Look! A Friday Blog!

Hello dear reader(s)!

Did you miss me?



I missed blog-type-thinging a little however, so here I am, post-type=thinging, on Friday!  Like I originally intended to do.  I might actually schedule time on Fridays to post-type-thing, but more likely I will just continue my random on-again, off-again posting style you all have come to know and detest.  Because I’m like, so totally random!  Now hand me my pumpkin spice frappuccino!

This morning, I am feeling awful.  I have been for a couple of days now.  My methods for attempting to feel better have failed miserably, so I miserably lie in bed typing this here post-type-thing wishing I felt belt better.

It’s okay though, I will feel physically better soon enough, however, and then…look out.

For what?  I am not exactly sure, but something.  Maybe ships at sea?  You decide.  Just look out.  I do not want to usurp your free will by telling you what you need to look out for.  In fact, to be completely transparent, even telling you to look out is probably overstepping my bounds.  So, I should ask that you please look out if you feel so inclined.

Okay, let’s see…what shall we talk about?

Oh, I know!

How about Mr. Bitter Beer Face, Alleged White Supremacist Terrorist Adam Purinton?

For those of you who don’t know, I live in the Kansas City metro area, of which Olathe is definitely a part.  In case you weren’t aware, some fucking idiotic terrorist Navy veteran, allegedly walked into a bar and allegedly shouted, “Get out of my country!” before allegedly shooting two Indian men and a white man trying to stop him because he allegedly thought they were Muslims and that would somehow allegedly justify it to all of the fucking pieces of shit who allegedly think it’s only a tragedy that they weren’t even Muslim.

Now, I only point out he was a Navy veteran, not to generalize veterans, but to combat the notion that because someone wore the uniform, that automatically makes them a good person and worthy of respect.  This piece of shit committed an act of domestic terrorism, not too far from where I live.  Can we please get over the jingoistic “support out troops and veterans at all costs” brainwashing we have had to endure?

While we are on the subject of brainwashing, let’s talk about Trump voters.

Is America great yet?  

How is that working out for you so far?  Got that great job yet?  I know it’s only been a month, but you all were blaming Obama for things that happened before he even took office.  So, why isn’t America great?

I am going to go off an “I told you so!” rant now.

I know someone with a business in legal cannabis.  He voted for Trump.  I warned him.  Over and over again I said that a Trump administration would be against it.  He argued and argued.  Didn’t believe me one bit.  Told me that I was being brainwashed by the mainstream media.  He said Trump wouldn’t go after it because of states’ rights.  Then Sessions was nominated and confirmed.  And yesterday, just as I suspected, in Trump and company’s desire to further entrench the police state, his mouthpiece Spicer announced that we should expect enforcement of federal anti-marijuana laws.  Now, I haven’t used cannabis since I lived in Washington because I am paranoid about ending up in a for-profit prison doing slave-labor.  That said, I still think it should be legal, even though this won’t really affect me.  I really hope he gets to keep his assets.  I really hope he isn’t raided and put in prison.  If it happens to him, or other Trump voters, well, it’s on them.

Also, for those of you who believe Trump’s falsely inflated crime numbers, just wait until we have a real drug war again with cartels controlling something millions of Americans create a demand for.  Good luck stopping that with your little wall.

I also had an argument with someone over the future of Social Security and Medicare prior to the election.  I warned that with a Ryan as Speaker, and Trump in the White House, the programs would be drastically cut, to the point of being almost useless.  This person told me the programs were too sacred and it would never fly.  And yet after the election, the only bill put forth to extend the life of the Social Security Trust Fund that wouldn’t need extending were it not previously raided, is to cut benefits without lifting the payroll tax cap.

Trump and his jackbooted ICE agents (Schutzstaffel) are rounding up illegal immigrants in unheard of numbers.  How is that working out for you?  Do you feel safer when the Brownshirts come to a hospital to remove a woman with a brain tumor?  Does it make you feel safe when the Brownshirts raid a court to detain a woman seeking a restraining order from an abusive partner?  How about knowing that the tip came from her alleged abuser?  How is that fucking great?

Is it great that the obsolete coal industry is allowed to dump their ash into our fucking drinking water?

