Hello dear reader(s)!

As far as the Pagan Sabbats are concerned, Lughnasadh or Lammas to me is “Meh”.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still do a couple of things in order to celebrate it, but all the Sabbats for me are times to connect with nature or observe the changing of the seasons and to me, Litha and Lughnasadh feel roughly the same.  They’re both hot as fuck and around times where being outside for any major length of time will result in skin cancer or heat stroke.

It is the first of the harvest festivals, so fruit and grain are big on this day.  My love is baking some braided bread that looks amazing.  It is rising right now, but I am sure it will smell and taste even better.  I am looking forward to that.

This evening, when the sun goes down, I will try to get outside.

I belong to a local group that celebrates the Sabbats and they are having a celebration this evening, but I am pretty certain I will not be able to attend due to extreme gastrointestinal issues which will make me want to stay close to home wherein lies my magical porcelain throne which the seven kingdoms do not fight over.

I will feast tonight, because my love is an awesome cook.  Maybe I will light a fire in the evening (as this is a fire festival) or burn an effigy to release the negativity we carry.  Incense and candles will be burned (of course), and good times will be had.

But I am still kinda “Meh” on this one.  One of the problems with a nature-centric belief system is that sometimes, nature sucks.  You understand the necessity of it.  You are thankful for what is provided by it, but you don’t want to go outside and play in it.

“That’s great that the love between the Goddess and the God burned so hot it literally consumed him, but could they not get their passionate heat all over the rest of us?  I don’t want to be consumed too!”

If you want to get really technical, this celebration should have happened yesterday after sunset since that is when the day began for the Celtic pagans, but fuck technicalities.  I do what I want.  Besides, if you get in to those kind of technicalities, you probably actually want to celebrate on the closest full moon.  My path allows me to mark days on a regular calendar, thank you very much.

Perhaps if my stomach feels any better later, I will let my Goddess consume me, if y’all know what I’m sayin’.   😉

Happy Lughnasadh, everyone!  May it be more than “Meh” for you!






Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

6 thoughts on “Lughnasadh”

  1. Lammas has never been one of my faves, either. Cause hot. Oh, so hot.
    That’s nice you baked bread 🙂
    I wanted to lapping in the indoor pool right now, but I, too, had to stay near the bathroom. *sigh* Let’s hope next Lammas is better for both of us!

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  2. I think your approach is realistic. I don’t feel much more different about all the hoopla of pagan holidays than I do the hoopla of any other holidays. I’d much rather just chill with a small group of friends and hang out and eat, not dress up, not feel pressure to ‘be’ anything, etc. But I ‘feel’ more appreciative of the pagan holidays because they’re tangible. I don’t call it Lammas, but ‘Lammas’ is hot as fuck and uncomfortable. But here in MA, we do have tomatoes and cucumbers and fruit coming in strong. I can SEE it. I can TOUCH it. And there’s something about being mindful of things so tangible around me, no matter how uncomfortable I am. I just like the ‘RIGHT THERE’-ness of pagan holidays. Makes them special to me. I hope you feel better soon. Tip top. And speedy. Peace ✨🍇🍌🍉🍓🍈🍅🥒🥑🍒🍑

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