Crystal Worshiping Hippie!

Hello dear reader(s)!

It was 1980-something and my mom was going to go out with one of her friends.  She had a few books about astrology and I remember she was listening to Stevie Nicks.   I think whatever she was wearing had a paisley pattern.

I rolled my eyes so far back in my head, it is a wonder I am not more blind than I am.  (P.S.  The fact I can see at all is also proof that masturbation doesn’t make you go blind.)

Anyway, I completely remember calling my mom a crystal worshiper, and a hippie.

She is kind of an ex-hippie…kind of.  But I did not mean it in a historically accurate sense, rather, as a disparaging remark for those in need of a shower and who think that patchouli is a reasonable substitute for cleaning themselves.  (My mom showered and didn’t stink of patchouli, but the generalization is what is important here.)

Anyway, then I started to grow up a little bit.  I met a girl, and she gave me a crystal necklace with a little yin-yang symbol at the top of it.  She also had a similar crystal necklace (I believe hers was an amethyst), and told me that the crystals were linked and that I would be able to feel her through the crystal when we were apart.

I tried really heard to stifle the laughter.

But I wore the thing, for her, to make her happy.

And then I started to like it.

And soon I felt like it did seem to make me feel more connected to her when we were apart.

Then, as often happens young, that little bit of puppy love ended.  I think I either gave it back or threw it away.  I did not think of another crystal again.

Until a couple years ago, when a very good friend of mine was trying to help me through the overwhelming grief I was feeling at the loss of Hannah.  We were just talking about what we thought happened (if anything) when someone died, and I explained part of my thoughts on it and as it turns out, it sounded similar to what she believed and a variation of what I believe now.  I began to look into it, and found the foundations for my path.

When I made the decision to embrace my path, I made the decision to look into all aspects of it and all associated with it in order to see what worked best for me.  And what did I come to find?

A shit-ton (technical measurement term) of information about crystals.

Okay, I use the word “information” loosely.  It isn’t as though any of this is scientifically proven.

That’s okay, I like them.  I do not worship crystals.  But I do like them.  They do make me feel better.  Now I have a shit-ton of crystals.

A small portion of the shit-ton.

I also hate the fact we spend so much on our military to protect the corporations’ ability to rape the resources that belong to the people across the globe.  So until there is a war we need to fight again to protect ourselves from tyranny (such as a revolution), I am very anti-war.  I guess that makes me a bit of a hippie.

So, basically, this post is to apologize to my mother.  I am way more of a crystal worshiping hippie than she ever was.  I even like a song or two by Stevie Nicks.

But I don’t wear paisley, and I fucking hate patchouli.

I prefer Sandalwood.

Blessed Be, my friends.




For The Last Time, People Don’t Suck!

Hello dear reader(s)!

Have you ever dealt with one of those people who just hates everyone?  Who thinks humanity is just a plague that needs to be cleansed from the planet?  Has dealing with them ever made you wonder why they just don’t start with themselves even though you hate the thought of someone actually committing suicide (with the exception of the Trump administration and his Congressional pets)?

I will admit, people can suck.  We have done horrible things to each other, to animals, and to the environment we rely on to sustain us.  People can be selfish, hateful, unfeeling, awful people.  They can be.

And those awful people. those that drop chemical weapons, those that manufacture those weapons, those that covertly supply those weapons, those that then put on a multi-million dollar fireworks show in what they claim is a response to the use of those weapons but is really just an attempt to distract from the investigation of collusion between those awful people and those responsible for backing the use of those weapons… those awful people get a lot of attention.

However, there are many, many more of us.  There are those who donate their own blood and organs to save strangers.  There are those that work tirelessly to ensure that people have a place to sleep and food to eat.  There are those who rescue unwanted and abused animals saved from the kinds of awful people that are currently getting all the attention.

