Why It’s Wrong To Denounce Antifa

Hello dear reader(s)!

I would like to state that I am not now, nor have I even been a member of one of the many Antifa Chapters throughout the world.  It isn’t for me.  I am fine responding to violence (or imminent threats of violence with possible preemptive violence), but usually think violence just to make a point is not how I personally would like to do things.

I am also not an anarchist nor a communist.  My perfect system would be a sort of Democratic Socialism Plus.  Socialism where taxes cover everybody’s basics.  Food, clean water, shelter, clothing, and healthcare.  Plus, where anything else you want needs to be worked and paid for.  I believe with all the data and technology available to us, this would be easy to implement, making sure people’s needs (and only their needs) are met by society.

However, just because we have different views, does not mean I consider them to be wrong or somehow bad for the world.  Antifa doesn’t call for genocide.  Antifa doesn’t hurt people based on skin color or sexuality.  Antifa doesn’t wish death to all conservatives like the white supremacists wish death to liberals.

Antifa and similar groups are the only ones out there preventing a Nazi takeover of wherever the Nazi scum like to show up.  

We saw it in the lack of police response to the Unite The Nazis…er…Right planned riot in Charlottesville.  The authorities are in league with these groups.  Whereas water hoses and tear gas are used against peaceful water protectors in Standing Rock, or any Black Lives Matter protest in a city where a cop shot an unarmed black person and is about to get away with it, police protect the rights of armed Nazi armies to infiltrate and intimidate a liberal town (Charlottesville went 86% for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election) and incite violence.

On Friday night, during the Tiki Putsch, the Nazi mob encircled a small group of Black Lives Matter activists and prevented them from leaving.  (That is called false imprisonment where I come from.)  They chanted, “Blood and soil!” and “Jews will not replace us!”  None were arrested for this violent intimidation, and one is still working and attending a public university in my home town.  False imprisonment is a crime, and this was clearly fueled by hate.

The next day, these Nazi thugs went back on a plan made with police to keep them separate from the activists who had showed up at Emancipation Park in downtown Charlottesville to ensure the Nazis did not have free rein, and that the white supremacist message wasn’t delivered without response.  At about 11 am, a group of Nazis charged the activists swinging clubs.  The activists (made up of Antifa and other groups) fought back.  Police DID NOT MOVE to break up the violence.  They claimed it was because their officers were in regular uniforms and would be in danger without their riot gear.

At 11:22, the police finally declared the rally an unlawful assembly and gave a dispersal order.  The Nazis then marched to McIntire Park a mile from downtown.  On the way, they shouted things like, “Dylan Roof is a hero!”  One lit a flare and threw it at a Washington Post videographer.

When the Nazis arrived, they were met with the news that a state of emergency had been declared, there would be no rally, and they began to get picked up by their rides or dive off.  The majority of anti-fascist activists, having successfully driven the Nazis from downtown Charlottesville, did not pursue the Nazis to McIntire Park.  Not far from Emancipation Park, was a group of antifascist activists, including Heather Heyer.  A little after 1 pm, a car, driven by a Nazi slammed into the back of the crowd, killing her, and injuring 19 others.

In every instance, witnesses say that the Nazis struck first, and the police stood down.  The only groups keeping the rampage of the Nazis from being much worse were the anti-fascists including groups like Antifa (which literally means anti-fascist).  Everyone should be anti-fascit, whether you are in Antifa or not.

Quoting Cornel West, who was with a group of Clergy in Charlottesville, “Absolutely. You had a number of the courageous students, of all colors, at the University of Virginia who were protesting against the neofascists themselves. The neofascists had their own ammunition. And this is very important to keep in mind, because the police, for the most part, pulled back. The next day, for example, those 20 of us who were standing, many of them clergy, we would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the anti-fascists who approached, over 300, 350 anti-fascists. We just had 20.

He went on to say, “The anti-fascists, and then, crucial, the anarchists, because they saved our lives, actually. We would have been completely crushed, and I’ll never forget that. Meaning what? Meaning that you had the police holding back, on the one hand, so we couldn’t even get arrested. We were there to get arrested. We couldn’t get arrested, because the police had pulled back, and just allowing fellow citizens to go at each other, you see, and with all of the consequences that would follow therefrom.”

You don’t have to want to be a part of them.  You don’t have to join them.  You may not have the same ideas as them for how the world should be.

But they are out there, in the streets, protecting the innocent from the fascists our government clearly supports.  They saved people in Charlottesville, and they show Nazis that a price must be paid if they wish to intimidate and be violent against anyone they deem to not be their idea of what people should be.

They are trying to make Nazis afraid again.  What are you doing?

Sources:  The Washington Post, And Democracy Now!

Logo by Inmanitas, Creative Commons license.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “Why It’s Wrong To Denounce Antifa”

  1. Sounds good, i’m all for Antifa if they protect the peace, keep the Nazis in check by using non-violent means. Altho i’m curious why they would accept money from an agitator/ agent of the deep state like Soros. Are they bought and paid for, doing the bidding of their handlers to incite conflict… time will tell.


    1. AntiFa does NOT protest the peace. They were created in the 1920 by Communist International to silence all opposition to Communist movement in Europe. They have a long history of violence. The are the opposite side of the same coin as Fascism. They have used violence to push their agenda from day one, especially during the Spanish Civil War.

