It’s Worse Than You Think

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

This will be a short post.  I am a little frazzled.  I have a bit of living to do today while I still can.  Things are going from bad to very bad, and most people aren’t even aware of what is happening.

Yes, millions of people are outraged over Trump’s actions.  It is nice to see people standing up.  A lot of people are happy that there is still a branch of government who occasionally is concerned with the Constitution and justice.  People openly cheered when the courts put a stay on parts of Trump’s unconstitutional actions.

It is clear now, that in most places, the cheering was premature.

Because, despite the Constitution being crystal clear about judicial review as one of the key checks and balances of government power, court orders based on that review are being willfully ignored by Customs and Border Patrol (Schutzstaffel  2.0), under what is now a clear directive from the White House.

The Executive Branch has seized absolute power, and it seems that nobody is prepared in or interested in stopping them.

In a sense, the Republic has already fallen.  The Constitution, is void.

This is hardly being reported, and when it is, the implications are being brushed under the rug.

Rather than spell out that the Constitution only works if it is being adhered to and properly enforced, the most you will hear about this, is it being called a Constitutional Crisis.

There is no crisis with the Constitution.  The Constitution is clear.  The crisis exists because Trump and his cronies have chosen to ignore it, and nobody is going to stop them.  The crisis exists, because as long as this is allowed to continue, the Constitution is worth less than the paper it is printed on.

Let me make this perfectly clear:  Those who swore and oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, are duty-bound to stop this.  Those that continue to allow this are traitors.  

I’d be worried about saying that; fearing I could end up on some list.  I am sure I am on some list already.  Besides, the dictators know I am no threat to them.  There is no fight to join.  I sure as hell am not advocating that anyone takes on our military who is so damn brainwashed by propaganda that they are cheering these actions, rather than holding to their oath.

I’m just some guy with a computer telling the truth about the fact that we already live in a dictatorship, and there doesn’t seem to be damn thing we can do about it except for hope that somebody in power actually grows a spine and decides to care about the nation, and the Constitution, and put a stop to this shit.

We can continue to speak out, and promise not to go quietly when they come for us.

I’m no fighter.  Even if I were healthy, I probably wouldn’t even know what to do.  I’ll protect myself, and the innocent, if faced with the immediacy of their danger, but that is about the most anyone can get from me.

But I promise you right now that I will not stop telling the truth about these fascists while there is breath in me.  I will not stop advocating for their removal from power.  I will not stop hoping that someone in a position with enough power to help restore our freedom will hear our voices and decide to help.

I’m not going to give up, as tempting as it is.  I just don’t know what there is to do.  I was momentarily cheered up by the amount of donations the ACLU has received this weekend, but I also know that if when the ACLU wins in court,and the courts are ignored, it hardly matters.

Congress:  Do your jobs and impeach this madman.

Judiciary:  Use the Marshals to enforce your orders.

Somebody-anybody with the ability to stop this:  Do what you have to.  Keep your oath.  Be a hero.

The very notion of freedom is counting on you.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

13 thoughts on “It’s Worse Than You Think”

  1. Scary part is, Trump has the military, FBI, and gestapo police support. He’s even making deals with CIA to win over loyalty and consolidate absolute power. Ur right, there’s not much an ordinary citizen can do, besides being an internet warrior. As a peace loving pagan patriots, perhaps keep educating ourselves. I’m attending a seminar that exposes the real hidden agenda of trump, his plans to remake gov’t in his vision for the next 4 yrs. and how to counter them. Great insider intel:


    I believe we should all be proactive and diligent of the changes imposed from the new administration. We all have control over our own lives, if that means moving abroad, educating ourselves, or mounting resistance to injustices of this world… we must take action.
    Hoping for the best, but always prepare for the worse.

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  2. Suggestion, since you have breath in you: Have you considered calling your congresspeople? Tell them you’re against pretty much everything Trump is doing. They take phone calls more serious than emails nowadays.


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      1. You spoke to a secretary, I’m guessing? Are you planning on calling back? Are any of them up for re-election in 2018?

        I really ought to take my own advice & call my reps. One of ’em is awesome, the other one’s a jerk (going by voting records). I’m gonna see if either of them would be susceptible to thinly-veiled threats against re-election. 🙂

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