Center Of The Universe, Part 3

Continued from part 1, and part 2

Noticing the shocked look on Sean’s face, Anna apologized for her tears.

Sean, attempting to cover what really had him upset, broke focus on Bethany and looked at Anna and smiled.  “No.  I just had no idea you really cared about me.  I appreciate it, actually,” he told her before continuing, “Why don’t we get out of here?”

“Really?” Anna asked as her sadness turned to joy.

“Yeah, we could go back to my hotel.  Maybe have a couple of drinks.  I’m sure they have a bar,” he said to her, knowing that she would know exactly where he intended the night to go.

“No need for you to get a room tonight,” she told him.  “I already have one, and it is much nicer.  I went all-out!”

With that, Anna plopped down a couple hundred dollars on the table, and they stood up to leave the restaurant.  He carefully walked so as to keep only his back toward Bethany as they exited.

When they reached her car, Sean grabbed Anna and kissed her.  At first, he didn’t feel much of anything, but as he was doing so, his mind brought him to thoughts of Bethany and he soon found himself passionately kissing Anna in a way that was surely drawing attention from the other restaurant patrons.

“Save some for the room!” Anna exclaimed as she broke the kiss and attempted to catch her breath.

Sean saw a look in her eyes he hadn’t seen since the first night he was with Bethany.  It was tearing him up inside that Bethany was in that restaurant right now, with another man, but he knew he was there with Anna who he wanted for so long, and who finally wanted him.  He wasn’t about to let the hurt Bethany was causing him get in the way of this moment.

As they drove to the hotel, every time Anna needed to shift, she would reach over and grab his inner thigh.  He was leaning over as she drove, attacking her neck with his mouth.  Anna struggled to maintain concentration on the road but did not want him to stop.  The windows were steaming up, despite the defroster being on high.

“Okay, better back off for a second.  I don’t want to get us killed,” Anna finally said when  she noticed how often she was crossing the center-line.

“Yeah,” Sean laughed.  “That would be bad.  Do you think they would talk about the cause on the news?”

“Just sit there and be good,” Anna giggled as she reached once again for his upper thigh.

Sean took a deep breath and attempted to calm down.  As he did so, images of Bethany flooded his mind.  He looked over at Anna and a wave of guilt hit him.  He did once love Anna, but that time had passed.  It was obvious by how he thought of Bethany as he was kissing her.  Bethany was the center of his universe.

He fought back the guilt by telling himself that Bethany pushed him away.  Bethany did nothing to try to stop him from leaving.  Bethany was at that restaurant with another man.  He knew he was there with Anna, but she ran him over.  It was the least she could do.  He seriously doubted that Bethany had also been hit with a car that night.  It was simple to his head:  Anna wanted him, Bethany didn’t.  He just hoped that he could convince his heart what his head already knew.

As they drove, Sean noticed they were driving toward the swankier part of the city.  He saw the fancy buildings with their Art Deco facades.  Limousines and exotic cars filled the streets.

“Where exactly is your hotel?” he asked her.

“The Saint Regis,” she replied.

She pulled her Mini in front of the valet stand.  His door was opened by the valet person and he got out of the car and walked to join her under the lighted awning.  As the valet attendant drove away with their car, Sean realized that he left his duffel bag in the car.

“My medication is in that bag,” he told Anna as she noticed the worried look on his face.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just call from the room and have someone retrieve it for us.  They take excellent care of their guests here,” she said, soothingly.

They walked up the red carpeted stairs toward the doors.  Sean reached to open it, when the doorman appeared from the other side, holding it open for them.

“Good evening, Sean,” the doorman said.

“Um…good evening,” he replied, curiously.

As they entered the lobby, he whispered to Anna, “How did he know my name?”

“I told him.  You didn’t hear me?” she replied.

“Huh.  No.  I didn’t even notice you had talked to him,” he answered.

They made their way up the elevators into the Presidential Suite.  The gigantic suite was more like a massive luxury apartment than a hotel room.  He thought for a moment that it felt awfully familiar.  He didn’t have long to think about it, before Anna jumped on him, kissing him and leading him to the bedroom.

She pushed him down on the bed, and undressed him.  She grabbed two silk scarves and tied his wrists above his head and to the headboard.  She took off her clothes, and was about to straddle him, when he told her to stop.

“I’m sorry.  I can’t,” he began.  “I love Bethany.”

“I understand, honey,” Anna began, “You seem agitated.  Maybe you should rest now, you’ve had a long day,” she whispered sweetly before adding, “Did you take your medication?”

“No, it’s in the bag, in the car,” he answered.

“I have some right here,” she said, producing some pills in her hand along with a glass of water.  “Don’t worry, they’re yours,” she told him.

He took the pills and quickly fell asleep, the way his medication always tended to make him do.

He awoke the next morning, his wrists still tied to the bed.  He opened his eyes, to see Bethany standing on the side of the bed looking over him.

“Good morning,” she smiled.  “Do you know where you are?”

Sean moved his eyes around the room, before replying, “I’m home.”

Bethany smiled.  “That’s right, baby.  Do you know who I am?”

“Of course.  You’re Bethany Anna Jameson.  The love of my life, and the center of my universe.”

