Have You Met My Pet?

Hello dear reader(s)!

In addition to my lovely cats, Piedmont and Dobson, I have another pet.  My pet is named Peeve.  Peeve is a great pet, because Peeve lets me know all of the things that irritate me so that when I see those things frequently in a person, I can know that I will not be able to successfully enjoy having a relationship of any kind (professional, friendly, romantic, master-slave, etc…) with said person, because if I try, I will eventually see them as an enemy, if I do not wish them on their merry way, toward sweet Christmas.  Like, your pet Peeve may have let you know I just used a run-on sentence and my pet Peeve told me that it does not matter, because you are a grammar Nazi.

I’ve performed a pet Peeve post prior, people.  But my pet has been thinking of new and exciting things to be itself about.  Not that my pet is necessarily active at this time or anything, but just because my pet likes to tell me what is important to it when I am thinking about topics to post about.  I have also been having discussions with friends recently about these things, given events in their lives, so I think my pet has decided to weigh in, because it is an attention whore.  So without further adieu, here are some of my pet peeves, on the angle of personal relationships.

Please to enjoy.

  • Passive aggressiveness  I am not perfect.  I am aware of this.  I am pretty damn close though, admit it.  If I am confronted, I will generally admit where I am wrong if you can prove it.  It doesn’t mean I am going to lie down, (unless you have a good reason for me to), but if I do something to upset you, you can let me know like a normal human and if it is something I can modify, I will attempt to do so in most circumstances, provided you aren’t being completely unreasonable in your upsettedness, such as being offended by this run-on sentence or my use of the made-up word “upsettedness”.  What I will not tolerate however, is short responses, backhanded comments, the silent treatment, slamming around of things, withholding of any affection there may be, or any other retaliation issued without actually having the spine to confront whatever the issue was that upset someone in the first place.  No matter the level of their upsettedness.
  • Not having an opinion  I really don’t mind making decisions some of the time.  I do not mind making the decisions much of the time.  I hate making all of the decisions all of the time.  And what I hate even more than that, is when someone actually has an opinion, but is too afraid to state it.  Example:

Me:  What would you like to eat?

Person:  I don’t care, whatever you want.

Me:  {silently}  Grrrr.  Breathe.  {Audibly}  Okay, how about (insert desired food type or place here)?

Person:  No, I really don’t feel like that.

  • Making me always initiate  This would only apply to romantic or master-slave relationships, but hey, guess what?  You’re not the only one who wants to feel desired.  Sometimes, I might want you to initiate.  I do not subscribe to antiquated patriarchal gender stupidity that says only the man can have desire.  I do not think it is bad if a woman shows that she wants it.  And if there is too little initiation, I am going to assume the desire is not there, which is going to kill any I might have.  And if there is no desire, I might not want to keep you locked up in the basement anymore.  I’d hate to have to put you out on the street in just that collar, and leather g-string.
  • Negativity  The world can suck sometimes.  In fact, it can suck a lot.  But not everything sucks.  I know that you have had issues.  We all have.  And occasionally venting about it is okay.  Get that shit out.  But then once it’s out, you need to let that shit go.  Move the fuck on with your life.  Because life will move on without you.  You don’t want to be sitting around your cake at 97, barely able to keep your head up as the people in the nursing home sing to you, and you’re just thinking about the scars you were given in your twenties.  Or maybe you do, in which case, you should probably know they are only singing because the home’s Activities Director is compelling them to, before the mandatory quilting.
  • Being overly judgmental  We’re all judgmental.  It’s important to make judgments about things.  Having a pet named Peeve is taking part in making judgments.  But when you use it as a means to feel superior to those you are judging, it doesn’t make you superior, it makes you an asshole.  Granted, some behavior is clearly good, and some is clearly bad.  But for the most part (including the things that my pet does not like), it is just behavior that you yourself do not like.  It does not necessarily make those who get on your nerves any worse than you.  You probably piss some people off, yourself.
  • Taking people for granted  While you are too busy to talk to someone, I guarantee that someone is having deep conversations with that person.  While you are playing passive aggressive or treating someone like an option, someone else is making that person feel like a priority.  Sometimes life does really get in the way, but if you don’t go out of your way occasionally to let someone know they are important to you, they may start to believe that they are not.  And they are probably important to someone else, who does not mind showing them.  Not to mention, who says Granted even wants the people you are taking for it?

What about you, dear reader(s), do you have any pet peeves in relationships?   Please comment with yours, if that isn’t a pet peeve of yours.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

16 thoughts on “Have You Met My Pet?”

  1. My husband NEVER picks the place to eat (See how I phrased that?) and when he does, I totally do not want to eat there, but I pretend, because encouragement 😛
    Relationship pet peeves… I don’t like a man who pouts, who is sullen, who is passive-aggressive and does the whole silent-treatment thing. These things typically go together and that’s why I married a man NOT like that.

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  2. A) that food conversation basically describes any and all stereotypical marriage dynamics (men are from mars, amirite???) and B) my pet peeve is when friends don’t respect each others’ time. Saying you’ll be there at 7 and showing up at 9 is basically telling your loved ones that binge-watching old episodes of Becker is better than spending the time with them that you already committed to. Or to which you already committed. Whatever, just don’t be a dick, I guess.

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