What Else Is New?

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

Trump fired people trying to keep him from obtaining absolute power.  This is what authoritarians do.  Speaker Ryan is a little bitch (not even the fun kind) who won’t stop his shredding of the Constitution, as is any other member of Ze Repulikanz.

Anything else from here should come as no surprise.  We have witnessed this before.  An unpopular leader and his party, with a minority of support, seized power through a flawed system and worked within that system to bring it down in order to replace it with their own twisted dictatorship.

In the early days, when it could have been stopped, a military and militarized law enforcement community brainwashed by nationalism that his party echoed, failed to do anything.  A weak and corrupt legislation failed to challenge him until it was too late.  A judiciary who opposed was ignored or eliminated.

We all know this story.  No matter how badly our education system has tried to whitewash history, the lessons of the rise of the Third Reich were taught to us all.  Maybe some of us were too stupid to pay attention.  I don’t think that is the case here.

I think too many of us want it.

Any Republican looking at Nazi Germany knows that the loyal Nazis who were not under suspicion had it pretty good while the Nazis reigned.  Sure, most (that didn’t escape) had it pretty bad after, but who is to stop the Nazis of the United States?  Who will be our liberators?  With the rise of far-right parties the world over, who will save us from fascism this time around?  The Republicans are betting that nobody can.  They are lining up in lock-step, ready to give the Nazi salute to their Führer.

It is increasingly more important to stop speaking out about Trump.  It isn’t just Trump, Bannon, and Pence.  They could not succeed without the Republicans.  We must stop framing this as Trump against America, and make the discussion about the truth.  We must speak out against the Republicans.

It is something we tend to forget when we think about Nazi Germany.  We tend to think of Hitler as the madman.  He was a madman.

But he had to have many, many Nazis to help him.  He had to have other madmen working to support him.  He had to have the weak, and corrupt who were too concerned with their own political power to oppose him.

Trump isn’t shit, without the Republicans.

This isn’t a Trump administration.  It isn’t a Trump government.  It is a Republican government.  Until we start framing the discussion in that way, no resistance effort could possibly hope to succeed.

Republicans opposed to fascism should resign from their party.  If they don’t like the Democrats (who can blame them at this point?), they should start their own.  They should recognize that the enemy of their enemy can be their friend, however, and ally to bring down the fascists that stole their party.

Those who stay in, are giving consent to fascism.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu

So no more, am I going to talk about the evils that Trump has done.  No more, am I going to talk as if Trump did an end-around all of the Republicans who support his subversion of the Constitution.

They watched, and at worst, they cheered.  At least, they did nothing.

But really, what else is new?


Okay, so I am thinking I do not want to turn this blog-type-thing into an exclusively ant-fascist blog.  I am determined to keep speaking out against these Republican fascists, and I am determined to devote at least some space to that, but honestly, I have to remember that there is a life to live that makes the fight worth it.

On that note, split posts like this will likely become a regular feature.

I want to talk about my friends.  My friends have impressed me lately.  Some, I think spoke up a little too late, but so many are compassionate and involved people who I am proud to know.  My social media feeds are filled with people unafraid to really speak up.

I am proud to be with my girlfriend.  She is brilliant, eloquent, and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, either.  She is a great friend, a great person, and is someone I respect and admire.  Even if I weren’t so damn attracted to her, I would be proud to know her.

I am going to go now.  I need to get ready to go have fun.  I have a life to live.  At least for today.  Each day could always be our last.  It has always been that way.  I don’t know if the risk of it being our last day collectively has been this high, but individually, tomorrow isn’t ever promised.

So today, go out and live while you can.  Do things that might be illegal tomorrow.  Squeeze every drop of pleasure out of this miserable situation that you can, while you can.  Tomorrow you may need to fight.  Tomorrow you may not be here.  Tomorrow isn’t promised at all.  Help people if they need it today, but if you can take tine to remember why you’re alive, I suggest you do that.

Good luck to us all.



It’s Worse Than You Think

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

This will be a short post.  I am a little frazzled.  I have a bit of living to do today while I still can.  Things are going from bad to very bad, and most people aren’t even aware of what is happening.

