Game Of Shutting The Fuck Up

Hello dear reader(s)!

Look, I am not writing this post to take issue with how people like to have fun, or anything about the show itself.  I am sure it is a good show, and once the fucking hype dies down, I might actually want to watch it myself.

And no, there is nothing wrong with talking about something you enjoy online.  To a point.

But please, for the love of all that is good and unholy, shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones.  Honestly, there are other things in life.

It would be one thing if I was on a dedicated Game Of Thrones fan page.  It would be another thing if it were only on social media.   But for weeks now, all I have been hearing about anywhere in any media or overheard in public is Game Of Thrones.

“Season 7 will be the last!  Oh no!”

“It’s almost here!”

“Kalisisisisiiisiiiiii will be queen of Underoos!”

And on and on and on.

I am a Westworld fan.  I can not wait until it comes back.  I have had conversations about that show with other people who have seen it, or who I am convincing people to watch it with me right before I start it On Demand.  If I were on the Westworld page, I might even have conversations about it with other fans who are strangers.  But I do not post random shit about it on my Facebook like it is somehow important to my life or the lives of other people on my friends list, particularly those who I do not know have seen it.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying something, and doing what you have to do in order to relax and enjoy some things in this world.  If that for you is Game Of Thrones, well then good for you.  But there is something wrong with the obsession about a fucking TV show as if it is somehow central or important to the lives of others.  I don’t give a shit if your character is killed, okay?

It was the same way for The Walking Dead.  After some of that hype died down, I watched it.  It was pretty good.  Not great, certainly not worthy of all the hype, but pretty good.  I even enjoy some of the funny memes made from it.  But do I feel the need to let everyone I know that I am wondering if something will ever happen besides Rick finding some place to stay for a while that seems perfect, but then isn’t due to (insert threat here) before they fight and roam again, rinse and repeat?  Do I update my Facebook status with how much I can’t wait until it starts?  Do I tell people when and where I am watching it?  No.

You may have guessed by the completely unreasonable tone of this post that this isn’t really about Game Of Thrones or The Walking Dead.  It isn’t about any television or leisure activities that people choose to engage in when they need a little escape from the all-you-can-eat crap buffet that is modern society.  It is about distraction.  It is about unhealthy obsession with those escapes that keep people from being engaged in reality.

A break every so often isn’t just good, it is necessary.

But so is living in the real world.  And when people are more concerned with the fate of the corrupt ruler of some land in the world of fiction than they are of the corruption within our own land that affects their lives and the lives of others, something is very wrong.

“The people will not revolt.  They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what is happening.” – George Orwell, 1984

Don’t let your escapes become your reality.  Take the time to enjoy the things you love, but then go back to the world and fight the fights that matter.  Shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones and anything else until you educate yourself on what is happening in our world, and act accordingly.  Turn off the television long enough to learn the issues, call your representatives, vote, and participate in reality.

Or maybe I really am sick of hearing about it all the time, so even if you don’t do those things, please just shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones.  😀

– A Grumpy Old Man




How Not To Obsess

Hello dear reader(s)!

If you are a regular reader of this here blog-type-thing, then you should really get that looked at, and you may know that I tend to obsess over things.  It is just in my art (yes, this masterpiece is widely recognized (by me) as art), but you may have noticed I tend to get hung up on one subject or theme for multiple posts at a time.  It is not the creepy, stalker type of obsession where I am standing outside of your window holding a boombox playing Peter Gabriel which is romantic when John Cusack does it, but when Josh does it the cops come and then he gets slapped with a restraining order all because he may have had duct tape and rope in his car when they searched it, along with your pictures with the eyes cut out but his psychiatrist says that he is no longer a danger.  On this blog-type-thing, what some may think of as obsession is actually another fragrance by Calvin Klein.  Oh, I mean, what some may think of as obsession is actually inspiration.  Someone, or something inspires me, and I write.

In real life, however, I am actually pretty good at playing it cool.  I say playing it cool, of course, because it is like an actor playing a role.  I am not now, nor have I ever been cool.  My mind usually does internally obsess over things, but I have learned to keep that mostly inside.  It doesn’t always work.  For example, right now, I am obsessed with Halloween.  Today I added more decorations to the yard, and we finally carved those pumpkins.  I am happy with the results, although my pumpkin is not my best work.  Not every work of art will be the resistance piece.  I also got one part of my costume.  (The rest will be something I will actually use, and therefore won’t really be a costume, but I am excited about it nonetheless.  Or is it nevermore?  Nonetheless, I digress.)  I have plans for Halloween day to put up even more decorations that I don’t want to blow away in the wind during all that waiting up until then.  I am considering using a landscaping computer program to plot things out.  The animatronics are almost finished, but the pyrotechnics need a little work. Of course, because Halloween is actually Samhain, I am considering building a fire pit in the backyard so I can do some things I have been meaning to do, and have a conversation near while the veil is thin.

So yeah…I try to play it cool, and with some other obsessions, I manage okay outside of this here blog-type-thing.  So what if I failed with Halloween?  Sue me!  Jeeze!  (Please don’t.)

