Hello dear reader(s)!

I apologize for my failure to post yesterday.  I was working on a song and lost track of time before I started to get to the point where I had to get up and actually do things.  I am cooking dinner tonight for some people and I needed to get to the store to get the food necessary.  After that, I had game night with a group of some of my friends.  When I got home I talked with a very close friend until a lot later than I realized, and then I fell asleep.  Hard.

And no sooner than I shut my eyes, (I imagine based on the number of and length of dreams I had), I started dreaming.  I dream almost every night.  Sometimes, the dreams seem to be prophetic, but often, they are dreams I want to dream since I am pretty good at lucid dreaming most nights, or at the very least, setting up nice dreams to avoid the occasional nightmares I have.

But last night’s dreams were very different.  A lot of imagery, less reality than usual, and a lot of symbolism.  They were incredibly vivid, but more surreal than most of the dreams I typically have.  Strange colors and different worlds.  No real people, but a recognition of people in my life in the strange beings that inhabited the world in my dreams.

Each time I woke up from these dreams, I was smiling.  Grinning, is more accurate.  I took note of some of the imagery, the colors, the events, and the feelings.  When I actually woke up for long enough to start the day this morning, I started to consult my sources and research some of the symbolism that these dreams contained.

According to everything I checked, between the psychological and the mystical, these were great dreams, with excellent hidden meaning.  I certainly hope they are prophetic.  The dreams were about the culmination of struggle, not just for me, but some of the others close to me.  They were about the universe letting me know that while we never continue learning in this life, the difficult lessons are going to be taking a back seat to the lessons of happiness.

I’ve already been feeling it, but these dreams extend to those close to me, and bring things to a new level.

There have been major shifts throughout history.  The pendulum swings, and I really feel like it is swinging back.  I’ve said before that I think a lot of the turmoil and darkness currently in power in the world is so awful and forceful right now because it knows that it is in decline.  The old systems of power at all costs and disregard for others is going to fade, and those who profit of it are so desperate to cling to it that they amplify their darkness more than ever.  I believe it will all be futile, if we survive their reactionary tantrums.  I am convinced that a shift is taking place there.

But my dreams make me think the pendulum is swinging back on a more personal level as well.  When I really realized what was important to me, I began to put out a certain energy into the universe that attracted those who have the same priorities, and repelled those opposed.  It was difficult.  I have lost friends that were once important to me.  But I realized their priorities didn’t align with mine.  Maybe they changed, maybe I did, but eventually, everything that mattered to me, they seemed to be in opposition to.  I had some lonely times, wondering if maybe I was wrong for thinking the things I thought were important really were.

I persisted, trusting the lessons from my path.  It is better to let go of that which no longer serves you than to hang on.  But, until recently, I wondered if I would have the kind friendships and connections that would serve me.  I wondered if I could be the kind of friend or connection that would serve others.

Finally, I have begun to find my tribe.  I have solidified existing friendships with those that seem to care about other people and the things that are important to me, and I have made amazing new friends with those kinds of people as well.  The pendulum is swinging back in my life, just as I believe it is about to in the greater world.  The dreaming seems to indicate that it is gathering momentum.

In thinking about it, I wonder if that is how we change the world.  We focus on the relationships we have close.  We continue to pay attention to the world, and the happenings in it, we continue to use our voices, we continue to resist those who would plunge it into darkness…but we show light to the people near us.  We find our collective tribes and raise our vibrations to show others the happiness that can be achieved when people let go of the darkness they cling to in order to maintain their notions of power.

Dreaming is great.  Sometimes they come true, sometimes they don’t.  I hope the dreaming I did last night does.  It feels like it already is.  Maybe it will.  One thing I know for certain, is that your dreams don’t come true if you don’t keep dreaming.

So keep dreaming, and change the world for the better.


The Resistance Piece

Hello dear reader(s)!

