Hello dear reader(s)!

This morning, I sit at the table writing this post.  Not really sure where I want it to go, I just type what is on my mind.  I awoke with a smile on my face.  Memories of my dreams, as well as the day and evening I had yesterday were on my mind.  It is a little cold, but the warmth I feel inside seems to make the actual temperature far less important.

I lay in bed for a moment, reading and responding to my messages.  I noticed one of my cats on the top of the headboard looking as if she was waiting for me to stir in order to jump down.  Sure enough, she jumped down so I could pet her when I looked up at her.  My other cat, jealous, walked up from the foot of the bed for some love too.  The sounds of happy kitty purrs filled the air in my room.  I smiled a bit longer, and decided to get up.

I got up to begin my usual morning routine.  It used to bother me that I had such a routine in the morning, but now, I kind of like my little ritual.  Grab out my coffee machine, all the coffee stuff, and make it.  Grab a bagel or other breakfast treat and make that too.  Grab my computer and head out to this table where I babble onto a blank screen as I eat breakfast and drink my coffee.  My cats hover close by, waiting for me to get back up, wash out their dishes, and feed them.  I look out the window and watch the squirrels play in the backyard, and the flags from the small car lot behind the yard flutter in the cold wind.  And, despite the cars, the ugly red, white, and blue commercial flags advertising some never-ending fictional sale, I find it all very beautiful.  Despite the trash caught by the wind and glued against the other side of the chain link fence, I find it very beautiful.

The stupid flags, while ugly, make pretty patterns in a brisk wind.  The trash, while horrible, collects against the backside of the fence where it will be easy to pick up when they clear it.  It is as if nature is helping.  It also appears to be more paper than plastic, which makes me happy.  The squirrels playing remind me that even when wild animals regularly struggle for survival, there is fun to be had.  Plus, they are cute.  There are trees which will soon be turning the shade of green that signals they are are ready to grow new leaves and branches.  Even though they are still bare, they already appear lighter than they did a week or so ago.

It is cloudy, and grey.  But the light from the sun, filtered by the clouds creates a soft and beautiful glow through the windows.  I am a little sore this morning from all of the fun I had yesterday, and from being hunched over a stove and sink preparing my favorite meal.  It is the kind of sore you are actually happy to feel.  And I am missing someone, badly.  But I feel so lucky to know I will see her soon, and feel incredibly lucky to have someone in my life who I can miss so much.

I scroll through my Facebook and see a mass of posts about the Republican administration, the Republican Congress, and the horrible things they are doing.  Yet, the very fact those posts exist is a beautiful thing.  The people in my country are finally paying attention, and finally speaking out.  And while it may be too little, too late, just the massive display of people finally caring about something other than themselves or their new flat-screen televisions is a beautiful thing.  I see hope, that we can endure, and get back on the right track.  I think there is a lot more darkness yet to come, but for the first time since the election, I feel like the light will ultimately shine.  That is beautiful.

There is beauty to be found, if you look hard enough.  I am so very glad today that all of the times I wanted to give up, I continued to believe that I would be able to see it once more.

I hope that if any of you are on the verge of giving up, you can look for and see the beauty as a reason not to.  And if you can’t see it, I hope you don’t give up the belief that you’ll be able to.


There are calls for a general strike on February 17th.  It seems very loosely organized and perhaps a bit late in the planning, but I urge you all to participate anyway.  Do not be disheartened by the small participation in early events.  Things are just getting started and will only grow with each action.






Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

11 thoughts on “Beauty”

  1. “…collects against the backside of a fence, making it easy for them to pick up when they clear it”–now that is a VERY optimistic point of view! 😀

    Every time my mind wanders back to when a deer collided with my car and then tumbled over it a few weeks ago, I thank my lucky stars. And I like to stock my birdfeeder with birdseed and other goodies because I do feel that it’s hard for them, especially in the dead of winter. I think the squirrels get their share, too.

    Love the picture, Josh, and I’m glad that you’re having a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The picture is actually from my mom’s house in Seattle. No filter.
      I’m sorry about the deer collision, glad you’re okay.
      That’s nice of you to help the birds and squirrels.


  2. Glad to hear you feeling more optimistic about the world. It’s so important to rejuvenate one’s soul every so often, being in love certainly does the trick, keep it up!

    Just curious, what is a general strike? What are ppl actually striking out against?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A general strike is one in which the strike isn’t limited to a union or industry. It is an attempt to slow or halt the economic engine in order to remind those in power ignoring us, that we actually have power and they need us. When people actually participate, they are very effective.

      One day to remind those fuckers they can’t get their precious money without us.

      Then as more are called and movements grow, you can bring a country to its knees over a particular issue, striking until it’s resolved.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ah yes, it’s called passive resistance! Gandhi brought the British occupiers to their knees within a few weeks, all the Brits had to evacuate b/c every Indian citizen went on strike, all businesses closed down! Very effective strategy. But that works only if you have a unified ppl against an unjust oppressor. Unfortunately, half our population actually supports this windbag and thinks he’d doing a great job! Businesses are pro-trump, and nobody is willing to lose profits, shutter their doors in a capitalist society. I just don’t see that happening.
        Marches, sit-ins, strikes, occupy movements are ultimately futile b/c the majority doesn’t believe in the cause. Hate to tell you this, but conservative white Christians actually make up the majority in this here US of
        A. Altho I am hearing of a Cali-exit in the works, breakaway Republic could set an interesting precedent!


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