Hello From The Other Side

Hello dear reader(s)!

‘Tis I, Josh.  I am here, not finished with my book, but deciding to be here because I am hoping an old friend who I lost contact with, but who used to read this will get in touch with me by emailing me at MyFridayBlog@gmail.com.  Y’all can email too, don’t bother me.  No threats, please.

You see, in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica bullshit, I deleted my Facebook.  Call me crazy, but I don’t want Steve Bannon using information about what I put on my profile helping to fuel Nazis.  Anyway, this was shortly after I changed my phone number, and apparently, one of my friends also changed their number, and it’s like… Oops.

This isn’t just an attempt to locate my friend, however.  I wouldn’t do that to y’all.  So, instead, for your entertainment, enjoyment, and enlightenment, I will babble on this page about random stuff.

I’m about to move.  My fiance and I are going to our new home and I am so excited!  I set out in a couple of days.  It’s been crazy busy around here, which is why even my anonymous blog has suffered.  The stress and preparations for a long-distance move with a full household isn’t nearly as easy as a move with just me.  That said, I couldn’t be happier to be going where I am going.

I will not wear Nike!!!!!  Not because of Kaepernick, (I fully support his right to speak his mind, and the Dallas police officer who “mistakenly” murdered a black man just trying to live in his OWN APARTMENT should probably convince some that police in my country are fucking insane toward black people and other minorities), but because I can not and will not pay that much money for apparel.  I’m not racist, I’m poor.

Trump is a douche.  Nothing new.  But I kinda like the fact that his tariffs are making neoconservatives and neoliberals sweat.  Global trade has not brought better human rights or democracy to places like Saudi Arabia or China, but hey, keep up with that bullshit line, multinational corporations.  It has only produced a race to the bottom as far as labor and environmental standards are concerned.  Even though these tariffs are way too little, too late, I just like that CEO’s are stressing that it eventually COULD possibly, impact their precious stock.  I just wish he wasn’t such a racist dickhead, distorting real-world socio-economic issues into arguments and superiority.

I’m especially amused or disgusted, or a weird combination of the two, when it comes to those Trump supporters and other right-wing nationalists who are freaking out about immigration.  To argue that the innocent people from nations your military  or economic imperialism has destroyed, should not be trying to leave in search of a better life, is just asinine.  This is the bed made by colonialism, warfare, and imperialism, and now they’re all crying about having to lie in it.

It is similar with terrorism.  I hate terrorists.  I hate terrorism.  I hope to never become the victim of terrorists.   Are they evil?  Sure.  Anyone who would bomb a school bus full of 52 school children on a field trip are absolutely evil.  Oh wait, that’s our terrorists?  Well, um…  collateral damage?  That is not to justify terrorism on either side, mind you, but to remind people, that terrorists sometimes use the cover of the American flag.  For you Trumpsters, I will put it in a way that you can understand.  There are fucked up people on both sides.

I gotta roll, I got shit to do on my car today, so I can make the journey.

One last thought before I go,

I recently read through some comments on my post about the contradiction in terms for those who call themselves Christian Witches.  Some were nice, some disagreed, and, (as expected), some showed a lack of basic reading comprehension skills.

So in case there is any confusion, I am not Christian.  I am a pagan.  I do not appreciate Christians claiming to be that which their own book tells them to persecute.  Do not attempt to convert me, you will fail.  I have no interest in belonging to a group that covers for child rapists, and protests funerals.

Have a good day, all.


Blah g Type Thing

‘Ello dear reader(s)!

Hi.  I am posting to keep posting, but today has gone by much faster than I had originally planned.  This day got away from me like Frank Lee Morris got away from Alcatraz.  It got away from me like the ball that was hit as Jhonny Peralta’s inside-the-park home run got away from Ryan Rayburn in a July, 2010 Tigers-Indians game.  It got away from me like the concept of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people got away from the American public.

So anyway, I was going to write a well-thought-out piece about how nobody knows what to believe anymore, why, and how that fact is destroying civilization, but instead, I am sitting here getting ready to go take some medicine for the fact that the colder night air is setting off my neuropathy before commencing with the evening family fun that does not involve sitting in front of a computer.

I intend to write my post tomorrow, however, I intend to do a lot of things that never get done.  I intended to be a multimillionaire by age 21.  I intended to win the Nobel Peace Prize.  I intended to solve all of the world’s problems.

