Fighting Trump

Hello dear reader(s)!

Greetings from the recovery room.  Okay, so I am technically out of the recovery room, but since I am still recovering, and am in a room, any room in which I am in while recovering is being dubbed the recovery room under Special Executive Order:  Whatever, Article:  I do What I Want.

As you may or may not be aware, government agents, under the fascist’s order, decided my resistance was too great a threat to their fourth Reich, and decided to poison my appendix, causing me to miss precious organizational and resistance time while focusing on my survival.  (Hey, if they can make can shit up, so can I.)  Anyway, whatever alternative fact about how my appendix decided to attack you choose to believe, the results are indisputable.  I got appendicitis and had to have surgery.  It knocked me down for a few days.  The surgery is hard enough for a healthy person, but for me, I believe I only survived thanks to the kindness of other beautiful revolutionaries.  Despite my wounded and pained condition, I know I am needed in this battle and feel there is no choice but to return to the front lines in support of my fellow freedom blog-type-thingers.

So despite the danger to my health and well-being, it is time to continue with this resistance by sharing with you some ways your can resist Trump and his team of fact-denying, racist, fascists.  As he targets Muslim majority countries with immigration restrictions, restarts unpopular and dangerous fossil fuel projects, announces the publication of targeted racist propaganda in the form of a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants that has not been seen since the Nazis published The Criminal Jew (translated), as he targets his opponents for retribution and issues orders preventing the government from issuing statements of fact, it is important to begin earnest resistance efforts as soon as possible.

Here are some ways to get started resisting this fascist and those who would support him.

  • Support independent journalism  Don’t just share good articles on your Facebook.  Subscribe.  Donate.  Then share.  Make certain that people are aware there is a true and free press out there still with the stones to stand up for the truth in this administration that feels the right to “disagree with the facts”.
  • Protest  Do this in any way you feel you can.  The goal is to make it impossible for him to forget how hated he is.  Everywhere he goes, no matter how much time goes by, he should be shown the same disrespect one would show any other Nazi scum.  Because that is what he is.
  • Get personally involved  Join the ACLU.  Meet with like-minded people in your area to discuss practical ways of local resistance.
  • Donate to organizations that will also fight Trump  Many organizations that provide vital services are going to be under attack (or already are) in this administration.  Be certain to fight for the organizations that will fight for you.
  • Contact your Congressperson  (I had written Congressman here, but it turns out there are actually people who call themselves women in Congress in the party of Trump.)  I understand this one is the least likely to do any good.  That said, they need to know that public opinion is not on their side.  It has to become clear to them eventually that people are finally paying attention, and eventually, there is going to be more at stake for those who would surrender democracy than their chances of re-election.
  • Divest from those who took over the government  The fossil fuel industry would trade all of our lives for a few more dollars in their bank accounts.   They installed this madman on the promise that he will restore an industry that is dying due to its dangers and the fact it is largely becoming obsolete.  Help them down this road of obsolescence.  Drive less.  Use less electricity.  Take away the profits they thought they would see spike when their chosen one assumed power and denied the harsh facts of their dying industry.  Quit buying American.  You are only perpetuating a myth that got Trump elected.  There will be no massive return of good manufacturing jobs in this nation, nor should there be.  By allowing our gas-guzzling, inefficient products to quit selling, the rust belt may realize that Trump can not save them sooner rather than later.  The economy needs to do poorly in all sectors to truly convince people that their votes for fascism was a mistake.  Our industry that needs to buy governments and deny facts of the crisis they cause in order to cut regulations that cut into their precious profits do not deserve to compete in this world anyway.   Additionally, everything we buy creates revenue for this evil, tyrannical government.  We need people to see the revenue lost under Trump, and so making that natural loss more dramatic, and more visible early, we can hopefully press the need for change from even those from within who have been reluctant to act or speak.
  • Form neighborhood rights watch groups  Train to defend your neighbors from those who would attack them for their skin color, religious preference, sexual orientation, disability, or any other excuse Trump and his violent sociopath followers can use to hurt people.  Be certain to train your group that Trump may eventually deputize your local police.  Fascists may not wear swastikas, sometimes they’ll wear your city’s seal on their badges and the US flag on their shoulder.  If they fight for the fascists, they must be considered to be the fascists.  Make certain that is not lost on the people in your watch group.
  • Work on your personal life  Because you are going to have to have something to remind you why all of this matters.  And something to help you regain your strength after a hard fight.  Find someone to love and to love you to help insulate from those who fill the world with hate.

Good luck my dear revolutionary(s)!

If Trump nukes us all when he thinks someone said his crowd size was too small before I can post again, I wish you all a happier existence in a happier realm on your next go-around.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

41 thoughts on “Fighting Trump”

  1. Love this post and thank you for writing it. Glad to hear you’re doing better and recovering well. If you’re at all interested, I did a recent Trump-related, alarmist post (Civil War.) and I’m in the midst of writing some others to help me cope and understand the situation. I would LOVE your feedback on that post, my previous post on Trump, and the future ones (AGAIN, only if you have time and there’s no pressure). Thanks for writing this thoughtful post.

