Waking Up

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is hard to see a bright side in the aftermath of a fascist takeover of our government.  In the short-term, things could be hell.  Even in the long-term, we may have some issues, depending on his Supreme Court Justice nominees.  However, even with all this doom and gloom on the horizon, I do see something that may actually be good.

People are finally waking the fuck up.

A great example would be the Standing Rock Reservation protests against a pipeline going under the Missouri River and threatening not only the tribe’s lands, but also millions of people downstream who rely on the Missouri for drinking water.

Despite a major media blackout, thousands of people gathered to protest the pipeline and even attempted to peacefully block its path.  Veterans “deployed” to stand behind the tribe and water protectors.  The Army Corps of Engineers had planned to remove by force the protesters, but yesterday, they denied the easement of the company attempting to build the pipeline to drill under the Missouri river, essentially ending the struggle for the near future.

The overly harsh treatment of these peaceful protesters by militarized thugs from law enforcement working for a private corporation in order to take and threaten public resources was too much for reasonable people on both sides of the aisle, and they mobilized to show that the people still have some power in this country.  For those who take issue with my use of the word thugs to define the law enforcement presence working against the protesters because they were just following orders and doing their jobs, I would remind you that was a defense used by the SS and Gestapo at Nuremberg.

I’ve seen non-partisan Facebook groups dedicated to resisting a fascist American regime born into existence.

I’ve watched people set aside money they otherwise would have spent on gifts in the tradition of a consumer Christmas to go toward organizations and vital programs that will surely be threatened by this administration.

I’ve seen small armies of people wearing those safety pins while out and around.

I’ve seen entire communities come together to repair vandalism damage caused by Trump supporting racist pieces of shit.

I’ve listened to my countrymen actually realizing that Trump’s tweet about taking away citizenship or jailing people who burn the flag was nothing more than a distraction from the fact that he is beginning to appoint an administration of wealthy elites who have never done anything for the working class, that he is not attending regular State Department briefings, and is generally just not showing that he will be an effective leader.  I have watched veterans say they will fight to protect a person’s right to burn the flag, should it come down to it, because as much as flag-burning makes them sick, they believe in the First Amendment.

I’ve listened to people who understand that Trump’s little deal with Carrier was actually terrible for the people in manufacturing, because they essentially proved that a company can extort the government in order to keep only half the jobs in the country they had before they decided to threaten to leave, in exchange for tax cuts.

The media is feeding us what it wants to, in order to keep us all on the corporate dole.   They do not realize the trust they have lost, in their non-coverage of anything that mattered during the last election.  Standing Rock has shown what free-thinking people can do, even without media coverage.  We are our own media.  They have become irrelevant, and finally, people are catching on.

I’ve head calls, by those who love peace, to actively resist any Trump-created deportation force, no matter what legitimacy they may claim under the rule of law.

I saw a picture of Justin Norman, from Texas, at Presbyterian, holding a sign outside of an Islamic Center telling the people there, “You belong.  Stay strong.  Be blessed.  We are one America.”

I’ve heard calls to banish the electoral college system, realizing that the Constitution reads “We The People”, not “We the Land Area.”  I know it would take an amendment to abolish it, and I do not see that happening, given it would mean states would have to ratify against their own interest, but it is nice to hear the calls.  It is ridiculous to think that Bob with no neighbors for hundreds of miles has over 1.000 times the voting power of the people in a city on the coast who actually live in a society.

I’ve seen so many acts of humanity out of the majority of people who did not support this orange fascist since the election that I really do not believe his actions will last long, should he even be able to carry out the single term the broken system has granted him.

Pendulums swing.  Without W, we would not have had Obama.  And I guarantee, this time, it’s swinging back hard.

Hopefully, we can achieve a government of the people, for the people, and by the people peacefully.  What I think a lot of people do not understand however, is that just because we all want peace, does not mean we are unwilling to fight for our freedom.  And when the 1,000 Carrier workers (still a 1,000 net-loss) do not satisfy all the rest who do not see their standard of living improve, those people who didn’t realize they were voting against their interests are welcome to educate themselves, and join the fight.

In the words of Edward R. Murrow, and then Keith Olbermann, “Goodnight, and good luck.”



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

25 thoughts on “Waking Up”

    1. I left Josh a similar comment. I heard the company isn’t going to wait for the easement & they’re “just going to pay the $50,000 per day fine” & complete construction.

      Also, Trump owns stock (not a huge amount, but still stock) in the company building the pipeline. & he doesn’t believe that a president can have a conflict of interest. 😥

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      1. I agree with those feelings. Still, I think it means that we keep fighting. Keep pushing. Keep protesting.

