Hello dear reader(s)!

Okay, sub-zero is only with the windchill.  A snowy blast hit the area last night, making for snowy, blasty conditions like that of a blast of snowy, blasty snow.  The ice-covered roads have a top coating of blasty snow that blasted onto them after the freeze of blasty weather last night.  The Department of Transportation has told residents to avoid travel today, due to the snowy, blasty conditions.

And my fucking heater is barely working.  It is cold in here.  Not the kind of cold that makes it comfortable to sleep wrapped up in blankets, but the kind of cold that makes you worried about frostbite on any skin that is exposed.  The cats glommed onto me so tightly for warmth, and the cold made my neuropathy unbearable.  All of my joints hurt, and I have a headache from the poor sleep.

I had an offer to spend the day in a nice, warm house, but I had to refuse because the asshats that are the maintenance and HVAC people for the property management company are going to be coming out during my roommate’s doctor appointment to go up and get the heater barely limping again for another day or so before it quits, and coming up with excuses of why they can’t actually fix it so it works like one should.  So I need to be here for that.

For the first few visits, they thought the only access point to the heater (which is up in the attic crawl space to make it as inefficient as possible) was through a hatch in the closet of my tiny-ass room.  This meant that I had to take everything out of my closet (which is overfull as it is), every time they came over to look at it.  That happened a lot.  Soon, they found that there is an access point through the ceiling in my roommate’s bedroom (that is easier to fit through), so at least that is no longer a problem.

However, this will be about the 9th time they have been here to look at this piece of shit since we moved in.  That was in October.  We didn’t even turn on the heat until mid-November.

When you add in the broken kitchen faucet, the leak in the bathroom sink, the leak in the kitchen sink, and the sewer clean out, we have had someone in here to mickey mouse patch things more often than I had the last woman I was seeing over.  They should be paying rent.  I am fucking sick of it.

I have to wonder if my thoughts of the area have been tainted by my experiences in this house.  I am tired of it, and I want to leave.

The thought of prepaying a year lease somewhere since I have don’t have good credit is increasingly seeming like a good idea, even though I do not want to waste any money I have saved to possibly, one day not have to worry about horrible slumlords any longer.

But, you should never go to the store hungry, and you should never make a huge financial decision in a blind rage.

On the plus side, I have a new warmth in my soul that is helping to keep me from making terroristic threats at the property managers, so, at least I’m not looking at jail time.

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Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

19 thoughts on “Sub-Zero”

  1. That is far too much that needs to be continually fixed. Time to move? Being cold is no good. We have heat today but I have that deep inside cold that no matter how warm it is in the house I still feel cold. Hoping you have heat soon!

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  2. Open a case with your local city housing dept. You can legally withhold rent until heat is provided, since heating is a necessity and part of the rental agreement. You have past records of lousy heating service, plenty of medical bills… bring it all to court!
    The slumlord needs to bite the bullet and replace the crappy furnace, fix all the issues u’ve brought up. If i were you i’d have a talk with roomies, have a written complaint (certified mail) sent to mr. landlord and start filing with housing court. that should get some results. Good luck with all that, it’s only going to get colder.

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    1. The problem is, at the thermostat it’s maintaining 50, so it isn’t considered the kind of emergent or health affecting repair that would allow us to withhold. Of course, because of the shit duct work, it’s only in the 20’s-30’s in other rooms.


  3. I feel your pain. We’ve been dealing with a slum lord for ten years. One time a maintenance guy showed up to fix our garbage disposal with a hammer and duct tape. I asked him to leave immediately. I could go on with many stories, but it looks like you’ve had plenty yourself. I hope you find a way to get out of there.

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  4. Uh, yeah, have you read about my Diva Furnace?!? And we own that *whispers so it can’t hear me* piece of shit. It’s not even OLD! It’s terrible! But we are going to keep it and we are going to spend time in hats and under blankets and we will pay the man to keep coming out, because new furnaces are affordable to us, but the cost of installation is fuckin UNHOLY to say the least.
    I did enjoy your newfound warmth of rage or whatever. That was funny. But also, sad. Best of luck.

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  5. The ductwork to my room was disconnected and pointing into the roof. That’s fixed, somewhat. There’s still pressure leaks, so it isn’t as much as it should be. The blower is finally running until it reaches the target temp. However… My roommate’s room is disconnected from the whole system. There. Used. To. Be. A. Second. Furnace. It was taken out, and the property management company failed to notice one massive room is not being fed me heat, along with all but one vent in the utility room!!!!

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  6. I’m sorry to hear this – not a good experience at all, especially in such extreme weather 😦
    I think that where you live (home, flat etc) can and does influence your view of a neighborhood.

    Easier said than done I know but please try and take care.

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  7. Your heater is in the attic?? Who on earth puts a heater in the attic?? I thought everyone knew that hot air rises!

    Then again, common sense isn’t that common, so I retract that indignation.

    The kitty cuddles are awesome, but not because your apartment is uninhabitable. I hope you get that squared away soon. I’d hate for you to have to stir up trouble & it come back to bite you in the behind with your jerk landlord. :-/

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