The word “awful” has to be put in front of people when I write of the awful people because to call them simply people is to assign a humanity to them which they are clearly lacking.  I don’t have to put the word “good” in front of people to say that most people do not suck.

People have power.  People are being misled by awful people into thinking they do not.  People are being turned into awful people by the awful people in order to keep them from retaking the power that rightfully belongs to them.

Prior to the United States Civil War, then Presidential nominee Abraham Lincoln famously said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  The awful people know this and are using it to break the will of the people.

They feed us stories of tragedy and terror.  Fear and suffering.  Hatred and evil.  A constant twenty-four hour barrage of information analyzed and justified by paid pundits to do one thing and one thing only… keep the people from seeing that most of us, just want to live in peace and take care of themselves and their loved ones.  That most people do not suck.  That if we could all understand who is keeping us from a better life in peace, things would change very rapidly.

At the end of a news segment, you have one short story about something good.  A puff piece designed to cover their agenda.   A way to pretend they have balance in their coverage.

Most news stories aren’t even useful news.  Rarely does a news entity cover who is backing a candidate’s run for office, what they received in donations, how those donations corresponded to their votes, what bills are being presented at state and local levels that receive bi-partisan support, or anything else that will help to keep an informed citizenry.

Instead, the news is filled with stories designed to scare you.  Shootings.  Bombings.  A conveniently placed next story about refugees or immigration and then you have people fearing those who they need not fear.  You do not hear about how sociopathic someone must be to fire hundreds of millions of dollars in cruise missiles to boost their poll numbers while cutting programs to help people eat.  You do not hear about how absolutely evil someone must be to drop bombs on a country because their government massacres them while leaving our doors closed to those who flee.   You are fed stories designed to make you fear the man on your block or the poor person in another country, instead of the people who can and will order the deaths of hundreds of people because they are where your buddies want to build an oil pipeline.

People do not suck.  People are awesome.  People are powerful.  Awful people suck.  Right now, the awful people are winning because they are successfully convincing some people that the threat is the people just trying to get by like themselves, and not the ones who are pulling all the strings.

The problems aren’t created by the poor people.  They aren’t created by the middle class or the upper-middle class; they aren’t even created by the rich.  But the ultra-rich in this world, I can guarantee you, have done some very horrible things to amass that amount of wealth.  No matter how they try to make up for it on the back-end with their foundations (even if most are just for publicity), they never would have gotten there without destroying lives.  By holding onto so much of it, they destroy even more.

People don’t suck.  People are being forced to compete for the scraps left behind by the awful people.  They are forced to undercut each other to sell their labor for nothing more than a chance at survival.  People become desperate, and may do some things that suck.  But people, in general, do not suck.

Awful people suck, and one day, I sincerely hope that people raid their palaces and suck away all of their ill-gotten gains.

And then I’ll be okay with those people who think people suck.


Hello dear reader(s)!

I apologize for my failure to post yesterday.  I was working on a song and lost track of time before I started to get to the point where I had to get up and actually do things.  I am cooking dinner tonight for some people and I needed to get to the store to get the food necessary.  After that, I had game night with a group of some of my friends.  When I got home I talked with a very close friend until a lot later than I realized, and then I fell asleep.  Hard.

And no sooner than I shut my eyes, (I imagine based on the number of and length of dreams I had), I started dreaming.  I dream almost every night.  Sometimes, the dreams seem to be prophetic, but often, they are dreams I want to dream since I am pretty good at lucid dreaming most nights, or at the very least, setting up nice dreams to avoid the occasional nightmares I have.

But last night’s dreams were very different.  A lot of imagery, less reality than usual, and a lot of symbolism.  They were incredibly vivid, but more surreal than most of the dreams I typically have.  Strange colors and different worlds.  No real people, but a recognition of people in my life in the strange beings that inhabited the world in my dreams.

Each time I woke up from these dreams, I was smiling.  Grinning, is more accurate.  I took note of some of the imagery, the colors, the events, and the feelings.  When I actually woke up for long enough to start the day this morning, I started to consult my sources and research some of the symbolism that these dreams contained.

