Yesterday Changed All

Hello dear reader(s)!

Remember when I said that yesterday would be a big change for me?  Holy wow, was it ever!!!!

I am in a great mood.  Some things happened yesterday that I would have never imagined.  It is hard to explain them all, but let’s just say my outlook has improved.

I also have plans to meet new people here firmly established.  It won’t be right away, but at least I can look forward to something on the horizon.

It is hot and windy here today.  I have never seen weather like this in October.  It is like a blast furnace.  Tomorrow drops by nearly 20 degrees, and then Wednesday gets even colder.  Very odd stuff.  Good old Fall.  Never fails to make me ask, “What the fuck are you thinking?”

My stomach is in shreds right now, so that is the only downside to my life right now.  I haven’t been in this good of a mood for quite some time.  It is amazing how down I was a few days ago, and quickly that all turned, now if my stomach would just follow suit.

Also, my new espresso machine is sweet!

Yesterday I cast off some things that had been weighing on me.  No people removing, just a letting go of negative things that I have been carrying.  In doing so, I totally made room for better things in my life.  It was great.

And today more seeds of greatness are beginning to pop out of the ground.  (That is a metaphor, I am unaware of seeds of greatness in real life.)  I do not want to talk about them until they are ready to be harvested, however, as jinxing tends to happen.

I found a few good radio stations (finally), and drove to Petco this morning.  I was pissed, because they didn’t have much of my cat’s food, but it should be enough to get me through until the Amazonians arrive with my order in a couple days.  It was a nice drive, although the winds were pushing the Beastess a bit.  I really like my little area so far.

Tomorrow is a day for errands.  I need to go to the insurance agent’s, I need to go to the DMV, I need to go change my address with official people in other places.  I will be busy like a bee.

Anyway, things are going pretty well for me right now.  I hope that the good luck and things I am currently experiencing is similar to the good luck and good things you all are.

Especially to my good friend, who could really use it on this day.

Until next time dear reader(s), uh… peace?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

19 thoughts on “Yesterday Changed All”

  1. So glad the good vibes found you 🙂
    I’m not a Petco person, I’m a Petsmart person, but I, too rely on the Amazonians.
    I love the Fall!!!!!!!!!!! <– Like that!!!!!!!


      1. I feel like I need to qualify why I “liked” that comment, but I’m sure you don’t think it’s because I like the fact that you slept poorly & are waiting in another office to do something or another.

        Darn it… I qualified anyway.

        I hope you sleep better tonight & you get all the stuff done that you can get done today. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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