Game Of Shutting The Fuck Up

Hello dear reader(s)!

Look, I am not writing this post to take issue with how people like to have fun, or anything about the show itself.  I am sure it is a good show, and once the fucking hype dies down, I might actually want to watch it myself.

And no, there is nothing wrong with talking about something you enjoy online.  To a point.

But please, for the love of all that is good and unholy, shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones.  Honestly, there are other things in life.

It would be one thing if I was on a dedicated Game Of Thrones fan page.  It would be another thing if it were only on social media.   But for weeks now, all I have been hearing about anywhere in any media or overheard in public is Game Of Thrones.

“Season 7 will be the last!  Oh no!”

“It’s almost here!”

“Kalisisisisiiisiiiiii will be queen of Underoos!”

And on and on and on.

I am a Westworld fan.  I can not wait until it comes back.  I have had conversations about that show with other people who have seen it, or who I am convincing people to watch it with me right before I start it On Demand.  If I were on the Westworld page, I might even have conversations about it with other fans who are strangers.  But I do not post random shit about it on my Facebook like it is somehow important to my life or the lives of other people on my friends list, particularly those who I do not know have seen it.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying something, and doing what you have to do in order to relax and enjoy some things in this world.  If that for you is Game Of Thrones, well then good for you.  But there is something wrong with the obsession about a fucking TV show as if it is somehow central or important to the lives of others.  I don’t give a shit if your character is killed, okay?

It was the same way for The Walking Dead.  After some of that hype died down, I watched it.  It was pretty good.  Not great, certainly not worthy of all the hype, but pretty good.  I even enjoy some of the funny memes made from it.  But do I feel the need to let everyone I know that I am wondering if something will ever happen besides Rick finding some place to stay for a while that seems perfect, but then isn’t due to (insert threat here) before they fight and roam again, rinse and repeat?  Do I update my Facebook status with how much I can’t wait until it starts?  Do I tell people when and where I am watching it?  No.

You may have guessed by the completely unreasonable tone of this post that this isn’t really about Game Of Thrones or The Walking Dead.  It isn’t about any television or leisure activities that people choose to engage in when they need a little escape from the all-you-can-eat crap buffet that is modern society.  It is about distraction.  It is about unhealthy obsession with those escapes that keep people from being engaged in reality.

A break every so often isn’t just good, it is necessary.

But so is living in the real world.  And when people are more concerned with the fate of the corrupt ruler of some land in the world of fiction than they are of the corruption within our own land that affects their lives and the lives of others, something is very wrong.

“The people will not revolt.  They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what is happening.” – George Orwell, 1984

Don’t let your escapes become your reality.  Take the time to enjoy the things you love, but then go back to the world and fight the fights that matter.  Shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones and anything else until you educate yourself on what is happening in our world, and act accordingly.  Turn off the television long enough to learn the issues, call your representatives, vote, and participate in reality.

Or maybe I really am sick of hearing about it all the time, so even if you don’t do those things, please just shut the fuck up about Game Of Thrones.  😀

– A Grumpy Old Man




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

39 thoughts on “Game Of Shutting The Fuck Up”

  1. I have to confess to being a GoT fan here! Mostly I don’t talk about it online for fear of giving away spoilers (I once gave away the ending of Gladiator on a Yahoo chatroom). Now, Star Trek or Star Wars… I will talk your ears off 🙂

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    1. Which is cool, if you are engaging with someone who wants you to. I guess for GoT, it is the people who think I should care that get to me or obsess about it but are clueless to so many important things.

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  2. Sorry Dude I love “Game of Thrones” and I also enjoy “The Walking Dead” even after two rather boring seasons. It’s a nice break from normal TV. We gave up cable and stream only, so TV is not the center of our existence.

    So I don’t really give a fuck what you are saying right now. 🙂

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  3. No, I won’t shut up about Game of Thrones. I may not post about it on my Facebook, but I won’t stop wearing my 3 GoT-related tank tops, nor will I stop painting my nails with GoT-themes. I won’t stop talking about it with friends & family.

    I also won’t stop voting, calling my representatives, signing petitions, making donations, & resisting.

    The two are not diametrically opposed. Methinks you’re just annoyed by people posting about it on your FB feed, my dear. 😉

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    1. Me thinks you are right (although trust me, I know plenty of people who follow every detail of that show but can’t tell what is happening in reality), but since I signed the post “A Grumpy Old Man” (or something similar) I would say your hypothesis is likely valid.

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      1. I do understand getting grumpy over people posting constantly about something which you give zero f***s. I feel the same way when people post about their children constantly. 😀 😉

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      2. LOL! I know, right?

        It’s not like I’m worried my cursing might offend your or your readers’ delicate sensibilities or something. It’s more that employers now look at potential hires’ social accounts. Since I hope to get back to work sometime soon(ish), I try to limit my curse words. (Yes, I know that it still looks bad to use stars in quite obvious curse words. Shush. Let me have this.)

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      3. Too true. Some of my, erm, personal profiles would definitely scare off potential employers.

        Then again, I’m sort of not using my real name, so I’m really being overly cautious if anything.

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  4. Great point, get ur head out of the tube and participate in reality, once in a while. Some good news for a change, the Trumpcare bill is not passing Senate in it’s current form. Back to the drawing board GOP.

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    1. I just hope they don’t repeal the ACA without something better. I think the Democrats need to pull their heads out of their asses and get to some government option (or better yet, single-payer) collectively, or else watch their party die completely.


  5. I watch very little television. There are so many other cool things to do so, I’ve never seen the shows that people obsess about and I am absolutely cool with that. It’s actually kind of fun to see the expressions on the faces of people when they are talking about whatever show is cool at the time and I say I’ve never seen it. 😀 I get the WHHAAAAT, you DOOONNNN”T watch TTTTVVVVV????!!!!! It’s called programming for a reason!!

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  6. AMEN! I feel this way about most gossip these days whether it be about those Kardashian creatures or beyonce’s twins, But just as equally game of thrones and every possible fan theory baggage it comes with! Another great post I can relate to!

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