I Am Here For You

Hello dear reader(s)!

Did you miss me?  I missed me.  I missed me hard.

I realize I went MIA there for a while, and there is good reason for that.  I have been insanely busy, or sick, or lazy, or preoccupied.   I have definitely been distracted.  Everything has conspired to keep me from this-here blog-type-thing for quite some time now.  It had gotten to the point to where I considered abandoning it altogether.  (Everyone:  It had gotten to the point to where I considered abandoning it.)

But then I thought about you, my dear reader(s).  Lost and confused in a world without MyFridayBlog™, and all of the goodness and light it brings.  I could abandon my blog-type-thing, but not you, my dear reader(s).

Especially not in times like these, when fascists rule our government, polluters rule our lands, and people actually wait in fucking lines for shitty chicken sandwiches from homophobic businesses.   If I completely went away, the terrorists would win.

However, even though I have made my triumphant return to blog-type-thinging, the news isn’t all good.  It’s fake.  All of it.  Even the true stuff is just fake news.  Especially when it is about our dear Fuhrer Trump and his merry band of fascist traitors in this de-facto Russian Republic.  But the real bad news here is that while I am still going to be blog-type-thinging, I definitely need to scale this motherfucker back.

I am going back to a posting schedule.  I was thinking Fridays (but then it might like the title!), but also Saturdays and Sundays.   I just have too many other things I need/want to do when I have any limited energy to be wasting hours and hours of the day carefully crafting these magical, life-changing words for you day in and day out.

So…  let’s try to catch you up since I last posted.  Let’s see…

Trump should be impeached and if he isn’t, the GOP is just as guilty of treason as he is.  But I think I have been saying that for some time now.  Despite it being fake news, it is very real treason.

My life has done a complete 180 (with exception of my health, that’s still an issue) since relocating.

The AHCA has passed the House and if it resembles anything close to what the Senate comes up with then people will get desperate and do desperate things.

My area is in a housing bubble.  Most of the country is.  It’s fucking ridiculous.

It’s hot today.  Too hot.  It’s only going to get hotter coming up.  I think I need to get air conditioning clothes.

Um…  I guess that’s about it for now.   I’ll be back Friday, like the title of this-here blog-type-thing.  Might stalk all your shit in the meantime.

Peace be with you.  (And also with you.)

It Returns

Hello dear reader(s)!

I am back!  I do believe more regular posting is once again a possibility now, so I am officially announcing my return to both blog-type-thinging, as well as actually attempting to read as much of your wonderful blogs as time and life events shall allow.

So…what all has happened since I last posted?

Well, I took a very cool road trip through the Southwest to my hometown.  Upon arriving, I was greeted by friends and have been having a ton of fun.  Literally a ton, it was weighed by the Department of Weights and Measures of Fictionland.  It was all going very smoothly until I got a nasty little sinus infection.  I have been down the last couple of days as a result, but the antibiotics I got are starting to kick in.

Taking this road trip has also made me certain that I do not want to live in Kansas City any longer.

At the conclusion of this road trip, I have learned that my hometown has exploded with growth, and there are all kinds of new things and buildings going up everywhere.  There are new things to see and experience, and that should be a lot of fun.

Before that, I learned that two-lane highways should be illegal, because people are idiots when they try to pass.  I was almost hit head-on twice.

I learned that I like 95A over 95, and I only learned that because there was a closure of 95 for flood control work starting the day I went through it.

I learned that Las Vegas has grown so huge that it hardly looks like the same city I have been to so many times.  I wonder how they think that is sustainable given the lack of water most years.  The drivers in that city are idiots, and I am surprised I didn’t witness anyone get killed.  The speed limit of the road I was on was 65, I was doing 70 in a huge line of through traffic, and these idiots were weaving in and out at like 100.  Fortunately, everyone skillfully avoided their idiocy.

I learned that the bridge bypassing the Hoover dam is the greatest piece of construction ever created.


I learned I make a lot better time than I estimate, even with Google, which I don’t understand because I was almost never speeding in the higher limit areas and I still had to stop for gas.

