How To Know When You’re In Love

Hello dear reader(s)!

As I say a lot, I love a lot of people.  I think love should be given rather freely.  I think love is something most people should have for one another, and it really does have the power to make the world a better place.  As some unknown dude in some totally obscure band once said, “All you need is love.”

But when it comes to being IN love with someone?  Well, that is rare.  Super rare.  (Like Superman, but totally more obscure.)  Being in love with someone is so rare, that many times people may think they are in love with someone, when in fact, they are just really, really horny.  There are other things besides horniness that can be mistaken for being in love such as infatuation, like, obsession, attraction, lust, deep connection, a large fry, and an eggnog shake.  I myself have fallen victim to believing I was in love until it was over and I realized I actually wasn’t.  I was probably just really horny.

But I’ve also been in love.  It’s an amazing feeling, and one I hope everyone gets the chance to experience.  Hopefully, you dear reader(s) will fall in love and stay in love throughout your long and prosperous lifetimes.  But in order to do so, maybe it will be good to recognize when you actually are in love, so you don’t blow it by letting someone else blow you, or blowing them, as the case may be, rather than the one you’re in love with.

Well my dear reader(s), never fear, for MyFridayBlog™ is here to help you.

So…how do you know when it’s love?

Well unlike Sammy Hagar, I CAN tell you!

  1. The person loves you too  Unrequited love sucks ass.  I know.  I have experienced both unrequited love, and having my ass sucked.  The feelings were remarkably similar.  Just kidding.  I have never experienced unrequited love.
  2. You miss the person  If you are away, even for a short time, you miss that person.  This does not mean that you can’t enjoy your time apart, because you totally can, you co-dependent fuck.  It means that while you are enjoying your alone time, you occasionally stop to think about that person and wish they were there for a moment.  Especially if that alone time involves personal alone time where you are being alone with the most recent selfie they sent you.
  3. When something is wrong with them, it affects you  You don’t let their suffering ruin your day or anything, but when something in their life goes wrong, be it work issues, illness, friend problems, family problems, a broken vibrator, or just their cries as you swing the cat o’ nine tails against their ass…it gets to you a little bit.  Not enough to stop swinging until they use the safe word, but a little bit.
  4. A lot of things remind you of that person  That gorgeous sunset makes you think of her.  She would totally like that Facebook meme, I should send it to her.  The ocean looks like her eye color today.  She wears a hoodie like that.  That woman in that movie just totally sat on that guy’s face.
  5. They are both exciting and calming  You don’t get all the rapid breathing, heart pounding, and weak-kneed reactions going on unless you are engaging in certain play or talking about engaging in certain play that may cause said reactions.  In most cases, their presence, voice, or the sight of them helps to calm and relax you, until it is time to get all rapid-breathing, heat pounding, and weak-kneed again.  And again.  And again.
  6. You would sacrifice for them  Not just something you don’t care about like a virgin or a newborn, but something actually important to you.
  7. You dream of them  And they aren’t just the kinky dreams where {This section has been redacted as being too extreme for the WordPress community guidelines.  For information on why this has been redacted, see the WordPress Terms and Conditions which are accessible from your Dashboard, as well as the main page.  We here at WordPress pride ourselves on allowing free expression, but come on Josh, kids can read this.  I mean, seriously.  Kinda hot, though.}
  8. There is real trust  You can tell her anything.  You already have.  You walked right up to her, and said, “Anything.”  She didn’t judge you.  She didn’t run and tell all her friends.  She simply said, “Huh?”  And you were like, “Yup.”
  9. There are no games  You don’t worry about trying to talk to her too much.  She doesn’t worry about the same with you.  You don’t worry about who liked who first, or how long you should wait to call her.  If you want to talk, you try to get a hold of her.  If she wants to, she tries to get a hold of you.  If you are busy, she understands.  If she is busy, you understand and decide to have a little alone time with the most recent selfie she sent you.
  10. You see a future together  Hopefully not a dystopian future in which climate change has turned people against each other in a deadly battle for survival.  More like one of greeting her at the door when she gets off of work with a massage and glass of wine in your multi-million dollar mansion you bought from the money made from your best-selling novel and sale of the movie rights.  And yet she still works because she helps people and is strong and independent until you attach the restraints.

Well dear reader(s), now you can definitely tell you’re in love, horny or not.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

24 thoughts on “How To Know When You’re In Love”

    1. Well I am breathing, aren’t I?!?

      It’s not strange. A lot of people believe that. And I actually agree with that, just isn’t for me.
      I fall IN love with one person, and in that way, it’s like other people don’t register the same. I still love other people, but the intimacy and level of things isn’t as much, so the love for them isn’t the kind of love where I want to be with them while I’m in love with another.
      So far in my life, anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not sure. Are you breathing? Can you prove it? 😉

        Eh… my particular view of love is strange, I’ve been told. By my monogamous friends, anyway. LOL

        Didja get a second to check out the comic? It’ll break my heart if you don’t! *pre-crying lip quiver*

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m sure there’s a band, somewhere, possibly in a garage in Jersey, that’s called “Pie.”

        I make a mean pumpkin pie. Add a special ingredient, & it makes its own pumpkin pie crust! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Well after reading that I think I have never really been in love. I mean I thought I was but it appears I typically fall in love with the illusion. Long story… I guess hormones play a big part, it is all those damn chemicals going off in your brain when you feel like you have a connection. Women and speaking for myself am too trusting and nurturing. Masturbation is not overrated, it is called being human.

    Love is complicated and is a concept that in these days is hard to grasp.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think being in love is a difficult concept to grasp, but I don’t think love is. I definitely think there is a distinction there.
      I think everyone loves differently, which is why this little “guide” is meant jokingly.

      Liked by 1 person

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