Viva La Resistance

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

Well, it has happened.  The fourth Reich has risen and taken control of the Untied States, led by an orange and angry Führer who promises to restore a nation to a level of greatness it has never reached.  He reached his position by exploiting a flaw in the system, much like the leader of the third Reich, having not had the support of the majority of the voting public.  His firmly entrenched party is prepared to plunder the country for their own glory, regardless of the cost to human decency, morality, ethics, or the rule of law.  The Cabinet our new orange Fuhrer has selected is eerily similar to the Ministers of the Nazi Party under the previous Fuhrer.

The Republic has fallen, and most do not even realize it.

Democracy fell before our government was taken over by fascists.  It fell, little by little, when gerrymandering districts was allowed to stand.  It fell some when restrictive voter ID’s were upheld.  It fell more when large portions of the Voter Rights Act was wiped out.  It fell a lot when The Supreme Court ruled to stop a recount to decide an election in the year 2000.  It fell a great deal with Citizens United.

Until November, there was the hope that it could be restored.  That those flaws wouldn’t be exploited by the power-hungry madmen.  That those who were so hungry for power still wanted to leave a better world for their children.

Then we got Trump, and his bitch-boy, Paul Ryan.  We got the worst Cabinet picks of all time who are going to be rubber-stamped into confirmation despite more evidence of their lack of qualifications and outright conflicts of interest than any previous nominees in the history of this country.

They talk about having a mandate.  They lost the popular vote.  That is no mandate.  They do not recognize the will of the people.  So why are we recognizing their authority?  They have taken step after step to suppress our rights to participate in our government.  Why are we recognize their right to govern?

As a resident of this fascist state, I hereby pledge to remain nonviolent until such a time as my human right are infringed or in the immediate defense of the human rights of other innocents.  At such a time that may occur, however, I will invoke the right of self-protection or protection of the innocent against any and all who may attempt to infringe upon them.

I appeal at this time to those within the government-those within the intelligence community who have sworn an oath.  You have a hostile enemy who has infiltrated the highest positions of power in this nation.  I beg you to keep your oath.  I will not be held responsible for how anyone should choose to interpret that plea.

I am too sick to fight a revolution.  I can only talk from behind a computer.  I am just adding to a wall of noise.

But we need that wall of noise.  We need people to know we are pissed off.  That we aren’t going to go along.  That when Trump’s deportation forces hit the streets, there are going to be people who will try to stop them.  And whether those people succeed or not, we will resist.  We need people to know that if our tax dollars are going to be used to pay for a border wall which is fucking useless since there’s already a fence in many locations that people just tunnel under or catapult over, we’re going to find more ways not to have to pay.  Whether we seek to use more Trump-style loopholes, flat-out evade the taxes, or just find ways to decrease revenue, we will resist.  We need to let people know that when we see a racist piece of shit emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric harassing a Muslim person or any other person of color, woman, disabled person, or anyone else who is not a member of Ze Republikanz; we’re going to beat the ever-living shit out of them and take what consequences come from protecting the innocent.  We need to let them know we will not go peacefully onto those box cars.

We need to let them know that this is just where we start.

I do not renounce my US Citizenship.  I renounce theirs.  I sincerely hope these traitorous Benedict Arnolds will not last long in this government.  May their downfall be peaceful for all, but swift.

On an administrative note, if you don’t like political posts, or more likely, inflammatory rhetoric that does not cross the line to incitement but likely is close to that line, you might want to stay away for a while.  If we do this right, we have two years of this, thanks to the midterms.  Either way, this is just day one.

May we all make it to the other side.

If not, I wish you all an easier and happier life, in a better realm on the next time around.


Tomorrow I will be posting about simple but effective ways you can resist the new administration’s efforts.  I have some ideas, but I hope to include any of yours that you may want to add.  You can post them in the comments, or email me at  








Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

16 thoughts on “Viva La Resistance”

  1. Josh, I must admit that my husband and I made the decision to leave the USA the day after the election. You may have seen posts about it. As it turns out, my in-laws aren’t very well so we are stuck here to take care of them. I’m frustrated, but accept it. As a result I have no other choice than to join the revolution. Good to know you’ll be by my side.

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  2. I have never liked ze orange-faced fucktard and I refuse to use his name.
    Diplomacy, deference, humility, ethics, integrity, elocution, decency — these things all matter to me, and will long after the era of the 4th Reich. The kampf is real.

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  3. I found out yesterday my Aunt is participating in the Women’s March in D.C. I’m so proud. 🙂

    Another problem with the wall (besides the fact that Mexico will never pay for it, putting the price tag squarely on the shoulders of the waning middle class, since the rich have their loopholes & the poor are… well, freakin’ broke) is that people don’t walk across the border from Mexico all that often.

    It’s a fallacy that the administration is using to make people feel like they’re doing something, when, in fact, they’re doing Jack squat. Most people come to the country legally, using a travel or student visa. Then, they just overstay it.

    I’m so very angry. But, I look forward to your post about how to do stuff.

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    1. You’re right about the lies of standard border crossing immigration. So that’s when conservatives make the drugs being smuggled in as a good reason for it. But it’s still a big waste that won’t do any good except making us look like idiots to the rest of the world.

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      1. Yeah, I learned about the border-crossing lies from Adam… if you couldn’t guess. LOL

        Unfortunately, we don’t really need to do much else for the rest of the world to think we’re idiots. The UK tried to take the “idiots-of-Earth” title from us with Brexit, but I guess we showed them! *shaking my head*


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