wide, that you allow those you actually are supposed to be watching to slip through.  In fact, in a free society, you aren’t going to be able to stop terrorism.  But good police work. a public who feels they can trust those police enough to report suspicious activity, and trying to figure out what we are doing that makes people want to destroy us, may help to prevent some of the worst attacks.  Not ignoring the foreign intelligence reports of imminent threats might be a good idea too.

Don’t forget the people who died that day.  Don’t forget the first responders and ordinary people who tried to help others.

But please, let’s all forget the fear we felt that day.  Let’s forget the anger and need for justice that will never come.  Let’s forget the us versus them mentality and try to be the country they attempted to (and partially did) destroy.

We Were Friends

So I guess I should TRIGGER WARNING this puppy because this puppy is not a nice puppy.  More like a rabid puppy filled with evil.  A mean puppy.  

Remember when we were friends?  Those were good times, right?  Did you not enjoy talking to me?  It always seemed like you did.  What about those smiles, and the laughter?  Was that all fake?  Don’t think I haven’t noticed your silence toward me.  Is it because I am not after you anymore?  Forgive me for not wanting to be your back-up plan any longer.  You were given every opportunity, and you blew them all.

I get it.  He becomes a problem, so it is nice to talk to someone who treats you with respect.  Too bad that he still has his hooks in you.  What, did you think I don’t know?  Who the fuck do you think you are dealing with?  Answer me, when I’m talking to you.

That’s better.

Do you see how respectful I can treat you?  Don’t cry.  Don’t cry!  I didn’t hear you crying when I came to you and you weren’t there.  I didn’t hear you crying when you went back after he broke your leg.  Those were my tears!  But I didn’t sound like a sniveling fucking bitch like you.

Don’t look so fucking shocked.  That’s what you are.  No wonder he beat the shit out of you.  Who can blame him?  Shut your whore mouth before I shut it for you.  I thought he was the monster, but it is obviously you.  You are a cold and manipulative person, who likely drove him to break.

No, you can’t have your clothes.  The naked pictures you sent me clearly show you are comfortable displaying your body for me.  Why pretend to be modest now?  Why pretend to be innocent?  What would he think?  His precious little wife, the apple of his eye, rotten to the core.  Just a cock tease for anyone who shows her the slightest bit of attention when he isn’t.  I almost feel sorry for him.

Especially now that he is bleeding to death in the trunk of my car.

Are you really sure you want to be untied?  That’s what he asked for too.

That’s better.  Just lie back.  You need to this.  We were friends once.  You pretended to want more, now you are going to get more.   You still do want it.  I can tell.

Yes, let me just-  What the?  How did you get that around my neck?  I can’t breathe.  The rope!  I…can’t…But we were friends…


And this children, is why you never trust the nice ones.  Any questions?