This will be the greatest post you have ever read.  It will be the resistance piece.  The points I make, the thoughts I evoke, the questions I ask…will make this post so amazing, that if it were to gain a wide enough audience, it might change the world.  This post will be so important, that humanity could look back into history, and separate that history into the time before this post, and the time afterward.  You see, I figured it all out.  I figured out the secret to everything, and I am going to share it.

It all started from a dream I had last night.  I don’t remember every detail, but I do remember the important parts, and the overall feeling of peace, happiness, and understanding that came from the dream.  I spent the morning trying to work out the lesson from that dream, and I think I have.

I sincerely believe that if I share this, the world will truly be a better place.  I think that it is so important, I might have to take the extraordinary step of asking you, my dear reader(s), to share and reblog this post to help spread the word.  I would like to see this post go viral.  Not for me, or this here blog-type-thing, but for the good of people everywhere.

As we all blow up our social media with our political opinions, as we all tell people about the importance of paying attention to what is happening in the world, as we all express our views on everything from politics to television…I think we are missing something.  A larger picture.

I think this will be so important, it will fundamentally alter the very sense of the way we see everything.  The enlightenment it will bring to people will create a golden age of harmony that could do so many wonderful things.

I used to wonder why I am here.  I wondered where I fit into the grand scheme of the world.  What would be my legacy?  Would it be to help people survive the rough things they are going through?  To show them that sometimes you can make it through horrible things and still keep a positive view of the world?  Would it be to let people know that not everyone has to fit into the box we have all had made for us?  Would it be to let people know that there is happiness even in the ugliest times?

I have thought it might be each of those things.

But no more.  Not since this dream.

Now I know exactly why I am here.  And I know why you are here too.

I could keep this information to myself.  I could probably benefit greatly from the advantage it would give me.  But I just can’t.  I can’t let everyone else suffer as I thrive from this new knowledge.

This dream taught me so much.  I never would have thought the mysteries of life could be solved so simply.  I never would have thought they would be solved in a dream.  But there can be no doubt that they have been.  The way I feel now makes that completely clear.

And how could I sleep at night, if I didn’t tell you about this dream?  How could I live with myself without sharing the secret that will save the world?

So here goes:

It was nice day.  Partly cloudy and a little breezy.  I was hungry, and decided I would take a walk to go get something to eat.  I left the house and walked down the street in front of my apartment building.  I passed by a couple waiting at the bus stop.  They were holding hands and both had a look of quiet contentment.  They smiled, and I smiled back.

I walked on.

I was passed by a man walking in the other direction.  He was an older gentleman, and looked as though he had things all figured out.  He said, “Hi.”

I continued walking.

A woman coming out of her door dropped some papers.  Some blew way from her in the wind.  I tracked them down for her and brought them back to her.  She smiled a big smile and thanked me as I handed them back to her.  I told her, “You’re welcome.”

I continued walking.

I approached an intersection.  A car was looking to make a left turn.  My walk sign was green, but I noticed it was only one car in a rare break in traffic.  I waved the car to go.  They waved back as they turned.

I continued walking.

I saw a puppy.  It was wandering around outside of a house.  I noticed there was an open gate.  I called the puppy over and checked its tags.  The address on the tags matched the address of the house with the open gate.  I picked the puppy up and put it in the yard behind the gate.  I made sure the gate was latched.  I pulled on it to make sure the puppy wouldn’t get out again.  I was satisfied the puppy would be safe.

I continued walking.

I got to the place I decided to get food at.  It was a local burrito place.  I ordered my burrito from the very nice woman working behind the counter.  And sat and waited for my burrito.

Did you catch it?  The lesson from the dream?  The life-alternating secret that will bring about a golden age of harmony?

In case you missed it, I will make it clear for you.

I’m hungry, and I want a burrito.

You’re welcome.


He woke up with a pounding headache.

“Too early for caffeine withdrawals,” he thought to himself as he saw the cat puke stain on the foot of his blanket leading onto the floor.