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  2. Appendicitis. Not good. I managed gangrene in mine. Reopened the wound … do hope yours goes better.

    Congressman? Please, representative in congress. Also, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability. Women? Can we not mention women? I mean, you do consider yourself a feminist. Trump has already signed one EO to my knowledge against women’s rights.

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    1. Just one at this point?
      I’m surprised. And I’m sorry, but are any Congresswomen not already opposing Trump?
      It’s not the Congresswomen who are the issue. It’s the Paul Ryan clones. White guys.
      I did not specifically list women but did cover women in any the “any other category” part. If I were to mention every group under threat by these fascists, we’d be here all day. No implication of importance or size of threat to groups should’ve been implied.


      1. No. Implies that Congresswomen don’t need to be contacted. Because they’re ALREADY ON THE RIGHT SIDE.
        Congressmen need to be written to. Specifically Republican Congressmen. Because Congresswomen are busy trying to oppose him, they don’t need the convincing. Seriously. Why is that difficult to understand? Do you feel that the only group you seem to care about needs representation even in a group they’re not a part of (people who need to be contacted to be convinced to oppose Trump?)
        Furthermore, regardless of their percentage, they are just another category to be marginalzed in a Trump administration. Do you think women are more targeted under Trump than immigrants? Do you think they’re more targeted than the poor? Are you really going to be upset because your pet-cause category got lumped in with other marginalized groups rather than being named specifically for your feelings of recognition of your group’s plight?
        I didn’t specifically mention my own group under attack by Trump either. Does it matter?
        Are you really going to waste your time arguing with a blogger fighting a common enemy for not giving a shout-out to the women who are obviously even more oppressed under Trump than they normally already are? When even a cursory review of my posts warning of Trump listed his disregard for body autonomy and women in general as reasons nobody should ever vote for him?
        How about you let go of the lack of separate mention of women on this particular post and actually put some of that energy to resisting those actively seeking to oppress women? And if you think not mentioning women separately among marginalized group is oppression, then I’m really happy you’re so privileged.
        I hope you feel good about waving your “I’m a better feminist” banner in the comments while the rest of us actually join together regardless of which reason affects us most personally to fight this fight.

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      2. I do concede one point, however, for which I apologize. I honestly did not believe there were any REPUBLICAN Congresswomen this term. Those that would need to be contacted. I guess I just incorrectly assumed no woman would be in Congress with their party for the way their party devalues women. I guess people have no limits.


      3. Doubting people who say things like this, through habit and unintentionally, mean any harm. I’m not saying that the whole “congressman” or “policeman” or “fireman” thing isn’t wrong, but I am saying that if you want to genuinely communicate these thoughts to other people, you need to do so a little more gently. I’m not by any means telling you what to do, but I am making a recommendation. The people we are trying to convince or recruit or turn against their Orange Fuhrer (sp?) don’t like attacks and I hear enough about PC police and feminazis and all of that garbage. I work in a public school and still hear the righ talk about how no one can say, “Merry Christmas,” which is just wrong. I do it plenty, even in the Spring. However, if you approached someone and were trying to get them to, say, help you impeach the president, your approach shouldn’t condescend or scold.

        Just an opinion!

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      4. If Congresswomen weren’t already opposing Trump, I think she’d have a good point. But you don’t need to convince those already opposed to oppose.
        She’s actually more right than I thought, however. I didn’t realize there were female REPUBLICAN Congresspeople this time around. I guess I simply couldn’t see how there could be.
        So yeah, as fucked up as it may seem, I guess we’re not just talking about white guys, but also traitors to their sex who need to be contacted as well.

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  3. Ugh. Your appendix is just the beginning. I know they’re responsible for the caffeine in my cream soda, Josh. I just know it. If your brain is immune to the bullshit, they go after your body.


  4. This is a great post. The time is coming when a resistance movement will be necessary. I have done my best to stay out of politics. I don’t vote, our political system is broken and has been for a very long time. Have to make a choice between the lesser of two evils every four year is not a choice at all; but I am thinking of writing a Trump related post. If I do I am going to add a link to this post. I hope your recovery is going well.

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      1. Well, I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on that. I believe there have been times of crisis worse, and even times when evil was accepted as not evil, but I do not believe anyone has held such a high position in the government with such evil intent.


      1. Hi Josh. Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with your points, except one. I don’t think this is a “but” situation. I think it is an “and” situation. It reminds me of fictional characters like Inspector Clouseau (except a villainous one), who are bumblers beneath the surface but have access to people and resources to keep the facade afloat. I also think you should consider the sociopath angle. He’s not just someone who is self-centered — this situation is much deeper, and more sinister than that. Let’s both keep speaking out. Thanks again.

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