Dear Trump Voters,

The people in your life either think that you are too functionally idiotic to tie your own shoes, or that you are a racist piece of shit.  In most cases, it is probably a little of both.  I would say the ones still in your life are probably leaning toward the former, unless they too, are racist pieces of shit.

What has your savior accomplished?

  • The ACA remains in place and as broken as ever.
  • Families are being split apart by the jack-booted thugs at ICE and LEGAL RESIDENTS are shot in their amateur-hour raids.  Not enough people torn apart to make your jobs come back, (as if that was ever the reason they were taken anyway), but enough to make us look like fucking Nazis to the rest of the world.
  • Millions of dollars were wasted in a fireworks show causing no real damage in which Russia was tipped who tipped Assad solely to distract from the likelihood that the Trump campaign and Russia colluded to engage in dirty tricks to influence the election.
  • The LGBTQ community is being harassed in levels not seen since the AIDS panic.  A futile effort to get rid of those who are no threat to you.
  • Sean Spicer has publicly, as the mouthpiece for our head of state, denied the Holocaust.  Remember when you rabid asshats were calling for war with Iran and were touting Ahmadenijad’s holocaust denial as evidence the entire country needed to be bombed?  Well, using your logic, that’s now us.
  • Our allies are beginning to hate us, and our enemies are being threatened on Twitter by a petulant man-child.
  • Russia may be acting upset with us for Trump’s little light show, or may be trying to deflect from their relationship, but regardless, when two countries armed the way we are happen to be posturing in the same area… things can go horribly wrong.

What hasn’t he accomplished?

  • Are you closer to the heavily marketed American Dream based on anything he has done?
  • Are the coal jobs coming back?
  • Is crime over?
  • Is your child’s school any better?
  • Are the roads and bridges any better because of his actions?
  • Are you safer?

No, the only thing he has done, is made you aware of the other hateful and stupid fucks out there who were hiding in the shadows.

About Sean Spicer today, and Trump in general…  Many people have brought out Hanlon’s razor when I call them both evil.  If you don’t know it, (and if you’re a Trump supporter, that is a near-certainty), it is, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

In other words (so hopefully you Trump supporters can understand), “They ain’t evil, they just stupid”.

Because some people are stupid.  Some people misspeak.  But some people know that they are not cut out to be the motherfucking PRESS SECRETARY of the Untied States of America if they can’t do something as simple as realizing that Hitler killed 6 million Jews with chemical weapons.

Some people know they are not cut out for the job when they can’t hire someone whose job it is to talk for a living without saying some of the most reprehensible shit imaginable.  Some people are good enough people to put their fellow people over their ego.

So even if Trump is on the same brain-level as an amoeba, applying for the job, dividing the nation in the process, and taking the job was an act of malice against the people of this country and people all over the world.

And to you, the Trump supporters.  Even if you feel conned… even if you weren’t trying to be racist or xenophobic, or authortarian, or anti-human rights. or homophobic, or a Christian supremacist when you cast your ballot for him, the very fact you voted in such an uniformed and gullible way is an act of malice against the rest of your country.

You get no sympathy from me when his shit affects you too.

Celebrating in the Dark

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

What are you doing to resist?

If you’re like me, the answer, is probably, “Not a whole hell of a lot.”

Of sure, you might be speaking out on your social media.  You might have made phone calls to your Representative’s offices only to be brushed off.  You might be going to Starbucks in an attempt to counteract the fascist boycott of their business for daring to announce they will hire refugees, despite disliking their coffee and wanting to support local coffee instead.  You might have deleted Uber, if you ever used Uber and weren’t already anti-Uber for their union-busting and attempts to avoid any kind of responsible regulation for the safety of those who use their service.  You may have donated to the ACLU.  You have helped spread the word about what is happening.  You may have even shown up to a protest or two, or possibly even helped to organize one or more.

Now what?

Well, now it is time to celebrate.

Why?  Have we won?  Did we score an important victory?

Hahahaha!  No.

Not even close.

In fact, until there is a full-scale revolution (something that will not happen until those with the weapons of war are literally watching their families starve), this country is lost.  The Republicans are ignoring the Constitution.  They are changing the rules as they go.  There is no effective opposition, and any attempts at one have been successfully silenced or ignored.  Absolute power has been achieved, and any notion you have of being free is nothing more than a fantasy.

So why celebrate?

Because, for right now, you can.  You may not be able to soon.  Don’t listen to the memes going around trying to shame you for attempting to enjoy yourself during this time.  What else are you going to do?