According to everything I checked, between the psychological and the mystical, these were great dreams, with excellent hidden meaning.  I certainly hope they are prophetic.  The dreams were about the culmination of struggle, not just for me, but some of the others close to me.  They were about the universe letting me know that while we never continue learning in this life, the difficult lessons are going to be taking a back seat to the lessons of happiness.

I’ve already been feeling it, but these dreams extend to those close to me, and bring things to a new level.

There have been major shifts throughout history.  The pendulum swings, and I really feel like it is swinging back.  I’ve said before that I think a lot of the turmoil and darkness currently in power in the world is so awful and forceful right now because it knows that it is in decline.  The old systems of power at all costs and disregard for others is going to fade, and those who profit of it are so desperate to cling to it that they amplify their darkness more than ever.  I believe it will all be futile, if we survive their reactionary tantrums.  I am convinced that a shift is taking place there.

But my dreams make me think the pendulum is swinging back on a more personal level as well.  When I really realized what was important to me, I began to put out a certain energy into the universe that attracted those who have the same priorities, and repelled those opposed.  It was difficult.  I have lost friends that were once important to me.  But I realized their priorities didn’t align with mine.  Maybe they changed, maybe I did, but eventually, everything that mattered to me, they seemed to be in opposition to.  I had some lonely times, wondering if maybe I was wrong for thinking the things I thought were important really were.

I persisted, trusting the lessons from my path.  It is better to let go of that which no longer serves you than to hang on.  But, until recently, I wondered if I would have the kind friendships and connections that would serve me.  I wondered if I could be the kind of friend or connection that would serve others.

Finally, I have begun to find my tribe.  I have solidified existing friendships with those that seem to care about other people and the things that are important to me, and I have made amazing new friends with those kinds of people as well.  The pendulum is swinging back in my life, just as I believe it is about to in the greater world.  The dreaming seems to indicate that it is gathering momentum.

In thinking about it, I wonder if that is how we change the world.  We focus on the relationships we have close.  We continue to pay attention to the world, and the happenings in it, we continue to use our voices, we continue to resist those who would plunge it into darkness…but we show light to the people near us.  We find our collective tribes and raise our vibrations to show others the happiness that can be achieved when people let go of the darkness they cling to in order to maintain their notions of power.

Dreaming is great.  Sometimes they come true, sometimes they don’t.  I hope the dreaming I did last night does.  It feels like it already is.  Maybe it will.  One thing I know for certain, is that your dreams don’t come true if you don’t keep dreaming.

So keep dreaming, and change the world for the better.

Holiday Offense

Hello dear reader(s)!

Happy whatever holiday you celebrate, provided you celebrate a holiday at this time of year.  If it offends you that I said that, rather than saying Merry Christmas, tough shit.  Your offense offends me.

I am not Christian.  I am Pagan.  Some would call me neopagan, and that’s probably true given that much of my belief systems are modern interpretations of ancient beliefs.  But they were ancient.  They predated Christianity.  And guess what?

Christmas as you know it, is pure Pagan.

I try not to get into the whole ownership of the holiday that much.  I couldn’t care less who celebrates or why.  I want them to be happy and healthy and have a great time.  I am not one of those pagans who tries to rewrite Christian Christmas songs with Pagan themes (that actually annoys me, we can write our own songs), or one who goes around and mentions all of the things that were stolen for this holiday from ancient Pagan people.  It doesn’t matter much to me.


Some idiot starts whining about a war on Christmas.

Then, it’s on.

Have you been to Nazareth?  Ever seen a fucking reindeer there?  How about pine and fir trees?