So Imma gonna spenda little time a-readin’ some of y’all’s posts before I go have fun.  I wish you all a peaceful and happy whatever day it is when and where you read this.  May the force be with you, and also with you.  3580220.

The Day After Yesterday

It was 19:06 when the author began writing his post in this here blog-type-thing.  A cool, autumn breeze blew past his window, but he didn’t really care, since it was closed.  Despite that, the fact it was not shitty, hot, stupid fucking summer was evident even inside his house.

The author reflected on the events that happened to him, just the day before.  He reflected on the special breakfast, the good wishes, the special dinner, the gifts, and of course, the traditional Dia de Los Josh, pumpkin pie.  For a moment, he smiled.

The smile quickly faded as he remembered the horrors that also happened on that day.  The screams of the post-Halloween jack-o-lanterns still echoed in his ears.  Then the images.  Pumpkin guts everywhere.  Orange all over.  Seeds, strings, and pumpkin meat littered the cardboard spread on the ground.  First a claymore, then a machete.  And his own hands yielding the weapons of the pumpkins’ demise!

He racked his brain, trying to figure out what had gotten into him.  Why did he kill those innocent jack-o-lanterns?  Why did he have to cut them into so many pieces?  And…why, why did he want to do it again?  What was the reason for his pumpkin blood lust?

Suddenly, he remembered.  It was Dia de Los Josh.

He knew that one day every year, it would come…and it did.  Yesterday.  And the day after yesterday, well…we all know what that is.  It is that which shall not be named, because it didn’t really like all of the names we had picked out for it.  I really liked Bob, but its grandparents objected.  Wait…


Oh yeah.

Hello dear reader(s)!

So life is good right now.  I am getting settled in the new place, and things have finally calmed down from the move.  We had an amazing Halloween/Samhain with more trick-or-treaters than I knew existed on this particular planet.  We had some pretty kick-ass decorations, and it was a lot of fun.  Then yesterday, my birthday happened.  I got some great and thoughtful gifts, and yes, a traditional birthday pumpkin pie.  For fun, we took the six pumpkins we carved for Halloween and destroyed them with my claymore and machete.  We then had to clean up pumpkin, but it was Loreal.  Because it was worth it.

Today was just very chill, but with some running around.  Nothing too exciting, just a good find at a local shop.  But that was really nice, because I am a little sick of too exciting right now anyway.  Chill is good.  Tomorrow I am hoping I won’t even have to leave the fucking house.

Anyway, just checking in to say howdy.  Things are calming down, and though I do intend to really get working on my book, I plan to devote a lot of time to writing now, so I may just be able to get back into a regular posting routine complete with regular posts and routines at no additional cost to you!  But wait, that’s all!


Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Dogs, Cats…

Hello dear reader(s)!

I am not writing my book right now.  My computer is getting too hot, and I have a feeling it might take a proverbial dump on me, so I have put off the writing of anything important to me until I can be more assured it will not be lost to the sketchy electronics in this crappy lovely computer.

On the plus side, my blog-type-thing isn’t important to me, which means I can write here until my computer is resigned to the big recycling heap in the sky.  (Recycle it?  Not with MY browsing history!)

So…where did we leave off?

I think we were nearing the meeting of O’Rinn and Alexandra at the battle of Lethos.

Surrounded by the bodies of his fallen enemies, O’Rinn was still feeling the effects of the adrenaline.  He knew if he did not find an outlet, the beast within would once again emerge.  He could not risk his allies from the East learning his truth.  He wanted to tear into someone, but all his opponents were dead.  His blood felt as if it were boiling and his muscles tensed tightly, causing him to look more animal than human.  Indeed, he was, but he knew that to be a secret best kept to himself.  He began his attempts at meditation.  He visualized his home by the rocky shores of the western ocean and attempted to feel the serenity and peace he felt when home.  

Out of the water, she came.  Her dark eyes, both deep and piercing, held his gaze as he looked upon her beauty.  Her raven hair fell onto her pale shoulders.   Her warrior dress seemed to emphasize each and every curve of her body.  Rather than calming the beast, this image of her seemed to only stir the fire within.  As she approached closer, he saw the blood stains she proudly bore upon her clothing, and the ocean scene faded away.  The desolate, bloody battlefield reemerged and still she came closer.  He realized he wasn’t imagining her with the ocean, but knew she was straight out of his dreams.  