I learned that Arizona should quit worrying about deporting everyone and use the money it costs for that force to fix their fucking roads instead.  I learned that in Arizona, they would rather put up signs that say “Rough Road”, than spend the money on actual road work.  I am very lucky my tires and suspension are okay after driving through that state.

I stopped one night in Winslow, AZ, just so I could stand on the corner.  That song has been stuck in my head for weeks now.  Arizona was pretty, but the roads were so terrible that I really couldn’t enjoy it.


Also along the road trip, I learned that New Mexico is the prettiest desert in the world.  This is not my opinion, it is fact.  The Continental Divide in New Mexico on I40 is one of the prettier sights I have ever seen, and the roads were in good condition.  I wish there would have been a view pullout on I40 so I could have attempted to capture it in pictures without losing much time.  I love the mesas, and different rock formations in that state.  I also passed by this really cool old Southwestern village that looked straight out of when Western movies go down to Mexico.  I am not a huge fan of desert scenery, but New Mexico is the exception.


I learned that Texas is exactly what I expected Texas to be.  Still.  They are very proud of Texas.  There are as many Texas flags on a normal day as there are American flags at an Independence Day celebration.  Stuff is big.  I stayed in Amarillo.   I got really good chicken tacos for Hannah there (chicken tacos in Texas was a little joke we used to have), and drove on through.  It was just the panhandle, but it was pretty Texas.  And of course, it smelled like cow shit.


I learned that the musical Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain) was very accurate in that I spent the entire time on the road through that state fighting the wheel to keep on the road.  I am sure it didn’t help that I just barely beat a major storm system driving out.

I went through Missouri and Kansas on the day of the huge tornadoes that damaged over 500 homes and businesses in Missouri.  It was windy, and dark, and I could tell that if I hadn’t left as early as I did, I would’ve had a lot worse time.  It was still very gusty going through, but I couldn’t have imagined what it would have been like a few hours later.

But on that road trip, what I mostly learned, is that I am pretty happy with myself.  Granted, the trip likely knocked down my immune system enough that I got that sinus infection I otherwise might not have gotten, but the point is that I did it.  Yes, I had to take more time to recover from it than I actually spent doing it, but I drove around two thousand miles on my own.  I had time to think and time to be.  I am proud of myself for choosing to go the long way to avoid weather and just because I do not like the other routes.  I am proud of myself for not needing someone to go with me.

Don’t get me wrong, companionship is a wonderful thing.  I love taking road trips with those close to me.  But it is really nice knowing that I do not need to have someone with me in order to have a great experience.

The illness, the exhaustion, the few scary moments, were all very much worth it.  I can’t do something like this often.  I am too sick, and have too many issues, but I did it.  Yeah, I paid a price for it, but I lived.

Things That Make Me Happy

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is I, Sidney Feldman.  * (Not really, that’s from Grosse Pointe Blank.)

It is me, Josh.  I am here once again, because there are things I should be doing that are more important than posting, but I am tired and don’t feel like getting going yet, and I miss posting and reading, and am drinking my coffee and having a bagel trying to wake up anyway, and I enjoy writing run-on sentences, and things are on my mind that make me want to post, and I want everyone to know that I have not abandoned, nor do I plan to abandon this here blog-type-thing now or at any time in the foreseeable future, provided nothing catastrophic should happen, (knock on wood), and that I even intend to return to daily or more posting in a couple of weeks, and that I really should have made these separate sentences but I didn’t because I enjoy frustrating Nazis, whether they are of the grammar variety or not.

I am actually in a fairly good mood this morning, despite the recent loss of yet another relationship that I really believed had potential to stay happy for a very long time.  I’m actually happy for the lesson learned.  It was a new one, when I thought I pretty much knew what to look for, and what to avoid.  Like sores.  I know to avoid sores.  I’ve known that for a long time, and that has always been quite beneficial.

Learning is just one of the many things that makes me happy.  I like when the lessons are a bit easier than the last one, because I didn’t need to learn it so harshly, but I am trying to look on the bright side here so get off my fucking back already.

