The Answer Is

No carefully crafted image of a perfect life is able to hide the decaying soul you carry within.

No amount of makeup or designer clothes will hide the decomposition.

No car can give you the means to escape yourself.

No smile can hide the contempt you feel.

No act of compassion can hide your ulterior motives.

No silence can keep your secrets.

No number times you call me a friend will ever make it true.

No manipulation will ever allow you to control me.

No smile will ever hide your self-inflicted pain.

No wounds will ever make me want to heal you.

No pleas for attention will ever make me forget how often you took advantage of me.

No amount of apologies will make me reconsider.

No declarations of love will stop me from leaving.

No excuses will be accepted.

No good feelings remain.

No wishing you the best in life.