Choose A Side

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

About last night…

Listen, I do not care to argue (today) over the morality of turning away refugees from countries we are responsible for destroying.  I do not care to bring up the fact that those nations affected by this travel ban have not produced a US terrorist since before 9-11.  I do not care to talk about how your ancestors were likely immigrants that the majority of people already in the US at that time were afraid of.  I don’t care to bring up all the ways you are more likely to be killed than in a terror attack.  Those who agree with me, agree with me.  Those who don’t, will not be swayed by facts, and statistics.  They will continue to believe the brainwashing that has been perpetuated in order to advance dehumanizing policies.  There is little point in trying to convince these people that accepting immigrants and refugees is actually beneficial.  There is little point in mentioning that the further the United States strays from its values, the further the possibility exists that it could ever be “great”.

Instead, here is what I ask you all indulge of me.  Let me attempt to appeal to any vague sense of humanity you may still have.  Please imagine a scenario for me.

Let’s imagine that you are out of the country on business.  You pay taxes.  You have a good job, where you have worked for decades.  Your children and spouse are home.  You are tired.  You look forward to going home, kissing your children on the cheek as they lay in their beds, so happy their parent is back.  You look forward to cuddling with your spouse before getting some much needed rest in your bed.  Your credit cards are near their limit from your travel.  You just want to be home.

You land at your city’s airport, and are greeted by armed and aggressive, jackbooted Customs and Border Patrol officials who tell you that you have been detained by Executive Order, and plans were being made to deport you back to the country you just flew in from.  You have no hope of return for the next 90 days, and there is no guarantee return will be allowed.

Then the interrogation begins.  They take your cell phone, and access your social media accounts.  They grill you about your party allegiance.  They demand to know if you support the person in the Office of the President.  They harass you, and belittle you.  They deny you access to an attorney.  They attempt to coerce you into signing away your permanent resident status.

You hear the protesters outside.  You hear lawyers shouting, “Contempt of Court!” and “Let them see an attorney!”  You know something isn’t right.

Still, the agents keep you detained, barring you from legal counsel.

A court has issued a stay in certain parts of the Executive Order.  Subsequent courts have ruled that the Customs and Border Patrol officials now have no legal standing to detain you.

You remain detained, denied access to counsel.

Now, ask yourself…

Is this what you want the United States to be?  Would you be okay with this if it was you, or your family?  

I don’t give a shit if you think we shouldn’t let in as many refugees.   Well, I do, but that isn’t the point right now.  I don’t care if you are anti-immigration.

What I do care about, this morning, is that the Executive Branch continued actions ruled unconstitutional by the Judicial Branch, thus violating the Constitution, and you are not sufficiently outraged.  What I care about this morning, isn’t the reasoning for the ban (which is shit), but that Goebbels (Bannon) and Hitler (Trump) overruled the Department of Homeland Security’s advice that the order not apply to Legal Permanent Residents and instead, treated people who have been completely vetted, living in, and paying taxes in this country for YEARS as if they are subhuman.  I care that you lack a fucking conscience.  I care that heads are not literally rolling over this.  I care that you don’t care because it doesn’t affect you.  

Trump wants to Make America Great Again by rolling back the clock to a time he thought we were a bigger power in the world.  Might I suggest the sixties?  Where a President might be a bit scared to remove the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council’s Principals Committee in favor of a fascist, propaganda minister without worrying they may have to pay for such a decision?

Tuesday, November 6,2018

If we have anything close to what resembles free elections on that day, it is important to remember which side your Representatives chose yesterday.

It is important for all of you to pick a side too.  The time is now.  If you work for Customs and Border Patrol, you should resign.  If you wear that badge, you may as well be wearing the bolts of the SS.

If you work for any enforcement agency asked to subvert the Constitution or increase the power of the fascist regime in charge of the government, you should resign.

If you are sitting at home, and didn’t know any of this happened.  You need to educate yourself and choose a side.

You won’t be forgiven by history for just following orders.  They tried that at Nuremberg.

Choose a motherfucking side.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

7 thoughts on “Choose A Side”

  1. Out of all the posts I’ve read since first following you Josh, I think this it the most powerful and important one. I absolutely agree that now more than ever is the time where we need to pick a side and not simply sit back quietly and hope that this all goes away. I posted yesterday to my followers that while my blog is still geared toward books, what’s happening is so outrageous that I cannot remain silent. Since my health doesn’t permit me to attend marches or rallies, it will be through my blog as well as the non-stop calling of my representatives that I will make my voice heard.

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  2. For the past 8 yrs the pendulum has swung so far left, it’s natural to swing back right but Trump is ridiculous.
    It’s like he’s trying to undo everything Obama did in record time. I don’t agree with Obama’s policies (esp regarding war) and the neo-liberal globalism agenda, Trump is probably no better! Instead of globalism we are replacing it with fervent nationalism and the rise of conservative fascism. Here’s a summary of his first week in office:

    On Friday he sent shockwaves around the world when he signed an executive order to indefinitely suspend admissions for Syrian refugees and drastically reduce the flow of other refugees into the United States by instituting what he’s termed “extreme vetting.”

    As CNN reported, The order bars all persons from certain terror-prone countries from entering the United States for 90 days and suspends the US Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days until it is reinstated “only for nationals of countries for whom” members of Trump’s Cabinet deem can be properly vetted.

    Just 7 days into the Trump presidency; here’s what the media wants to HIDE Social media giants partner with MAJOR conservative FOE Leftists protest Uber because CEO said THIS about Trump…

    The countries impacted are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, according to a White House official.

    “I hereby proclaim that the entry of nationals of Syria as refugees is detrimental to the interests of the United States and thus suspend any such entry,” the order signed by Trump reads.

    The total number of refugees admitted into the United States would also be capped during the 2017 fiscal year at 50,000, down more than half from the current level of 110,000.

    But that’s only yesterday! Here’s the full list of what President Trump has achieved in his first week (H/T Vox):

    1. Changed existing policy to require every unauthorized immigrant caught crossing the border be detained.

    2. Expanded the Obama administration’s existing policy of prioritizing the deportation of unauthorized immigrants convicted of serious crimes.

    3. Beefed up border enforcement, adding agents to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement’s Enforcement and Removal Operations office and reinstating the Secure Communities program.

    4. Directed the Department of Homeland Security to begin construction on a wall on the US-Mexico border, to the extent that it can be paid for with existing funds.

    5. Signed an executive order promising to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities.

    6. Reinstated the “global gag rule,” that blocks federal funding from international family planning organizations that “either provide abortion or discuss abortion services with their clients.

    7. Withdrew the US from negotiations over the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

    8. Announced a hiring freeze throughout the federal government except for the military and national security or public safety positions.

    9. Announced a temporary regulatory freeze.

    10. Put a freeze on public communications (like news releases and social media posts) and grant spending at several agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency.

    11. Suspended the Obama administration plan to cut interest rates for Federal Housing Administration–backed home loans.

    12. Issued an executive order telling agencies to waive or grant exemptions from Obamacare fees and regulations “to the maximum extent permitted by law.”

    13. Canceled advertisements urging people to sign up for Obamacare.

    14. Signed executive memos that will make it easier for TransCanada to construct the Keystone XL pipeline and for Energy Transfer Partners to build the final uncompleted portion of the Dakota Access pipeline.

    And there are 207 more weeks left in his first term!

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