Yes, millions of people are outraged over Trump’s actions.  It is nice to see people standing up.  A lot of people are happy that there is still a branch of government who occasionally is concerned with the Constitution and justice.  People openly cheered when the courts put a stay on parts of Trump’s unconstitutional actions.

It is clear now, that in most places, the cheering was premature.

Because, despite the Constitution being crystal clear about judicial review as one of the key checks and balances of government power, court orders based on that review are being willfully ignored by Customs and Border Patrol (Schutzstaffel  2.0), under what is now a clear directive from the White House.

The Executive Branch has seized absolute power, and it seems that nobody is prepared in or interested in stopping them.

In a sense, the Republic has already fallen.  The Constitution, is void.

This is hardly being reported, and when it is, the implications are being brushed under the rug.

Rather than spell out that the Constitution only works if it is being adhered to and properly enforced, the most you will hear about this, is it being called a Constitutional Crisis.

There is no crisis with the Constitution.  The Constitution is clear.  The crisis exists because Trump and his cronies have chosen to ignore it, and nobody is going to stop them.  The crisis exists, because as long as this is allowed to continue, the Constitution is worth less than the paper it is printed on.

Let me make this perfectly clear:  Those who swore and oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, are duty-bound to stop this.  Those that continue to allow this are traitors.  

I’d be worried about saying that; fearing I could end up on some list.  I am sure I am on some list already.  Besides, the dictators know I am no threat to them.  There is no fight to join.  I sure as hell am not advocating that anyone takes on our military who is so damn brainwashed by propaganda that they are cheering these actions, rather than holding to their oath.

I’m just some guy with a computer telling the truth about the fact that we already live in a dictatorship, and there doesn’t seem to be damn thing we can do about it except for hope that somebody in power actually grows a spine and decides to care about the nation, and the Constitution, and put a stop to this shit.

We can continue to speak out, and promise not to go quietly when they come for us.

I’m no fighter.  Even if I were healthy, I probably wouldn’t even know what to do.  I’ll protect myself, and the innocent, if faced with the immediacy of their danger, but that is about the most anyone can get from me.

But I promise you right now that I will not stop telling the truth about these fascists while there is breath in me.  I will not stop advocating for their removal from power.  I will not stop hoping that someone in a position with enough power to help restore our freedom will hear our voices and decide to help.

I’m not going to give up, as tempting as it is.  I just don’t know what there is to do.  I was momentarily cheered up by the amount of donations the ACLU has received this weekend, but I also know that if when the ACLU wins in court,and the courts are ignored, it hardly matters.

Congress:  Do your jobs and impeach this madman.

Judiciary:  Use the Marshals to enforce your orders.

Somebody-anybody with the ability to stop this:  Do what you have to.  Keep your oath.  Be a hero.

The very notion of freedom is counting on you.


Choose A Side

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

About last night…

Listen, I do not care to argue (today) over the morality of turning away refugees from countries we are responsible for destroying.  I do not care to bring up the fact that those nations affected by this travel ban have not produced a US terrorist since before 9-11.  I do not care to talk about how your ancestors were likely immigrants that the majority of people already in the US at that time were afraid of.  I don’t care to bring up all the ways you are more likely to be killed than in a terror attack.  Those who agree with me, agree with me.  Those who don’t, will not be swayed by facts, and statistics.  They will continue to believe the brainwashing that has been perpetuated in order to advance dehumanizing policies.  There is little point in trying to convince these people that accepting immigrants and refugees is actually beneficial.  There is little point in mentioning that the further the United States strays from its values, the further the possibility exists that it could ever be “great”.

Instead, here is what I ask you all indulge of me.  Let me attempt to appeal to any vague sense of humanity you may still have.  Please imagine a scenario for me.

Let’s imagine that you are out of the country on business.  You pay taxes.  You have a good job, where you have worked for decades.  Your children and spouse are home.  You are tired.  You look forward to going home, kissing your children on the cheek as they lay in their beds, so happy their parent is back.  You look forward to cuddling with your spouse before getting some much needed rest in your bed.  Your credit cards are near their limit from your travel.  You just want to be home.

