Resisting, Phase 2

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

You may or may not have heard about the piece of shit “Christian” from Montana who was just elected after committing assault on a journalist for daring to do his job.  You may or may not have heard that even before the assault, he said he wanted to get rid of Social Security because retirement was not biblical according to his fiction book said that Noah built an ark at the age of 600 and therefore it is okay to make laws based on that disproved line of bullshit.

Today, you may have heard about the governor of fucking Texas (Why don’t you just fucking secede already, since you think you’re better than everyone and you are your own fucking republic anyway?) made a “joke” (credible and dangerous threat) about shooting reporters.

The fascists are in power.

The House passage of the AHCA, the movement on Trump’s budget, Jeff Session’s for-profit drug war, and Trump cozying up with murderous dictators (even congratulating them on it) should show that fucking petitions, letters, and phone calls aren’t cutting it anymore.

The way we resist needs to change.

But what can we do short of armed insurrection?

Well, how about we as liberals and progressives quit living in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist?

The conservatives, the GOP, the NEW Soviet Union, and the inbred Trumpeters all would gladly watch our nation burn just to spite us, even if it means catching themselves on fire.  They control the government and use the insane laws we have been fighting to get changed in order to maintain it.  We have tried every single method to change those laws but to no avail.   Until we can change those laws, we need to take advantage.

We need to arm ourselves.   Train ourselves.   Form militias that can exist under the law the same ways their stupid fucking hate groups can.  Not to fight, but to prove we can.  It won’t take us long once we finally start taking advantage of how things are now before we are stronger than they are.  After all, we are not ignorant, inbred, hateful people who parade around in Cabella’s camo gear but couldn’t lift our AR-15’s to our shoulders because we are too exhausted from the all the moonpies, Whataburgers, and beer weighing our fat asses down.

We need to get on juries.  Quit trying to dodge them.  Get on those things, and if someone is up for a drug crime, we fucking acquit them.  If they seem as though they have an overworked public defender, we fucking acquit them.  If they are being accused of anything that you know you have done, or another person you know has done, we acquit them.  If them being incarcerated serves the private, for-profit prisons of Jeffyboy and his buddies, we acquit them.

We take advantage of the ridiculous “stand your ground” laws that we so despise.   We can change them when we win.  In the meantime, they are taking advantage of them against us.  George fucking cunt-ass Zimmerman is a hero to some of these Thugpublicans.  You’re a reporter from the Guardian and some Montana dickhead decides to assault you?  Well, maybe he had an iced tea and skittles on him.  How are you supposed to know?  I call shooting him self-defence.  He came at you.

They pushed these laws on us to bring “frontier justice” to our doors.  We can’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend they are not fighting against us anymore.  They want the Wild West, they can live the consequences too.  These laws are being used to kill the poor.  The minorities.   The free press.  The liberals and progressives.

Only because we want peace.

But when someone is literally trying to kill you, closing your eyes and choosing not to participate just gets you killed.

It’s not time to revolt.  Yet.

We don’t commit the crimes.

We don’t need to.

We don’t want to give the fascists an excuse to “crack down” and send out the badge-holding goons to quell anything.

But we need to quit pretending we can ignore the armies being formed against us.  The government endorsed acts of terror.  The stealing away of our fundamental rights.

There is a war being fought against us.   The fastest way to lose a war is to surrender.

Good day and good luck.




Random Thoughts Of A Morning Josh

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is morning, and I have had my coffee.  Which given the way my tummy feels (yes, I said tummy, gotta problem with that?), maybe I shouldn’t have had any.  But then again, since I really can’t even remember my name without it, I suppose the coffee was necessary.  So because I have had my coffee, and because my tummy kept me awake much of the night, I am having trouble focusing on just one thing.  Lucky for you, that means another variety post!!!!

Oh boy.  I can’t wait,” you say extremely sarcastically.

“Fuck you, Daria!” I reply, obviously tired of your shit.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Yeah dude, whatever.

  • Coffee  Coffee is love.  Coffee is life.  Without coffee, there is no Josh.  Am I an addict?  Well, only the way one is addicted to air, or water.  Show me something that says the amount of coffee I consume is more harmful than beneficial, and I might think about possibly, maybe trying to stop.  But there would have to meetings, where they serve coffee.
  • The NBA Finals  Is there a way for both teams to win?  I have Cleveland love.  My grandma lived in Cleveland.  Much of the family on my mother’s side still lives in and around Cleveland.  I like LeBron James just fine too.  But the Warriors won 73.  They came from down 1-3 in the conference finals to win against the Oklahoma City Team Thieves.  #Sonics4LifeButNotEnoughToGetSexistAboutIt  And they’re just a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  Let’s have a tie!!!!

What do you think this is, soccer?” you ask with disdain.

“Well, they flop in both sports,” I reply before dropping the mic.