“Poor kitties,” he said aloud.  The signs of the move were now unmistakable, and apparently the cats were already feeling the stress.  Maybe he was too?

As he sat up to clean up the puke and then throw the blanket in the wash, he accidentally stirred her awake.

“Good morning,” she smiled at him, unaware of the cat barf a few inches from her feet.

“Hope so!” he said.  “I have a headache.”

“Too early for caffeine withdrawals,” she started, “Is it the sinus thing?”

“No, that seems to be clearing finally.  Might just be stress.”

“Or knowing this is about to end,” she said.

“Well, we knew before we started it that the time was limited.  We really shouldn’t have let things get this far,” he told her.

“I know, but it’s just so damn fun.  Besides, I know you love her.”

He got up and walked out of the room, forgetting to take the blanket.  She just hit him right where he was vulnerable.  He knew it, she knew it.  Everyone probably knew it.  But it didn’t really matter, did it?  How was he supposed to make anything happen with that?  She was right, but he wasn’t about to admit it.  He started to make the coffees and realized he was out of flavoring.  He called out to her, “Hey. no flavoring.  Want me to go get us Starbucks?”

“Nah, I should be going anyway.  I’ll just get something on my way into the office!” she yelled from the bedroom.

He went back into the bedroom to gather up the puke blanket and put it in the washer while she was getting dressed.  He didn’t want to say it, but she could see it in his eyes.

“This is it, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yeah, I should be pulling out of here about midnight.”

“The whole thing was supposed to be no strings, but there are strings pulling and I can feel them right here,” she told him as she pointed to her heart.

“I’m sorry,” he began.  “I never meant to lead you on.  I thought we were on the same page with that.”

“We were…at first.  You didn’t do anything wrong,” she responded.  “I just fell.”

She wrapped her arms around him and he could feel the tears on her cheek as her face met his.  Then she quickly let go, turned away, and ran out of his house.

The whole thing left him a little shaken.  But they had agreed on their relationship.  She knew it came with a built-in end date and a reason why it would never be right.  Even if she decided to move too, she couldn’t get passed the fact that he would be thinking about her.

As he started back in with the final bit of packing, his mind immediately went to her.  The more he tried to convince himself not to think about her, the more he thought about her.  The packing didn’t distract him from it, and he cursed his brain for making him such a good multi-tasker.  Why was he stuck on this one woman?  This one woman that it would take a miracle for him to have?  This one woman who had the power to make him crazy and obsessed over her?  This one woman, for which he turned down perfectly good women with great qualities for?  This woman who prevented him from accepting the devotion of a beautiful woman who left his house crying just minutes earlier?

He actually knew the answer.  Somewhere along the line, he fell.  Everything about her was great to him.  Even the things he didn’t like.  There was no physical reason, as they’d hardly spent any time together.  And every time he thought he might have found that she wasn’t the person he built her up to be, she proved him wrong.  She haunted his dreams, and his thoughts.  She made him forget about everything around him when they would talk.  It was like the whole world disappeared except for her.

He loaded the last box into his car.  He set his alarm for 11, because he wanted to shower before he hit the road.  He drifted off to sleep.  As he slept, he had dreams of her and him together.  Just like he did every night.  He woke up and threw off the freshly washed blanket to go to the bathroom when he heard a noise.  He grabbed his gun beside the bed he would sleep in for the final time and walked carefully into the empty house.

She stood in the hall.  He lowered his weapon.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her in disbelief.

“You’re the one who called me to you,” she told him.

“I never called you,” he replied.

“In your dreams.  You have been every night for months now.  I’m right in the middle of one of my dreams, and then I get sucked into yours,” she said.


She pulled her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.  She smiled as she stood in front of him, her beautiful body on display.

“This is still a dream, isn’t it?”

She grabbed his hand and walked him back into the bedroom.  “Let’s find out,” she said.

He woke up with a pounding headache.

Hello Dear Reader(s)!

