Celebrating in the Dark

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

What are you doing to resist?

If you’re like me, the answer, is probably, “Not a whole hell of a lot.”

Of sure, you might be speaking out on your social media.  You might have made phone calls to your Representative’s offices only to be brushed off.  You might be going to Starbucks in an attempt to counteract the fascist boycott of their business for daring to announce they will hire refugees, despite disliking their coffee and wanting to support local coffee instead.  You might have deleted Uber, if you ever used Uber and weren’t already anti-Uber for their union-busting and attempts to avoid any kind of responsible regulation for the safety of those who use their service.  You may have donated to the ACLU.  You have helped spread the word about what is happening.  You may have even shown up to a protest or two, or possibly even helped to organize one or more.

Now what?

Well, now it is time to celebrate.

Why?  Have we won?  Did we score an important victory?

Hahahaha!  No.

Not even close.

In fact, until there is a full-scale revolution (something that will not happen until those with the weapons of war are literally watching their families starve), this country is lost.  The Republicans are ignoring the Constitution.  They are changing the rules as they go.  There is no effective opposition, and any attempts at one have been successfully silenced or ignored.  Absolute power has been achieved, and any notion you have of being free is nothing more than a fantasy.

So why celebrate?

Because, for right now, you can.  You may not be able to soon.  Don’t listen to the memes going around trying to shame you for attempting to enjoy yourself during this time.  What else are you going to do?

Soon, the wonderfully erotic sex you enjoy may be illegal.  Soon, the music you listen to may be banned.  Soon, you will have no time to celebrate as the state demands more of your time for work in their service.  Soon, the beautiful light of the sun, filtered through clouds, will be obscured by thick layers of pollution.  Soon, you will not be healthy enough for celebration.

Do it now.  Celebrate now, while you still can.

Create art, write poetry, sing songs, and play music.  Leave record for those in the future that there is another way than that which brought us down.  Reach out to people with love.  Enjoy these days to the best of your ability, knowing what is coming.

Despite those who speak to the contrary, you can resist while having a good time.  It is okay to fill out stupid surveys on Facebook and to re-post articles about the atrocities the Republicans are committing.  The two actions are not mutually exclusive.

These are dark times.  But you are alive today.  Celebrate that.  Enjoying yourself is an act of resistance in and of itself.  They want people to get used to the idea that misery is acceptable.  Resist that.  Resist that life should be about work, hate, and obedience.  Celebrate today.

Hello dear reader(s)!

Today I have a doctor appointment.  It is a follow-up for my appendectomy.  Tomorrow, I have another appointment with my oncologist.  I have two large booklets of paperwork to fill out for each one, and I am getting really tired of it.

People do not know how much work goes into being sick.  The amount of trees felled for duplicate questionnaires and disclosures for my illness is depressing.  The amount of time I have spent dealing with patient registrations, pre-registrations, filling out forms, calling and responding to calls from medical office staff, and just waiting to actually see doctors once my appointment begins is like a having a full-time job in and of itself.

Despite this, I will celebrate when I can.  Today, until sundown on my path, is Imbolc.  I intend to celebrate the first signs of Spring, as they peek out from this cold and darkness.

As much crap is going on this world, I have plenty to be grateful for.  I will celebrate that while I can.

Good luck to us all.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating in the Dark”

  1. I just posted this on facebook. It’s a small gesture, but better than nothing. Letting them know that DeVos is wrong for education. All you have to do is google the names of your senators (like “senators in oregon”) and then google that name plus the phrase “phone number.” You’re seriously a lazy pussy if you can’t take the two minutes for two phone calls.

    You will need to provide your name and physical address (I presume to prove you are an Idahoan), but CALL YOUR F@CKING SENATORS. The vote for Betsy DeVos, a nomination created due to a conflict of interest (giant family donations to the GOP, for example; another quid pro quo nomination), is a WRONG nomination.
    Even us idiot teachers at the alternative schools can tell you the difference between a formative and summative assessment, how one uses those assessments, and what they look like.
    (208) 342-7985
    Senator James Risch, Phone
    (208) 334-1776
    Senator Mike Crapo, Phone
    If you live in another state, fun fact: this shit ain’t hard! I googled “Idaho senators,” because I am THAT ill informed. After google gave me both of their names (surprise, they are both Rs), I then googled James Risch phone number and Mike Crapo phone number and they popped up without any problems. If an idiot like me can do it, imagine what you could do with your time.

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    1. We need only 1 more (R) senator to vote against her confirmation. If not, assuming that all Dems vote against her, then defections by Ms. Collins (R) and Ms. Murkowski (R) would bring the number of votes against her to 50, setting up a tie in the Senate that Vice President Mike Pence, in his capacity as president of the Senate, will need to come in to settle.
      It’s a toss up, if Ms DeVos loses, who would you prefer to see as Sec. of Education? Still wind up with a (R) with even less experience and scruples.


  2. I don’t know if this will work for you, but years ago, I created my own little sheet of medical details. I grew weary of explaining surgeries and hospitalizations and I put them all on a timeline like a resume and I have not, not once, had a dr reject them or make me fill out more paperwork. Now, insurance companies…they ALWAYS reject it.

    I have signed petitions, donated to the ACLU and PP, and called my congressman and both Indiana senators. Mostly I seethe. But I do celebrate now and again, because life is too short and if you don’t enjoy it, the terrorists win.


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