  • Tummy  So, apparently I either have low-grade food poisoning, or perhaps just a stomach bug.  I’m used to having a messed up system of digestion from the antibiotics and all the other crap I have been on, but the last two and a half days are taking things to a whole new level.  Gonna call the doctor soon, if things don’t calm down.  But the last thing I want to do is be admitted yet again.  I don’t have anything really funny to put in this topic, because it sucks big, floppy, donkey dick.
  • Sleep  My tummy has been making it hard to sleep.  When I do though, I am sleeping very hard and entering dreamland pretty quick.  That has been nice.  There is clearly only one solution to this issue, and that is coffee.  Coffee is love.  Coffee is life.
  • Kitty pills  Giving pills to cats is not easy.  There needs to be liquids or something else because this shit is ridiculous.  I am going to pick up some pill pockets (What are you gonna pick?  Pill Pockets!) today and see if he will just eat the damn things so I don’t have to plan my life around administering multiple pills twice daily to a cat who understandably wants to escape the burrito and claw my eyes out.  #EscapeTheBurrito
  • Bernie Or Bust  I am not.  I have no problems with the people wanting to vote for someone they want to, rather than a lesser of two evils.  I have said time and time again how much I do not like the politics or some of the things Hillary Clinton has done.  But some of these Bernie Or Bust people are like fucking cult followers.  In order to get the nomination, he would need a blowout in California.  A blowout.  It doesn’t look likely at all.  You can hope, but seriously, acting like Clinton is done is getting stupid.  You can rant all you want about how undemocratic closed primaries are, how there were extremely questionably elections, and how the party has been on her side from the beginning.  I will agree with you on every one of those of those points.  It sucks.  Parties choose the nominee, and the people are allowed to vote in tightly controlled and tilted circumstances so they can feel a connection to who they anoint.  It is shitty, and undemocratic, and awful.  And writing in Bernie Sanders if he isn’t the nominee won’t do a damn thing to change it.  It won’t send a message, except that Donald Trump and his insanity is the next President.  If you live in a solid state blue state, and want to send a message, help break the two-party and lock and vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party since her positions are nearly identical to Bernie’s anyway.  If you live in a swing state, I urge you to consider your vote the last of defense against a fascist, narcissistic demagogue.  Plus, if the DNC thinks you’ll never get on board in the Fall, why would they possibly let you have any platform influence?
  • Wearing Orange  I have no issues with people choosing to wear certain colors on a day to bring awareness to things.  Such a simple thing to do that might not solve anything but could help start a conversation.  Today, people are wearing orange to raise awareness of gun violence.  Sounds fine to me.  Let’s have the conversations.  They won’t be easy.  But what will be even more difficult than those conversations?  Finding something orange.  I mean, really?  Orange?  Why didn’t you pick baby shit green?  Piss yellow.  Yeah.  Orange.

Well, I’d apologize for the rambling and boring nature of this post, but we all know I don’t actually give a fuck, right?  Y’all love me anyway.

What about you, dear reader(s)?  What random thoughts are on your mind today?

Profits Over People

Mob rule took over outside the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday, when a crowd urged an armed man to shoot someone in the head — and he listened.

Source: Cowboys Fans Told Gunman To Shoot Victim In The Head, So He Did Exactly That (VIDEO) «

Now, this site is a little too much liberal propaganda for me, (coming from a Democratic Socialist) but the facts of this story are correct.  Ignore the spin.  To break them down simply you have:

  • Two people get into a fight in the parking lot of a Cowboy’s game in Dallas.
  • One person pulls a gun and puts it to the head of another person.
  • Witnesses say the bystanders were egging on the shooter to shoot.
  • Shooter shoots the person in the head.

This will not be a post about gun control.  It will mention guns, but that is far from the point of this post.

What the fuck is going on with people today?  A lot of people blame Texas because high-profile acts of ammosexual stupidity seem to happen a lot there; but the truth is, this could have just as easily have been San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or anywhere else with a major sports team.  It could have been anywhere anyone gathers in pubic and people bring in their little dick extensions.  Whether it be a gun, a knife, a bat, or just their fists, this kind of shit is becoming all too common.  The gun just makes the results more severe.

A fucking football game, an argument, and a sign of disrespect are not reason to go after someone’s life.  Your rep is nothing.  Why would you care about looking how hard you are when you are just going to end up looking like a homicidal asshole after it is all over?  Congratulations, people now think you are a piece of shit.  Hope that helped.

And the people egging them on?  Who the fuck do they think they are?  A man might die.  How do they sleep at night?  What kind of person wishes for that?

Football fans?

