My Triumphant Return

Hello dear reader(s)!

I am back from hiatus.  I am sorry for my absence, but the staff here at MyFridayBlog™ (me) had a little misunderstanding (didn’t understand) now we’re back together again, lalalala.  Anyway, let’s bring you all up to speed.

As you know, I recently had a birthday, making me officially one year more awesome.  It was a good birthday, with the exception of serious annoyances with the local government who believes that in order to drive, for the past two years you must have participated in the corrupt financial system.  Because of my desire to be tied to those monsters as little as possible, as well as things that are just standard life issues like being disabled and frequently hospitalized, I lack enough of the proof of what little involvement I have had in their rigged game in order to get my precious Beastess registered.

As such, I immediately got to work.  I started by calling my social security account provider, who decided not to answer their phones because their call volumes were high and they are too much assholes to keep people on hold.  Click.  I kept trying every half hour (during business hours) for two days.  Finally, I got through, and ordered the required statements.  In order to have them sent to me here, I had to update my address.  The representative isn’t sure if the old address would still be on them.  We shall see when they arrive, but if they are not, then I am out of luck there.

I also changed my health plan over, and set up an appointment with my new primary doctor.  The plan is HMO style, and because I was unfamiliar with doctors here, I decided to have my plan assign my doctor to me, knowing that most of my care will be through an oncologist once I get the referral anyway.  That was a mistake, because not only is the person they assigned to me no longer practicing at that location, that person has been gone so long that nobody there even recalls that person.  So, I had to change my primary doctor, which is fine because that gave me the opportunity to do a little research first.

I have also been exploring the area.  I found a great little small town, where I want to live when my year is up here.  I might not live there specifically, but I want to live somewhere like that.  We had lunch at a great brew pub there, and are big fans of the whole area.  Most of the shops were closed because it was Sunday, something I have to get used to now, living in this area.

Rock and Run Brewery. Cherry bomb wheat ale. Yummy!!!!

I’ve also been to a steak house, which oddly enough is a steak house I have been to in Reno.  The steaks were the same yummy, but the decor was very different.  I have been to great barbecue in the plaza, which is a very pretty area with mission-style architecture.  I also had yummy cheesecake.  I went to a massive entertainment complex which I am sure would be very cool if it wasn’t so crowded.  I had great pizza.  I also went to see Doctor Strange, which I thought was a very fun movie.

And I went to a cider mill.

Probably not their fault.

This is where things get a little interesting.

At this cider mill, I had a frozen slushed cider, and a couple of cider donuts which were quite delicious.  I went through a corn maze which was too dried out and simple, but still fun.  I walked around this little setting enjoying the fall fun and all the families having a great time.

And then my stomach told me I had better run, not walk, to the nearest porta-potty.  My stomach hasn’t been the same since.

A couple of days later, I heard that there was an E.Coli outbreak at said cider mill, and anyone who experienced the kind of yuck I experienced within a couple of days of visiting said mill should call the health department.  So I did.  I called their 800 number and informed them that I had indeed gotten sick after visiting.  I told them the day that I went.  They told me that an epidemiologist would call me back.  They did, but I was not near my phone, and they left a message to call back on the 800 number.  No direct line.  I called back.  I didn’t reach the person that wanted to talk to me, so I was told they would call back.  They did, I was not by my phone, so they left a message, again, telling my to call back the 800 number.

I was going to call them back, when I learned the outbreak actually occurred during a festival earlier.  My stomach, while still messed up, was feeling a bit better and I figured my troubles were likely due to a combination of too much activity, and eating out too much.  I got tired of playing phone tag with the health department, and decided that if it was that important, they would figure out a better way to get in touch with me.

Yesterday, I got a massive headache.  It made me dizzy.  Today, it is a little better, but still there.  I didn’t have coffee yesterday, and think that may have been a contributing factor, along with just the fatigue of doing too much.  In all the excitement, I do need to remember I am still disabled for a reason.

Anyway, I am slowing down a little, which allows me to return to this here blog-type-thing.  Aren’t you all so glad?

How have your last few days been?



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

18 thoughts on “My Triumphant Return”

  1. Cider donuts sound delicious. I went to see Dr. Strange also and I was let down. Based on the people I’ve talked with, I am definitely the minority.

    Glad it turned out not to be E.coli. That would have been nasty.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so glad you didn’t get the e coli 🙂
    Yes, partying it up gets to me too. It’s like “OMG THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER! Yeehaw! DONDE ESTA LA BANO?!” and then I get to ‘sit there’ and think about how I’m old, and my health issues, and how there is a fine line between fun and inflammation. Boo. Party pooper.
    Anyway, I’m glad you had a mostly joyous time and I hope your headache has gone away 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. UGH! I’m so sorry about your stomach problems (& your Jeep registration problems). Slushy cider is forever ruined for you. & it sounded so delicious. 😥

    I went to see Dr. Strange too! My favorite character, by far, was his cape. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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