Now, my dear reader(s), for your education, entertainment, and enlightenment, in Dolby 5.2 surround sound, if that is how you choose to read it to yourself in your head, I present to you, my helpful guide for how not to obsess over things or at least pretend that you aren’t.

  • Remember you are not John Cusack if your obsession is human  Only Lloyd Dobler can get away with that without being creepy.  Reader, I served with Lloyd Dobler.  I knew Lloyd Dobler.  Lloyd Dobler was a friend of mine.  Reader, you’re no Lloyd Dobler.
  • Try to shift your focus  Obsessed with Halloween or Diane Court?  Try something else.  Take up swimming, or baking, or snorting coke off of strippers.  Just don’t get obsessed over whatever you were trying in order to distract yourself from your obsession.  Especially the coke part.  The carbonation up your nose is not something you want to feel, even is it is done off of a stripper.  Trust me on this one.
  • Read MyFridayBlog™  Because MyFridayBlog™ is not very good, it is easy not to develop an obsession over it.  Just try not to look at the author’s picture, because then, well…we all know.
  • Set a thought timer  Take an egg timer, and set it.  Then give yourself that long to think about whatever it is you are currently obsessing over.  When it dings, you have to think about something else until it dings again.  Keep going.  It is so fun, that in the time it takes for an egg timer to ding, you’ll be obsessed with doing it!
  • Watch hours of YouTube videos  I do this in real life on occasion.  They don’t last long, and so they almost give you default ADD.  You basically think about whatever is on the video for a short time, then you think about the next video you want to watch, then you think about the ad, then you think about whatever is going on in that video, and then you can just kind of waste your life away doing that.  You aren’t really going to get obsessed with it either, because nothing on there is so great you will lose sleep over it or feel like you really need to go back to it the next day.  Unless you are a toddler, and you watched a Pewdiepie video.
  • Sleep  But only if you are a non-dreamer.  If you are like me, your obsessions show up more in your dreams than in your waking thoughts.  That is why I have been awake for the last 37 hours.  That and the coke I was snorting off of the strippers.
  • Find an outlet  What is art, other than a medium to express one’s obsession?  Whether it be writing, music, painting, sculpting, synchronized masturbation…all are really just a way to express obsession without the cops getting called on you.

Well, my dear reader(s), it appears that we have reached the end of our tips.  I would like to thank you all for reading, but I know if I do, you’ll just get obsessed with me.

I Know

I notice patterns.  There is not much I do better than most people, but you should have known that particular thing about me.  I guess that is part of analyzing things to death.  In doing so, I see things the people who accept everything at face value might miss.

I know it was you.  I had known for a while, before I confronted you, but your denial confirmed it.  You had to know I would see.  Why would you let me see, without admitting to it?  Did you think I would be mad?  Did you think I would find it to be inappropriate?  Did you not realize how much I wanted it to be you?  How I would dream of it being you all of the time?  How your obsession with me feels like a dream come true?  Yet, you still tried to hide it.

In stopping it, or changing your method, you confirmed it was you.  I confronted no other.

Perhaps you didn’t think I would notice, but I think you are cunning enough to have considered that I would.  So the only other conclusion that can be drawn is that you want me to know.

But why?

If I didn’t want your attention, I have ways of preventing it.  If I thought you were improper, I would say so.  I did not.  I merely threw out that I had noticed, and was hoping you would take the bait.  You took it, and you let me see you were hooked on the line.

So why do you still not let me reel you in?

Why would you rather be on the line, dragged in my wake?  Let me pull you to me, if that is where you desire to be.

As you resist my attempts, I do not know if you want me to set you free, or to try harder to catch you.  I have cut the line before, and just when I think you have gone, you do something else to let me know you are there.  When you don’t respond, I think you want me to let you go.  But you never do go, do you?  No.  I know.

I know you asked for me.  I know, because I was asking for you at that same moment, that night, looking up at the sky.  I saw you, on the other side.  Looking up.  She showed you to me.  Did she show me to you?  Or was it you, who wanted me to see you?  Either way, I know.

I know you cried for me when I was captured by the enemy and was about to meet my fate.  I felt your tears from across the sky and they gave me the strength to break my restraints and escape.

I know you had that dream about us.  You know which one I am talking about.  I know you would be embarrassed if I were to go into detail, so I will spare you that.  But I know you dreamed it, and I know you pulled me into it.  I know the images of our bodies locked together in passion there in the falling snow still fill your mind, and I know they are filling your mind right now.

So why do you still hide?  I know it has been too long for it to be a game.  Are you afraid?  Do you think I will snare you in a trap?  I know you have been captured before.

I have no intentions of snaring you.  I am warrior, not a hunter.

I have nothing with which to trap you.  I do not carry the tools of a hunter.  I only have my desire to keep you wanting to stay with me.

Or maybe you are afraid I will see the sides you try to hide.  Maybe you fear I will see your demons and will run the other way.  Maybe you are worried I am too blinded by your light to know of the darkness within you.

But, my Goddess,

I know.

This is fiction.  Is there some basis in reality?  I know, do you?