What else makes me happy?  Well…

  • Coffee  I mean, sometimes, sitting quietly and drinking a cup of coffee can be the most soothing feeling in the world except right after you cum.
  • Friends  I have periods of time not speaking with a lot of my friends.  Sometimes, they deserved it, sometimes I did, and sometimes, it was just a circumstance.  But some of my friends have been there for me over and over again, and I really appreciate them.  Except for you, Bob.  You’re a dick.
  • Road trips  Ones through places where the weather is expected to cooperate, going somewhere I really want to be, and getting away.  Like the one I am leaving on for in 5 days.  Ones where I do not have car trouble, gas is cheap, and the drive is safe and leisurely.  (Knock on wood.)  Ones where I do not have to be cavity searched by a cop unless she is really into me, which I guess she would be at that point, but I mean on a non-professional level.
  • People who are strong enough to overcome their Stockholm Syndrome  Gee Josh, that’s an awfully weird thing that makes you happy.  What can I say?  I like what I like.  Maybe for you, it is raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, which both are fine, even though that song is shit.  For me, it is people who are strong enough to overcome their Stockholm Syndrome.  Don’t judge me, or else I will imprison you and then indoctrinate you into my cause until you sympathize with my plight and are under my control.
  • Music  I recently upgraded the stereo in the Beastess from the factory model cassette deck to a CD/Bluetooth receiver, and that, has made all the difference.  Not, taking the road less traveled by.  The car stereo.  Now I decide what music I hear, not some corporate executive.  That is the real resistance.  Freedom!
  • Art  A Picasso or a Garfunkle.  (Yes, that is Barenaked Ladies, but it’s one of my favorites.)  Besides, I mean it.  I love art, in most of its forms.  I may not love the finished work, but I usually love that someone decided to express themselves creatively.  I say usually, because, let’s face it, what some call art, I call fascist propaganda designed to divide the proletariat amongst themselves when they really should be made aware of those who are profiting from the strife.  And also, sometimes it’s fucking ugly.
  • Sex  Who’s blog-type-thing did you think you were reading?
  • Fun  We only live once.  Here, in this world, with these bodies.  Who knows what happens after, but I can honestly say that anyone who is 100% certain of it is delusional.  So have some goddamned fun!!!  NOW!  Do IT!  Don’t cry!  You’re having fun!  Right?   Say whee!  SAY IT!!!!!!
  • People who help other people  Especially in times like these, we need all the people who still have good hearts and empathy that we can get.  We need these people now more than ever.  We need these people to take up arms against those who don’t and mow them down like a field of daisies – haha just kidding I am not advocating violence, please don’t throw me in a private, for-profit, slave-labor camp so Jeffy Boy can masturbate to the thoughts of all the undesirables making profits for him and his buddies, since money and oppression are the only things capable of getting him off.
  • Satan  For the record, I do not believe in Satan.  But Satan believes in me and does my bidding.  And, it really is nice when someone believes in you.

Well dear reader(s), I hope reading about what makes me happy made you happy.  If not, maybe you are just an unhappy person who can not be helped even when cavity searched by an attractive officer of the opposite sex unless you are into same-sex relations which is great so long as everyone involved is happy about it.

Posting Update

Hello dear reader(s)!

Right now, I’m sick to death of talking about Trump and his Republikanz.  I might still post about it when something major happens that really needs to be posted about, (by me), but fuck man, I don’t want to dwell too much on the takeover of our country by fascists until it is absolutely necessary.

The fact is, I am happy.   Really happy.  Happier than I’ve been in a long time.   Am I scared all that will be taken away?  Yeah.  Can I change that right now?   No.   Therefore, I am making the conscious decision to enjoy what I have while I can.

When they take away my Medicare or my disability, I’ll worry then. Right now, I have to live and hope they don’t.  I have to hope they don’t round us all up. I still have to enjoy life or else why live it?

So unless something is going down that isn’t already clear, I think I’ll just add a blurb about resisting Trump below each post, but will resume my regular, varied, crappy posts you have all come to know and despise.

Until next time dear reader(s),

Peace out.



What Else Is New?

