Punished For Cash

Hello dear reader(s)!

Yesterday, I went to kick off the birthday fun with going to court!  (True story.)  It was actually in order to get a letter saying I do not owe property tax for my vehicle so I could get it registered in this state.  I thought it should have been easy, but I was wrong.  Because when I got there, I was met by an extremely rude lady who informed me that they needed the title of my vehicle (I had), and one of the following four document choices with an out of state address for the past two years:

  1. Bank statements with physical address
  2. Utility Bill with service at address
  3. Lease Agreement or Mortgage Payment Statement
  4. Credit Card Statement

Now, here are the corresponding problems:

  1. No bank account
  2. Utilities were never in my name
  3. No formal lease
  4. No credit cards

So how in the hell am I supposed to do this?  I am sick and tired of needing to be part of commercial systems in order do things that should be legally available to residents of a certain place.  Why am I being punished by possible not being able to legally drive my vehicle because I don’t want credit cards and hate banks?

Anyway, that was annoying.  But then, I did have fun on my birthday.  I played air hockey, mini golf, skee-ball, and cards against humanity.  I had yummy soft tacos for dinner and my traditional birthday pumpkin pie for dessert.  I got great gifts and spent time with great people, and it was a great birthday.  I found a very nice little small town in my travels, which I am very excited to explore later.  I had a lot of friends send me good wishes, including many of you dear reader(s)!

Anyway, now I have to figure out what to do in order to get my car registered.

What all are you up to today?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

31 thoughts on “Punished For Cash”

  1. Hey Happy B-day Josh. If u don’t absolutely have to drive, there’s Uber car service.
    Funny story, a friend of mine who shall remain anon, has not registered her vehicle
    since she moved out of state to a small town, it’s been going on 4 years! Granted she only drives
    it when she heads outta town, in town she Ubers.
    She’s only been stopped once at a checkpoint, cop asks why registration has expired and not
    renewed, she tells him she just got back overseas and moving into current address. Cop just
    gave warning and let her go. Her insurance is current tho, tied to her old registration address.

    Just sayin’ lol.

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    1. I’m not sure how that works if she still has a drivers license. I tried that in California once and the guy asked why my car was registered (it’s a company car) but my license wasn’t up to date. He gave me a 10 day warning to get a license in the state or face more punishment (on top of my speeding ticket).

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      1. She kept her old license from the other state, hasn’t expired yet. As long as reg addr matches up with license when out of state, they don’t have jurisdiction to force you to do anything. Still have to keep the insurance up tho.


  2. I think you now live in Kansas or Missouri, correct? Aren’t those state that HATE big government and HATE bureaucrats who infringe on all our freedoms? Don’t want all that government interference putting up roadblocks and telling us what to do? Just sayin…..

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  3. Glad you had a nice birthday anyway. I spent most of the day reading, but I feeeeeel like I spent the day chasin my tail at work. How is it so late already?
    Pumpkin pie. Oh yum 😛

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  4. I know you hate banks and credit cards but if you ever want to rent a car or a hotel room you usually have to put a hold with a credit card. Nobody is forcing you to use it when you have it.

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    1. I’ve never needed a credit card for a hotel room. As far as car rentals are concerned, it’s also not necessary, but much easier.
      The point is that many people can’t even obtain them, and for the government to require you to do business with these entities is discriminating against the less fortunate.


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