Hello dear reader(s)!

As you may have noticed, I have not posted on this here blog-type-thing with any kind of frequency or consistency whatsoever this month.


The reasons are many.  A lack of cohesive thoughts.  This ridiculous headache and the two ER trips that have resulted.  Other things to do.  The need to keep what is foremost in my mind to myself or a very small circle for the time being.  Holidays.  But the primary reason?

NaNoWriMo.  For those of you who are unaware of what that stupid-ass sounding gibberish is, it means National Novel Writing Month.  And is the bane of my existence as a world-renown blog-type-thinger.  This is the month, where people who are under the delusion that anyone would want to read the crap they write, decide they can write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  They all decide to write this novel during the month of November, and then presumably, they all bombard publishers with their dribble at the exact same time, over-saturating an already over-saturated market and making it likely their novels will end up at $1.99 on Amazon even if they are any good.

Why November?  When the weather is actually pretty perfect to be outside?  Why not July, when you barely want to move and fear the day your air conditioner isn’t working properly?  November, with my birthday, and Thanksgiving, and the holidays, and mild (for the most part) daytime temperatures is probably the worst time to commit yourself to churning out that great novel in a month.

Why should I care when people decide to write their books?

It’s simple.  In November, my page views plummet like a pair of underwear worn by me when the woman of my dreams is standing before me telling me to ravish her against a wall.  They drop like the Dow will after Trump’s economic policies are put into place.  They fall like a bridge that is not able to be maintained under a Republican administration’s tax cuts.

So even in a good November, my posting tends to be a little spotty, like a woman on Depo-Provera.  But this November has had many more challenges.  There is the post-election fatigue and hopelessness.  There are the unexplained headaches that are downright debilitating.  There is a desire to explore my new area.  There is the scary realization that despite some good things, and low prices that may enable me to make a halfway decent life for myself here, (even on my next to nothing disability), that it does not feel at all like home.

Thanksgiving, I had a great day.  I had a great dinner, with great people, and then went to look at Christmas lights.  It was fun, but all day I was fighting off my headache.  That night, it got out of control again.  I went to the ER.  They did a CT scan.  (I had one scheduled for the next morning, but just couldn’t take the pain.)  It came out negative, which should be amazing news, but the headaches remain.  Next step is gong to see a neurologist.

Everything so far has been through my primary care doctor, or the ER.  I am waiting to see specialists, and that is the level of care I am accustomed to.  Primary doctors take one look at my numbers, and freak out.  The good news, is the ER trip did show me that I was likely just dehydrated during the previous ER trip, and my kidney function appears to be holding.

I also think that my primary doctor thinks I might be drug seeking, which is hilarious because I told the ER people that the narcotics they were injecting directly into my IV were barely helping at all, and that I hated them.  I did call my primary at one point to ask for a refill of the barbiturates the previous ER had written me for, (despite their inability to kill the pain, except when they knocked me out), but then that point became moot after the second ER visit.  I don’t want meds, I want my fucking head fixed.

Anyway, with all this going on, and the stupid month of writing our shitty novels, I have been rather bad about posting.  So bad, some might call it naughty.  Santa will bring me coal, I have been so naughty.  Perhaps someone else will give me a spanking.

And I didn’t really care.  I was content to let November pass without another post on this here blog-type-thing from yours truly.

But much to my surprise, I found out I had a fan.  And that fan, was disappointed in my lack of posting.

Now, I don’t mind disappointing family.  I don’t mind disappointing all the teachers who said I had so much potential.  I don’t mind disappointing society.  But I will never, ever purposely disappoint a fan.  Not even the little paper kind that are purely decorative.

As such, it appears as though the days of regular posting have resumed, barring any hospitalizations or real logistical issues.  They may not be good, they may not be interesting, but they will be here.  Even if that person is the only one reading, I owe it to my fan.