You land at your city’s airport, and are greeted by armed and aggressive, jackbooted Customs and Border Patrol officials who tell you that you have been detained by Executive Order, and plans were being made to deport you back to the country you just flew in from.  You have no hope of return for the next 90 days, and there is no guarantee return will be allowed.

Then the interrogation begins.  They take your cell phone, and access your social media accounts.  They grill you about your party allegiance.  They demand to know if you support the person in the Office of the President.  They harass you, and belittle you.  They deny you access to an attorney.  They attempt to coerce you into signing away your permanent resident status.

You hear the protesters outside.  You hear lawyers shouting, “Contempt of Court!” and “Let them see an attorney!”  You know something isn’t right.

Still, the agents keep you detained, barring you from legal counsel.

A court has issued a stay in certain parts of the Executive Order.  Subsequent courts have ruled that the Customs and Border Patrol officials now have no legal standing to detain you.

You remain detained, denied access to counsel.

Now, ask yourself…

Is this what you want the United States to be?  Would you be okay with this if it was you, or your family?  

I don’t give a shit if you think we shouldn’t let in as many refugees.   Well, I do, but that isn’t the point right now.  I don’t care if you are anti-immigration.

What I do care about, this morning, is that the Executive Branch continued actions ruled unconstitutional by the Judicial Branch, thus violating the Constitution, and you are not sufficiently outraged.  What I care about this morning, isn’t the reasoning for the ban (which is shit), but that Goebbels (Bannon) and Hitler (Trump) overruled the Department of Homeland Security’s advice that the order not apply to Legal Permanent Residents and instead, treated people who have been completely vetted, living in, and paying taxes in this country for YEARS as if they are subhuman.  I care that you lack a fucking conscience.  I care that heads are not literally rolling over this.  I care that you don’t care because it doesn’t affect you.  

Trump wants to Make America Great Again by rolling back the clock to a time he thought we were a bigger power in the world.  Might I suggest the sixties?  Where a President might be a bit scared to remove the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council’s Principals Committee in favor of a fascist, propaganda minister without worrying they may have to pay for such a decision?

Tuesday, November 6,2018

If we have anything close to what resembles free elections on that day, it is important to remember which side your Representatives chose yesterday.

It is important for all of you to pick a side too.  The time is now.  If you work for Customs and Border Patrol, you should resign.  If you wear that badge, you may as well be wearing the bolts of the SS.

If you work for any enforcement agency asked to subvert the Constitution or increase the power of the fascist regime in charge of the government, you should resign.

If you are sitting at home, and didn’t know any of this happened.  You need to educate yourself and choose a side.

You won’t be forgiven by history for just following orders.  They tried that at Nuremberg.

Choose a motherfucking side.



Weekend Coffee Share-Resistance Edition

Hello dear reader(s)!

I have decided to do a weekend coffee share.  I believe I first saw that at Part-Time Monster.  Which it appears was somehow removed from my following list until I went to go look for it today.  I blame Trump.

If we were having coffee, I would blame Trump for pretty much any negative thing that came up, simply because his supporters did the same to Obama who was an actual President who won his elections fairly and legitimately, without having to bend over and call Putin “Daddy”.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about how much my hands have healed.  They were horribly dry and cracked until recently when my girlfriend suggested I discover the joys of lotion.  If we were having coffee, then I probably wouldn’t need to tell you how much I despise lotion for it’s sticky or greasy residue, and how despite that, I have been using a lotion which was recommended by my doctor to be a great moisturizer that simply hasn’t been doing a damn bit of good, much like Trump.  But if we were having coffee, I would tell you how my girlfriend actually listened to my concerns with lotion and found a substance that would be perfect for me.  I would tell you that she sneakily bought a tub of of cocoa butter for me and it has been working great.  I would tell you how nice it is not to have cracked and bleeding hands while blog-type-thinging, and how wonderful it is to have someone in my life so lovely who cares about me.  I would tell you all the other things she does for me but then you would get to the point where you want to talk about something else and I would pretend to understand but resent you for not being as happy for me as you could.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how well it pairs with the blueberry strudel pieces I picked up at the store the other day.  It does.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I woke up feeling good this morning.  Not just okay.  Not just in less pain.  Good.  I would tell you that it has been a long time since that happened.

