What Else Is New?

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

Trump fired people trying to keep him from obtaining absolute power.  This is what authoritarians do.  Speaker Ryan is a little bitch (not even the fun kind) who won’t stop his shredding of the Constitution, as is any other member of Ze Repulikanz.

Anything else from here should come as no surprise.  We have witnessed this before.  An unpopular leader and his party, with a minority of support, seized power through a flawed system and worked within that system to bring it down in order to replace it with their own twisted dictatorship.

In the early days, when it could have been stopped, a military and militarized law enforcement community brainwashed by nationalism that his party echoed, failed to do anything.  A weak and corrupt legislation failed to challenge him until it was too late.  A judiciary who opposed was ignored or eliminated.

We all know this story.  No matter how badly our education system has tried to whitewash history, the lessons of the rise of the Third Reich were taught to us all.  Maybe some of us were too stupid to pay attention.  I don’t think that is the case here.

I think too many of us want it.

Any Republican looking at Nazi Germany knows that the loyal Nazis who were not under suspicion had it pretty good while the Nazis reigned.  Sure, most (that didn’t escape) had it pretty bad after, but who is to stop the Nazis of the United States?  Who will be our liberators?  With the rise of far-right parties the world over, who will save us from fascism this time around?  The Republicans are betting that nobody can.  They are lining up in lock-step, ready to give the Nazi salute to their Führer.

It is increasingly more important to stop speaking out about Trump.  It isn’t just Trump, Bannon, and Pence.  They could not succeed without the Republicans.  We must stop framing this as Trump against America, and make the discussion about the truth.  We must speak out against the Republicans.

It is something we tend to forget when we think about Nazi Germany.  We tend to think of Hitler as the madman.  He was a madman.

But he had to have many, many Nazis to help him.  He had to have other madmen working to support him.  He had to have the weak, and corrupt who were too concerned with their own political power to oppose him.

Trump isn’t shit, without the Republicans.

This isn’t a Trump administration.  It isn’t a Trump government.  It is a Republican government.  Until we start framing the discussion in that way, no resistance effort could possibly hope to succeed.

Republicans opposed to fascism should resign from their party.  If they don’t like the Democrats (who can blame them at this point?), they should start their own.  They should recognize that the enemy of their enemy can be their friend, however, and ally to bring down the fascists that stole their party.

Those who stay in, are giving consent to fascism.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu

So no more, am I going to talk about the evils that Trump has done.  No more, am I going to talk as if Trump did an end-around all of the Republicans who support his subversion of the Constitution.

They watched, and at worst, they cheered.  At least, they did nothing.

But really, what else is new?


Okay, so I am thinking I do not want to turn this blog-type-thing into an exclusively ant-fascist blog.  I am determined to keep speaking out against these Republican fascists, and I am determined to devote at least some space to that, but honestly, I have to remember that there is a life to live that makes the fight worth it.

On that note, split posts like this will likely become a regular feature.

I want to talk about my friends.  My friends have impressed me lately.  Some, I think spoke up a little too late, but so many are compassionate and involved people who I am proud to know.  My social media feeds are filled with people unafraid to really speak up.

I am proud to be with my girlfriend.  She is brilliant, eloquent, and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, either.  She is a great friend, a great person, and is someone I respect and admire.  Even if I weren’t so damn attracted to her, I would be proud to know her.

I am going to go now.  I need to get ready to go have fun.  I have a life to live.  At least for today.  Each day could always be our last.  It has always been that way.  I don’t know if the risk of it being our last day collectively has been this high, but individually, tomorrow isn’t ever promised.

So today, go out and live while you can.  Do things that might be illegal tomorrow.  Squeeze every drop of pleasure out of this miserable situation that you can, while you can.  Tomorrow you may need to fight.  Tomorrow you may not be here.  Tomorrow isn’t promised at all.  Help people if they need it today, but if you can take tine to remember why you’re alive, I suggest you do that.

Good luck to us all.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

20 thoughts on “What Else Is New?”

  1. I can’t disagree with this post… but I can… I suppose on an ideological level about how to move forward.

    Everything about Trump and Hitler’s support is totally correct (as far as I’ve been taught, anyway). Neither of them did it on their own; they did it with insane amounts of support.

    Moving forward, I simply feel like we CANNOT aim this at the entire Republican party. Now, that ISN’T to say that many, many Republicans are not at fault. The situation is quite to the contrary. However, considering things like the electoral college and bridging the divide between liberal and conservative, especially in the face of all of these stereotypes (the dope-smokin’, race traitor, hippy, tree-huggin’ liberal; the fascist, redneck, ultra-conservative, ultra-racist conservative), I believe we need inclusion.

    Personally, this means NOT holding grudges against those who (perhaps, benigngly) voted in the worst authoritarian this government has ever seen. My hope is that, after guiding these people to see the light and the inevitable direction our country is currently headed in, we can get them on our side. Bridging the divide between parties has been sorely needed for a long time; however, I still think that those differences and things like the internet continue to promote zingers and one-liners and disses over real, genuine connection and communication.

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      1. We so terribly thought that the Republicans would split into radical, evangelical christo-Republicans, and more traditional / moderate Republicans. I suppose it could still happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

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      2. Hear the one about the “alt-right” (we love that alt… sounds kind of like the neo-nazi right…) essentially “liking” the fact that Trump managed to make a statement about the holocaust without mentioning Jews. The de-Judification of the Holocaust, they are calling it. I thought the Holocaust was more or less COMPLETELY about Jews, plus the “etc.” that we throw in there (artists, gays, gypsies, political dissidents, people who accidentally stood in certain unmarked areas, etc.). Anyway, I can tell winter is ending because it’s starting to stay white out later.

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    1. Now, I am not holding grudges against those who actually regret voting for the orange douche.
      But at some point, when you notice all your party leaders are ignoring the Constitution and essentially joining the fascists, you quit the fucking party.
      Ryan and company aren’t just silent, they’re supportive.
      Like I said, don’t join the Democrats. Start a REAL REPUBLICAN party or something like that. But if the bad guys in power wear an elephant, and you wear the elephant…
      (Now replace elephant with swastika and say it again.)


  2. This country has never been in a situation like this, neither have we witnessed it. The people in the U.S. have read about it, but really don’t know. I would compare Trump to Mussolini and not to Hitler -yet. But it’s actually not Trump making the decisions it’s his closest advisor Stephen Bannon. That’s our real problem. That’s at least my humbled opinion.
    The United States of America is a very young country. I am afraid we are writing word history as we speak -just not in a good way.


  3. “Those who stay in, are giving consent to fascism.” They sure are. And they’re gleefully amassing power, grabbing up private donations, and stocking every committee and office they can with their friends. Fascism doesn’t look so bad from the inside. We’re going to be paying dearly for this for generations.

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