Soon, the wonderfully erotic sex you enjoy may be illegal.  Soon, the music you listen to may be banned.  Soon, you will have no time to celebrate as the state demands more of your time for work in their service.  Soon, the beautiful light of the sun, filtered through clouds, will be obscured by thick layers of pollution.  Soon, you will not be healthy enough for celebration.

Do it now.  Celebrate now, while you still can.

Create art, write poetry, sing songs, and play music.  Leave record for those in the future that there is another way than that which brought us down.  Reach out to people with love.  Enjoy these days to the best of your ability, knowing what is coming.

Despite those who speak to the contrary, you can resist while having a good time.  It is okay to fill out stupid surveys on Facebook and to re-post articles about the atrocities the Republicans are committing.  The two actions are not mutually exclusive.

These are dark times.  But you are alive today.  Celebrate that.  Enjoying yourself is an act of resistance in and of itself.  They want people to get used to the idea that misery is acceptable.  Resist that.  Resist that life should be about work, hate, and obedience.  Celebrate today.

Hello dear reader(s)!

Today I have a doctor appointment.  It is a follow-up for my appendectomy.  Tomorrow, I have another appointment with my oncologist.  I have two large booklets of paperwork to fill out for each one, and I am getting really tired of it.

People do not know how much work goes into being sick.  The amount of trees felled for duplicate questionnaires and disclosures for my illness is depressing.  The amount of time I have spent dealing with patient registrations, pre-registrations, filling out forms, calling and responding to calls from medical office staff, and just waiting to actually see doctors once my appointment begins is like a having a full-time job in and of itself.

Despite this, I will celebrate when I can.  Today, until sundown on my path, is Imbolc.  I intend to celebrate the first signs of Spring, as they peek out from this cold and darkness.

As much crap is going on this world, I have plenty to be grateful for.  I will celebrate that while I can.

Good luck to us all.

What Else Is New?

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

Trump fired people trying to keep him from obtaining absolute power.  This is what authoritarians do.  Speaker Ryan is a little bitch (not even the fun kind) who won’t stop his shredding of the Constitution, as is any other member of Ze Repulikanz.

Anything else from here should come as no surprise.  We have witnessed this before.  An unpopular leader and his party, with a minority of support, seized power through a flawed system and worked within that system to bring it down in order to replace it with their own twisted dictatorship.

In the early days, when it could have been stopped, a military and militarized law enforcement community brainwashed by nationalism that his party echoed, failed to do anything.  A weak and corrupt legislation failed to challenge him until it was too late.  A judiciary who opposed was ignored or eliminated.

We all know this story.  No matter how badly our education system has tried to whitewash history, the lessons of the rise of the Third Reich were taught to us all.  Maybe some of us were too stupid to pay attention.  I don’t think that is the case here.

I think too many of us want it.

Any Republican looking at Nazi Germany knows that the loyal Nazis who were not under suspicion had it pretty good while the Nazis reigned.  Sure, most (that didn’t escape) had it pretty bad after, but who is to stop the Nazis of the United States?  Who will be our liberators?  With the rise of far-right parties the world over, who will save us from fascism this time around?  The Republicans are betting that nobody can.  They are lining up in lock-step, ready to give the Nazi salute to their Führer.

It is increasingly more important to stop speaking out about Trump.  It isn’t just Trump, Bannon, and Pence.  They could not succeed without the Republicans.  We must stop framing this as Trump against America, and make the discussion about the truth.  We must speak out against the Republicans.

It is something we tend to forget when we think about Nazi Germany.  We tend to think of Hitler as the madman.  He was a madman.

But he had to have many, many Nazis to help him.  He had to have other madmen working to support him.  He had to have the weak, and corrupt who were too concerned with their own political power to oppose him.

Trump isn’t shit, without the Republicans.

This isn’t a Trump administration.  It isn’t a Trump government.  It is a Republican government.  Until we start framing the discussion in that way, no resistance effort could possibly hope to succeed.

Republicans opposed to fascism should resign from their party.  If they don’t like the Democrats (who can blame them at this point?), they should start their own.  They should recognize that the enemy of their enemy can be their friend, however, and ally to bring down the fascists that stole their party.

Those who stay in, are giving consent to fascism.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu

So no more, am I going to talk about the evils that Trump has done.  No more, am I going to talk as if Trump did an end-around all of the Republicans who support his subversion of the Constitution.

They watched, and at worst, they cheered.  At least, they did nothing.

But really, what else is new?