If we were having coffee, once the pleasantries were out of the way, I would draw the shades and lock the doors.  I would have my security team of cats look for bugs around the perimeter of the room.  I would tell them to kill any bugs they found, because the bugs can be outside, but we’re having coffee in here.  Then, I would get down to business.

I would tell you of the traps we must avoid if we are to keep our resistance growing.  I would tell you of the reasons why conservatives can motivate so many people, even when it seems that none of their arguments make sense.  I would tell you how badly we have been guilty of self-sabotage in the past, and how we must avoid these pitfalls at all costs this time around, because too much is at stake now if we fail.  Then I would tell you how good a nice, juicy steak sounds, every time I say there is too much at stake.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you to pour another cup, as I went over the following presentation.

How Liberals And Progressives Screw Ourselves Over With Words and Smug Moral Superiority  

I don’t think anything helped Trump and his followers gain power more than Twitter, Facebook, and other social media’s self-appointed marginalized spokespeople attempting to shame anyone they feel does not live up to their ideals of a completely sensitive and politically correct (as they see it) standard of communication.  These people typically lack the awareness to recognize when there is an honest error in speech as opposed to an attempt to be divisive or a simple lack of understanding.  Rather than educating, they tend to attack and belittle those who could be important allies.  If someone is working on passing legislation to prevent workplace discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, and fail to include an I in their speech about it, these people make them bigger enemies than those who are fighting the legislation.  These are the people who insist everyone uses the term “undocumented immigrant” and can’t understand why that would upset those who think it is brushing the notion that a law was violated under the rug.  I agree that there are no illegal people, but I also believe that if you break a law, you don’t ignore that.  Now, if you wanted to talk to me about the stupidity of the law being there in the first place…

Conservatives are much better at putting aside petty differences to team up in order to defeat a larger foe.  Look at Trump and the “Family Values” crowd.  We can’t even be mostly like-minded in a cause without turning on each other if someone says words another doesn’t like, or doesn’t show their pet-cause their own sense of required deference.

Words do matter.  Some things need to be addressed.  But sometimes when someone says to write their Congressman instead of Congressperson, (ahem!) it isn’t a statement that women aren’t, can’t, or shouldn’t be in Congress.  It may be something as simple as not believing (until looking it up on Google) that there could actually be Congresswomen in support of Trump.  Yes, there are.  How fucking stupid are they?   Are we sure they are women?

It is one thing to ask people not to go our of their way to be an asshole, but we tend to cling to words as if they are all that matters.  And Conservatives pick up on this and have become experts at trolling us with it.  We hit them with fact and policy, and they hit us with “snowflake” that makes us look like we are overly-sheltered crybabies who think life is too unfair and scary and then Trump is President.

We come up with buzzwords for things that have been around for a long time, so that conservatives can use them against us.  A good example is “safe-space”.  Reasonable, moderate people hear that and think it’s an attack on free speech, but don’t realize that the concept has been around in education since the beginning of group education.  (I will do a full post on how the concept of “safe-spaces” is not unreasonable, or new, but sounds like it to even moderate people.)

We need to stop being so concerned with words, and more concerned with actions.  We can listen, we can educate, but we are turning people away from us by making them feel like less when they’re communication does not align with our requirements.

This election should have taught us what happens when we turn away those who might otherwise be on our side.



Fighting Trump

Hello dear reader(s)!

Greetings from the recovery room.  Okay, so I am technically out of the recovery room, but since I am still recovering, and am in a room, any room in which I am in while recovering is being dubbed the recovery room under Special Executive Order:  Whatever, Article:  I do What I Want.

