Hello dear reader(s)!

It feels as though I am still asleep.  I want to wake up, and enter the dream world of the life that is before me.  Yet here I sit, stuck in this nightmare.

Okay, not really.  Might want to tone down the hyperbole there.

But man, am I tired.  I need to get up, and get going.  I have been dragging this morning, and I do have one of those horrible headaches again.  Good to know they aren’t stress related.  I am not stressed at all right now.

I thought I had a doctor appointment today, but it turns out that it is actually on Wednesday.  Then I have another on Thursday.  Oh boy, oh boy!

Maybe I will get answers, but likely not.

This morning, I have been dropping things, forgetting things, and running into things.  I went to make my coffee, and dropped the metal filter into the sink as I was going to fill it.  I just turned the assembly over as I was opening the coffee bag.  Not a huge deal.  I just rinsed it, dried it, and filled it.

But then after putting in the coffee, tamping it down, putting it under the water nozzle where it belongs, filling the machine with water, and turning the knob to “Brew”, I failed to put the carafe under the nozzle.  I got it, just in the nick of time, but only missed coffee brewing all over my counter by about a millisecond.  You would think after having the coffee, I might be doing better, but you would be wrong.

Since then, I put my shoe on the wrong foot, ran into a wall, ran into my bed, and knocked into one of the pop-up cat condos, dragging it a few feet as it attached to my shoe.  I dropped my deodorant while trying to apply it, and dropped a coat hanger on the floor when I went to put it back on the rod from selecting my shirt.

I’m in a daze.  I’ve been walking around in a good daze for the last few days, but today, my equilibrium is off and I have next to zero energy.  It is bad daze.  Hopefully just a bad daze in a stretch of good days.  This is not the kind of daze I want to have for my days.

Despite the way I feel, I am in a great mood.  I have great people in my life who know me and understand me.  I have a plan on how to make my situation a lot better, in spite of the frequency of days I feel this way.  I have some things to do today.  I am hopeful my equilibrium improves before then.  I don’t want to run into things on the road, the way I have been running into things on foot around here.

Wish me luck, in waking from this coma.

What all are you up to today?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “Comatose”

  1. Hope the rest of your day goes a bit better. Be careful out on the roads. Have you guys been hammered with all these storms? We are quite soggy over here in California, and expecting more rain tomorrow (not complaining at all about that). I am out of work for the next 2 days – managed to develop a raging case of sinusitis and pneumonia – from a virus – that attacked last week (when I was supposed to be on vacation – aargh).

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    1. Yikes! Not where I am. I moved. Reno has flooding though, mostly in the usual areas though, so nothing too awful except for those people who deal with it each time. It’s supposed to turn to snow soon, so they’ll be good. Right now we’re actually kind of warm.
      Sorry about your pneumonia. I tend to get it easy when I get sinusitis if I don’t catch it in time.

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      1. I went to the Urgent Care yesterday and they tanked me up on steroids and antibiotics – I already feel better – better living through chemistry – that’s what my dear old dad says (he’s a geochemist – so he says stuff like that).

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  2. Well many of my days are filled with a series of accidents. I can’t imagine a stretch without that…lol! But I understand this may not be your norm (sounds like) so I’ll just say that I hope neuro is ruled-out and that you just had an off day 🙂 Regardless, it’s great to have understanding people around, even when you’re just a common klutz!

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  3. I’ve had really odd days lately myself. I poured cold coffee into my ice tea glass. I put ice in the coffee pot instead of coffee. I forgot to feed my cats or put them up at night like I do. But I have a good excuse…or a couple. I’ve been sick and on prednisone and it makes me a bit “wacko” and I’m suffering from being completely stuck in my house alone for days now due to the snow and ice on my roads.

    Oh…by the way, I read one of your posts last night. It was a suggested post. I even read all the comments and went to comment myself. I was in the middle of it and some how hit a button and poof it was ALL gone! I found your blog again by posting on mine! lol If you want to see it, go to my blog and check out the “Heads Up Y’all” post. lol

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      1. Oh my word! I HATE that stuff. I am doing MUCH better now! I am off the prednisone and the anti-biotic as of yesterday morning. So we will see. Prednisone makes me mean! I mean violently mean!!!!! I avoid people at all costs when taking it. I’d rather punch someone in the face than speak to them. (And if you knew me, you’d know I’m not a violent person and would never hit someone unless it was in defense of myself or my family).

        It also makes me where I can’t eat. I sleep about 3 hours in a 24 hour period. It messes with my mental health medications. It is awful!


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