“I am eternally grateful to you, great warrior,” she began as she touched his cheek with her fingertips.  “Our people surely would not have survived this onslaught without your courage and skill.”  

O’Rinn replied, “No need to be grateful, we of the Albion have a common enemy.  Nothing more, nothing less.  We are also grateful for your fighters, and especially a woman so brave as yourself.”

“Queen.” Alexandra corrected.  “And since you were clearly ignorant of that fact, I will not be offended that you did not kneel before me.”

“I kneel before no one,” O’Rinn stated with a slightly annoyed tone.

“Your poor lovers,” Alexandra answered as she looked hypnotically into his eyes.  “I am quite certain I will have you kneeling before me by nightfall,” she continued as she removed her hand from his cheek and brought it down to firmly grip his co-

Wait, what?  We didn’t leave off there?!?!!  You mean I hadn’t been posting this story all along?   Oh, well…what do you want from me?

I don’t want to write about current events.  It’s too depressing right now, and there are plenty of people with a much larger influence speaking to it all better than I can.

Life is pretty good, with the exception of health and wishing I were more financially secure, so that is nothing worth writing about either.

I could go into more details about my health, but I am still coming to grips with the reality that there is no getting better from this.  I had always thought that if I could just take care of X, Y, and Z, that I could resume a somewhat normal and independent life, and learning that there is no taking care of X, Y, and Z is a little hard to handle.  Symptom management with little results seems to be all I can do.  At least I won’t be wasting as much co-pays on different specialists who can’t do anything for me anymore.  It is too depressing to think about for very long.

I fell backward and stepped on my phone last week.   My replacement phone literally just arrived a minute ago.  It is amazing how much you don’t realize you use your phone until you don’t have one.  It is pathetic how much I have come to rely on it.  I mostly miss the camera.  It is hard to take naughty pictures while holding up my computer.  (Kidding.  It is actually easy to take naughty pictures using my computer.)  (Kidding, I don’t take naughty pictures*, unless you count taking pictures of the naughty food treats my fiance spoils me with.)  (*Subject to change based on finances.)

Anyway, I guess what I am saying, is that I am probably back for now, but might just write a bunch of stories because there really isn’t much I want to talk about and I am not yet at the point where I need to start camming in order to keep afloat.

I hope you all are doing well, and are enjoying the day of labor.







What In The Actual F-ck?!?

Hello dear reader(s)!

Guess who’s back?  Back again?  Josh is back.  Sorry.

I know I keep saying that I will post more consistently.  Then I post for a couple days straight, and drop off for like a week.  My bad.  I keep thinking I can actually manage this.  Lately however, I just can’t.  In fact, I literally can’t even.  Yes, one pumpkin spice frappuccino for McKenzie too.

So what in actual fuck, Josh?  Where you been?  Why the long face?  You’re not a horse.

Well, I’ve been here, mostly.  But I’ve been tired.  Tired as fuck.  In the world of fucked-up medical shit, we like to call it fatigue.  Actually, we like to call it napping, but tomato tomato.  I’m not going to call the whole thing off, however.  Anything you can do I can do better.  Anyway…

I’ve been furiously trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me.  Between my GI symptoms, a few other ones, and the fatigue, I was getting scared.

Fortunately, my fiance (yup, I’m engaged), is a super sleuth and figured out what is going on that some really great doctors couldn’t figure out during literal YEARS of complaining.  (Literally.)  The tendency of doctors to look at individual symptoms as separate systems requiring separate specialists causing separate tests and separate co-pays and co-insurance amounts, caused them all to overlook something wrong that ties it all together and makes perfect sense given something else we already knew was wrong.  So now I know what the problem is, (besides run-on sentences) the only issue is that it seems to be one of those “tough shit, get used it” type of issues.  It is still somewhat comforting to know that I am not losing my mind, (well…totally, anyway), and there IS a physical reason for all of these issues.

Anywho, this is good news for my writing, as now I will likely be seeing less doctors to try to find something that isn’t there (That colonoscopy sure was shitty.  Get it?  Shitty?) and will be less likely to try to force myself to do things I can’t do.  That means more time at home, where a computer will likely be handy.