As you may or may not be aware, government agents, under the fascist’s order, decided my resistance was too great a threat to their fourth Reich, and decided to poison my appendix, causing me to miss precious organizational and resistance time while focusing on my survival.  (Hey, if they can make can shit up, so can I.)  Anyway, whatever alternative fact about how my appendix decided to attack you choose to believe, the results are indisputable.  I got appendicitis and had to have surgery.  It knocked me down for a few days.  The surgery is hard enough for a healthy person, but for me, I believe I only survived thanks to the kindness of other beautiful revolutionaries.  Despite my wounded and pained condition, I know I am needed in this battle and feel there is no choice but to return to the front lines in support of my fellow freedom blog-type-thingers.

So despite the danger to my health and well-being, it is time to continue with this resistance by sharing with you some ways your can resist Trump and his team of fact-denying, racist, fascists.  As he targets Muslim majority countries with immigration restrictions, restarts unpopular and dangerous fossil fuel projects, announces the publication of targeted racist propaganda in the form of a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants that has not been seen since the Nazis published The Criminal Jew (translated), as he targets his opponents for retribution and issues orders preventing the government from issuing statements of fact, it is important to begin earnest resistance efforts as soon as possible.

Here are some ways to get started resisting this fascist and those who would support him.

  • Support independent journalism  Don’t just share good articles on your Facebook.  Subscribe.  Donate.  Then share.  Make certain that people are aware there is a true and free press out there still with the stones to stand up for the truth in this administration that feels the right to “disagree with the facts”.
  • Protest  Do this in any way you feel you can.  The goal is to make it impossible for him to forget how hated he is.  Everywhere he goes, no matter how much time goes by, he should be shown the same disrespect one would show any other Nazi scum.  Because that is what he is.
  • Get personally involved  Join the ACLU.  Meet with like-minded people in your area to discuss practical ways of local resistance.
  • Donate to organizations that will also fight Trump  Many organizations that provide vital services are going to be under attack (or already are) in this administration.  Be certain to fight for the organizations that will fight for you.
  • Contact your Congressperson  (I had written Congressman here, but it turns out there are actually people who call themselves women in Congress in the party of Trump.)  I understand this one is the least likely to do any good.  That said, they need to know that public opinion is not on their side.  It has to become clear to them eventually that people are finally paying attention, and eventually, there is going to be more at stake for those who would surrender democracy than their chances of re-election.
  • Divest from those who took over the government  The fossil fuel industry would trade all of our lives for a few more dollars in their bank accounts.   They installed this madman on the promise that he will restore an industry that is dying due to its dangers and the fact it is largely becoming obsolete.  Help them down this road of obsolescence.  Drive less.  Use less electricity.  Take away the profits they thought they would see spike when their chosen one assumed power and denied the harsh facts of their dying industry.  Quit buying American.  You are only perpetuating a myth that got Trump elected.  There will be no massive return of good manufacturing jobs in this nation, nor should there be.  By allowing our gas-guzzling, inefficient products to quit selling, the rust belt may realize that Trump can not save them sooner rather than later.  The economy needs to do poorly in all sectors to truly convince people that their votes for fascism was a mistake.  Our industry that needs to buy governments and deny facts of the crisis they cause in order to cut regulations that cut into their precious profits do not deserve to compete in this world anyway.   Additionally, everything we buy creates revenue for this evil, tyrannical government.  We need people to see the revenue lost under Trump, and so making that natural loss more dramatic, and more visible early, we can hopefully press the need for change from even those from within who have been reluctant to act or speak.
  • Form neighborhood rights watch groups  Train to defend your neighbors from those who would attack them for their skin color, religious preference, sexual orientation, disability, or any other excuse Trump and his violent sociopath followers can use to hurt people.  Be certain to train your group that Trump may eventually deputize your local police.  Fascists may not wear swastikas, sometimes they’ll wear your city’s seal on their badges and the US flag on their shoulder.  If they fight for the fascists, they must be considered to be the fascists.  Make certain that is not lost on the people in your watch group.
  • Work on your personal life  Because you are going to have to have something to remind you why all of this matters.  And something to help you regain your strength after a hard fight.  Find someone to love and to love you to help insulate from those who fill the world with hate.