      Communism is just as much of a evil tyrannical and anti democratic ideology as Fascism. Since it’s creation it has been responsible for over 100 MILLION deaths worldwide.

      You cannot fight ignorance and hatred by joining another ignorant hate group.

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      1. Yes i’m aware that historically Antifa is a radical commie group, but not how it’s played out here in the US. Antifa is a loosely knit group without a central command or organization, much like Anonymous. They are ideologically driven to fight for minorities, fight against capitalism and basically carry out the neo-liberal agenda. Remnants of the Occupy movement have joined, mainly to protest and spread awareness.

        This neo-liberal group of “radicals” have usurped the Antifa name, but is not the same destructive Commie organization of old. They seemingly are opposed to Nazi fascism and do fight against it. What troubles me is that George Soros want to mold US Antifa into a gov’t weapon used for regime change and NWO globalism in this country and around the world.

        Already they have some success putting Trump and white supremacists in the spotlight. We’ll see how far they get and what form they’ll take in the future.


  2. This shit is just unreal. I’ve resumed writing about the chaos, if you’re at all interested.


    As for your post, it’s important to NOT do what Easy D did and compare a group fighting fascim to a group promoting fascism. I guess when you look at it specifically in those terms… it’s like saying apples are oranges or whatever analogy you prefer. Thanks for the post!

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    1. Both groups are equally evil and hate filled. When two evil ideologies battle each other in the streets is not good for anyone. They are both two sides of the same coin. Sadly the communist movement in the us is very well represented in out higher education system.

      You see kids walking around wearing Che’ shirts and most do not know how much of a cold blooded murder he and his revolutionaries were. Or the fact that Communist have murder over 100 million people.

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      1. While I certainly can’t disagree with your statement regarding Che, I have not personally observed my students wearing them. I think you’re thinking more college students, but I do teach in Caldwell, ID and we could have a very different culture than a lot of public schools.

        That said, your logic does not compute. Saying a group protesting a hate group is as hate-filled as a hate group is like saying bug spray is the same as bugs. One is intended to oppose the other. While there may actually be hateful feelings, it’s not the same hate we talk about when someone grabs a torch with a few hundred other white guys and shout “Jews will not replace us,” “blood and soil,” “Ruby Ridge,” or even dressing up in Nazi garb and marching around a synagogue. For you to compare the two, as our POTUS did, is so backwards that I can barely describe it. Yes doesn’t mean no. Up isn’t down. A group protesting a hate group is not a hate group. BLM might feel a lot of hatred for police, but they aren’t marching around saying all police must die, they aren’t using racial slurs, and, to my knowledge, BLM and Antifa have never lynched anyone. How do you square this logic? Genuinely, I mean that. How?

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      2. Two things. BLM activists have said multiple times police must die and white people are evil for not pay reparations. They have shot and killed multiple police officers across the country. You can look it up.

        The other thing is Antifa is just as bad, in terms of violence and not ideology, as the white nationalists. When you mob, beat, pummel, pepper spray, throw urine, riot, destroy property, etc. etc. etc. You look just as bad and, at times, worse. Lets put things into perspective. Those idiots that were shouting “jews will not replace us” were standing around a statue like a bunch of confederate worshipping apes carrying wal-mart tiki torches. Antifa shows up looking like Isis members and were actively seeking confrontation. They got what they were seeking. This point, however, is not to be cold to the victims of the car attack. That was disgusting and somebody lost their life to senseless violence.

        Antifa is bad news for everyone. Did you happen to notice that the Dem’s are beginning to denounce them because this is all getting out of hand? Antifa needs to go away just as much as these white nationalists. We need to return to peaceful and intelligent discourse.

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      3. You say the communists like they are one group. Some communists have murdered. Most have not.
        I will agree Che was no hero, but like you said, most of those kids have no idea what he was about. If our colleges were pro-communist, they would.
        Again, I am not a member of ANTIFA for the very reason that I am not a communist. I will say they are good allies against fascism and I know there ideologies are not hate filled.
        I am a proud amount opponent of free-market, unregulated capitalism, and if you take issue with that you are on the wrong site. While I do not take things as far as ANTIFA, I am aware that capitalism in its current form is not good for most people, and support anyone fighting against the fascist capitalism that the Nazis and other white supremacists support.
        Allies do not always have the same end-game (as the US and the USSR did not have WWII). But they fight together against the bigger threat. So it is with ANTIFA.

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  3. The thing you completely missed is the overwhelming evidence that they are a bunch of violent thugs. I think a good read for you would be “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” by Mark Grey. He is a supporter of them, but he points out a few things, one of which is actually disturbing. That is the fact that Antifa is illiberal. They do not believe in free speech and will use violence to shut down speech they deem “fascist”.
    Also, to the point you made above, free market capitalism isn’t bad. It actually will help people leave poverty, so long as they are willing to work. Corporatism is bad and corrupt due to business and government getting in bed with each other in order to help each other succeed by getting wealth and power off the sweat of our brow. That is the corruption you should fight. There is a difference.
    Also, Nazis didn’t and don’t believe in capitalism. They are socialist. Nazi is actually a political nickname for National Socialists.


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