Oh Christmas Tree?

Hello dear reader(s)!

I apologize for the late hour of this post on this here blog-type-thing, but you see, today was the day I went shopping for my Yule tree, or Christmas tree, depending on what you like to call it.  I went to two places, only to find lousy, dried out, overpriced pieces of pine crap that would not be allowed anywhere near my festivities.

I did, however, manage to pick up some lights and decorations.

However, when I tried to put the lights up using a porch light outlet adapter, I found that I could not do that because the stupid light fixture did not allow enough room for the lights to be plugged into the outlets on the side of the adapter.

I entered a state of dashed holiday decorating hopes depression, and briefly contemplated just ending it all (attempts to decorate, nothing else), until my roommate informed me that there is an outlet on the outside and back of the house.  She says she informed me of this before, and I believe her, but I also believe I probably didn’t hear her, what with my half-deafness and all.

So hope is not lost.  I simply need to obtain a fairly long outdoor extension cord, which I will throw over the roof to begin hanging the lights.

In addition to that, it turns out there are a few nearby tree farms, where one can actually go and cut their own live trees.  A live tree should help ensure that the tree is not dried out tinder like the crap they had at the lots.  I’m sure it’ll be a bit more expensive, but it should be worth it.

My roommates and I are going to go either tomorrow or Sunday and snag one.

The elves are rejoicing.

I am feeling very hopeful about the coming months, despite the President-Elect and his jackbooted thugs.  I feel like an awakening is occurring with people.  I’ll expand on that in another post.  Maybe tomorrow.

I am also hopeful about my own life personally.  I have had a few recent epiphanies, and while I am not in the place I would like to be at this time, I feel like I am closer than ever.

I hope all of you have had or are having a great day, and have either found or have a solid Yule/Christmas tree plan in place should you be of one of the people who likes to have one.  If not, I hope your holiday season is going great so far as almost everyone has some awesome holiday coming up.

In the words of Frank Loesser, “Gosh your lips look delicious.”


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

9 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree?”

  1. Your cats put up with Yule/Christmas trees? You have very well-behaved pets (although I’m not so sure about that Peeve fellow; he can be a bit of a jerk 😉 ).

    My Yule/Christmas tree plan is so much more simple. Menorah candles are super cheap. But I think we should invest in one of those fancy lightbulb ones (even cheaper!), because Loki is that cat that curiosity keeps trying to kill. Or, at the very least, singe. LOL 😀


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