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

Trump fired people trying to keep him from obtaining absolute power.  This is what authoritarians do.  Speaker Ryan is a little bitch (not even the fun kind) who won’t stop his shredding of the Constitution, as is any other member of Ze Repulikanz.

Anything else from here should come as no surprise.  We have witnessed this before.  An unpopular leader and his party, with a minority of support, seized power through a flawed system and worked within that system to bring it down in order to replace it with their own twisted dictatorship.

In the early days, when it could have been stopped, a military and militarized law enforcement community brainwashed by nationalism that his party echoed, failed to do anything.  A weak and corrupt legislation failed to challenge him until it was too late.  A judiciary who opposed was ignored or eliminated.

We all know this story.  No matter how badly our education system has tried to whitewash history, the lessons of the rise of the Third Reich were taught to us all.  Maybe some of us were too stupid to pay attention.  I don’t think that is the case here.

I think too many of us want it.

Any Republican looking at Nazi Germany knows that the loyal Nazis who were not under suspicion had it pretty good while the Nazis reigned.  Sure, most (that didn’t escape) had it pretty bad after, but who is to stop the Nazis of the United States?  Who will be our liberators?  With the rise of far-right parties the world over, who will save us from fascism this time around?  The Republicans are betting that nobody can.  They are lining up in lock-step, ready to give the Nazi salute to their Führer.

It is increasingly more important to stop speaking out about Trump.  It isn’t just Trump, Bannon, and Pence.  They could not succeed without the Republicans.  We must stop framing this as Trump against America, and make the discussion about the truth.  We must speak out against the Republicans.

It is something we tend to forget when we think about Nazi Germany.  We tend to think of Hitler as the madman.  He was a madman.

But he had to have many, many Nazis to help him.  He had to have other madmen working to support him.  He had to have the weak, and corrupt who were too concerned with their own political power to oppose him.

Trump isn’t shit, without the Republicans.

This isn’t a Trump administration.  It isn’t a Trump government.  It is a Republican government.  Until we start framing the discussion in that way, no resistance effort could possibly hope to succeed.

Republicans opposed to fascism should resign from their party.  If they don’t like the Democrats (who can blame them at this point?), they should start their own.  They should recognize that the enemy of their enemy can be their friend, however, and ally to bring down the fascists that stole their party.

Those who stay in, are giving consent to fascism.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu

So no more, am I going to talk about the evils that Trump has done.  No more, am I going to talk as if Trump did an end-around all of the Republicans who support his subversion of the Constitution.

They watched, and at worst, they cheered.  At least, they did nothing.

But really, what else is new?


Okay, so I am thinking I do not want to turn this blog-type-thing into an exclusively ant-fascist blog.  I am determined to keep speaking out against these Republican fascists, and I am determined to devote at least some space to that, but honestly, I have to remember that there is a life to live that makes the fight worth it.

On that note, split posts like this will likely become a regular feature.

I want to talk about my friends.  My friends have impressed me lately.  Some, I think spoke up a little too late, but so many are compassionate and involved people who I am proud to know.  My social media feeds are filled with people unafraid to really speak up.

I am proud to be with my girlfriend.  She is brilliant, eloquent, and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, either.  She is a great friend, a great person, and is someone I respect and admire.  Even if I weren’t so damn attracted to her, I would be proud to know her.

I am going to go now.  I need to get ready to go have fun.  I have a life to live.  At least for today.  Each day could always be our last.  It has always been that way.  I don’t know if the risk of it being our last day collectively has been this high, but individually, tomorrow isn’t ever promised.

So today, go out and live while you can.  Do things that might be illegal tomorrow.  Squeeze every drop of pleasure out of this miserable situation that you can, while you can.  Tomorrow you may need to fight.  Tomorrow you may not be here.  Tomorrow isn’t promised at all.  Help people if they need it today, but if you can take tine to remember why you’re alive, I suggest you do that.

Good luck to us all.


GPS Works

If you aren’t stupid.

Hello dear reader(s)!

I’m in the waiting room of my new oncologist.   Finally.