Okay, so I am thinking I do not want to turn this blog-type-thing into an exclusively ant-fascist blog.  I am determined to keep speaking out against these Republican fascists, and I am determined to devote at least some space to that, but honestly, I have to remember that there is a life to live that makes the fight worth it.

On that note, split posts like this will likely become a regular feature.

I want to talk about my friends.  My friends have impressed me lately.  Some, I think spoke up a little too late, but so many are compassionate and involved people who I am proud to know.  My social media feeds are filled with people unafraid to really speak up.

I am proud to be with my girlfriend.  She is brilliant, eloquent, and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, either.  She is a great friend, a great person, and is someone I respect and admire.  Even if I weren’t so damn attracted to her, I would be proud to know her.

I am going to go now.  I need to get ready to go have fun.  I have a life to live.  At least for today.  Each day could always be our last.  It has always been that way.  I don’t know if the risk of it being our last day collectively has been this high, but individually, tomorrow isn’t ever promised.

So today, go out and live while you can.  Do things that might be illegal tomorrow.  Squeeze every drop of pleasure out of this miserable situation that you can, while you can.  Tomorrow you may need to fight.  Tomorrow you may not be here.  Tomorrow isn’t promised at all.  Help people if they need it today, but if you can take tine to remember why you’re alive, I suggest you do that.

Good luck to us all.


It’s Worse Than You Think

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

This will be a short post.  I am a little frazzled.  I have a bit of living to do today while I still can.  Things are going from bad to very bad, and most people aren’t even aware of what is happening.

Yes, millions of people are outraged over Trump’s actions.  It is nice to see people standing up.  A lot of people are happy that there is still a branch of government who occasionally is concerned with the Constitution and justice.  People openly cheered when the courts put a stay on parts of Trump’s unconstitutional actions.

It is clear now, that in most places, the cheering was premature.

Because, despite the Constitution being crystal clear about judicial review as one of the key checks and balances of government power, court orders based on that review are being willfully ignored by Customs and Border Patrol (Schutzstaffel  2.0), under what is now a clear directive from the White House.

The Executive Branch has seized absolute power, and it seems that nobody is prepared in or interested in stopping them.

In a sense, the Republic has already fallen.  The Constitution, is void.

This is hardly being reported, and when it is, the implications are being brushed under the rug.

Rather than spell out that the Constitution only works if it is being adhered to and properly enforced, the most you will hear about this, is it being called a Constitutional Crisis.

There is no crisis with the Constitution.  The Constitution is clear.  The crisis exists because Trump and his cronies have chosen to ignore it, and nobody is going to stop them.  The crisis exists, because as long as this is allowed to continue, the Constitution is worth less than the paper it is printed on.

Let me make this perfectly clear:  Those who swore and oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, are duty-bound to stop this.  Those that continue to allow this are traitors.  

I’d be worried about saying that; fearing I could end up on some list.  I am sure I am on some list already.  Besides, the dictators know I am no threat to them.  There is no fight to join.  I sure as hell am not advocating that anyone takes on our military who is so damn brainwashed by propaganda that they are cheering these actions, rather than holding to their oath.

I’m just some guy with a computer telling the truth about the fact that we already live in a dictatorship, and there doesn’t seem to be damn thing we can do about it except for hope that somebody in power actually grows a spine and decides to care about the nation, and the Constitution, and put a stop to this shit.

We can continue to speak out, and promise not to go quietly when they come for us.

I’m no fighter.  Even if I were healthy, I probably wouldn’t even know what to do.  I’ll protect myself, and the innocent, if faced with the immediacy of their danger, but that is about the most anyone can get from me.

But I promise you right now that I will not stop telling the truth about these fascists while there is breath in me.  I will not stop advocating for their removal from power.  I will not stop hoping that someone in a position with enough power to help restore our freedom will hear our voices and decide to help.

I’m not going to give up, as tempting as it is.  I just don’t know what there is to do.  I was momentarily cheered up by the amount of donations the ACLU has received this weekend, but I also know that if when the ACLU wins in court,and the courts are ignored, it hardly matters.

Congress:  Do your jobs and impeach this madman.

Judiciary:  Use the Marshals to enforce your orders.

Somebody-anybody with the ability to stop this:  Do what you have to.  Keep your oath.  Be a hero.

The very notion of freedom is counting on you.