When people whine about the removal of “Christmas” trees at pubic places, and removing reindeer and snowflakes from Starbucks cups as some imagined war on Christmas and Christianity, only then do I feel the need to remind them that none of that was present at the birth of Jesus.  These symbols are the symbols from two different Pagan festivals that occurred at this time of year.  They were adopted by Christians in an attempt to placate those who did not want to convert to Christianity by allowing Pagan traditions to remain.

Here is a historical reenactment, with a little bit of artistic license, to illustrate the point:

Constantine:  Sup brah?  I’m gonna be Christian, because Jesus is just alright with me!  Jesus is just alright, oh yeah!  I don’t know what they may say!  I don’t know what they may do!  But Jesus is just alright with me!

Roman subjects:  Oh, that’s nice.

Constantine:  And since I am emperor, and you are all my subjects too, you are all now Christian too.

Roman subjects:  Dude, didn’t we crucify that guy?

Constantine:  No, that was ze Jews!  You are Christian now!

Roman subjects:  Jews in Rome though, right?  Romans.  Like us.

Constantine:  No.  Well, yes…now.  Because anyone in Rome is now Christian.

Roman subjects:  Dude, I don’t know.  We like our ways, and our gods.  Besides, we have parties to plan for them.  It’s gonna be a rager.  You can come, if you don’t harsh the vibe.

Constantine:  No!  No parties for the birth of the sun!  Jesus is king!

Roman subjects:  Aren’t you king?

Constantine:  No, I’m better.  I am emperor.

Roman subjects:  But we put all this work into our party!  We will fight to protect our parties!

Constantine:  Um…let’s just change the name and reasons.  We don’t really need to fight right now.  We are busy conquering.

Some Roman subjects:  Deal!

Other Roman subjects:  Hopeless war!!!!!

Look, I am not here to criticize your beliefs.  If you are Christian, and believe that he was born conveniently near the solstice even though your own religion’s biblical scholars dispute that timeline, so be it.

If you wish me a Merry Christmas, I will wish it back.  To me, Christmas is one great day in the celebration of the festival of Yule.  I celebrate it out of tradition since that was the big holiday I grew up with.

If you wish me a Happy Hanukkah, I will wish the same to you

If you wish me a blessed Yule, well, I just might think you are awesome.

But don’t think for a minute that I will remain silent as you claim that your ultra-dominant holiday is under attack because the symbols your religion stole are occasionally removed from public display so as to make others feel more included.

They aren’t yours to whine over anyway.

Featured Image has been shared by so many different groups on my Facebook, that I can not say who the creator was.  It wasn’t me.  


Waking Up

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is hard to see a bright side in the aftermath of a fascist takeover of our government.  In the short-term, things could be hell.  Even in the long-term, we may have some issues, depending on his Supreme Court Justice nominees.  However, even with all this doom and gloom on the horizon, I do see something that may actually be good.

People are finally waking the fuck up.

A great example would be the Standing Rock Reservation protests against a pipeline going under the Missouri River and threatening not only the tribe’s lands, but also millions of people downstream who rely on the Missouri for drinking water.

Despite a major media blackout, thousands of people gathered to protest the pipeline and even attempted to peacefully block its path.  Veterans “deployed” to stand behind the tribe and water protectors.  The Army Corps of Engineers had planned to remove by force the protesters, but yesterday, they denied the easement of the company attempting to build the pipeline to drill under the Missouri river, essentially ending the struggle for the near future.

The overly harsh treatment of these peaceful protesters by militarized thugs from law enforcement working for a private corporation in order to take and threaten public resources was too much for reasonable people on both sides of the aisle, and they mobilized to show that the people still have some power in this country.  For those who take issue with my use of the word thugs to define the law enforcement presence working against the protesters because they were just following orders and doing their jobs, I would remind you that was a defense used by the SS and Gestapo at Nuremberg.

I’ve seen non-partisan Facebook groups dedicated to resisting a fascist American regime born into existence.

I’ve watched people set aside money they otherwise would have spent on gifts in the tradition of a consumer Christmas to go toward organizations and vital programs that will surely be threatened by this administration.

