No Fairy tale

The final chapter of No End, and No Beginning.  

Amber walked from the back room to the sales floor, expecting to see a regular customer who needed someone to push them into buying what they came in for; so when she saw him standing there waiting for her, she nearly fainted.  Her mind reeled with the confusion of seeing him standing before her, and the knowledge that he had perished in a plane crash.  She attempted to form the words her mind was throwing at her, but they came so rapidly and went in so many directions, she was unable.  After a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, she ran to him and jumped into his arms.

After their passionate kiss, she finally managed to say, “I thought I had lost you!”

“I was on the plane, I remember going down.  I remember thinking the universe would not take you away from me.  I remember a brilliant light.  I remember a feeling of peace, and happiness.  And then I woke up, here.  Well, not here, in a hotel.  This morning.  I panicked, trying to figure out where I was.  There was a tourism brochure for your city, and then I knew.  I knew everything that happened.  Somebody decided to correct the mistake made of taking me from you.  My phone had your picture set on the wallpaper.  Then my maps program opened up automatically, with this address set to it.  I knew I had to come.  We are meant to be together.”

Isabella walked in from her lunch.  Unlike Amber, she actually did faint when she saw him.  Amber, Marco, and he rushed over to her.  As the three were leaning over her, Isabella opened her eyes.  She locked eyes with him, smiled, and fainted again.

“I think I had better leave, so she can actually regain consciousness,” he laughed.  “Do you have any plans tonight?” he asked, looking at Amber.

“I plan on going out with you tonight,” she replied with a smile.

After Isabella woke up, Amber and Marco explained what had happened, and how they could not believe what they were witnessing.  Isabella seemed convinced that she was insane and was hallucinating the whole thing, including having her coworker friends explaining to her what she had just witnessed.  It took almost until closing for her to finally believe it.  Just before close, she grabbed Amber by the hand, and pulled her aside.

“I think I am responsible for this,” she confessed to Amber.

“What do you mean?” Amber asked her, confused as to how her friend and coworker could have possibly brought him back from the dead.

“You were so down.  We were worried about you.  I performed a ritual in order to bring you happiness again,” she explained.

“That is very sweet of you.  I believe that if you put out positive energy to the universe, it comes back to you three-fold.  Thank you,” Amber told her.

“You don’t understand,” Isabella said, dropping her smile, “This isn’t some kiddy playtime shit.  I used my grandmother’s book of shadows.  The spell was to do whatever it took in order to bring happiness back to your life.  I didn’t think it would bring him back.  You’re not supposed to do those kinds of things.  People aren’t meant to jump realms,” she warned.

“Too late,” Amber retorted, “He is here now, that is all that matters.”

He was waiting for Amber when they locked the doors of the store.  He was driving a black Mercedes and she was stunned to see him standing by it.  The man she knew was barely making ends meet, and certainly didn’t have enough to afford a Mercedes.

“How did you get the car?” she asked him.

“It is mine,” he told her.  “The keys were in my pocket when I woke up.  The title, the registration, and insurance, plus a photo of it were sitting on my night stand, all of them in my name!”

Her mouth dropped open.

“There is more,” he began, “I have a house.  And my bank balance…”  He tried to hide his smile but it was no use.  “I’m rich!”

She smiled, but felt like there was something wrong about that.  They drove in near silence to the opulent restaurant.  The wine was amazing, and the food was excellent, but there was a new, odd tension between them.  Something was off.  She began to notice things about him that she did not like.  She got irritated with the way he ate his salmon.  She noticed how one of his eyes was a little smaller than the other.

He began to notice things about her as well.  She didn’t really seem engaged with him.  She wasn’t very nice to the wait staff.  She seemed tired, and distracted.  The few times she did laugh it was like nails on a chalkboard.  She seemed to act a little entitled.  She was constantly looking around the room, as if she was bored.  Still, he thought that he was meant to be with her.  He was taken from another realm for a reason.

He drove her back to her house.  They had an awkward kiss goodnight and he drove away.

“Maybe she was just in shock,” he thought to himself as she walked inside without turning back.

They went out a few more times after that.  About two weeks later, he came to her work to pick her up.  He saw Isabella standing there, with tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked Isabella, in an attempt to comfort her.

Amber walked out from the back room.  She was looking down.

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore,” she told him.

“I was brought back for this?!?!” he shouted with anger in an attempt at hiding his hurt.

He peeled off as fast as he could go, and went home.  He was angry, and he was hurt.  It took him some time, but eventually he was glad she had done it.  He just wanted to know why he was brought back if this is how it was going to be.

His doorbell rang.

He walked into the foyer and opened the door, expecting to see Amber.

It was Isabella.

“She doesn’t know happiness when she has it at her feet,” she said.

Three years later, he was walking down the aisle, toward his beautiful bride.  He looked at Amber, her Maid of Honor, and thought to himself how fortunate he was that it did not work out with her.  He was glad she was happy, knowing that she did not need a man in her life.  He was glad he could be part of her lesson.

Then he looked at his beautiful Isabella.  His sweet, loving bride who was no second choice to him, but he just had been too hung-up on Amber to notice.  He thought about how amazing of her it was that she would bring him back to make her friend happy.

Isabella looked at him and smiled with the knowledge that nobody would ever know what she had done.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

8 thoughts on “No Fairy tale”

  1. Wow. Wow, wowsies, wowzers!!!! This was so good, I had to make up at least 2 new “wow” variations to express it.

    Crud. It took only two posts for me to break my word that I’d try to limit my compliments. Or, if you look at it the other way, I didn’t compliment you for one whole post! I’m gonna go with that last option. It sounds better. LOL

    Anywho, this is different from anything I could have imagined the story going. It’s so creative & original.

    Thank you for fulfilling our continuation request. You hit it out of the park!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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