The Trial Of Getting Online

Hello dear reader(s)!

Today I have gotten the cable interwebs hooked up at my new home.  Unfortunately my new hone has 100 million different cable outlets and the only active cable outlet was in the worst imaginable place.  So unimaginable, that I did not even see it was there because who would put the only active cable outlet in such an asinine spot?  Asses, that’s who.  Nine of them, apparently.

This is after going out to the outlet box (which, surprisingly, was open), and disconnecting and reconnecting every single one in an attempt to get signal at the more appropriate outlet location, all to no avail.  While there, I encountered a massive spider and a whole host of other critter type bugs that have hopefully not infected me with any bacteria or injected me with any venom.

At any rate, I am finally online and soon I will be able to resume regularly posting and reading of all your blogs.

But tonight I am going to chill out because it has been one heck of a day and I have a headache that could kill smaller people, but hopefully does not becasuse that would be bad.

In the meantime, I present you with this picture of the stadium in which the Kansas City Royal’s play, who are world champions until very soon.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

12 thoughts on “The Trial Of Getting Online”

  1. The cable in this house, Josh. I can’t even. I’ll just share that I have so far, in three years, bought covers for outlets like I never imagined anyone ever would. I mean, half a dozen? More? Why? Why so many? There’s about 40 feet of cable in Sassy’s closet, apparently routing through the attic and harnessed outdoors. None of us are sure if it’s the same cable that has about 100 feet round the house…but there’s definitely about 100 feet in the attic elsewhere. Are we using cable? No. We stream. We need a person who knows about cable to come and yank it all out and seal it all up.
    Anyway, I understand.

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  2. So glad to hear things are progressing in a positive direction!

    So sorry to hear about the nine a**es & their cable placement, also so sorry about the potential spider/unknown critter bite.

    Unless you get superpowers. That would kick all nine of those a**es!

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  3. WELCOME BACK !!! On the interwebs. Oh man moving is rough and cable plugs… even more rough… we have all been there… I once had to literally spend a weekend gluing cable wires wall to wall just so I can get away with having to stretch it from one end of the living room to the other…..

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