I’ve seen small armies of people wearing those safety pins while out and around.

I’ve seen entire communities come together to repair vandalism damage caused by Trump supporting racist pieces of shit.

I’ve listened to my countrymen actually realizing that Trump’s tweet about taking away citizenship or jailing people who burn the flag was nothing more than a distraction from the fact that he is beginning to appoint an administration of wealthy elites who have never done anything for the working class, that he is not attending regular State Department briefings, and is generally just not showing that he will be an effective leader.  I have watched veterans say they will fight to protect a person’s right to burn the flag, should it come down to it, because as much as flag-burning makes them sick, they believe in the First Amendment.

I’ve listened to people who understand that Trump’s little deal with Carrier was actually terrible for the people in manufacturing, because they essentially proved that a company can extort the government in order to keep only half the jobs in the country they had before they decided to threaten to leave, in exchange for tax cuts.

The media is feeding us what it wants to, in order to keep us all on the corporate dole.   They do not realize the trust they have lost, in their non-coverage of anything that mattered during the last election.  Standing Rock has shown what free-thinking people can do, even without media coverage.  We are our own media.  They have become irrelevant, and finally, people are catching on.

I’ve head calls, by those who love peace, to actively resist any Trump-created deportation force, no matter what legitimacy they may claim under the rule of law.

I saw a picture of Justin Norman, from Texas, at Presbyterian, holding a sign outside of an Islamic Center telling the people there, “You belong.  Stay strong.  Be blessed.  We are one America.”

I’ve heard calls to banish the electoral college system, realizing that the Constitution reads “We The People”, not “We the Land Area.”  I know it would take an amendment to abolish it, and I do not see that happening, given it would mean states would have to ratify against their own interest, but it is nice to hear the calls.  It is ridiculous to think that Bob with no neighbors for hundreds of miles has over 1.000 times the voting power of the people in a city on the coast who actually live in a society.

I’ve seen so many acts of humanity out of the majority of people who did not support this orange fascist since the election that I really do not believe his actions will last long, should he even be able to carry out the single term the broken system has granted him.

Pendulums swing.  Without W, we would not have had Obama.  And I guarantee, this time, it’s swinging back hard.

Hopefully, we can achieve a government of the people, for the people, and by the people peacefully.  What I think a lot of people do not understand however, is that just because we all want peace, does not mean we are unwilling to fight for our freedom.  And when the 1,000 Carrier workers (still a 1,000 net-loss) do not satisfy all the rest who do not see their standard of living improve, those people who didn’t realize they were voting against their interests are welcome to educate themselves, and join the fight.

In the words of Edward R. Murrow, and then Keith Olbermann, “Goodnight, and good luck.”


Time To Rise

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is time to stop crawling.  It is time to stop bowing to the hate that has invaded our lives.  It is time to rise against the forces that threaten us.  It is time to fight back.

A desire for peace has for too long been interpreted as weakness or an unwillingness to fight.   Appealing to reason has been seen as appeasement.  We have attempted to work with those who oppose us despite their unwillingness to do the same.

We’ve played within the rules of a game that is rigged against us.

As we have seen, it is a game that we can not win.

This isn’t about voting, or the electoral college, or the popular vote, or anything else related to this particular election.  This is about those who have forced us to choose between two of the most hated candidates to ever run for office.  This is about those who have forced us to watch as our government is sold to the highest bidder.  This is about those who have a responsibility to report the news and the truth yet sit by and let people lie to us for their ratings.

So how do we fight them?

We can start by identifying our opponents.

It isn’t Trump, or Trump supporters.  I don’t like them, I hate Trump, but he isn’t the problem here.

