I Am Here For You

Hello dear reader(s)!

Did you miss me?  I missed me.  I missed me hard.

I realize I went MIA there for a while, and there is good reason for that.  I have been insanely busy, or sick, or lazy, or preoccupied.   I have definitely been distracted.  Everything has conspired to keep me from this-here blog-type-thing for quite some time now.  It had gotten to the point to where I considered abandoning it altogether.  (Everyone:  It had gotten to the point to where I considered abandoning it.)

But then I thought about you, my dear reader(s).  Lost and confused in a world without MyFridayBlog™, and all of the goodness and light it brings.  I could abandon my blog-type-thing, but not you, my dear reader(s).

Especially not in times like these, when fascists rule our government, polluters rule our lands, and people actually wait in fucking lines for shitty chicken sandwiches from homophobic businesses.   If I completely went away, the terrorists would win.

However, even though I have made my triumphant return to blog-type-thinging, the news isn’t all good.  It’s fake.  All of it.  Even the true stuff is just fake news.  Especially when it is about our dear Fuhrer Trump and his merry band of fascist traitors in this de-facto Russian Republic.  But the real bad news here is that while I am still going to be blog-type-thinging, I definitely need to scale this motherfucker back.

I am going back to a posting schedule.  I was thinking Fridays (but then it might like the title!), but also Saturdays and Sundays.   I just have too many other things I need/want to do when I have any limited energy to be wasting hours and hours of the day carefully crafting these magical, life-changing words for you day in and day out.

So…  let’s try to catch you up since I last posted.  Let’s see…

Trump should be impeached and if he isn’t, the GOP is just as guilty of treason as he is.  But I think I have been saying that for some time now.  Despite it being fake news, it is very real treason.

My life has done a complete 180 (with exception of my health, that’s still an issue) since relocating.

The AHCA has passed the House and if it resembles anything close to what the Senate comes up with then people will get desperate and do desperate things.

My area is in a housing bubble.  Most of the country is.  It’s fucking ridiculous.

It’s hot today.  Too hot.  It’s only going to get hotter coming up.  I think I need to get air conditioning clothes.

Um…  I guess that’s about it for now.   I’ll be back Friday, like the title of this-here blog-type-thing.  Might stalk all your shit in the meantime.

Peace be with you.  (And also with you.)


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

24 thoughts on “I Am Here For You”

  1. I DID miss you. I almost emailed you a few times just to tell you I’d thought of you and wished you well. I’m glad you popped in. I think I MIGHT could live with a post from you now and again, although mostly what I missed was the nodding and laughing your blog type thing provided regularly. I’m greedy, but I’m honest.

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  2. I’m so glad you’re back! I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’d track you down & drag you back, kicking & screaming, if you abandoned me. I mean, um, your blog.

    Got any thoughts on the whole scandal-ridden Presidency that’s been launching a new scandal almost daily since you left us?

    Also… I sent a lengthy email to healthreform@finance.senate.gov after seeing this particular Twitter post. It might not be real, but the request had a deadline for May 23rd & I thought, even if it was “fake news,” bombarding the Senate Finance Committee with emails sounded like fun. If you can pull yourself away from cat videos for a minute, you should totally email them too! 😉 http://twitter.com/TopherSpiro/status/865664030542659584

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      1. Thanks sweetie! I knew The Resistance could count on you (but, I also know if you’re too tired/busy/drawn into kitty videos to do it).

        I happened to see you mention “fries & cheese” in another comment. I’m now upset with you & craving cheese fries. 😥


  3. I went looking for your most recent post just a few days before this popped into my reader! I’m glad your absence was due to primarily good things instead of your health taking a nasty turn. 🙂

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