Democracy Inaction

Hello dear reader(s)!

Y’all voting today (US Reader(s)?), or are you going to sit and let a bunch of inbred extremists make your decision for you?

Despite what the media may have you believe, there is more to this election than the race for the white house.  In fact, except for the fact that the next President will get to appointment a lot of Supreme Court Justices, and that could make the difference between whether or not abortion remains a safe and legal option, as well as whether or not gay couples still have equal marriage rights as do other couples, the Presidency is probably the least important position in  government.

If you vote, you have a chance to do something about the  idiotic Congress that has blocked every single thing that could have moved this country forward.  The ones who get paid to do nothing, while you bust your ass at your eight to five.

So even if you hate the narcissistic, lying, fascist megalomaniac just as much as you hate the conniving, manipulating, power-hungry, thinks the Presidency is her birthright and was an idiot with her emails but is clearly the lesser evil if you care at all about your fellow citizens… You should still fucking vote.

Some people claim that voting doesn’t matter because of the electoral college.  Those people are full of shit.  While it is true that a rogue elector may be willing to take the penalty and go against the allocation rules and will of the people, if you actually showed up to vote, the margins wouldn’t be close enough for that to make a difference.  It’s like in sports, sometimes a call doesn’t go your way, but you should never have left it in the hands of the referees.  Do you think an elector would change their vote if the popular vote was overwhelming?  No, they’d be scared for their lives if they did.

If you live in FL, PA, OH, or anywhere that could potentially swing, you need to vote.  Don’t believe the polls.  Polls are taken from LIKELY VOTERS.  That doesn’t include a lot of people.  If you’re young, you need to show up.  You could tip the balance.

There are two other factors that could skew this election’s polls.  The first, is that many Trump supporters may not admit they support Trump for fear of being labeled the racist xenohphobes their candidate clearly identifies with.  The other is in the opposite direction.  Married women, may publicly say they support Trump to appease their fat, stupid, racist, sexist, abusive husbands… But once in the voting booth, their sense of being a woman who believes other women should have the right to the body autonomy they gave up by marrying their Trump supporting, misogynist, sociopath husbands will kick in and they’ll make the only intelligent decision someone with a vagina or one who cares about those with vaginas could make.

I’m with her, even though I don’t like her and would have rather been with Bernie.  The nuclear codes should not be trusted with someone who’s campaign had to take away his direct Twitter access.  This guy is fucking insane.  Your problems are not from immigrants, or gay people, or any other scapegoat you’re looking for.  Why would you trust the guy who ships jobs overseas to bring them back?

You can’t go back in time.  Don’t let nostalgia interfere with human decency.   I’m not a fan of globalization, but if you think Mr. Make America Great Again (Product of China and Mexico) is going to change the system from which he profits, you really are a special kind of stupid.

Am I telling you how to vote?

Yes.  So?

I’m not your boss.  You do what you want.  Me expressing my opinion is not interfering with democracy.

In my state, I am being bombarded with ads about the projected premium increases under Obama Care.  Not the ACA, but Obama Care.  It sucks, it does. But do not forget we would have single payer or at least a public option were it not for Republicans.  How high do you think premiums would be under the old system?

To the people reading this, worried about their way of life disappearing, I understand.  Change isn’t always easy.  But Donald fucking Trump can’t and won’t turn back time.  He won’t be able to force the greedy-ass companies to bring back  manufacturing.  He won’t be able to make coal the only viable energy option for the US again, and he shouldn’t because it’s shit.  He’s not going to save your jobs.

Hillary probably won’t either, to be fair.  But at least Hillary won’t be a sexual assaulting, misogynist homophobe with a backwards theocratic VP who fucked his home state over.  She won’t be a puppet of a former head of the Soviet KGB, who is also looking to go back in time.  She won’t start WWIII because someone said she has small hands.  She won’t allow people to be persecuted for their skin color, gender, or beliefs.  She isn’t backed by the KKK.

The choice for President is clear.  But even if you choose not to see it, go vote and kick these Congressional, wasteful, pork-barreling fucks out of our house, and senate.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

22 thoughts on “Democracy Inaction”

  1. I’m with her and am happy to say it. Yeah, she has done some stupid shit, but I still believe she is uniquely qualified for the position. I’m in California, which is a deep dark blue state, so it makes me feel like my vote doesn’t really count regarding the Presidency, but I voted just like I always have and always will.

    Great rant, Josh.


  2. 60 Minutes had a great little expose about voters and there was a comment that was made that really resonated with me.

    It went something like this: Voters feel like they are a child of divorce. A judge is asking then if you want to live with your mother or your father and you don’t want to do either.

    Yup exactly how I feel. That being said, I did vote early already.

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      1. Yes seriously! It’s like self sabotage sacrificing Bernie for HiLIARy. Bernie had the ppl behind him, the only viable choice to shut down Trump. That’s what happens when any party becomes a puppet of the establishment and not a true representative of the people. The fix WAS in… installing Clinton assured defeat.
        Like I said from the beginning, whoever wins — WE LOSE!! 😦


  3. God, can it just be over already? I’m taking solace in the fact that by 2020 (at least that’s the date I’ve heard tossed around) or so, most white kids will be the minority. I think that means good things for the future of our country. When the majority of people are mixed race, it’s harder to hate each other and harder for fucktwats like Trump to gain traction that matters.

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