As irresponsible as their votes for a racist misogynist are, I am sure most of them actually aren’t racist misogynists.  They were simply desperate, and misled.  Say what you will about them, but voting for Trump seemed the most likely way to vote outside the system.  Of course, they are finding out their candidate is anything but outside the system as he starts to fill positions with the insiders he promised to clean out.  We knew this would happen, but in their desperation I am certain they didn’t want to see it.  I would love to hate them, but if they are truly so desperate, I can’t.  I can only be mad at their unwillingness to stand up for the rights of all people instead of simply believing a conman who played on their fear and desperation.

So, who are the people who truly deserve our wrath?

  • “News” outlets  Specifically television news.
  • Lobbyists  These people have to register, it is easy to find out who they are.
  • “Defense” contractors  The real welfare recipients
  • Incumbent Congressmen  
  • The two major parties  
  • Political Action Committees
  • The greediest of corporate America  The other real welfare recipients

I think you don’t have to be to the left, or to the right to know that these groups have taken our country and turned it to serve them, instead of serving our country.

So, now that you have identified them, how do you fight back?

Well, I prefer nonviolent action.  I believe that violence should only be used as a last resort, in any situation.  The consequences are far too severe for me personally.

You could boycott these companies.  You could write to Congress and actually track their votes, letting them know that if they continue to work for those they are not Constitutionally supposed to represent, that they will not hold office for long, and then work to actually make good on that promise.  You can vote for third parties from the ground up, so the parties can actually be built into genuine forces.  You can come up with your own ideas, on how to fight these people in a peaceful way.

Protesting in the streets isn’t dong any good.  Complaining about the system isn’t doing any good.  Calling out people on social media isn’t doing any good.  Our voices have been heard for too long.  They are heard, and ignored because the money keeps coming.  The time for raising our voices is over.  It is time to rise in action.

Let’s rise up and fight a peaceful revolution, before things get so bad that someone sparks a violent one.

What ideas do you have for peaceful revolution?  Please leave them in the comment, or write your own post and paste the link.  Let’s make this a guide.

Award Exception

Hello dear reader(s)!

A while back, I received a blog award.  Despite my usual award-free blog-type-thing stance, I have made an exception in this case, since it is actual recognition and not a game of nomination tag.  The award is the Serenity Blog Award.  The award is given to those blogs whose goal is “to spread peace and unity through love and respect, while shining light on important topics”, which is apparently something they think this blog-type-thing does.  And maybe from time to time, they are right.

I wanted to display the little graphic thingy, but I can’t get it to show up.  Oh well.

Anyway, I think it is important now, having accepted this award, to explain why I write about peace.

I write about peace the same reason I write anything else.  I write about what is important to me.  I feel that as humans, we have a duty to other humans.  I strongly disagree with Randian philosophy, and feel that humanity achieves the most when working as a team.  No one person, no matter how delusional, can do everything on their own.  When we work together, things are better for all.  And who doesn’t want things to be good?

Working together requires a state of peace.  A recognition of different skills and talents, and appreciation of differences.  So much more could be achieved for all if we did so in a state of peace and cooperation.  I look around the world, and see needless suffering.  It bothers me, because I believe it handicaps us as a species.

Just like anything else I write about, it is something I have to do.  A sense inside of me that I must add my voice for the good of the world, even if nobody listens and it doesn’t make any difference.  At least I have tried.

I sincerely believe most of us want peace, unless we are so blinded by greed and profit off of chaos.  I believe the majority of people to still be good, but simply do not have the time to think about ways we can make this world better for all, without giving up much in return.  So I add my voice, hoping that possibly someone in a position to do something about it might hear these things, from a regular person, and understand that people want to live in peace.

We all have different ideas of how to achieve it, but many of us are not even having the conversation.  If I can give someone some ideas they can take, or alter, or be inspired by to affect change, then I will feel like this life isn’t wasted.

Especially with my disability, I feel it is very important to contribute to this world in any way I can.  I don’t know if I have made a difference.  But I have to try.  And maybe, just by trying, I have.

Peace and happiness to you all.