My New House Is Haunted

Hello dear reader(s)!

I should preface this post by mentioning that my roommates have a young son who is currently obsessed with watching YouTube videos of Plants vs. Zombies gameplay.  So as a reward for good behavior, they set up their laptop in the computer room and run the videos for him every once in a while.

It was a dark, October night.  It was also last night.  I had gone to sleep a little early since I did not sleep well the night before.  I had a massive headache and was hopeful that I would sleep better and it would go away.  It was roughly 9 pm when I first shut my eyes, hoping for sleep.

Around an hour later, I was awoken by what sounded like small pebbles being flung against the house.  I quickly determined they were likely acorns falling from the tree above in the breeze, and attempted to go back to sleep.  Then I heard a loud screech coming from outside the window.  It sounded almost like an eagle.  I figured it was likely a bird as the motion lights had not come on, and closed my eyes again.  The noise was gone, and so I dropped my head back onto the pillow to sleep.

I couldn’t get comfortable.  My shoulder was hurting, and the blanket was too hot over me, and I was too cold without it.  The silence of the house was total, and it was almost too quiet.  The breeze had died down, and the sound of my own blood pumping through my veins echoed in my ears.  I managed to finally doze off, for just a little while longer.

Around 12:45 I woke once again to a strange noise.  It sounded like a woman’s scream.  I at first tried to dismiss the sound as possibly my roommates getting intimate, but soon realized it was coming from outside.  I got up and went out into the living room, to check out of the windows, but saw nothing.  The scream was too loud and close to have come from the houses in the neighborhood.  It sounded like it came from the front yard.  There was nobody out there, and the scream stopped.  I started to wonder if I was hallucinating sounds.  The house was once again silent, but the combination of the pain, the multiple times being woken up, a full bladder, and an eerie feel had me wide awake.  I went to the bathroom as usual, located directly across from the computer room.  All was quiet, and everything was fine.

I walked back to the living room after washing my hands, and attempted to get tired on the couch.  I was not successful, despite the quiet darkness.  My shoulder was hurting even more.  I grabbed my phone and decided to surf Facebook for a while.  It was completely quiet, and I dozed in and out for another couple of hours, awakening occasionally from the pain of my shoulder.

Finally, at close to 3, I went back to my room, and laid down on my bed.  I felt the tired beginning to overtake the pain, and was certain I would finally be able to sleep.  And just as I was drifting off, I heard a male voice.  I listened for a minute, thinking it was one of my roommates.  It was not.  I was not sure what to do.  It was coming from inside the house!  I started to get up, to make a charge into the living room in order to confront whoever was inside and just as my feet hit the floor, I heard the word “zombies”.

I figured their son was playing the video somehow, and walked out toward the noise.  It was coming from the computer room, which made perfect sense.  I walked in, and the lid of the laptop was closed, but a video was definitely playing on it.  I opened the lid and the password protected lock screen was on.  The door to their son’s room was still closed.  I shut down the laptop and the video stopped.  I have been awake ever since.

Now, if the noise had been constant, I would say that my roommates just closed the laptop lid but failed to stop the video.  But it wasn’t.  It was silent.  I am hoping that maybe YouTube has a pause timeout after multiple hours of a paused video, and maybe they only paused the video and closed the lid and that is how it suddenly started at near 3 am.  A technological explanation would be much more preferable than a haunted laptop, or house.

As I was typing this post, I heard the screech again.  It is definitely a bird outside, so at least that has an explanation.

I asked my roommates about the scream, and they say that neither of them were awake at that time.  They have always been very honest, and as I said, it was definitely coming from right outside.

So, in weighing all evidence, there can only be one explanation.  My house is definitely haunted, by a woman, who screams with excitement at the prospect of watching Plants vs. Zombies gameplay videos on YouTube.

Trust no one.

Featured Image By Toby Alter (Abandoned House, 1983) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “My New House Is Haunted”

  1. Oh God! I can completely relate to this Josh. Our house makes the strangest noises and because I suffer from pain issues also, I’m a very light sleeper. Our floorboards creak so loudly that at times it really does sound like someone is walking around. The windows make cracking noises, and our front door makes this kind of banging noise. Sometimes it sounds like someone is pounding on the door, and other times it sounds like someone has just walked in and slammed it. Soo creepy!

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