Hello dear reader(s)!

I apologize for the late post, but I have spent the early part of this day in a therapy session.  Not with a doctor or mental health professional of any kind, but with Luna.  And it was exactly what I needed.

Sometimes things can pile up and get to you, and when you have someone non-judgmental you can let those things out to, it can make all the difference.

I am very luck to have such a wonderful woman in my life.  One who can let me know that I am not crazy for thinking the things I think and feeling how I feel about things and people after what I have been through, and been put through.

My life has been a roller coaster in the last few years, and this is where I get off.

I have begun to excise a lot of the people who have caused a lot of the issues with me, and there is more to come.  It was nice talking to Luna about things to see that I am not delusional in my thinking on that.

I have one last piece of business to take care of, before I push the reset button.

Now, a message to those of you who brought me to this point:

No amount of blaming, of thinking everyone else is wronging you, and conflict will ever hide the truth from your heart.  You will not drag me into your drama any longer.  You are the ones who must live with yourselves, knowing what you have done.  You are the ones who know that you can’t change any of it now.  You are the ones who can feel the shame.  You will win this battle, but you have already lost the war.  I hope you are happy, living out the rest of your miserable existence.  I know the suckers who continue to give you the attention you have attempted to squeeze out of this only serve as a temporary band-aid, as they don’t know the truth that I know, and that you feel.  At some point, when  everyone around you can’t stand you, maybe it isn’t them.  This last act of selfish behavior, only serves to prove about you what I knew from the first time we met. Congratulations children, you have gotten your way.  Once again, you come first.  Live with that.  




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

24 thoughts on “Therapy”

  1. My Luna is Susan and I thank God for her every day. I’m learning I can’t change people or situations into what I think they should be, but I can change how I respond to them. When I’m actually successful in responding instead of reacting, it’s pretty amazing:)

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