Game Of Shutting The Fuck Up

Hello dear reader(s)!

Look, I am not writing this post to take issue with how people like to have fun, or anything about the show itself.  I am sure it is a good show, and once the fucking hype dies down, I might actually want to watch it myself.

And no, there is nothing wrong with talking about something you enjoy online.  To a point.

But please, for the love of all that is good and unholy, shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones.  Honestly, there are other things in life.

It would be one thing if I was on a dedicated Game Of Thrones fan page.  It would be another thing if it were only on social media.   But for weeks now, all I have been hearing about anywhere in any media or overheard in public is Game Of Thrones.

“Season 7 will be the last!  Oh no!”

“It’s almost here!”

“Kalisisisisiiisiiiiii will be queen of Underoos!”

And on and on and on.

I am a Westworld fan.  I can not wait until it comes back.  I have had conversations about that show with other people who have seen it, or who I am convincing people to watch it with me right before I start it On Demand.  If I were on the Westworld page, I might even have conversations about it with other fans who are strangers.  But I do not post random shit about it on my Facebook like it is somehow important to my life or the lives of other people on my friends list, particularly those who I do not know have seen it.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying something, and doing what you have to do in order to relax and enjoy some things in this world.  If that for you is Game Of Thrones, well then good for you.  But there is something wrong with the obsession about a fucking TV show as if it is somehow central or important to the lives of others.  I don’t give a shit if your character is killed, okay?

It was the same way for The Walking Dead.  After some of that hype died down, I watched it.  It was pretty good.  Not great, certainly not worthy of all the hype, but pretty good.  I even enjoy some of the funny memes made from it.  But do I feel the need to let everyone I know that I am wondering if something will ever happen besides Rick finding some place to stay for a while that seems perfect, but then isn’t due to (insert threat here) before they fight and roam again, rinse and repeat?  Do I update my Facebook status with how much I can’t wait until it starts?  Do I tell people when and where I am watching it?  No.

You may have guessed by the completely unreasonable tone of this post that this isn’t really about Game Of Thrones or The Walking Dead.  It isn’t about any television or leisure activities that people choose to engage in when they need a little escape from the all-you-can-eat crap buffet that is modern society.  It is about distraction.  It is about unhealthy obsession with those escapes that keep people from being engaged in reality.

A break every so often isn’t just good, it is necessary.

But so is living in the real world.  And when people are more concerned with the fate of the corrupt ruler of some land in the world of fiction than they are of the corruption within our own land that affects their lives and the lives of others, something is very wrong.

“The people will not revolt.  They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what is happening.” – George Orwell, 1984

Don’t let your escapes become your reality.  Take the time to enjoy the things you love, but then go back to the world and fight the fights that matter.  Shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones and anything else until you educate yourself on what is happening in our world, and act accordingly.  Turn off the television long enough to learn the issues, call your representatives, vote, and participate in reality.

Or maybe I really am sick of hearing about it all the time, so even if you don’t do those things, please just shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones.  😀

– A Grumpy Old Man




Soup or Salad Preview

Are you ready for some sporting games?

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you may or may not be aware, tomorrow is a large sporting event of some kind.  Apparently one team is going to play another team to be crowned the World Champions of a league with no teams outside the US.

In this here blog-type-thing’s never-ending quest to educate, enlighten, and entertain you, my dear reader(s), I will be giving you a handy preview of this game of sports in a manner consistent with that league’s protection of their trademarked terms.  No accounts of any game will be provided, because that is prohibited without express written consent of the league.

My prediction is that the one team will beat the other team by a number of points.

The main person for the other team, despite his alleged HGH use, is simply not the main person for teams that he used to be.

The main person for the one team is probably going to be given a special honor based on his importance.

The defenders are good from both the one team, and the other team.

I do not think the one team will cover the spread of points given by odds makers in the one city where gambling is well-known, although maybe they will. 

There will be commercials during the sporting event.

People will cheer for the one team and there will be people cheering for the other team.