Maybe.  Maybe the hard-hits of the soon to be concussed gladiators are not enough for people when the game is done.  We’ve seen it increasingly in stadiums all over the country.  It has become so bad that I would have to caution anyone I knew against going to a game.  A game.  They are fucking games,  Your team is not your team.  The executives, coaches, and players make up the teams.  You cheer.  The only time you help a team win is by being so loud the other team might get a few false starts.  You didn’t win, you didn’t lose.  When someone says your team sucks ass, they are talking about the team you cheer for.  Only the team employees and ownership should have a right to be offended, and they hopefully aren’t going to come after your life.  Get over it, and grow up.

I spent years not watching football, but decided to give it another chance this year.  I will not watch another game.  The NFL has demonstrated time and time again they will put money over the lives of the fans who pay them.  Cowing to their corporate alcohol sponsors, allowing excessive drinking in their stadium’s properties, and hiring people violent enough to warrant suspensions from their own league.

Take Dallas owner Jerry Jones.  In a very short time, he has shown in a few different incidents that he has no regard for the people who pay him.  By hiring Greg Hardy after he allegedly (and was convicted but only let off because the victim refused to cooperate) committed violence against a woman, Jones showed that he welcomes a violent mindset into the league.  He has made clear to the world that he places profits before people.  Then, by allowing tailgating in the parking lot, with alcohol and weapons (whether there are rules or not, it is not enforced) to what used to be a family event, he is slapping the fans that pay him right in the face.  Jerry Jones has plenty of money to beef up the security in his parking lot, I guarantee it.

But it isn’t just football.  It seems as though the people in this nation can not leave home without their precious weapons.  Their pride is more important than their lives.  The US is once again the laughing-stock of the world not because of the guns, but because of our inability to attempt to solve problems without them.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if we can’t use the right without doing stupid shit like this…maybe it shouldn’t be a right.

I will bet there were many people in that parking lot with guns.  Why didn’t the good guys intervene?

The good guy with a gun theory is a crock of shit anyway.  You have the person who accidentally shot the car-jacking victim in the head, you have the fact that nations had armies before Hitler sent them to the gas chambers (they didn’t willingly give up anything), let’s also not forget the Warsaw uprising (heavily armed citizens that just were no match for a fully equipped army, no matter how brave they were), and you have Michigan.  Michigan, with its formerly massive militia and a large amount of gun owners.  Michigan, where Governor Snyder was allowed dictatorial powers against the will of the people to bypass the locally elected officials that resulted in the poisoning of the city of Flint’s drinking water supply.  Where are your guns standing up to tyranny there?

The idea that your rifles can take on the better equipped and better trained government forces is fallacy and you know it.  And your inability to act responsibly with weapons granted to you hundreds of years ago just shows that maybe you shouldn’t have them.

Of course, nobody can get rid of guns.  The gun-lobby and the gun fetishists won’t allow even the most basic controls.  There is simply no point in talking about it.

But what about our culture?  Why do we feel we need these guns?  What the hell are we so afraid of?  Why can’t we take an insult as words that, while sometimes too harsh, do not require an escalation to physical violence?  Why can’t we let people play a game, and watch and cheer?  Can we change that?  Can we take reasonable steps to act like fucking adults?  Can we just go out to our schools to learn, our games to cheer, and our movie theaters to pay way too much for concessions?

Maybe we could start by not glorifying violent behavior.  Maybe we could quit looking at bullets and aggression as dollar signs.  Maybe our businesses could quit allowing violent people a place in their workplaces and spotlights.  Football will always be a violent game, but that is between the athletes on the field with some rules.  We should not allow them to be violent off of it.

We should at the very least secure our public places from those who wish to compensate for their emasculation with violence.

Can We Deserve It

Freedom should be all that matters
Does freedom include the right to enslave
Does freedom mean sending some to their grave
Our notion of civilization in tatters

Terrorize people while quoting your rights
Does your right to free speech give right to intimidate
Does your right to bear arms give right to annihilate
Do your rights help you to more restful nights

I’ve long thought that people could be armed
I’ve long believed but as the numbers mount
And as bodies pile up and I’m losing count
I think our notions of freedom have been far too harmed

If we were stronger and could withstand the pain
Instead of using them to harm innocent others
Or just using them to defend our brothers
Perhaps our right to them should remain

But as sadistic hordes take away lives
And stockpiles gathered putting people in fear
And nobody tries for their sanity here
No notion of freedom surely survives

And bullies post pictures designed to unnerve
Of bibles and bullets in cheap camo gear
I ask myself what is happening here
Perhaps it’s a freedom we do not deserve

What’s so bad about a background check
Remember honor in fighting by hand
Last line of defense for you and your land
Not a go to threat from every red neck

One on one, no kicking when down
And I always thought that you could carry
If you could use when just necessary
Not taking vengeance for times pushed around

Obviously it’s something people can’t do
As large swaths of the world start to devolve
Too many people with problems unsolved
Thinking their guns are ways to own you

I wouldn’t say I’m completely converted
Guns could be useful for freedom’s preserve
But perhaps it’s a freedom we do not deserve
When out notion of freedom has been so perverted

An Open Letter to Democrats

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you may have noticed from reading many of my posts, I lean to the left in most areas.  Particularly when it comes to paying money for infrastructure and helping each other instead of oil subsidies, farm subsidies, corporate welfare, and unnecessary military spending.