Choose A Side

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

About last night…

Listen, I do not care to argue (today) over the morality of turning away refugees from countries we are responsible for destroying.  I do not care to bring up the fact that those nations affected by this travel ban have not produced a US terrorist since before 9-11.  I do not care to talk about how your ancestors were likely immigrants that the majority of people already in the US at that time were afraid of.  I don’t care to bring up all the ways you are more likely to be killed than in a terror attack.  Those who agree with me, agree with me.  Those who don’t, will not be swayed by facts, and statistics.  They will continue to believe the brainwashing that has been perpetuated in order to advance dehumanizing policies.  There is little point in trying to convince these people that accepting immigrants and refugees is actually beneficial.  There is little point in mentioning that the further the United States strays from its values, the further the possibility exists that it could ever be “great”.

Instead, here is what I ask you all indulge of me.  Let me attempt to appeal to any vague sense of humanity you may still have.  Please imagine a scenario for me.

Let’s imagine that you are out of the country on business.  You pay taxes.  You have a good job, where you have worked for decades.  Your children and spouse are home.  You are tired.  You look forward to going home, kissing your children on the cheek as they lay in their beds, so happy their parent is back.  You look forward to cuddling with your spouse before getting some much needed rest in your bed.  Your credit cards are near their limit from your travel.  You just want to be home.

You land at your city’s airport, and are greeted by armed and aggressive, jackbooted Customs and Border Patrol officials who tell you that you have been detained by Executive Order, and plans were being made to deport you back to the country you just flew in from.  You have no hope of return for the next 90 days, and there is no guarantee return will be allowed.

Then the interrogation begins.  They take your cell phone, and access your social media accounts.  They grill you about your party allegiance.  They demand to know if you support the person in the Office of the President.  They harass you, and belittle you.  They deny you access to an attorney.  They attempt to coerce you into signing away your permanent resident status.

You hear the protesters outside.  You hear lawyers shouting, “Contempt of Court!” and “Let them see an attorney!”  You know something isn’t right.

Still, the agents keep you detained, barring you from legal counsel.

A court has issued a stay in certain parts of the Executive Order.  Subsequent courts have ruled that the Customs and Border Patrol officials now have no legal standing to detain you.

You remain detained, denied access to counsel.

Now, ask yourself…

Is this what you want the United States to be?  Would you be okay with this if it was you, or your family?  

I don’t give a shit if you think we shouldn’t let in as many refugees.   Well, I do, but that isn’t the point right now.  I don’t care if you are anti-immigration.

What I do care about, this morning, is that the Executive Branch continued actions ruled unconstitutional by the Judicial Branch, thus violating the Constitution, and you are not sufficiently outraged.  What I care about this morning, isn’t the reasoning for the ban (which is shit), but that Goebbels (Bannon) and Hitler (Trump) overruled the Department of Homeland Security’s advice that the order not apply to Legal Permanent Residents and instead, treated people who have been completely vetted, living in, and paying taxes in this country for YEARS as if they are subhuman.  I care that you lack a fucking conscience.  I care that heads are not literally rolling over this.  I care that you don’t care because it doesn’t affect you.  

Trump wants to Make America Great Again by rolling back the clock to a time he thought we were a bigger power in the world.  Might I suggest the sixties?  Where a President might be a bit scared to remove the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council’s Principals Committee in favor of a fascist, propaganda minister without worrying they may have to pay for such a decision?

Tuesday, November 6,2018

If we have anything close to what resembles free elections on that day, it is important to remember which side your Representatives chose yesterday.

It is important for all of you to pick a side too.  The time is now.  If you work for Customs and Border Patrol, you should resign.  If you wear that badge, you may as well be wearing the bolts of the SS.

If you work for any enforcement agency asked to subvert the Constitution or increase the power of the fascist regime in charge of the government, you should resign.

If you are sitting at home, and didn’t know any of this happened.  You need to educate yourself and choose a side.

You won’t be forgiven by history for just following orders.  They tried that at Nuremberg.

Choose a motherfucking side.



Waking Up

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is hard to see a bright side in the aftermath of a fascist takeover of our government.  In the short-term, things could be hell.  Even in the long-term, we may have some issues, depending on his Supreme Court Justice nominees.  However, even with all this doom and gloom on the horizon, I do see something that may actually be good.

People are finally waking the fuck up.

A great example would be the Standing Rock Reservation protests against a pipeline going under the Missouri River and threatening not only the tribe’s lands, but also millions of people downstream who rely on the Missouri for drinking water.

