Portions Of Various Letters Never Sent

Everything I said about me thinking that you and I shouldn’t be together?  That was a lie.  I know we should.  I told you that because I knew you would never really see about us.  

I don’t need you.  I don’t need anyone.  I will stop wanting you if you keep acting like I need you.  

Is this one really real, and if so, why are you still seemingly trying for me?

Why do you want me to want you so badly, without wanting me?

I never did stop loving you.  

You weren’t the reason I stayed, but you were definitely the reason I left.  All the best things about that place are now tainted by the bitterness of memories with you.  

I know I have had a lot of relationships.  I think that is because I don’t force them.  I am fine with being single.  That said, I don’t artificially try to stop them either.  I like a good relationship too.  So let’s just see what happens, even though we both know what will.  

I really, sincerely hope that you are happy.  Happy knowing how badly you fucked up.

I am glad we are friends now.  So what if it took me years to be able to see you without wanting to die?  

I miss you, terribly.  Every single day.  I figure I always will.

You have no business dating someone until you can detach from that influence.  It wasn’t fair to me, and it won’t be fair to the next poor person that takes a chance on you.

You can’t have something you run away from.  That’s not how things work.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

17 thoughts on “Portions Of Various Letters Never Sent”

  1. This was great. The release of getting it on paper is very healing. As much as I would have wanted to, I don’t think I could have sent them either. Running into the person years later and having them say “I was stupid to have let you get away.” then saying yes it was and walking away feels real good though.

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  2. oh, this literary opened my eyes and made me realize that I am like the person you described . and I feel guilty and hope that this post will make me understand the mistake I did ! so thank you a lot for sharing it


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