That said, I am definitely not a Democrat.  Oh don’t get me wrong, especially against this Republican clown car, I will be voting for the Democratic candidate for President, and in many other elections I will likely choose the Democrat over the Republican due to the major right-wing swing the party has made in my lifetime, and also given the fact that I absolutely detest the idea of living in a theocracy.

However, I know why the Democrats might not win.  The three issues I disagree with them on are not only issues where the majority of people disagree with them as well, but they are so strongly felt that voters will ignore everything else for the sake of those three issues.

  1. Gun control.  I am not a gun freak.  Aside from my barely functional BB gun I will not even say whether I own a gun or not.  None of anyone’s business.  I don’t go around parading military style weapons, wearing my deep woods hunting camo in the desert pretending I’m in some army, or waving any guns in anyone’s faces.  That said, it is time to realize that guns are so ingrained in the minds of this country (as if they defend their other rights they are willingly giving away) that some people will vote against a candidate solely on the basis of whether or not they are an NRA member, and whether or not they have ever supported a measure as simple as requiring background checks for private party gun sales.  Even if they hate everything else about the other candidate, and agree with everything else that candidate has done, if that candidate has ever supported any type of legislation that could potentially restrict any gun, those people will vote against said candidate.  They are called single-issue voters, and they are the ones who vote in EVERY election.  What is worse, (and I honestly believe this) by attempting to pass or propose any gun control measure, no matter how reasonable it may seem, you are only making the already paranoid that much more paranoid, and that much scarier.  It is my honest belief that if people didn’t think the government was coming for their guns, they wouldn’t stockpile them, be wanna-be military members (and by the way, regular military…don’t these impersonators piss you off?), and they wouldn’t be so in love with their guns.  The Ammosexuals.  Sure some would still exist, there will always be the scary and the scared, but I don’t think the hate would be so evident.  So drop it.  Pandora’s box is open.  Love guns or hate them, you can’t put them back in the box without some serious scary shit happening.  Your police and military will always have better stuff and always be able to react appropriately if necessary anyway.  Quit making the paranoid so jumpy, because now they’re scaring everyone.
  2. Money  The TPP?  Seriously?  I mean, even without the fast-tracking the secretive nature of this agreement is simply a giant red-flag.  If Hillary wins the nomination, she may lose based on this issue alone.  That and that she was on the board of Wal-Mart, accepts campaign contributions, and has really not gone very far on the record of saying that the big banks need to pay more for the fraud and treason they have been committing on this country.  The emails, Benghazi…yeah, all that isn’t really anything more than Fox News attacks but her serious vulnerability lies in the fact that the progressive Democrats do not like her ties to business and corporate interests.  If the Democrats want to start winning again (on more than the Presidential level…because I think that even with Hillary’s issues she still might be the saner choice over the GOP thus-far), they would attempt to distance themselves from the special interests and big money.  They would paint the GOP as the party of the corporations and themselves as populists, and the base would come out in droves.  As it stands, many people believe that no matter who is elected only the big-money will be represented and they stay home.  And while they stay home…the single issue voters show up and elect this awful, worst-ever Congress, as the Democrats wonder why they can win national elections but can’t get people to show up anywhere else.
  3. Continuing the drug war  Have you heard the term nanny state?  This is what Republicans say about you.  Yet it was the Republicans who started this war, this intrusion of big government into the people’s lives, and your continuation of it makes you look like the bad guys.  The prescription crack-down that is intimidating doctors and is so over-reaching and reactionary is something I am waiting for a candidate to address.  That person might just be able to convince me, regardless of party (provided they’re not crazy like the GOP candidates thus-far).

Yes, there are other issues that voters may go against Democrats on, but those issues are not quite as set in people’s minds as the three above.  Yes, most Democrats will never win over the staunchly anti-abortion crowd.  Yes, most Democrats will never win over the people who hate immigrants or anyone who isn’t of their religion.  Yes, the Democrats may never win Texas, but they could make real gains if they just got their shit together on the three issues above.

Remember, during the Eisenhower administration, the highest tax bracket was 91%.  The national highway system that made America the huge economy it is (also the war, but he channeled the war energy) was done under Eisenhower.  Eisenhower was a Republican, and today, would be called more liberal than President Obama.  Not that Ike was perfect or anything, but he was a much better leader than anyone running in either party today.

Give up the gun control issue, give up the drug war (started by a Republican, emphasize that), give up what is in effect bribery, and give the government back to the people.