Caught II

Continued from part 1

“I know something that may save you a whole lot of trouble, regarding Sarah,” Natalie told him.  “You might want to change your tone.  I’m trying to help you.”

As she was saying that, his phone buzzed with an incoming text message.  He pulled the phone from his ear to check the screen.  The message was from Sarah, the woman he had not been able to get out of his mind.  He decided to check it after he got off the line with Natalie.

He placed the phone back up to his ear and asked, “How do you know about Sarah, and what the hell are you talking about?”

“Sarah was a good friend of mine a few years ago, until I found out who she really is.  I ran into her the other day.  She told me she found another mark.  Then she started talking about you.  She’s going to try to run a game on you.  I know we’ve had our differences, but you’re a really good guy, and I would hate to see you fall victim to someone like her.  Besides, I only did what I did because I like you so much.  Hell, half the reason I stayed with John as long as I did was just so that I could be close to you,” Natalie told him.

“Oh my God, Natalie, you’ll try anything, won’t you?” he shouted into the phone as he pulled it from his ear, searching for the button to end the call.

“Wait!” Natalie cried, “I can prove it!”

He put the phone back to his ear and said, “Oh this should be good.  Like the “proof” you sent to John that we had supposedly slept together?”

“I said I was sorry about that.  I wanted to hurt him, and I wanted it not to matter to you if we got together anyway.  I know that was wrong.  I was drunk out of my mind, and in a lot of pain.  I wanted you to finally choose me over your friendship with him.  I went about it all the wrong way, and I am so sorry.  But this isn’t about me, this is about saving you from the trouble Sarah will bring to you.  She hurts people, Ryan.  She destroys them,” she pleaded.

The way her voice caught as she was apologizing to him, made her think that perhaps she wasn’t just trying to manipulate him after all.  Her previous attempt at lying was so clumsy and transparent, but her confession and apology this time seemed so sincere that he started to think maybe she might actually be concerned for him.

“So what is this proof, anyway?” he asked her.

“I’m texting the link to your phone.  See for yourself.  I’m sorry.  She said she had you completely wrapped around her finger, so I can’t imagine that when you see this it will be easy for you.  If there is anything I can do after, you know you can always call me.  Okay, I’ve sent it.  I’m heading out, but like I said if you need anything, please call” Natalie told him.

“Um, I wouldn’t count on that.  But goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Ryan,” she said as the call disconnected.

He pulled the phone from his ear, and it buzzed with the incoming message from Natalie.  It was just a link, to what appeared to be a police database.  He clicked on the link, and it took him to a website of mugshots.

“What in the actual fuck?” he asked himself as he scrolled through the pictures of criminals in their orange jail clothes.

About half way down the page, he saw Sarah.  Next to her picture, was a list of charges.  Identity Theft.  Forgery.  Wire Fraud.  Kidnapping.  Assault.

He shook his head in disbelief.  He thought that this must have been an elaborate hoax.  There was no way, in his mind, that Sarah could have been capable of all of those things.  He kept scrolling, past murderers and meth dealers down to the bottom of the page.  It all looked very official.  He scrolled back up to her pictures.  He just couldn’t believe what he was looking at.

Even as he was looking at her mugshots, and lists of horrible crimes, he couldn’t believe how attracted he was to her.  Even in her mugshots, she looked damn good.  Sexy, even.

As he was looking, his phone buzzed with another message from Sarah.  He still hadn’t checked the first.  He touched his finger to the top of the screen and pulled down the notification list with her messages.  He touched his finger to the message to open it.

He started up from the bottom, so her most recent message was the one he read first.  It read, “I really want to talk to you about this.  I care about you.  Is it like she says, or was it just a one-time thing?  Please, you owe me at least an answer.  I thought we really had something.”

He didn’t quite understand what that meant, but it didn’t matter to him.  He caught her in this game she was playing.  He read the previous message that came while he was talking to Natalie.

“I need to talk to you.  I had no idea that you were involved with Natalie.  I really, really care about you, but I am not going to date someone in a relationship.  Please just call me?”

The confusion set in.  His mind began to reel with questions.  Had he just caught Sarah, Natalie, or both?  Or was he caught himself?

To be continued…




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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  1. (I’m a day behind because that’s how my notifications roll, so I know I just left the message on Caught I, but keep up, mkay? 😉 )

    I so very much respectfully disagree. 😛 😉

    I can’t wait for more!

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