Okay, I’ll admit it, I really can’t forget it
Would you really want to anyway?
Timing wasn’t good, I don’t think you understood
I did not want you to go away
I told you I don’t chase, You weren’t in that place
So I tried to make things good inside the bad
But now those things have changed, Everything’s rearranged
I want that chance you know we should have had
I will not distract, Or ever hold you back
I know you’re working hard to reach your dream
But maybe you’ll decide, You’d like me by your side
I know that we could make a perfect team
So what is my intent? I just want to cement
Plans to show you just how I feel
I think we have a chance, For an epic romance
I intend to show my heart is real


I Want

I want to write you a poem
Or maybe a letter
To tell you that things
Surely will get better
I want to say I won’t stop
And I don’t plan to quit
If you’re going through hell
I’ll carry you through it
Even when you are quiet
You dance in my mind
Thoughts of any other
Are left far behind
You awakened something that I
Thought long since had died
I couldn’t shut it off
Even if I tried
I want to write something perfect
But nothing will do
I want to write so you’ll know that
I want only you

If This Isn’t Real

If This isn’t real
Why do I feel this way
Why has it been so long
How can it be this way
Even when you’re gone

If this isn’t real
Why would I fight for you
Why would you make me feel
Why would I die for you
If this isn’t real

If this isn’t real
Why can’t I just forget
Why does your pain hurt me
Why should I still regret
Things I did not see

If this isn’t real
Why do I dream of you
Why when I close my eyes
Why do I look for you
Tell what this implies

If this isn’t real
Why are you in my heart
Please say what I should do
Real should not be apart
Really I love you

This Is Not A Love Letter

Some inspire my writing
Some inspire my painting
You, my dear, inspire my soul

You have helped me keep going
You have set the example
Without a nefarious goal

When I totally lost it
You were right there by my side
Despite all my awful madness

I will do all I can do
In whatever way you say
Take away all of your sadness

I’m a much better person
When you’re a part of my life
I hope you believe it is true

This is not a love letter
I’m not trying to do that
That doesn’t mean I don’t love you


I can feel myself sinking back into the darkness.  The pressure is increasing as I fall.  I reach out for a hand from the surface that isn’t there.  My chest hurts from holding my breath for so long.  All I want to do is breathe, but I know I can’t without my insides being flooded by the dark waters surrounding me.

I look up, and see you at the surface.  The light surrounds your face in a beautiful glow.  You smile as I find the strength within to kick my feet and rise.  You reach your hand into the water.  I try to grasp it.  You latch onto my wrist, pulling me to you.  My head is close to the surface.

And that is when I feel your other hand on my head.  You let go of my wrist, and push me down. Your smile through the water is the last thing I see.


We’ve been through it
You and I
Here we stand
Now in the light

We both knew it
You and I
Hand in hand
We soared in flight

From the ashes
We did rise
Soaring high
Above the fire

Brilliant flashes
Filled the skies
Hand in hand
As we climbed higher

When you did fall
I did dive
You and I
Fell together

We gave it all
Still alive
Soaring high
Live forever

We’ve been through it
You and I
Here we fly
In our own light

We both knew it
Can we lie
Let us try
To rest tonight

Fold your wings
And rest tonight
We have won
This long fight
Lovely Luna
Rest tonight