But…my writing may soon start to move away from this here blog-type-thing on a temporary basis.  I am going to begin considering beginning to plan the beginning of the study of whether or not I should begin to plan the beginning of the process for beginning to write my book, starting all the way from the beginning.  Good for my writing, bad for this here blog-type-thing.  Unless I get stuck, and decide to post in this here blog-type-thing as a way to break up the monotony, since Mono and Tony have drifted apart since becoming a Hollywood power couple anyway.

So now that y’all know what is up, I guess I should grace you all with one of my rants, y’all have come to know and despise.

Ready?  Okay!  Be aggressive, B-E aggressive!


You can, I guess, but you’re a fucking idiot and should call yourself something else.  In a system of beliefs of honoring many different Goddesses and Gods as a representation of the natural forces that created all, your superiority complex does not jive.  You know not of what you speak, you know not of what you claim to be, and if you show up to any of my pagan events I will personally cut your fucking heart out with my athame.

You are not welcome in my community.  You are not welcome near my path.  You should not be welcome anywhere on this planet, but not everyone has standards.  Fuck off, and die, you Nazi trash pieces of shit.  Tell your chosen Gods they can go fuck themselves if they support you.  (They don’t.)

If you are a pagan, and want more acceptance of your belief system, and less persecution from others, you need to be calling out these racist fucks trying to twist your path to justify their hate too.  Just because hardly any of the followers of the Abrahamic religions do it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t too.  We need to tell these fuck-bags they do not have a home in our communities.  

On a happier note, I choose high C.  I think high C is a happy note.  Yes, if it is part of a minor chord, it could be sad, but the note itself is happy.  It is so happy, it 1046.502 hertz.

Okay, dear reader(s), that’s all for me.  Let’s recap what we have learned today, shall we?  No?  Too bad!

I will not be posting very consistently (big shocker, and nothing new), but for different reasons, and I hate my health.  Please refer any additional questions to my counsel, who doesn’t exist.

Finally, I will still try and read y’all from time to time, even when I am not posting, just because you is smart, you is kind, you is not really important since you’re just a tiny spec in this vast universe, but tell yourself whatever you need to sleep better at night.

I Am Here For You

Hello dear reader(s)!

Did you miss me?  I missed me.  I missed me hard.

I realize I went MIA there for a while, and there is good reason for that.  I have been insanely busy, or sick, or lazy, or preoccupied.   I have definitely been distracted.  Everything has conspired to keep me from this-here blog-type-thing for quite some time now.  It had gotten to the point to where I considered abandoning it altogether.  (Everyone:  It had gotten to the point to where I considered abandoning it.)

But then I thought about you, my dear reader(s).  Lost and confused in a world without MyFridayBlog™, and all of the goodness and light it brings.  I could abandon my blog-type-thing, but not you, my dear reader(s).

Especially not in times like these, when fascists rule our government, polluters rule our lands, and people actually wait in fucking lines for shitty chicken sandwiches from homophobic businesses.   If I completely went away, the terrorists would win.

However, even though I have made my triumphant return to blog-type-thinging, the news isn’t all good.  It’s fake.  All of it.  Even the true stuff is just fake news.  Especially when it is about our dear Fuhrer Trump and his merry band of fascist traitors in this de-facto Russian Republic.  But the real bad news here is that while I am still going to be blog-type-thinging, I definitely need to scale this motherfucker back.

I am going back to a posting schedule.  I was thinking Fridays (but then it might like the title!), but also Saturdays and Sundays.   I just have too many other things I need/want to do when I have any limited energy to be wasting hours and hours of the day carefully crafting these magical, life-changing words for you day in and day out.

So…  let’s try to catch you up since I last posted.  Let’s see…

Trump should be impeached and if he isn’t, the GOP is just as guilty of treason as he is.  But I think I have been saying that for some time now.  Despite it being fake news, it is very real treason.

My life has done a complete 180 (with exception of my health, that’s still an issue) since relocating.

The AHCA has passed the House and if it resembles anything close to what the Senate comes up with then people will get desperate and do desperate things.

My area is in a housing bubble.  Most of the country is.  It’s fucking ridiculous.

It’s hot today.  Too hot.  It’s only going to get hotter coming up.  I think I need to get air conditioning clothes.

Um…  I guess that’s about it for now.   I’ll be back Friday, like the title of this-here blog-type-thing.  Might stalk all your shit in the meantime.

Peace be with you.  (And also with you.)

It Returns

Hello dear reader(s)!

