This Is True

Hello dear reader(s)!

I would just like to remind everyone here not to take this here blog-type-thing too literally.  Especially when it comes to poems and stories told as fiction.  Are there elements of truth in them?  Certainly are.  But those elements of truth are almost never what the people who have asked me about them think.  Sometimes they are true to feelings, but the time is different.  Sometimes emotions are enhanced for the sake of entertainment.  Sometimes there are flat-out lies to make things more readable.  Especially in a story tagged as “Fiction”, it is probably mostly fiction.

I have made these reminders for my dear reader(s) not to take everything (or anything, really) on this little blog-type-thing as gospel, (or even easy-listening for that matter), before.   I write for fun.  To express myself.  To vent.  To occasionally let people know what I am up to, but usually those posts are written in the first person, aren’t tagged “Fiction”, don’t rhyme, and usually don’t involve anything crazy like plane crashes.  Have I ever put real emotion and current situations into a piece of fiction or poetry?  Yeah.  But for anyone but me to draw something from it would be a mistake.  Your conclusions are probably going to be wrong.  When you assume, and I tell you not to, you are only making an ass out of you.  Not me.

But since these general reminders usually seem to be ignored, let me clear a couple of things up based on my recent posting.

  • Yes, I recently had a relationship end.  I was not the person who initiated the end, but hold no ill will against her, or myself.  It was the right thing for both of us, and although it took me a couple of days to realize that through the pain of being dumped, I am actually quite relieved it is over.
  • No, I am not on to the next one.  I understand the confusion here, a little.  Shortly after the last relationship, I have written a poem about love, and a story in which two people get together.  Oh yeah, and there was a plane crash in it too, but let’s all pay attention to the two people getting together.  So yes, things on this here blog-type-thing have definitely taken a romantic turn.  No, that doesn’t necessarily mean something.  Has it ever occurred to anyone that one might occasionally write about a love they wish they had?  Since I was about 14, I have had recurring dreams of meeting someone through different lives, and multiple times in this life, and then finally ending up with her.  It is a pretty common theme in my writing because it is a pretty common theme in my head.  That said, I am crushing on someone.  What else is new though?  I am constantly crushing on someone.  Guess what?  I have a crush on a few celebrities too.  Scandalous!
  • I don’t appreciate certain people reading.  I know which platform you come in from.  What are you hoping to know about me that you don’t already?  I have told you that I do not want you in my life, and I fucking meant it.  I have no way of blocking you, but it is really pathetic that you continue to read me.

I am quite happy with my life right now.  It could be better, of course, but I am not crazy lonely or hopelessly in love with someone who does not love me back.  I am not out partying it up, and usually sit home and read and hang out with my roommates while trying to feel better.  That is my life.  It is actually kind of boring.  Who wants to read about that?  So, I use this little thing that I think writers should have called an imagination, which helps me write shit that isn’t true.  To make it believable and easy to relate to, I add hints of real life, real emotion, and things I think or may have thought at any point in my life.  I use friends, loves, dreams, thoughts, fears, and anything else I can to inspire my posts so that you don’t have to read about me not waking up until 10 am, after insomnia last night, causing a stomach ache today, with low energy, watching television, and spending forever trying to write my first post today.  Isn’t that what writing is supposed to be?

Or, maybe I’m lying.  Maybe everything ever written in this here blog-type-thing is true.  I really am in love with someone.  We had great sex last night, and my plane crashed this morning.  Or maybe it is something in between.  Maybe, you shouldn’t worry about what I don’t tell you.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “This Is True”

  1. And, when you write in the first person, it reads like its personal. 🙂 Readers don’t always have time to search out and analyze your tags… I know I don’t, haha! Maybe we believe their true because your writing is very enchanting and not cold and empty. I only hope I can evoke as much emotion as you do in some of your works. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! In the first person, journal style posts, they usually are true. it is the other ones tgat read like poems and stories that aren’t usually meant to be taken totally literally. Not totally, anyway.

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  2. *goes about gossiping of your plane wreck*

    It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who think if it’s not on the blog, it didn’t happen. My blog isn’t fiction, but I have encountered people who think all the fiction is literal. I guess they don’t read much. Probably get amazed when an actor who died in one movie appears in another.

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