People will watch all or part of the sporting game on television.

And my most important prediction?

I’ll have the salad.

Featured image courtesy D. Searls via Wikipedia commons via Flickr

How You Met This Post

He woke up in the morning after not sleeping well the night before.  He opened up his computer to check his email and Facebook, and then to check blogs and write a post in his blog-type-thing.  He is me, and this is a true story.  Names have not been changed because no one is innocent.

I was in my email fine.  I was in my Facebook fine.  But when I went to open WordPress…something was wrong.  I couldn’t get to the site.  I tried Twitter.  Nothing.  I tried pretty much every site other than Facebook and my email, but could not get on.  I was distressed.  I called out, “Why?”  There was no response.

So I spent most of the day in my email, and occasionally making use of my Facebook.  I also actually talked on the phone, a rarity these days.

At around 3 something in the afternoon, I decided to check again.  Success!

I opened up the tab and went to the “Create A New Post” button.  I began typing away.  Words flowing from my fingers like ranch dressing flows from its ramekin and onto a chicken wing.  I was completely in a zone, so I almost didn’t notice that my bagel was ready.  I heard the pop and reluctantly put down the computer to spread the delicious cream cheese onto my bagel.  I also decided to make myself another cup of delicious coffee.

After fueling up with the delicious food and coffee, I decided to return to my post.  But the post had just vanished.

Your uncle Barney was busy womanizing a girl when I noticed the post flash on the screen.  I rushed to the computer but then got a video call from your aunt Lilly.  It seems your uncle Marshall had slapped Barney really hard just before he arrived at the apartment to womanize the girl.  I should also let you know that this paragraph never happened and I don’t know if you have an uncle Barney and an uncle Marshall and an aunt Lilly.  Wouldn’t it be weird if you did?

I checked all the tabs I had open, but the post was not there.  Just a picture of a yellow umbrella.  Your aunt Robyn came over and we did inappropriate things to each other that has anybody else noticed Ted went into the inappropriate sexual relations he had with their “aunt” and all of the other girls before he actually met their mother to his kids and find that to be a little creepy?  And all of the drinking and other things he talks about as a way of getting permission from his kids to date Robyn after she is back in town when he claims to be telling them the story of how he met their mother but is really just trying to angle it so he doesn’t feel guilty about having a thing for Robyn in what would seem to be the entire time their sick mother was dying?  Seems kinda fucked up to me.  Okay fine, so this didn’t happen either.

You caught me.  This story isn’t really true.

Except the not being able to connect for some weird reason.

So then I typed this post and got carried away with the very odd premise of HIMYM and that kids, is how you met this post.

Fun with Television

Hello dear reader(s)!

Let’s talk about television.  What kind of television?  How about any fucking show other than Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.  No, wait, how about anything but those two plus Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and Sons of Anarchy.

“But Josh, those are great shows!”

“Fuck you,” I say, “Fuck you right in the ear!”

Why?  Because all I ever fucking hear or heard about is/was those shows.  That’s it.  Gone are any kind of intelligent conversation, gone are thoughts on politics, music, books, any fucking thing of value.  No, everywhere you go, (or went as the case may be) is, “Did you see that zombie on The Walking Dead last night?” and, “Can you believe that guy is making meth?” and, “Can you believe that woman is having a difficult time adjusting to prison?” and, “Can you believe the violence in that motorcycle gang?”  Well yes, since that is the whole point of the shows!!!!!  Shut up about the shows!  I don’t care.  If I want to watch those shows, I will watch those shows, but this constant blabbing about these shows makes me not want to watch these shows!

And if that makes me not part of the club, then good!  I don’t want to be in a fucking club that actually thinks a zombie epidemic is possible and could last more than a few hours (given what happens to dead tissue in the environment).  I don’t want to be in a club that thinks the story of a man selling meth is riveting.  (Even if it is well written and well acted.)  I don’t want to be part of the club of people who think Orange is the New Black is edgy or anything more than Weeds in a different environment/situation.  And I don’t like motorcycle gangs, why would I want to watch a show about them?  (Even if Peg Bundy is a Bad-ass.)

