Resisting, Phase 2

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

You may or may not have heard about the piece of shit “Christian” from Montana who was just elected after committing assault on a journalist for daring to do his job.  You may or may not have heard that even before the assault, he said he wanted to get rid of Social Security because retirement was not biblical according to his fiction book said that Noah built an ark at the age of 600 and therefore it is okay to make laws based on that disproved line of bullshit.

Today, you may have heard about the governor of fucking Texas (Why don’t you just fucking secede already, since you think you’re better than everyone and you are your own fucking republic anyway?) made a “joke” (credible and dangerous threat) about shooting reporters.

The fascists are in power.

The House passage of the AHCA, the movement on Trump’s budget, Jeff Session’s for-profit drug war, and Trump cozying up with murderous dictators (even congratulating them on it) should show that fucking petitions, letters, and phone calls aren’t cutting it anymore.

The way we resist needs to change.

But what can we do short of armed insurrection?

Well, how about we as liberals and progressives quit living in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist?

The conservatives, the GOP, the NEW Soviet Union, and the inbred Trumpeters all would gladly watch our nation burn just to spite us, even if it means catching themselves on fire.  They control the government and use the insane laws we have been fighting to get changed in order to maintain it.  We have tried every single method to change those laws but to no avail.   Until we can change those laws, we need to take advantage.

We need to arm ourselves.   Train ourselves.   Form militias that can exist under the law the same ways their stupid fucking hate groups can.  Not to fight, but to prove we can.  It won’t take us long once we finally start taking advantage of how things are now before we are stronger than they are.  After all, we are not ignorant, inbred, hateful people who parade around in Cabella’s camo gear but couldn’t lift our AR-15’s to our shoulders because we are too exhausted from the all the moonpies, Whataburgers, and beer weighing our fat asses down.

We need to get on juries.  Quit trying to dodge them.  Get on those things, and if someone is up for a drug crime, we fucking acquit them.  If they seem as though they have an overworked public defender, we fucking acquit them.  If they are being accused of anything that you know you have done, or another person you know has done, we acquit them.  If them being incarcerated serves the private, for-profit prisons of Jeffyboy and his buddies, we acquit them.

We take advantage of the ridiculous “stand your ground” laws that we so despise.   We can change them when we win.  In the meantime, they are taking advantage of them against us.  George fucking cunt-ass Zimmerman is a hero to some of these Thugpublicans.  You’re a reporter from the Guardian and some Montana dickhead decides to assault you?  Well, maybe he had an iced tea and skittles on him.  How are you supposed to know?  I call shooting him self-defence.  He came at you.

They pushed these laws on us to bring “frontier justice” to our doors.  We can’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend they are not fighting against us anymore.  They want the Wild West, they can live the consequences too.  These laws are being used to kill the poor.  The minorities.   The free press.  The liberals and progressives.

Only because we want peace.

But when someone is literally trying to kill you, closing your eyes and choosing not to participate just gets you killed.

It’s not time to revolt.  Yet.

We don’t commit the crimes.

We don’t need to.

We don’t want to give the fascists an excuse to “crack down” and send out the badge-holding goons to quell anything.

But we need to quit pretending we can ignore the armies being formed against us.  The government endorsed acts of terror.  The stealing away of our fundamental rights.

There is a war being fought against us.   The fastest way to lose a war is to surrender.

Good day and good luck.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

11 thoughts on “Resisting, Phase 2”

  1. Hi Josh, pretty radical post. I’m not so sure liberals/ progressives are quite ready for armed insurrection, or even prepping for one. There are plenty of laws and channels in place to get in touch with your local representative and affect change peacefully. I’m all for change, but violence is not the answer, if fact it will only make matters worse.

    I understand your anger, and justifiably so, but are you really going to take up arms, practice on a shooting range, form revolutionary militias? Doesn’t that make you as bad as the enemy thugs you are purportedly opposing?

    Study up on history, bloody revolutions and civil wars, armed resurrections are very destructive means of achieving an end. You turn into the very enemy you want to stop. Have you considered the more effective and efficient passive resistance route ala Gandhi? He raised consciousness and brought the whole British Empire to it’s knees, the Brits had no choice but to leave India sovereign and in peace.

    I really like Michael Moore’s approach to resistance:

    Perhaps cooler heads prevail? *Peace* XD


    1. The problem with armed militias isn’t that violence turns us into “thugs.” It’s an issue of assymetrical power. The resistance will never have access to the massive weaponry and state-run armies that the authoritarian regime has. A band of warriors with black market firearms facing down a fleet of Bradley tanks? We’ve lost before we even start. There are ways to become ungovernable and effectively so without placing hopes in either guns or electoral politics. The anarchist/antifa movement has tools. Also, read Gene Sharp: From Dictatorship to Democracy, and his shorter 198 methods of nonviolent action:

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      1. You are right, no militia however organized and armed can oppose gov’t military and police forces with unlimited resources. Perhaps guerrilla warfare can delay the inevitable, so you are totally correct. Best solution is to organize non-violently, educate your friends, neighbors, strengthen your local community and become more self reliant.

        Not a single shot has to be fired, and yet citizens can do so much to bring down the system. Shop and support local, boycott all corporate controlled goods and services, and that includes all main stream media which basically spews state sponsored propaganda. Grow your own food, unplug from the grid using solar, collect your own rain water, use your car as little as possible, walk or bike, learn about being as self sufficient and independent as possible.

        If enough ppl wake up and drop out, society will transform very quickly, b/c any government and their corporate masters can’t exist without the support and willing cooperation of the sheeple. Simply stop consuming and give back to your local community by volunteering, sharing information, donating time, bartering goods and services, see what happens in a year!

        Thanks so much for the Gene Sharp link, I’m on it. Also check out Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects by Dmitry Orlov has alot of great ideas.

        Cheers! XD


      2. The armed militias aren’t as much to counter the government as they are to counter the right-wing militias and hate groups.
        Although sometimes, just the cost of fighting can deter a superior army.

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