        The water protectors haven’t left (they may have known this was a bit of b.s.) & we shouldn’t leave them. ❤

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      2. I think that’s a very good idea. Frankly, I think we should be watching everything very closely right now.

        Unfortunately, the pipeline has one investor who will definitely be interested in it moving forward … just because he can. 😥

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    2. It will still have to go through court, but he has the authority to order that the corps not challenge the appeal to overturn.
      Sorry for the delayed response, this was in my spam folder until yesterday for some stupid reason.

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  1. Very nice summary Josh, i agree with you on every point except the Carrier deal. I think AMERICAN COMPANIES should extort tax breaks from the gov’t… if the result is retaining employment for the American worker. What would you prefer, no taxes and no employment from companies b/c they decide to move their operations overseas or to Mexico to save money? Remember, companies are still in the business of making money, if regulations and high taxes choke their finances, then they’ll have no choice but to go out of business or relocate, it’s just simple economics. Trump wants to give corporations HUGE TAX BREAKS so they can be more profitable, WITH the condition that they hire more American workers… is that a bad thing?

    Besides, less money in gov’t coffers is freaking awesome!! Less wasteful spending, less money for war and useless colored revolutions (remember the $5 billion spent on installing US controlled puppet gov’t in Ukraine as revealed by Nuland)… which led nowhere. Now Trump wants to pull slush money out of Ukraine, Syria, Iraq… that would decimate the terrorists!

    Of course it’s not all wine & roses, Trump fills his cabinet with 3 Goldman Sachs banksters, cozying up to Wall St. which was expected, DOW rallies to record highs… business as usual. Duh, he’s part of the 1% after all:

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    1. Carrier makes a ton of money. They rely on American consumers to buy their shitty product, so they should have to contribute to American society. Trump’s campaign plan (to promise high tariffs on “American” products exported back into the US, was way better than cutting them a tax break for moving half their jobs or of the country.
      The jobs left will likely be less than offset of revenue lost from the breaks.
      If we are going to continue this race to the bottom, we all lose.
      As far as how the government spends money, that is for voting, not extortion. I’m against the milliary-industrial complex as much as anyone, but they had their chances to decide when they voted.
      The US is not supposed to negotiate with terrorists. Let them leave, have their as shity HVAC units priced out of the markets by huge tariffs, and let a real American company take their place.
      Even though we sacrificed our manufacturing long ago, we still retain power simply because nobody will ever consume like us.

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      1. Well, only the future will tell if Trump’s plan is successful or not. It can’t be any worse than the aggregated job loss under Obama’s crappy policies (if you believe in the unemployment figures then i have a bridge to sell ya).

        Here’s a shocker regarding the vote recount, plenty of vote tampering/fraud on behalf of Republican party… Trump may have literally stole the election. Jill Stein was correct to demand an official recount, for the record.
        I’m sure there was plenty of behind the scenes manipulation and fraud coming from both sides, elections are power struggles amongst the elite, a very dirty business.
        Of course nothing will change as a result of this recount b/c that would create too much turmoil, the establishment want to get on with business as usual. American ppl have been duped once more!

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  2. As someone living in Indianapolis, I feel happy for the Carrier families who will have continued income, but it’s a cost to all of us. While we can afford this one, this kind of wheeling-and-dealing is dangerous, particularly when applied to a larger scale.
    Also, I’m happy the pipeline is delayed, glad the people can go home and warm up for a while, but I’ve read several sources saying that in a matter of months, it will be approved by the orange fascist, who stands to make more green from it.
    Also, every day is shock and awe. Just fucking shock and bloody awe.
    But I do so appreciate your optimism in the face of *waves arms madly* all this. I need it. kthxbai

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    1. Apparently, Trump just can’t overturn it. He can challenge it, and it’ll have to go through judicial review. Then it depends on where it goes. Then it’s going to be litigated for a while. So we’ll see.

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  3. “Thugs” is the perfect description of the military/police force used against peaceful protesters. I don’t believe a single word about the protesters using projectiles on the police – I think it’s a story they came up with to protect their a**es when the lawsuits start.

    I really, really don’t want to take away from your positive post. Unfortunately, the thugs who are building the pipeline have said they’ll keep pushing the construction forward. They’ve said they’ll “just pay the $50,000 per day fine” for building without the required easement. 😥

    I want to make sure people have all the facts. This fight is not over. While the easement denial was, at the very least, a sign of good faith, the construction company doesn’t have any “goodness” in it. 😦

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