I wish the rest of you good luck with your novels, not that you are reading this.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

39 thoughts on “NaNoWriStupid”

  1. I am reading too. I stop by whenever I see your posts come across my feed to see how you are doing. After a bit too long I go seek out your blog. Just wanting to know you are okay. I hope they are able to find answers for you soon. Being in pain all the time drains everything in you and hopefully they can fix that.

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  2. lol, so true about nanowrimo, 30 days to write, another week to rewrite and edit, then more time to design a nice cover and format/ convert/ upload to amazon publishing site. then compete with all the other free ebooks available on amazon kdp released just in time for the holidays! after splitting profits with amazon, u’ll be lucky to see a few dollars profit after all ur friend and family’s sympathy purchases. blogging is definitely more productive :))
    btw, if ur headache doesn’t improve using our wonderful obamacare system, there’s always free, safe, natural remedies, like earthing:

    ur a pagan for christ sake, and you’ve never heard of grounding with mother earth???
    good luck with the “specialists” curing ur pain and suffering.

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    1. I know all about grounding, thank you. Pagans don’t reject modern medicine, just because we also don’t reject natural ways. I’m open to anything that will work .. and that’s usually a combination of things.
      Also, Pagan and for Christ’s sake? LMAO!

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  3. I only realized it was November and therefore I was supposed to be putting out a novel last week. I decided I would do December writing challenge that I am making up myself so nobody will be disappointed. Still, I haven’t been blogging much and I have no excuse, but I still consider myself a fan of yours. Hope your head does not explode because it will be quite messy and I don’t think you will have the where-with-all to clean up after yourself. It would be really rude to leave that mess for others.

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  4. Sorry to hear about the headaches, brother. Sending healing energy your way as I type (’cause I got it like that…) Don’t stop letting us know how you’re doing. Lots of us got your back and hey, happy belated birthday too!

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  5. Haha! That’s true enough, people don’t read as much in NaNo. I’d love to have JulyNaNo. I leave my house so very little in July. Parade, fireworks, done! I’m too busy to create drivel this month, but I prolly coulda squeaked somethin out in July!
    I hope they get your head fixed. Neuro can be amazingly helpful and I sure hope it is for you.
    And Josh, shh, I’m a fan 🙂

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  6. I did one blogging challenge (Just Jot It January) and wrote a post every single day. I was so mentally wiped out from that I pretty much was silent the next couple of months.

    I blog at my own pace and am content with that, so I am with you!


      1. Hmm… and the ct was normal… damn. Idk. Personally, my repression migraines are always frontal lobe, or right behind the eyes. But human bodies are so different, that doesn’t mean much. Could you be allergic to something since you moved?

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      2. I’m beginning to wonder. The issue with that is that allergy meds don’t seem to make a difference, and the pain is very, very intense. I am used to pain, and have built up a pretty high tolerance, and these get out of control. I couldn’t imagine allergies being so bad. We’ll see.

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      3. That’s basically what my migraine Med is. A prescription allergy pill to combat inflammation of the nervous system. It works, but it knocks me out for 48 hours anytime I have to take it. Ugh… good luck!

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  7. Why November, not only when the weather is so perfect, but when you have holiday plans. When retailers are working doubles. When Thanksgiving is an entire week for many of family or kids at home, taking away from the book. Can we pick some insignificant month? Something with no holidays or events, that I wouldn’t mind if it was wiped from existence due to its windchill and heavy snow?! Let’s do February.

    Oh and those lights were gorgeous. Now that I have you on my other social media I don’t have to worry anymore when you posts cease. 🙂

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    1. If you like Feb, do Feb. I think that everyone decides to write at the same time is a problem. I’ll go with July or August. Or a little here and there throughout the year. My book, my choice.
      The lights were pretty cool, way better in person.

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  8. I’m a fan (possibly one of those decorative ones)! I never thought to complain though… I didn’t think we could do that. LOL

    I thought the imagery of your page readership dropping like your underwear on a hot date was quite… exhilarating. Then, GOP politics put a total cold shower on that steamy metaphor. LOL

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