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Hello dear reader(s)!

If you want to read my posts, read them.  Try to comprehend what is written.  If not, go your own way.  This is my blog-type-thing, and while I am usually open to disagreements, I am not about to tolerate people commenting negatively on a post they didn’t understand.

Yesterday’s post wasn’t the first that drew a comment from someone who either misunderstood the entire post or skimmed it and drew the incorrect the conclusion, but it is the first to really get under my skin.

But just for clarification, to underscore the point and possibly head off anyone else’s overly emotional reaction to what they failed to comprehend, I will make clear the meaning of yesterday’s post.  Never did I tell or ask anyone not to say that a person’s mental illness wasn’t real.  What I said is that mental illnesses are physical illnesses and should be treated as such.  The brain is an organ, motherfuckers.  If it is ill, you are physically ill.  Therefore calling it mental illness just segregates it from other health issues and as we all know from the disastrous effect of Plessy v Ferguson, separate but equal is fantasy.  The reason most of the people who commented agreed with me (many suffering from one or more “mental illnesses” themselves too), is because they actually read and understood the post.

Yesterday wasn’t the first time this has happened, however.

Once when I was talking about online trolls and how many claimed to be Navy Seals anytime your criticized the military-industrial complex, someone thanked me for my service.  Um…no.  I never served.  Never have I claimed to have served.  In fact, I was making fun of the people who claimed to have, but obviously have not.

Another time, back in my agnostic days, I was talking about not being offended by the beliefs of others as long as they were not trying to push their beliefs on me.  And that is when I received a comment from some hyper-aggressive atheist who I imagine was commenting from his parents’ basement while wearing a trilby he thinks is a fedora telling me how tolerating religions was wrong because religions have caused so many problems by attempting to force people to convert.  Um…what part of “as long as they were not trying to push their beliefs on me” did this person not understand?

I read these comments, and I think to myself that the people who leave them are not getting enough attention on their own sites, so they have to seek it out on mine.  I will debate someone I disagree with on occasion, but I am damn sure I understand the point before I go and fire off a comment.  And then, I usually do my best to form a logical and concise response, going step-by-step and being as respectful as possible, knowing that I am on that person’s space.  I expect the same.

Disagreements happen, and I am fine with that.  But I am not fine with someone who actually probably agrees with me on the deeper issues, freaking out by completely misunderstanding what was written, showing they either only skimmed it or lack the skills to process the words.

I regularly interact with some bloggers I disagree with.  I continue to interact with them after we disagree due to the respectful nature of their comments, and because I know they actually took the time to read and understand what was written before leaving their two cents on my post.  Shout out to you bloggers, by the way.  Thank you for participating in the respectful exchange of ideas and view points.

One of the reasons I do not often comment is because I am respectful of people’s space.  You won’t even get a “like” out of me unless I have fully read and understood your post and actually, um…I don’t know…liked it.  I view a lot of blogs.  I have the time to on most days.  I see a lot I disagree with.  Unless I have a clear and concise rebuttal, and feel the debate is important, I move along.  And then if I do decide to offer a counterpoint in the comments section, I remember that it is their space, and I am a guest.

Blogs are not the Washington Mall.  The public did not pay for this space.  They did not create it, they did not build its following, they did not put time and effort into it.  That was me, and the good folks at WordPress for giving me the tools in exchange for displaying ads.  I built this, it is mine.  WordPress gave me the admin tools for a reason.  This space is my house.  I say what I want in my house.  If you don’t like what is said in my house, you are welcome to leave.  Don’t let the door hit your punk ass on the way out.

But, I also welcome respectful debate in my house, with someone who has actually bothered to take the time to understand my point before going right to debate.  So if you can do that, your comments will continue to be approved, and you will continue to be welcome here.

Long story short, before you speak on my page.  Read the post.  Understand the post.  If you need clarification, ask.  Do not misinterpret my words and jump down my throat on my page.

Go to your own shit page and do a counter post if you feel so fucking strongly about what you do not understand.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

22 thoughts on “Read The Post”

  1. Haha! You know part of me wants to post some ridiculous crap like, “How long were you in the USNavy?” or tell you that my brain is more of a piano than an organ, but I can’t bring myself to do it, sorta. This trilby/ fedora thing is big with you, hm? And that door, hitting punk asses on the way out? What does it look like? *whips out camera* Maybe I share it next Thursday?
    Anyway, excellent rant. Many times at the Blog Type House of Josh, I have seen comments that sucketh and indicate no comprehension had been taken.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was in the US Navy for exactly zero, unless my time on decommissioned sub tours and the haunted battle ship count. Somehow I doubt it, lol. If your brain is a piano, are you high-strung? The trilby/fedora thing is just fun for me because pompous and incorrect make me laugh. You should definitely share that door on Thursday.


  2. I went to read the comment you mentioned and WOW. What in the actual f**k was that tirade about?? They not only missed the point, but went full tilt on their own tangent about advocacy… man people will be offended by anything these days. I loved your post yesterday, and your response today. Reading, and understanding both of them. 😉

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  3. I actually follow that blogger and I was a little shocked at not only her response but that she continued her rant on her own blog (although she didn’t mention you or your blogs name Josh). I don’t think she thoroughly read your post, and thus, completely overreacted. I’m sorry. It was a great post and it’s obvious from the other comments that it resounded with a lot of people.

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  4. That reminds me that I didn’t even tell you how much I enjoyed and agreed with your post yesterday. I got bogged down in that comment, distracted, and never finished. Like you said, reading comprehension, people!

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  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. I read your post and I think I partially agreed and partially disagreed however 100% respected your right to write whatever you damn well please. I mean…it is YOUR blog after all, right?! While a lot of times I do not agree with the content of your posts, I continue to come back and read simply because I enjoy reading what you have to say!

    Liked by 1 person

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