Song A Day Challenge Day 1

Hello dear reader(s)!

I am in a great mood this morning.  Perhaps it is the new moon in Aries.  Perhaps it is the partly cloudy skies.  Perhaps it is the fact that the store trip I made this morning was relatively easy and quick.  Perhaps it is because they had bison.  Perhaps it is the coffee.  Perhaps it is the happiness of having great friends.  Perhaps it is my overuse of the word “perhaps”.  Who cares?  It is a beautiful day!

Yesterday I talked about feeling like I wanted to go on an adventure.  One of the comments was that it was likely Spring Fever.  I give some weight to that theory, and certainly think it might be a factor.  But, I also think it is just the solidification of a philosophy.  A defining and clarification of what the meaning of life is to me.

I have all kinds of theories of what life should mean.  I have my own ideas about how the universe works, and what our place in it means.  Other people have their own ideas.  But when you take away those things that are merely ideas, those ideas and feelings we have, there is only one thing we can know for certain.  We are alive.  Therefore the only reason for life we can determine with total certainty is that we are here to live.  What is living, but not experiencing what we can in the time we have?  We all have a common fate, in this life, with these bodies.  We will all die.  This is something we can not escape.  What happens next, if anything, is something we all have our own ideas about.  The only thing we can prove, is that we are alive now.  We are alive, and that is the meaning of life.  We must live.

Yes, we weigh how much we want to live based on a balance of how much time we think we have to experience things verses how much we can experience.  We plan for a future that we do not know we will experience, but we place odds on in a bet against death.  We decide that we can experience more over a long lifetime, than in a couple of days.  And likely we can.  It is a balancing act, for certain.  But I think that too often we are overly cautious.  We try to extend our lives to such a degree that we take away our ability to experience things.  I think we need to work toward finding a better balance of risk and reward.

You really see that clearly when you almost lose your life way before you thought you ever would.  You look at the caution with which you lived with disdain.  When I was diagnosed with cancer at 34, a cancer not linked to lifestyle or anything else, I suddenly felt like I spent far too much time worrying about the future.  I finally got that it isn’t promised.

Again, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have goals.  It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think ahead a little.  You have to balance it.  If you just did everything you wanted in a day without thought or regard to the future, you wouldn’t last very long, and you would fail to experience very much at all.

What it does mean, however, is that you can’t waste the present moment you have worrying about a future you may never see.  This is easier said than done, I know, but it is important.  Find a balance between the present and thought of being able to experience more as time goes by.  If your reason to live is to live, than thoughts of how you are going to survive is vital.  But if all you do is survive, well you are not really living.

I feel very happy knowing that.  I feel like I understand now why I grow restless sometimes.  I feel like I have a good grasp on what I want out of life for me.  I know the experiences I like, I want more.  I know what I don’t, because I have tried them.  There are plenty of things out there I don’t know about that I want to experience.  There are some I know about and don’t want to experience simply from experiencing the stories from those who have.

I am not going to be afraid of that which I do not know.  I am going to use my reason to keep a balance, but I am going to live this life.  I am going to say “yes” to things more often, within reason.  I am going to make all days as beautiful as I can, and not waste this life in worry.

I was challenged to do a song a day challenge for 5 days.  I accept, but I want to make the songs an emphasis on a thought I would have already posted about that day.  I was challenged by the wonderful A Momma’s View, go check out that excellent blog.

The rules are:

  • Post a song a Day for five consecutive days
  • Post what the lyrics mean to you ( optional)
  • Post the name of the song and video 
  • Nominate two different bloggers each day of the challenge.

Today’s song is Let’s Live For Today by The Grass Roots

Today I nominate Shopgirl Anonymous, and Jewish Books are Awesome.  Y’all don’t have to accept, of course.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

14 thoughts on “Song A Day Challenge Day 1”

  1. I’m going to give you a bible verse, please don’t take this offensively, and I’m not at all trying to convert your religion just as a friend: Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything but in prayer and petition submit your requests to God. I understand if you never want to talk to me again. (((HUGS)))

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  2. #1 Sappy Saying about Living in the Present – the past is history, the future a mystery, this moment is a gift, that’s why they call it the present. Ooh, saccharine. Gack!

    PS: I may have to call the Song a Day Challenge judges, you’re far too young to pull out The Grass Roots on your first swing. They’re from my youth! Me and Moses used to rock to them down by the Red Sea! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s post brings, but I probably will. Still got quite a bit of present to experience before then.

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    1. Um, I think spirituality is an individual thing, but I do like explaining my perspective to people and if they want to take something from it, that’s great.
      But it’s funny you mention that because I’m currently trying to come up with an inclusive Beltaine ritual for a diverse group of pagans I celebrate with.


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