Alright fuckwits, you win.  Congratulations.  Here is what you win.

  • Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade  I sincerely hope that none of you or anyone you care about will need an abortion, ever.
  • The healthcare system before the ACA  You think your subsidized premiums were going to be high?  Wait until you are buying individual policies on the open market…if you can even qualify.  Pre-existing condition?  Sorry…shit out of luck.  Hope none of you get sick.
  • A government from the top down that does not take sexual assault seriously  Hope everyone likes their or their loved ones’ pussies grabbed.
  • All state marijuana legalization measures nullified  Trump said it himself.  Medical only, state by state.  Recreational?  Nope, his DEA will not be friendly like Obama’s to the dispensaries.  So way to vote there.  Chris Christie, his likely Attorney General is an outspoken opponent.
  • An emboldening of racists and misogynists anywhere  Already going on.
  • A higher national debt  His numbers don’t add up.  Trickle down does not work.  Can’t cut taxes and increase spending (as he intends on the military, for example, as well as his wall which Mexico will NOT pay for) and not increase debt.  It’s math.
  • Charter schools, including public funds going to religious organizations  Christian only, I am sure.
  • Supreme Court Justice who will overturn marriage equality  Because bajeebus says it’s wrong!
  • More homeless, poor, and sick people in your neighborhoods  When social programs are cut even further, people have to go somewhere.
  • Increased healthcare prices  As if they aren’t going up enough, now the uninsured will be filling up emergency rooms once again, and nobody is left to cover any of the remaining costs.  Prices will increase drastically to cover the loss in profits.  Additionally, those facilities will write off those losses, meaning less tax revenue coming into the government.  Basically a debt redistribution from the insurance companies back to the public, ruining, and needlessly ending many lives.
  • A President the former head of the Soviet KGB called to congratulate  Seriously.  What makes anyone think that is a good thing?
  • A President who wants to split up and deport families who are already in this nation contributing  And forget a path to legitimate citizenship.
  • Environmental deregulation  Climate change denial as policy, as well as the denial of other science like the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

None of this will bring your jobs back.  We will see in the next four years if there is still a world and country left in the next four years, but I will be laughing so hard at your ignorant asses every time a plant shuts down, every time some fucking Bubba gets laid off, every time the Dow closes lower.

In the meantime, I am probably going to be homeless, because you know those motherfuckers want to take away Social Security Disability Insurance.  I’m camping on YOUR lawns, Trump voters, should that happen.  Since he is the NRA’s bitch, I assume full-auto machine guns will be legal at that point, so instead of my last rent, I’ll get one and you can try to stop me.

I do not understand how marginalized groups, used as scapegoats for everyone’s problems by the Trump campaign, could have possibly cast votes for Trump, or not shown up at all.  That, however, is exactly what happened.

The Leadership of the Democratic Party needs to be exiled from politics.  It isn’t just this election.  They lost the midterms, they were weak when they had the majority prior, and they rigged the nominating process to install the only candidate who could be liked even less than a fascist megalomaniac.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and everyone else who made this possible should never be near a campaign or party again.  It should never be anyone’s turn.

Good luck, US.  Especially rural Bubba.  Your savior will not change your life for the better.  I hope that we are all here in four years when I can laugh in your dumb fucking faces about how right I was.

Also, I would like to advertise my services to lovely Canadian or Irish women as a mail-order husband.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

48 thoughts on “USA-Holes”

      1. My heart breaks for everyone but one person today said, “I have to use what little privilege I have to help someone else that is being oppressed.” That is what I hope to do.

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  1. What’s bizarre, but no longer shocking, is when you tell people these things and they don’t even believe you. Like, “Seriously, you live on aid, you have a pre-existing condition, your brother and his husband plan to adopt, and you voted for him?” I tell ya, it’s the cognitive dissonance of it all that blows my mind.
    I look forward to your laughter, cause I haven’t had much of that today.

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    1. It is crazy! My friend with a legal weed farm in WA is glad he won. I posted Trump’s own words about him being anti-legal recreational marijuana and he doesn’t believe it. It was his OWN WORDS! His farm is going to get raided. He’s going to lose his business. And he is celebrating. Like…what?
      I hope I can find some humor soon, because right now I am just angry and to the point I no longer give a damn about my country.

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      1. This morning, Cassidy Frazee gave me my first laugh. She wrote her opinion piece on the election and then I wrote, “I feel ya,” and she replied, “Just don’t grab my pussy.”
        I needed that laugh.

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  2. I can’t like it because I can’t read it because *politics * and all. But I have one comment…. I do wonder if the feds will prosecute those having anything to do with Marijuana in states that legalized it. This is one non-partisan question.

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  3. You’ve listed all my fears right here. Most of my tears were shed when I had to tell my almost 12 year old daughter the news Wednesday morning.

    After a day or so to let it sink in and let the shock wear off, I am regrouping. I’m sick of all the wishy-washy “things will be fine if we work together” crap because we currently have no voice to work with. Change is going to have to come from the bottom up now. We need to get local people together, uniting to find every possible way to protect the rights of women and gay people, and to make sure the black, Hispanic and Muslim communities know that Trump’s bigotry is NOT who we are.

    And it’s truly horrifying what is in store for the less fortunate in this country, the elderly and disabled and working poor. To not acknowledge the damage is to let it happen. Thanks for taking the time to speak up, I feel absolutely choked right now.

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    1. As someone disabled, I’m terrified. Nothing I can do, because the people couldn’t even flip Congress. This will impact us for decades thanks to the Supreme Court.
      I genuinely believed that America, for all its divisiveness, wanted to be good. Now, I really don’t.


      1. Try and remember that Clinton actually had more votes. And that only 49 or so percent of the population even bothered to vote. I’m hoping apathy is more to blame. If there really are that many bigots in this country, we’re totally fucked.

        But those were my thoughts when I first found out – absolute shock and shame that this many people could support something so ugly and wrong.

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  4. Don’t wanna be an American Idiot.. Aah what a post, thanks for sharing. As a Brit, I can sit and feel bad for Americans atm.. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if Trump was my president. My boyfriend and I were talking about it last night, and were saying we’d probably emigrate. We don’t have much money, but anything’s gotta be better right? :/


  5. Did you know that LESS people voted in this election than the last one b/c the rural states passed all kinds of voting laws designed to keep minorities away from the polls. I found this out from one of my Pals.And Did you know that all of the US air pollution gets pushed over to the UK and Europe via the Jetstream so when Trumps policies come into effect we will be breathing more US shit in our lungs?xx Speedy

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    1. Some of it is voter ID laws, but there are organizations to help people get those for those who actually attempted it. A lot of it was just lazy people who couldn’t be bothered to vote, or idiots voting against their interests and believing a con man.

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