Despite a major media blackout, thousands of people gathered to protest the pipeline and even attempted to peacefully block its path.  Veterans “deployed” to stand behind the tribe and water protectors.  The Army Corps of Engineers had planned to remove by force the protesters, but yesterday, they denied the easement of the company attempting to build the pipeline to drill under the Missouri river, essentially ending the struggle for the near future.

The overly harsh treatment of these peaceful protesters by militarized thugs from law enforcement working for a private corporation in order to take and threaten public resources was too much for reasonable people on both sides of the aisle, and they mobilized to show that the people still have some power in this country.  For those who take issue with my use of the word thugs to define the law enforcement presence working against the protesters because they were just following orders and doing their jobs, I would remind you that was a defense used by the SS and Gestapo at Nuremberg.

I’ve seen non-partisan Facebook groups dedicated to resisting a fascist American regime born into existence.

I’ve watched people set aside money they otherwise would have spent on gifts in the tradition of a consumer Christmas to go toward organizations and vital programs that will surely be threatened by this administration.

I’ve seen small armies of people wearing those safety pins while out and around.

I’ve seen entire communities come together to repair vandalism damage caused by Trump supporting racist pieces of shit.

I’ve listened to my countrymen actually realizing that Trump’s tweet about taking away citizenship or jailing people who burn the flag was nothing more than a distraction from the fact that he is beginning to appoint an administration of wealthy elites who have never done anything for the working class, that he is not attending regular State Department briefings, and is generally just not showing that he will be an effective leader.  I have watched veterans say they will fight to protect a person’s right to burn the flag, should it come down to it, because as much as flag-burning makes them sick, they believe in the First Amendment.

I’ve listened to people who understand that Trump’s little deal with Carrier was actually terrible for the people in manufacturing, because they essentially proved that a company can extort the government in order to keep only half the jobs in the country they had before they decided to threaten to leave, in exchange for tax cuts.

The media is feeding us what it wants to, in order to keep us all on the corporate dole.   They do not realize the trust they have lost, in their non-coverage of anything that mattered during the last election.  Standing Rock has shown what free-thinking people can do, even without media coverage.  We are our own media.  They have become irrelevant, and finally, people are catching on.

I’ve head calls, by those who love peace, to actively resist any Trump-created deportation force, no matter what legitimacy they may claim under the rule of law.

I saw a picture of Justin Norman, from Texas, at Presbyterian, holding a sign outside of an Islamic Center telling the people there, “You belong.  Stay strong.  Be blessed.  We are one America.”

I’ve heard calls to banish the electoral college system, realizing that the Constitution reads “We The People”, not “We the Land Area.”  I know it would take an amendment to abolish it, and I do not see that happening, given it would mean states would have to ratify against their own interest, but it is nice to hear the calls.  It is ridiculous to think that Bob with no neighbors for hundreds of miles has over 1.000 times the voting power of the people in a city on the coast who actually live in a society.

I’ve seen so many acts of humanity out of the majority of people who did not support this orange fascist since the election that I really do not believe his actions will last long, should he even be able to carry out the single term the broken system has granted him.

Pendulums swing.  Without W, we would not have had Obama.  And I guarantee, this time, it’s swinging back hard.

Hopefully, we can achieve a government of the people, for the people, and by the people peacefully.  What I think a lot of people do not understand however, is that just because we all want peace, does not mean we are unwilling to fight for our freedom.  And when the 1,000 Carrier workers (still a 1,000 net-loss) do not satisfy all the rest who do not see their standard of living improve, those people who didn’t realize they were voting against their interests are welcome to educate themselves, and join the fight.

In the words of Edward R. Murrow, and then Keith Olbermann, “Goodnight, and good luck.”


If You Try Sometimes

Hello Bernie or Buster(s)!

Did you really think primaries were democratic?

Of course the system is rigged.  Didn’t you already know that?  Bernie Sanders did.  He’d been talking about it for months.  So where were your protests while the voting was still going on?  Because guess what?

It’s too late now.  You have two choices.  Only two.  Jill Stein will not win.  Look at the polls.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the choices.  Bernie Sanders conceded.  He did.  Look it up.  There is nothing to be done now, except make you look all delusional.

I wanted the Democrats to choose Bernie Sanders.  I talked and talked about how much better I thought Bernie Sanders would be as President, and about how much more I like his consistent positions on the issues and his idealism.  I really, really wanted them to choose him.  I tried to get people to.  I talked about how the party was using the media, and the debate schedules to tip the scales for Clinton.

And yet, they were still able to tip the scales.  We didn’t need these fucking emails to tell us that the party elite wanted Clinton.  We needed the people to hear that and reject it.


