This Won’t Matter Either

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Welcome to another star-studded episode of MyFridayBlog™, studded with the stars that were once the suns of inhabited planets, but we took in order to decorate our blog-type-thing, wiping out all life on the surrounding worlds.  In today’s episode, our hero (me), and his plucky, rag-tag bunch of tagged rags discuss the latest outcry over something horrible Donald Trump has said.

This won’t matter either.

Haven’t you gotten it yet?  This is what he is.  He is horrible.  He is a narcissistic, evil person and his narcissistic, evil supporters love him for it.  This is what he does, because this is who he is.  This is not how men talk behind closed doors, or in locker rooms.  This is how evil, piece of shit sociopaths talk.

I’ve said some nasty things to my friends.  I’ve gone into some detail of things done.  But never has that involved sexual assault.  But the problem here, is that his supporters are too stupid and evil to see it as the sexual assault he bragged about.

His supporters are worse than he is.  That’s the problem.  A large portion of the population of this nation is full of seriously fucked-up individuals.  What can he say now, that he hasn’t already said?  He wasn’t lying when he said he could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue and keep his support.  He called them all blind sheep, and they love him for it.  On that, for once, he actually tells it like it is.

His candidacy should have been over before it was announced.  When he said that President Obama’s birth certificate was a fraud.  When he said he wanted to date his daughter.  When he said that Mexico is sending their criminals and rapists.  Then again when he said that John McCain (who I despise as a politician) was not a war hero because he was captured.  Then when he turned every Republican debate into an argument over “hand size”.  Then when he called vets with PSTD weak.  And instead, these fucking inbred idiots eat it up.

There is nobody left undecided, and if they are, they really have no business voting anyway.  The election will play out how it will play out.  Hopefully the billionaire fascist is not elected, because then the real nightmare begins.

But Trump has done something else that tells it like it is.  He has shown us that we are royally fucked, regardless of who wins.  Because roughly half the voting population are a bunch of evil sociopaths, and so many of the rest of the country are too lazy and/or stupid to vote in order to do anything about it.  When Bush was re-elected despite evidence already being produced that showed he lied to get us into Iraq, I was pessimistic about the future of this country.  Now, with this orange piece of rat shit, I am just cynical.

All of the Republicans like Paul Ryan making a stink about this latest stream of steaming bullshit to come out of his orange-tinted facial asshole are still going to vote for him.  They are trying to save face while putting their precious little party before the country.  They are less vocal about it, but they are still Trump supporters.  If the Republicans really didn’t want Trump to be President, you would see it in the electoral college voting.  The electors would vote to keep him out for the good of the country, and deal with any state penalties that may arise.  Watch that not happen.

Trump supporters are vile, disgusting, white male supremacists.  Nothing that he says, nothing that he does, will matter to them.

These people are not my countrymen.  If they succeed in taking it over, I hope the rest of the world will go easy on us, knowing that some of us tried.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

24 thoughts on “This Won’t Matter Either”

  1. I agree with you, the people have decided which way they’re voting and it’s unlikely to change. Why then do both campaigns keep digging up worse and worse things the other has done?? Especially in regards to sexual assault?? Yes people have the right to know what a scum bag they might vote for, but speaking from the standpoint of a victim this far in the race the only thing it serves to do is trigger masses of people. I’m having flashbacks again and its been over a year since I last had them. I’m working on my own post about… I’ll step off my rambling soap box in your comments. Lol.

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      1. Exactly. If nothing else Trump especially (although I’m not a fan of Hillary either) has said and done at this point hasn’t convinced you he’s a giant douche canoe… there’s not much hope.

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  2. I didn’t want George W. Bush to be president… so when he was elected, I was disappointed. With pumpkinhead, I am scared as hell… way more than disappointment. And if the worst should happen (shudder), I will be embarrassed to be an American. And I think the world will be laughing at us as a nation. Embarrassing.

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      1. Same here. Every time I consider the possibility that he might win (&, up until a few days ago, I was 90% convinced he would definitely win…. now I’m like 89%), I get extremely anxious. Honestly, what I feel & how I’m reacting is very unhealthy.

        Still… if I weren’t worried, I would have to question what type of person I am. That you’ve expressed concerns speaks very well of your character, Sir. *tips hat*

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