Now, I’m not trying to sound pretentious here.  They are probably great shows.  I might actually like them, (except The Walking Dead, because fuck overdone zombie bullshit).  That show would not be entertaining to me at all, I guarantee it, even if Reedus slips into his Murphy accent.  Fuck zombie shit.  I can suspend my disbelief, but the popularity of zombies and the stupidity of zombie fans completely turns me off.  (Except Shawn of the Dead, but that was a comedy.)  Anyway, they might be great shows, but they are very popular, which leads me to believe that they likely suck.  Do you know what else is popular?  Dancing With The Stars.  The prosecution rests.

Alright, time to admit some hypocrisy.  I am one of those people who loves The Big Bang Theory.  I have heard the criticisms that it makes fun of intelligent people and that the only people who like it identify with Penny, but quite frankly, I disagree.  I think that the group is shown as very human, and silly, but brilliant, just like many brilliant people are.  Of course they take it to the extremes, it is a sitcom.  Some brilliant people might have some Sheldon, or some Leonard, or more Raj, and hopefully very little Howard (pre-Bernadette), but it is a sitcom.  They always emphasize the extreme characteristics of people for the laugh.  Besides, all of the characters have experienced a lot of growth since they all became friends, as friends often do.  So that is popular, and I like it.

Given to me by a friend who says I remind her of him.  Ouch.
Given to me by a friend who says I remind her of him. Ouch.

But do you know what I don’t like?  Talking incessantly about it all of the time.  In fact, go through, read each one of my posts on this blog.  Try to find another time I devoted an entire paragraph to this show.  (Plus, it will make you read more of my posts.)  At any rate, I think the point here, is that there is more to life than the newest, most current television shows.  So shut up about The Walking Dead!

I often talk about The IT Crowd.  It probably gets annoying to some.  But that is because it is a UK show with an actor who has become popular stateside and I think people should see it because it is an honestly funny show that is not a rehash of a show done 50 years ago.  Occasionally, I mention The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but that is because it is a Netflix exclusive show and has messages you will never see on network television.  And sometimes, I drop in a reference from time to time, but I just hate when people try to tell me why they’re going to be sad after a season ends of a fucking TV show.  It is a TV show.  It should not make you sad when the cast and crew are on vacation!  And no, I don’t want a synopsis of the last season.  Get a life!  (Says the guy who spends way too much time on WordPress.)

Ugh, it is really Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.  Those are the two that I never want to hear about again.  Maybe I wanted to read the Game of Thrones books once, but not bloody likely now.  Why?  Because I know the stupid story already, thanks to all the droning on and on, and…(you might want to brace yourself)…I don’t give a shit if Winter is coming!!!!!

I would rather a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses show up at my door with their copies of The Watchtower and talk to me for 45 minutes while pushing their beliefs on me; than listen to a 3 minute conversation about Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.  Your Governor is refusing to expand Medicaid with federal money even though he previously said he would, simply to placate the right-wing of his party, and your legislature is redrawing districts to ensure their party’s dominance…but don’t worry about that, I want to hear about what the fucking zombie did.

Have you noticed that this entire post, bitching about people talking about TV too much is in fact, me talking about TV too much?  Ironic, don’t ya think?  

The Prices Are Alright

-A typical day without appointments in my life.

5:30 am:  I’m awoken either by the stomping of the upstairs neighbor, my morning person wife (proof opposites attract), the need to use the bathroom, the intense foot pain from my neuropathy, the cats, or any number of reasons that occur too early for someone like me.  

6:00 am:   I begin to admit that I likely won’t get back to sleep.  So I get up to use the bathroom.  While in the bathroom I fool myself into believing I’ll be able to get back to sleep based on how tired I am.

6:05-6:15 am (depending on well…TMI):   I go back to bed and try in vain to sleep until 7.