Bethany untied his wrists and leaned over him, “I thought I lost you.  I need you to remember to take your medication.  I can’t lose you, you’re the center of my universe.”


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

47 thoughts on “Center Of The Universe, Part 3”

      1. I’m guessing you mean “better like getting food at a restaurant than making food at home.” Otherwise, I’m totally confused.

        But, no. It’s better like thinking about food & then starving to death. LOL

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      2. Uh oh. I might be starting to pick up on your brain wave & finishing your sentences.

        Be afraid. Be very afraid. 😉

        Also, I wrote down the idea for a story, sorta similar to this, but that was the extent of my work on it. It’s collecting dust with some half a dozen other ideas in my “writing folder.” LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      3. & here’s where I’d say you’re 100% correct. Or, if not working on my creative writing pieces, right about now I’d agree that I should at least make my own darned blogs instead of re-blogging all the time. 🙂

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      4. Oh, I thought we were speaking hypothetically. Shoot… prize… prize…

        I’ve got: Hanukkah gelt, Chinese food leftovers, & a picture of my butthead cat shortly before he bit me. I gotta learn to be faster getting the treats out of the bag. LOL

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      5. Chinese food is from this afternoon. Jewish tradition – Christmas we get Chinese food. Fried rice & egg roll.

        I’m still not sure how to put pics in comments yet. So, either way, it’s a symbolic prize. LOL

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      6. What type of beast did you roast for this celebration? Beef? Pork? Small human? 😀

        Oh fine. I wouldn’t want to rob ya. [embed width="123" height="456"][/embed]

        We decided to do Chinese food on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day this year. Mostly because we were hungry.

        You are correct – Thanks! A Blessed Yule to you. 🙂

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      7. Pork is technically off-limits for Jewish people, yes. But I’m a terrible Jew. LOL XD

        Loki (the house panther) thanks you for the compliments! He’s a total butthead though. He got a new catnip toy for Hanukkah that makes noise when he pounces on it. 4:23am is his favorite time to play with it. I still love him though. 🙂

        Do your cat overlords get gifts? Or is my family just weird? Or both? LOL

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      8. I think I’ve seen those “weasel balls.” They’re interactive toys that sorta wobble around & have a tail?

        We all know cats are finicky creatures. I’ve found that spraying something with “Catnip bliss” makes it Loki’s new favorite thing in the worrrrrrld. Then, when it wears off, I just spray some more on, because he loses interest like… well… a cat. LOL

        Glad to know we’re not weird buying him presents. I also got him these new treats he really loves & a new skull & crossbones collar, because Loki is totally hardcore. LOL

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      9. If you’re thinking about the possibilities of taking my recommendations, I highly recommend these treats:

        We’ve only tried the chicken (they stink to high Heaven; I can’t imagine what the minnows smell like… oh wait, yes I can), but, like I said, Loki bit me when I didn’t move fast enough – that’s how much he loves ’em.

        & he knows not to bite Mama… she bites back. LOL

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      10. Well, there’s no reason you have to try ’em. I just know how popular they are with my cat, & that they give money to a good cause, so I recommend ’em. 🙂

        Although, you could tell me “oh yeah, I’ll try them,” & then not do it, of course. Frankly, that’s the most cost-effective course of action. LOL (Seriously – no pressure! I’m teasing! 😉 )

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      11. Some cats are finicky eaters. But “hunger strike” isn’t really in their vocabulary. LOL

        I’ve never heard of a cat turning down chicken. Or treats, to be honest! Your cat is a delightful lil freak, isn’t he/she?

        Where did your cats get their names? They’re really interesting!

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      12. That’s a great story!! It’s a good thing you separated them when you did, otherwise you’d be drowning in kittens right now. Although, that doesn’t sound like such a bad way to die. Death by kitten cuddle.

        Also, that story told me that you watched Big Bang Theory at least once. But, since you knew the name of the character & the correct spelling of her name, I suspect you’re a fan. Wanna play “Who Likes BBT More?” 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      13. You do. I stopped liking it after a while. I don’t dislike it, just found it got stale.
        Death by kitten cuddle sounds great, death by being buried in cat litter or starvation from spending all your money on their food does not.

        Liked by 1 person

      14. Aww darn. I like you a teensy-weensy bit less. The illusion is wavering. 😥

        Agreed. Plus, after one or two cats, paying for vet services is out of the question. & not all cats are the “epitome of indifference” as advertised – Loki is more dog-like than 69% (giggity) of canines. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      15. Dobson is a little too dog like too. And nobody’s perfect to everyone even though I’m really perfect but you’d have to have perfect perception to know that.
        I did really love the first few seasons.

        Liked by 1 person

      16. How is Dobson dog-like? Loki is waiting at the door when I come home (I think that might be food-motivated, though), & he loves belly rubs.

        Hmm… I accept your premise. I know my perception is imperfect (understatement). But I love me some geek-y humor. Also, the guys remind me of some of my friends. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      17. That’s exactly how Loki is! If I make a “kiss-y noise,” he comes running. He usually thinks he’s getting food, but it still works. & he follows me so much, I keep telling him “I should have named you ‘Shadow!'” LOL

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