“What?  Why did he make that his title?  I don’t like that.  I think he is a bit off now.  He reminds me of that time Uncle Joe started running around naked singing Free Bird.  Maybe we should call someone.  Oh, don’t look, now he’s doing Buffalo Bill and singing Goodbye Horses. ”

Don’t worry my dear reader(s), I haven’t lost it any more than usual.  In fact, I think I have found it.  I’m not exactly sure what it is at this point, but I’m pretty sure I found it.  It looks like a piece of dryer lint.  But it is kinda spongy.  Maybe I accidentally put a sponge in the dryer.  I hope it wasn’t Sponge Bob.

“He’s still acting really weird, I’m uncomfortable.  Do you think he is off his medication?  Would being off an antibiotic do this to someone?  Isn’t it weird that he’s typing our inner thoughts back to us?  I don’t like this.”

So let’s talk about dreams for a moment, shall we?  I had some pretty interesting ones last night.  Do you think your dreams mean anything or are just random images created when your synapses are firing with your eyes closed in an attempt to write the lessons learned that day?  I’ve had too many dreams that seemed to mean something to believe it is solely the second explanation.  Of course, I have also had dreams where I was playing a racing game such as Mario Kart for hours on end and then went to sleep and dreamed I was flying through the courses and then played the next day and kicked royal butt, so I think maybe there is truth to each of those theories.  *No royals were harmed or threatened in the making of that last sentence.  

So, back to my dreams, because this is all about me.  Last night I had at least one dream I can remember.  I was standing outside in my backyard looking up at the waxing moon.  It was at 1/4.  (The moon is at about a 1/4 waxing right now, just FYI.)  Anyway, I was looking up at the moon and I heard something behind me.  I turned around to see a young woman.  Maybe 18 -22.  She had long (really long, like down to the back of her knees) blonde hair and braids around the top of her head (Which is something I always thought looked cool).  She wore a flowing white dress that I thought she must have been cold in.

I asked her what she was doing in my backyard.

She answered with a question.  “What is it you seek?”

“The answer to what you’re doing in my backyard,” I replied.

She told me I knew what she was doing there.  She then told me to tell her what I sought.

So I told her.  It is between me and her though.

The next thing I know, I am standing in a clearing in a forest.  There are people gathered around me in a circle, except a beautiful woman with dark hair and dark eyes and ribbons in her hair.  There is also a woman in a robe standing somewhat between us, but a few steps back.  It looks a bit like a wedding.  I look into the woman’s eyes, and I feel the cloth wrap around our joined hands.  I realize it basically is.

A young child runs from the circle to our side.  I recognize the child as being mine, which is funny, because after the cancer and a few other things, the possibility of me having children is basically non-existent.

Then I am on a beautiful sofa, with the woman beside me.  She has grown old, but is still stunning.  A fire roars in the fireplace in front of us.  The room we sit in is leather, old dark woods, and hunter green.  There is a large bookshelf with many books on it.  On the opposite wall, is a window with five stained glass inserts.  I look down at my hands and see that they have aged.  I look again at the woman.  Her hair now gray, her eyes as dark and entrancing as when we stood across from each other in the circle.  I feel pain in my chest.  I tell her goodbye, and wake up.

When I woke up, I checked my pulse to make sure I wasn’t having a heart attack.  I realized I had no chest pain and it was just in the dream.  This is the most vivid dream I have had in years.  It is also one of the dreams that I have not forgotten soon after waking.

Maybe the dream is straightforward.  Maybe it is related to everything I’ve been reading about and talking with people about.  Maybe there is more to it than I see on the surface.

All I know is that it left me in an even better mood this morning than I have been in for a while…which is hard to do because lately, my moods have been pretty great.

Any dream people out there who want to take a stab at this one?  Please don’t actually stab it, me, or anyone else.  If you interpret dreams and have some clue as to the the symbolism, I would love to hear your take.  If you think they are just random images, you can tell me that too.  If you think I have truly lost it, you’re right, I have no idea what happened to that spongy lint ball.