Why It Took So Long

Hello dear reader(s)!

I apologize for the late hour of this post, but it has been an absolutely insane day!  It all started about 7:30 this morning when I woke up!  Can you believe it?  I know, it seems crazy, but I really did.  I hadn’t slept well prior to that, and was still tired,  so I tried to go back to bed!  I know!

Anyway, as if that wasn’t crazy enough, I decided around 9:30 that I wasn’t going to get more sleep so I should get up!  I know that all this excitement seems hard to believe, but honestly, I am not lying.  I am not sure how my heart can take it all!

So by 10, I finally got up, and…here’s where it really gets exciting!  I fed my cats!  They ate it!  Okay, I’m getting overly excited typing this, and need to calm down.

You’d think after all of this that I could just relax, but you’d be wrong.  I got up, and got coffee and breakfast!  It all became too much, so I had to relax for a while.  I decided to sit around and do the mundane tasks of watching the police chase head down my street before hearing the car spin out and the shots fired down the block.  It was just the relaxing moment that I needed.  When the criminals fled into an abandoned house at the end of the block and the standoff began, I was really happy for the peace and quiet.

The soothing sounds of sirens, shouting over the loudspeaker, and police and news helicopters really helped to take my mind off of all the overly exciting events I had participated in earlier in the morning.  The random shots fired, almost had my mind at ease.  Still, it felt like something was missing.

Luckily, the concussion wave of the explosion did just the trick.  Seeing my windows shatter before hearing the roar of the expanding gas really helped my mind forget about all of the crazy stressful things that had happened.  The bits of drywall falling from the ceiling was more relaxing than the deepest meditation.  The screams of the horrified police officers who were caught unaware of the detonation almost lulled me to sleep.  Thank goodness!

Anyway, I am sorry I am just now getting on here.  I almost didn’t make it on here at all, because of the excitement of the morning.  Luckily, the events of this afternoon helped me calm down enough that I felt I was finally ready.

Okay, so I am lying about what happened today.  But which part?  Muahahahaha!

Or maybe I just didn’t feel like writing.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

19 thoughts on “Why It Took So Long”

  1. Stranger things have happened, but I think it was screams of horrified policemen or somethin like that which really stretched my suspension of disbelief.
    Thank Sphinx you fed the cats — there’s real danger there, those felines are fierce when they’re hungry!

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  2. Of all the things that happened today, I am quite certain you woke up. I must disagree with my friend, thenerdinthebrain, I believe you fed the cat. I am not a cat person, but I have experience with cats and they don’t seem to tolerate not being fed.

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