This email leak is not news.  Parties select their nominees.  In a way, they have a right to.  It is their money, and their reputation on the line.  They work for the nominee, using the machinery they built.  We’re lucky we even get primaries.  The party sets rules for primaries, not the government.  The party wanted a tightly controlled poll.  A beauty contest.

Would Sanders have won in a regular election, without party interference, with open primaries?


But that’s not what this was.  And here is the part you may be missing…


His hope, was that his message would resonate in such a way, that the people would reject the party preemptively choosing Clinton and give her such a defeat in the polls, that the party couldn’t ignore it.  His other hope, was that failing that, he would show the progressive wing of the party is a genuine force within the party, and must be considered.  He succeeded in the second goal unlike anyone ever has.

Throwing a fit at the convention after he already conceded does nobody any good.  Refusing to vote for Clinton does nobody any good.

The party’s primary didn’t take your democracy, party politics are not democratic, and never have been.  Ever.  And it is their party.  They don’t have to be.

So you can be butthurt about that all you want, but here is what happens if you do not vote for Clinton.

  • Trump is elected.  Jill Stein isn’t even on the ballot in all 50 states.  She has no organization and is not capable of getting the votes to change a thing.  85% of Sanders supporters intend to vote for Clinton.  Which leaves just 15% who will go to Stein or the libertarian.  Not 15% of voters.  15% of Sanders supporters.  Of which only 40% of the Democratic primary voters are.  Which is roughly 50% of the primary voters in all parties.  Meaning, in the general, you will have up to 15% of 40% of 50% for Stein.  You are throwing your vote away, or just using it for some notion of vengeance against Clinton.  But what will that vengeance get you?
  • You betray your LGBTQ friends.  Trump will appoint justices who will try to overturn the ruling on marriage equality, and allow discrimination using religion as an excuse.  Only Christianity, of course.
  • You make Mike Pence Vice President.  A champion of straight white male privilege.  Congratulations.
  • You betray the women you know.  Because when a party and their nominees specifically state they want to control women’s bodies, and you allow those people to run your government, you are responsible.
  • You kick millions of people off of healthcare.  The ADA is far from perfect.  But it is light-years better than what we had before.  We can tweak it some, but scrapping it altogether is the stated goal of the Republicans.
  • You create more terrorism.  We’re talking about a President who advocates torture.  This isn’t a fucking episode of 24, and Trump is not Jack Bauer.  It just is not effective and makes us even more hated.  I don’t even like Hillary Clinton’s interventionism, but if you think the Republicans wont be a lot more trigger happy, you obviously don’t pay attention.
  • You create more income inequality.  Trickle down doesn’t work.  There is a reason Bernie Sanders was so quick to capitulate and try to work with the Democrats.  They don’t have anything on him.  He’s clean.  He’s just terrified of a Trump presidency, as well he should be.  Do you think he doesn’t how disastrous it would be to elect Trump?
  • Etc…  Just look at the platform.  It is the opposite of the Democratic platform.  Will Clinton enact every piece of the platform?  No, obviously.  But with Clinton, we get incremental steps forward instead of a radical regression backward along with the loss of the progress for DECADES thanks to the Supreme Court.

Do you want to sacrifice MILLIONS of people because the party didn’t play fair?  Because you didn’t get everything you want?

Is that where you’re at, you spoiled, rotten children?

Debbie wouldn’t let me have the Ferrari and stuck with me a TESLA!  Whaaaaaah!   If I can’t have my Ferrari I hate this TESLA!!!!   I’ll just lie here and die instead.”

That is what you are doing.

This election is too important to hand it over to a madman because someone hurt your little feelings.  People’s lives are on the line, this isn’t a fucking episode of My Super Sweet 16.  

Progressives are gaining a foothold in government again.  There are many progressive candidates running for other offices in November.  If you hand the Presidency to Trump, they will have no ability to push their agenda whatsoever.

So take off your trilby that you mistakenly call a fedora, put down your signs, and work to ensure that Trump does not end the revolution Sanders helped create.

When Trump comes for the Immigrants, it will be on you.  When Pence allows homosexuals to be slaughtered, it will be on you.  When an ineffective and symbolically wrong wall is built and Mexico won’t pay for it, taking money away from things that actually matter as people starve and die of exposure, it will be on you.  When violence between races in encouraged by our government, it will be on you.  When violence is acceptable as the way to deal with political opposition, it will be on you.  How well do you think you will do with your progressive values in a fascist regime?

But I guess you should have gotten your way, huh?