Good luck my dear revolutionary(s)!

If Trump nukes us all when he thinks someone said his crowd size was too small before I can post again, I wish you all a happier existence in a happier realm on your next go-around.



Viva La Resistance

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

Well, it has happened.  The fourth Reich has risen and taken control of the Untied States, led by an orange and angry Führer who promises to restore a nation to a level of greatness it has never reached.  He reached his position by exploiting a flaw in the system, much like the leader of the third Reich, having not had the support of the majority of the voting public.  His firmly entrenched party is prepared to plunder the country for their own glory, regardless of the cost to human decency, morality, ethics, or the rule of law.  The Cabinet our new orange Fuhrer has selected is eerily similar to the Ministers of the Nazi Party under the previous Fuhrer.

The Republic has fallen, and most do not even realize it.

Democracy fell before our government was taken over by fascists.  It fell, little by little, when gerrymandering districts was allowed to stand.  It fell some when restrictive voter ID’s were upheld.  It fell more when large portions of the Voter Rights Act was wiped out.  It fell a lot when The Supreme Court ruled to stop a recount to decide an election in the year 2000.  It fell a great deal with Citizens United.

Until November, there was the hope that it could be restored.  That those flaws wouldn’t be exploited by the power-hungry madmen.  That those who were so hungry for power still wanted to leave a better world for their children.

Then we got Trump, and his bitch-boy, Paul Ryan.  We got the worst Cabinet picks of all time who are going to be rubber-stamped into confirmation despite more evidence of their lack of qualifications and outright conflicts of interest than any previous nominees in the history of this country.

They talk about having a mandate.  They lost the popular vote.  That is no mandate.  They do not recognize the will of the people.  So why are we recognizing their authority?  They have taken step after step to suppress our rights to participate in our government.  Why are we recognize their right to govern?

As a resident of this fascist state, I hereby pledge to remain nonviolent until such a time as my human right are infringed or in the immediate defense of the human rights of other innocents.  At such a time that may occur, however, I will invoke the right of self-protection or protection of the innocent against any and all who may attempt to infringe upon them.

I appeal at this time to those within the government-those within the intelligence community who have sworn an oath.  You have a hostile enemy who has infiltrated the highest positions of power in this nation.  I beg you to keep your oath.  I will not be held responsible for how anyone should choose to interpret that plea.

I am too sick to fight a revolution.  I can only talk from behind a computer.  I am just adding to a wall of noise.

But we need that wall of noise.  We need people to know we are pissed off.  That we aren’t going to go along.  That when Trump’s deportation forces hit the streets, there are going to be people who will try to stop them.  And whether those people succeed or not, we will resist.  We need people to know that if our tax dollars are going to be used to pay for a border wall which is fucking useless since there’s already a fence in many locations that people just tunnel under or catapult over, we’re going to find more ways not to have to pay.  Whether we seek to use more Trump-style loopholes, flat-out evade the taxes, or just find ways to decrease revenue, we will resist.  We need to let people know that when we see a racist piece of shit emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric harassing a Muslim person or any other person of color, woman, disabled person, or anyone else who is not a member of Ze Republikanz; we’re going to beat the ever-living shit out of them and take what consequences come from protecting the innocent.  We need to let them know we will not go peacefully onto those box cars.

We need to let them know that this is just where we start.

I do not renounce my US Citizenship.  I renounce theirs.  I sincerely hope these traitorous Benedict Arnolds will not last long in this government.  May their downfall be peaceful for all, but swift.

On an administrative note, if you don’t like political posts, or more likely, inflammatory rhetoric that does not cross the line to incitement but likely is close to that line, you might want to stay away for a while.  If we do this right, we have two years of this, thanks to the midterms.  Either way, this is just day one.

May we all make it to the other side.

If not, I wish you all an easier and happier life, in a better realm on the next time around.


Tomorrow I will be posting about simple but effective ways you can resist the new administration’s efforts.  I have some ideas, but I hope to include any of yours that you may want to add.  You can post them in the comments, or email me at MyFridayBlog@gmail.com