Award-Free Blog-Type-Thing

Hello dear reader(s)!

While I am flattered anyone would want to nominate my drivel for any awards, I have gone award free.  They take too much time from reading your great posts, and writing my own garbage.  Unless you all want to nominate my for a Bloggie.  I wouldn’t turn that down.  Hahaha!


22 thoughts on “Award-Free Blog-Type-Thing”

  1. I feel the same way. It’s great to meet like-minded people, such as yourself: award-free and hyper-cynical. (Hey, that last one is a compliment. 😉 I remember when I was new to bloggie land (several years ago), I was given like, 4 awards within the 1st week. Imagine how pissed I was to discover that I not only didn’t actually win anything, but was instead expected to be somebody else’s PR whore. (Who are they kidding?!) For real though, at first I was all moon-eyed that I actually had “followers” but then pissed them off and lost them immediately when they discovered that I didn’t care (at all) about blog awards and that I was far too lazy to repost anything. I feel you on everything. 😉

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  2. Josh, I really appreciate what you’ve said here. I started blogging in late July with my Francesca/metaverse site . . . and suddenly I start seeing these blog awards in my blogging101 class. And I started reading about the requirements. I thought exactly what you’ve said above — why in the world am I going to do this? I have more things that I want to write about now than I have time to address — and I am not going to waste my time writing about things that I don’t feel like writing about. I think being a cancer patient made me hyper careful about how I spend my energy.

    So cheers to you!

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      1. Oh. I’ve only seen the ones like Liebster, etc. We had a round of them going during Blogging 101 in August and Blogging 201 in September. Now, though I just participate in the ones over at (Blogger’s World). Glad you joined us recently. Oh, and I assume (from comment about PTSD) that a big salute and thanks are due to you for your service. So thank you.

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      2. Insomnia! Ugh. Me too – menopause. Would rather have hot flashes so I wouldn’t always be freezing. Oh well, God has a sense of humor. Otherwise He wouldn’t have created us!

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  3. I’m not too nutsy-whatsy about being nominated either; though I do appreciate the thought. Then again, from what I’ve read of the rules, you have to nominate a ton of people along with receiving the award yourself. Thankfully, no one seems to mind when I thankt them for the nomination, while at the same time declining it. I’m new to blogging, but there’s a few things I’ve figured out already. As my beloved Mother would say “There’s more to this than meets the eye” when it comes to these awards. I’m glad the WordPress community has thousands of bloggers, plenty to grab up the awards when they come knocking at the door.

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  4. Hey there! I read this post. I absolutely, positively, most definitely did read it. However, I have a question – are you against being recognized for a particular reason, or are you saying you won’t be doing any awards that require you to fill out (essentially) a form/answer questions?

    Me & the people behind the blog Serenity are putting together an award. We would like to nominate you for it, as you blog speaks to the topics on which we based Serenity. It’s a picture (you don’t need to share if you don’t want), a link to your blog, & the option, only if you want to write up why you feel sharing peace through writing is so important.

    But, then we noticed your blog is an “award-free zone.” So, I wanted to ask if you’d be willing to accept our nomination… of course, we take no offense if you decline. I would have messaged you, but WP doesn’t offer direct messaging (they should really get on that).

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