Small business owners, are you experiencing record profits with all those barriers to your business taken down, or have those executive orders not benefited you yet?

Is it great that other nations have to debate whether or not to rescind an invitation by their Prime Minister for a State Visit?

Is it great that the severely mentally ill can buy firearms?

Is it great that the Arizona Senate passed a bill allowing for the seizure of assets of protest organizers if those protests should turn violent even if they weren’t planned to be?

Is it great that Steve Bannon said that many of the cabinet nominees were specifically selected to destroy their respective agencies?

So, please, tell me…

Is America Great Again?

Maybe by next Friday…






Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

26 thoughts on “Look! A Friday Blog!”

  1. LOL, yes maybe by next Friday! It is my experience that human nature, being what it is, will always be dissatisfied with something. If Hillary had won, the alt-right would be bashing every pay-for-play scheme her greedy little mind could devise.
    Der fuhrer Trump is obviously no better, he did what he had to do to get elected. The perfect candidate of all time was Bernie, the only person i respect enough to vote for with clear conscience. Maybe by 2020, the DNC would reform enough… as not to sabotage their best chance at winning!

    Really sorry to hear about that Navy Vet, he clearly had issues, the Trump presidency basically gave him permission to act out on his prejudices. As a vet, his best defense is PTSD, or big pharma drugs made him do it.

    Also bummed about the cannabis issue, it would have been nice to grow a few plants on my property, just to beautify the space mind you! Oh well, the war drugs drag on… some sacred cash cows never die.

    I do agree with you Josh, sadly the country will be unrecognizable by the time he leaves office. Live for today, pray for tomorrow! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know I was pro-Sanders, but Trump supporters obviously don’t really care about pay-for-play, just look at DeVoss and Sessions. Hillary would’ve been WAY better. I’m just hoping we have a country when he’s out of office!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not sure if Hillary would be way better in regard to foreign relations… one of the main reasons Putin “endorsed” Trump and help leak incriminating emails from DNC, look up “Guccifer 2”.
        U’r absolutely right about DeVoss and Sessions, positions bought and paid for, just more corrupt cronyism expected from the right.
        Gov’t has gotten so far out of control, it would take a miracle, well more aptly a revolution for citizens to take back control and dissolve the federal gov’t, give the power back to the states governing locally.
        What are the chances of that happening?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t get me started, Josh! All I can say is, you’re speakin’ my language!

    But maybe this angst is what’s making you not feel well. I find that I have to go back and forth with the news, talk radio, C-SPAN, etc., because it’s almost like a train wreck–I can watch it continuously because there is so much to discover or uncover and analyze but then I find that it really gets me wound up so I have to go do something else or watch some other type of programming to calm myself down and try to put things in perspective in my mind. Know this–time will tell and the truth will out.

    I hope you feel better soon, Josh, President Trump and Congress, notwithstanding.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Network news may be giving all of America a collective headache. That’s good advice to tune-out and deprogram, like Josh said- live life to the fullest with real ppl u care about, b/c US will be very different in 4 years!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That and personal funds probably haven’t helped my general often feelings of awfulness. But, who knows?
      It is good to tune out from time to time, but not completely a abandoning awareness.


  3. I’ll admit, I missed your blog-type-post-thingies. I might have hoped, at one point, that we’d email one another again. But, I understand not feeling well & not being able to do what one would want to do.

    If you tell anyone I said that, though, I’ll deny it. Can’t let ya be ruining my hard, a**-kicking, b**** rep. 😉

    To add to your “Is America great yet” list:
    – Does pushing through the controversial – & possibly treaty-violating – Dakota pipeline make America great? Or does it just revive our dark history of putting our boots on the necks of dark-skinned people with different (& oh so scary) cultures?
    – Is America so great that Herr Drumpf can play golf more times in his first 30 days than Obama did in his entire 8 year presidency?
    – Is America’s greatness measured by how many executive orders the president can sign in a month? Or does that just show that he’s subverting the will of the people (through their sometimes unreliable representatives) & making himself the supreme ruler who speaks for all? 😡

    I wanna go live on one of those new planets NASA discovered. 😥

    Liked by 1 person

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