7:00 am:  I finally get up and move to the living room to begin my exciting day of sitting on my ass.  (Mostly).  I Love Lucy is turned on and if it’s an episode I’ve recently seen (almost always is), then I fire off one of these posts from my phone and start reading some of the many, many blogs I follow.

8:00 am:  After two episodes of I Love Lucy, it is time for The Golden Girls.  Again, they are usually episodes just recently aired, so my attention is not focused on the show.  It makes for pleasant background noise.  By this time, I am usually awake enough to notice my wife and her performance of the daily cat rituals which include the Cuddle-Rape of Piedmont, the Piedmont Dance, & Lifting Dobson’s Name On High.  Then we provide Dobson with the treats that Piedmont is too picky to eat, but Dobson loves.

9:00 am:  COPS.  Yes, I watch COPS, no, I’m not proud.  But, beyond the humor of the blatant stupidity exhibited by some of the “suspects”, you also get a chance to see how properly trained, professional officers handle situations and get to contrast that against the piss-poor cops out there who suck so badly at their job and would get fired in any other vocation were it not for police union power and the “brotherhood” concept.  When you see the amazing restraint shown by some COPS on that show, you really realize how bad the bad apples are.  By this point my wife has made me a delicious white mocha (though I could, and never ask or expect), & I’m ready for the highlight of my day…

10:00 am:  The Price Is Right.  I love this show, but can’t help but feel a little guilty for loving it as it is basically an ode to consumer culture.  I can think of no other show that so strongly pushes the premise that possessions equal happiness.  Still, everyone seems to be having a great time.  Drew Carey and crew seem to genuinely want the contestants to win.  They want to make people happy.  You just have to ignore that what makes people happy is getting more stuff.

11:00 am:  Television dead zone.  No Springer or Maury for me.  This is when, if I can scrape together some energy I attempt to drum, exercise, or get up to shower and get ready.  I’m only about 40% successful with those attempts however, as either I just can barely move, or I end up in the bathroom for the whole hour.

12:00 pm:  My wife usually turns on Steve Wilkos so she can cry, but I usually start reading blogs again, or maybe a book, but most likely, I end up falling asleep.  I try so hard to stay awake, but it just usually doesn’t work.

1:00 pm:  If I napped, I usually wake up around this time and feel I just need to get out.  So if I haven’t earlier, I shower and get ready.  Sometimes we’ll go for a short walk.  Some days I just drive a few blocks to the store for groceries.  It is always a major struggle though.  Some days I fail to get out at all, usually because of my stomach calling, sometimes because of my intense foot pain.

2:00 pm:  I’ve usually returned home by this point, and will likely sit and read some more blogs, a book, or some funny websites.  I might even check my Facebook feed and marvel at how nobody is actually saying anything on it.

3:00 pm:  Second attempt at a nap.  I give in to the drowsiness and fatigue and go to lie down.  I usually don’t fall asleep, but just rest until…

4:30 pm:  I go back out to the living room and talk with my wife.  My mom gets home from work and I talk with her.  We usually have reruns of Friends in the background until about…

6:00 pm:  My wife makes dinner, sometimes I do, but mostly her.  She is an excellent cook.  We eat and talk.

7:00 pm:  We watch Wheel of Fortune (grudgingly, but there is nothing else on) & try to guess the puzzles.

7:30 pm:  Jeopardy.  We compete with each other here, if the categories are good, it can get bloody.  I take my nighttime meds and at

8:00 pm:  We head to the bedroom, where we access Netflix and watch Coupling or The IT Crowd for the millionth time, or sometimes find a good movie to fall asleep to.

This is the typical non-appointment day in my life.  Exciting, isn’t it?

They are not all this bad.  Interspersed in this tedium are great days, where I wake up feeling refreshed and alive.  We get started early, go out into the world and have a great time.  It is these days, and the good moments in the typical days that make life worth living.  Those are the days and moments that need to be savored.

Though your typical day may not be as lame as mine, I bet most days are not completely awesome for you either.  So pay close attention to the days and moments that are.  They’ll help you get through.