I am back!  I do believe more regular posting is once again a possibility now, so I am officially announcing my return to both blog-type-thinging, as well as actually attempting to read as much of your wonderful blogs as time and life events shall allow.

So…what all has happened since I last posted?

Well, I took a very cool road trip through the Southwest to my hometown.  Upon arriving, I was greeted by friends and have been having a ton of fun.  Literally a ton, it was weighed by the Department of Weights and Measures of Fictionland.  It was all going very smoothly until I got a nasty little sinus infection.  I have been down the last couple of days as a result, but the antibiotics I got are starting to kick in.

Taking this road trip has also made me certain that I do not want to live in Kansas City any longer.

At the conclusion of this road trip, I have learned that my hometown has exploded with growth, and there are all kinds of new things and buildings going up everywhere.  There are new things to see and experience, and that should be a lot of fun.

Before that, I learned that two-lane highways should be illegal, because people are idiots when they try to pass.  I was almost hit head-on twice.

I learned that I like 95A over 95, and I only learned that because there was a closure of 95 for flood control work starting the day I went through it.

I learned that Las Vegas has grown so huge that it hardly looks like the same city I have been to so many times.  I wonder how they think that is sustainable given the lack of water most years.  The drivers in that city are idiots, and I am surprised I didn’t witness anyone get killed.  The speed limit of the road I was on was 65, I was doing 70 in a huge line of through traffic, and these idiots were weaving in and out at like 100.  Fortunately, everyone skillfully avoided their idiocy.

I learned that the bridge bypassing the Hoover dam is the greatest piece of construction ever created.


I learned I make a lot better time than I estimate, even with Google, which I don’t understand because I was almost never speeding in the higher limit areas and I still had to stop for gas.

I learned that Arizona should quit worrying about deporting everyone and use the money it costs for that force to fix their fucking roads instead.  I learned that in Arizona, they would rather put up signs that say “Rough Road”, than spend the money on actual road work.  I am very lucky my tires and suspension are okay after driving through that state.

I stopped one night in Winslow, AZ, just so I could stand on the corner.  That song has been stuck in my head for weeks now.  Arizona was pretty, but the roads were so terrible that I really couldn’t enjoy it.


Also along the road trip, I learned that New Mexico is the prettiest desert in the world.  This is not my opinion, it is fact.  The Continental Divide in New Mexico on I40 is one of the prettier sights I have ever seen, and the roads were in good condition.  I wish there would have been a view pullout on I40 so I could have attempted to capture it in pictures without losing much time.  I love the mesas, and different rock formations in that state.  I also passed by this really cool old Southwestern village that looked straight out of when Western movies go down to Mexico.  I am not a huge fan of desert scenery, but New Mexico is the exception.


I learned that Texas is exactly what I expected Texas to be.  Still.  They are very proud of Texas.  There are as many Texas flags on a normal day as there are American flags at an Independence Day celebration.  Stuff is big.  I stayed in Amarillo.   I got really good chicken tacos for Hannah there (chicken tacos in Texas was a little joke we used to have), and drove on through.  It was just the panhandle, but it was pretty Texas.  And of course, it smelled like cow shit.


I learned that the musical Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain) was very accurate in that I spent the entire time on the road through that state fighting the wheel to keep on the road.  I am sure it didn’t help that I just barely beat a major storm system driving out.

I went through Missouri and Kansas on the day of the huge tornadoes that damaged over 500 homes and businesses in Missouri.  It was windy, and dark, and I could tell that if I hadn’t left as early as I did, I would’ve had a lot worse time.  It was still very gusty going through, but I couldn’t have imagined what it would have been like a few hours later.

But on that road trip, what I mostly learned, is that I am pretty happy with myself.  Granted, the trip likely knocked down my immune system enough that I got that sinus infection I otherwise might not have gotten, but the point is that I did it.  Yes, I had to take more time to recover from it than I actually spent doing it, but I drove around two thousand miles on my own.  I had time to think and time to be.  I am proud of myself for choosing to go the long way to avoid weather and just because I do not like the other routes.  I am proud of myself for not needing someone to go with me.

Don’t get me wrong, companionship is a wonderful thing.  I love taking road trips with those close to me.  But it is really nice knowing that I do not need to have someone with me in order to have a great experience.

The illness, the exhaustion, the few scary moments, were all very much worth it.  I can’t do something like this often.  I am too sick, and have too many issues, but I did it.  Yeah, I paid a price for it, but I lived.