I have a new phone, which has working turn-by-turn GPS directions.  Which would be great, if I would’ve entered the correct destination.   Instead I went a good 25 miles out of my way and ended up being about 20 minutes late.  Fortunately, they’re running behind too.

Wish me appointment luck.  Hope you’re all well.

Double check those destinations.


Hello dear reader(s)!

I’m so sorry I’ve been gone, but I was inundated by all that nonexistent ice from super ice storm Jupiter and its aftermath.  It’s a wonder I survived the slippery front porch and slightly wet roads.

However, I genuinely do feel lucky that I survived the mass panic created by these morons and their catastrophizing of standard winter weather.  It’s as if the National Weather Service thinks that salt is a recent discovery.

And I get it, weather forecasting isn’t an exact science.  They thought it would be much worse.  And so, that is why, they should refrain from saying things like, “There is a 100% chance that travel will be impacted.”  And, “We will definitely see at least a quarter of an inch of ice on all area roadways, up to three-quarters of an inch.”  And, “I guarantee, this is going to be a bad one, folks.”

To be fair, travel was impacted.  The roads were amazingly clear because people were freaked out and stayed home.  And maybe we did get a quarter of an inch of ice on all area roadways…combined.

This kind of bullshit is the reason nobody evacuates during storms that really are dangerous.  

Saturday morning, with nothing more than wet streets, my friend went to get a sweet tea, and McDonald’s was closed.  McDonald’s.  Closed.  That’s goes against the natural order of things.  (Not that there is anything natural about McDonald’s, but I digress.)  All because of wet roads and panic.

Friday morning, before the warning took effect, I (like everyone else in half the country), rushed out to get what I needed before thinking I would be shut in until Monday when it melted, and in doing so, faced hurried and panicking hordes of drivers not paying attention to anything but the clock.  That, was dangerous.  Fortunately, I already had my groceries and only needed some prescriptions because most of the supermarkets had been cleared like it was the fucking zombie apocalypse.  (Until Saturday morning, when everyone’s Friday night’s restock shipments arrived as scheduled because there was no fucking storm.)

Sunday, the playoff game between the Chiefs and the Steelers was moved back because of concerns of bad road conditions that never materialized.  The big-ass Chiefs tail-gating bus drove past my house at normal speed with no added traction devices as usual.  I wonder how much it cost to postpone the game.  I also wonder, if Chiefs fans are blaming their team’s loss on that postponement, but that is neither here nor there.

Here is where people are going to say that it is better to prepared, than to be caught unaware.  I couldn’t agree more.  It really is.  I’m glad the DOT salted the roads.  Even 1/16th inch of ice is a pain in the ass.  However, it is not okay to create mass panic for the sake of ratings, which is exactly what happened in this case.  It is not okay to catastrophize a normal event because it can do real damage to people, and to the economy.  The weathermen should have to reimburse people for the lost business for this bullshit, until they can more calmly, and more accurately report and predict potential weather.  Might I suggest the following?

As of right now, subject to change, our computer models are predicting that a significant storm could impact travel in the region.  As a result, an ice storm warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for the following times.  (Insert warning times here.)  It is important to note, however, that this warning does not mean that the ice storm will happen during these times, or even at all.  It just means that this is when there is a likelihood of the chance.  State crews will be preparing as though it will happen, to try to prevent the worst impact.  It is advised not to travel unless absolutely necessary until you are pretty certain it is safe to do so.  You know, take your car into your driveway first, slam on the brakes.  See what happens.  If it’s good, try your street.  Listen for cars on the busier streets.  Ask your friends.  Sound good?  Go for it then, but drive carefully, and keep in mind that weather fucking changes and you should be prepared no matter what we fucking say.  

And the American Meteroligical Society should start kicking people out of their little club if they can’t keep from unnecessarily hyping things.

Anyway, the ice storm isn’t why I haven’t posted.  It’s because I just haven’t felt up to it.  Don’t really know why.  Nothing wrong, just other priorities, or super tired, or something else going on.  Sorry.  But Jupiter seemed like a good scapegoat.

What all have you been up to?